Question of the Week…Imprinting?

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Do you think Jacob will imprint?ย  If yes, with who?ย  If no, do you think that Leah might have imprinted on Jacob?ย  (Listen to our podcast, ‘Imprinting’, for more details!!!)

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  1. Laurie says:

    I would say no. I am solely saying this based on the fact that Jacob said imprinting is rare. So far 3 out of the 10 have and I think that is high for the odds. Leah imprinting on Jacob no. I think she’s just a pain with a broken heart. If anything I think she just relates to Jacob’s pain.

  2. Laura says:

    I do like the theory that maybe Leah has imprinted on Jacob but I still think he may imprint upon someone we haven’t been introduced to yet.

  3. As to Leah imprinting on Jacob, I would have to say no. SM has talked about how you can tell that Jacob did not imprint on Bella because he was mean to her after he had phased. I believe her statement on this was on the lexicon.

    At the end of Eclipse, Leah is mean to Jacob. She is not trying to be his friend, she is just being mean. Nope, no imprinting.

    How do I think Jacob imprints? Check out:
    This the epilogue of a BD story I wrote – and Jacob doesn’t appear until the end… (Kassie should like that…)

    Per vampire healing – in the story of Taha Aki in Eclipse – the reason they burn vampire pieces is that the vampire parts started to re-assemble themselves… so vampires do heal.

    Great podcast… Thanks!

  4. Tanz says:

    I think that Jacob won’t ever imprint because 1, he says it’s rare, and 2, he’s already in love with Bella. Still, that might turn into him imprinting on her…

    But, I doubt it!!

    As to Leah imprinting on him, nah. She’s just feeling his pain and anyway, Jacob is not really her type is he?????

    But yeah, I think that Jacob and Leah have turned friends, and that is it! No imprinting is neede when you ahve good friends.

  5. Callie says:

    I would say no to Leah imprinting on Jacob. She has never “adored” him, one of the “imprinting requirments”.
    I really hope that Jacob imprints on some nice girl and Bella realizes that she and Jacob were never ever ment for each other, that their “love” was never that strong.

    • sammy says:

      that is actually false as adoring your imprintee before you imprinted on them or phased does not count. you could have felt nothing for the person before you imprinted such as jared imprinting on kim who he said that he used to sit next to in class but never even looked at her and never gave her the time of day yet imprinted on her and adored her after that, and the biggest example being jacob who hated renesmee simply because she was edwards daughter and that when bella was pregnant with her she was pretty much fatally hurting bella as she grew in her which justified jacob’s hatred for nessie further, yet he imprinted on her and adored her later!

  6. Caro says:

    Ever thought about jacob imprinting on a vampire?
    You know its possible! stephenie never mentioned it wasnt.
    and it would definetly make thing interesting! :]
    well.. I think he will imprint on someone and it could be a vampire not introduced yet .haha

  7. alicehotterthanuraveragecrystalball says:

    I think that Jacob might imprint on Angela, because he hasn’t seen her since he became a werewolf(this would also seem SM-ish because it would form another love triangle Angela-Ben-Jacob) As for Leah imprinting on Jacob I would say no. Leah just knows what Jake is going through. She is also being mean about it which means she coulldn’t have imprinted on Jake.

  8. Selina says:

    Stephenie has already said that Leah DID NOT imprint on Jacob, nor he on her.

  9. Katie says:

    Hmmmmm difficult question. . . I would have to say that I don’t think Jacob will ever imprint and that he won’t find anyone he loves as much as Bella. Leah, No. She just likes to be a pain in the butt.

  10. Michele says:

    for the first question, I am not sure. However, for the second one, no. When one imprints, the person is their whole world. They would do anything to make that person happy. After reading the book, i can see that Leah has not imprinted on Jacob.

  11. Halle says:

    Hmmm, tough question. I have some theories. 1. Jacob will imprint on Bella in Breaking Dawn, setting off the war and he and Edward fight to the death. Yes, its morbid. Do I want that to happen? Absolutley not! 2. Jacob will imprint but not on Bella. He feels terrible because he feels like he has let himself down because of the promise of he wont stop fighting until her heart stops beating. He will then be warring between his feelings and his unstoppable instinct.

    Leah imprinting on jacob. It is a very entertaining idea considering how much they hate each other at the end of Eclipse but I doubt it will happen. Another idea is that she will imprint on Sam. That would be cool in my opinion because of Sam be in love with Emily. ( im using “in love” very judiciously) But that wont happen either. Oh well a girl can dream.

  12. Cynthia says:

    I thought that the theory about Leah imprinting on Jacob was very interesting at first, but then I realized that Jacob and the rest of the pack would know if she had imprinted on someone or not, because of their telepathic werewolf communication. I don’t think Leah could imprint on Jacob, without Jacob knowing about it… unless this is information that is kept from us for some reason.

  13. Kymmie says:

    I know I’m late, but I wanted to send my opinion…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the Jacob imprinting on Bella issue… whats to say that Jacob WON’T attempt to imprint on Bella? I look at it this way. Edward can hear anyone’s thoughts, or heck! Alice can see the future! What if Alice see’s Bella with the wounds when she leaves the reservation! This could spark Edward to cross “Enemy Lines” to protect her… this could then start a war… ๐Ÿ™‚ but we still have to rememer the vultori will be coming in BreakingDawn… When?? we will find out… lol

    On the whole Leah and Jacob issue… I have a feeling he will die “In the name of love,” before he is able to complete the imprinting on anyone or be imprinted on.

  14. staci s. says:

    Yes, I do think that Jacob will imprint. I think that at the end of Eclipse when he runs away, wherever he goes, he will imprint. As Bella had said, “Jacob, you haven’t really seen much of the world – less then me even.” So I think that while he is away he will find his soulmate. But I also think that if that doesn’t happen that either the week of or the day of the wedding Jacob will come back and surprise Bella, though in the end I hope she ends up with Edward.

  15. madison says:

    I think he will imprint, but it will probably be someone introduced in the next book.
    As for leah, no, she hasn’t imprinted on jacob because they know what one another are thinking, and it said nothing about that in Eclipse.

  16. Aliah says:

    jacob will imprint on angela b/c ive read 2 much fanfiction 2 believe otherwise… ๐Ÿ™‚ but srsly, there’s been 2 much mentioning of angela in context for it 2 be a coincidence (“If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party too!” ~Bella in Eclipse, wen she and jacob are arguing over the whole “natural enemies” thing, and bella says she doesnt care, etc.)

    But i agree w/ kymmie in that jacob might ACTUALLY sacrifice himself in breaking dawn 4 the sake of his love (instead of just TALKING abt it this time…lol). it wud be unbearably sad 4 me, like i wud literally cry my eyes out, but it wud clear jacob out of the way so tht bella cud be at peace and live happliy w/ edward. no more obligations.

    i jus want 2 establish now tht i am NOT a jacob hater. i luv him 2 bits <3

    im also really in2 the jacob-imprinting-on-a-vampire theory, like someone frm denali. tht way the werewolves and vampires wud figure out tht they really arent enemies at all, and its a HAPPILY EVER AFTER! ahhh… i kno i kno. but i can hope.

    here’s the best one. jacob can imprint on me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Chenya says:

    Oh I would love it if Jacob imprinted. *sigh* Personally, I’m an Edward hater (don’t kill me please!) I mean, I do like him (who wouldn’t like a sexy vampire, I ask you?) but he just annoys me. Anyway, Jacob definitely deserves to be in love, hopefully that love will be an imprinted one, then you pretty much know that they would be together for as long as they lived. It might be Angela, since he hasn’t seen her since he phased, and I don’t mind that idea. But I think that when/if he does imprint he’ll have a lot of inner turmoil because he might think he’s betraying Bella by loving someone else. Poor Jake!

    Now with the Leah thing. Leah could not have imprinted on Jake. Here are the reasons
    1: She shows no love towards him, she doesn’t even like him! And if she had imprinted she wouldn’t have been so pissy at the end of Eclipse.

    2: The whole pack would know. Jacob would know. Jacob might act on it, or he might not. If he knew I think he’d at least talk to her.

    3: I just think Leah understands what he’s going through. She might be covering up her compassion with anger and mean-ness, I’m sure we all have done that at least once in our lives. With the whole Sam/Emily thing, she just knows what it feels like to loose someone you care about to someone else. I think Leah almost has it worse though, she has to see them together every day and Emily in related to her. Course, Jake has it hard too, because Bella is marrying hi arch enemy. Well, I’ll just say they both have it hard.

    I think It would just be sooooo much easier if Jake were to imprint on me though XD.

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