Will Bella be a Vampire? ~ Week #10

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This week we have a fun show with lots of news and theories!  Linsey joins us again this week, too.  You have helped this week by answering the Question of the Week, and we let you know how we feel about the possibility of Bella changing!  As much fun as this episode is, I have edited some of the funnier things out to sound a little more professional!  This week’s music is Following Waves by the French Kicks.  We hope you enjoy it!

Note:  I will be posting an unedited version of the podcast soon, but be warned that it is full of technical difficulties, silly behavior, and lots of laughter!

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28 Comments to “Will Bella be a Vampire? ~ Week #10”

  1. Amy says:

    Git ‘r done!!! Squeeee!

  2. Stella says:

    What I wanna know is… Do you guys think that Rosalie will become friends with Bella (once she is changed) or will her relationship with Bella be even more strained? Rosalie is my absolute FAVORITE, and she’d better have a bigget part in Breaking Dawn than just hissing… I swear.

  3. Debbie says:

    you guys are great… so funny, I was laughing my butt off. I agree with a lot of your theories as far as Bella changing under pressure, but It has to be Edward, and it has to be after they “know” each other in the bibical sense as that has been her one big thing. Edward promised her they would try and I really want her to have at least that human experience as she will miss so many others. Anyway, great job. You are fabulous.

  4. Roxanne says:

    I have just discovered you guys. It’s great to listen to your theories and talk about the books with fun (more mature) people. I loved your theories about the whole change under pressure. I do feel like you guys ignore Jacob a little too much. He has become just as much of a main character as Bella and Edward. Where do you think he fits it to the theory? You know she’s not going to leave him high and dry. I too am an advocate of Jacob and Angela theory. She has been referred to with such admiration in the books and from Edward’s point of view in Midnight Sun. Fun Fun, we will see!

  5. alexandra says:

    i think bella will turn to a vampire not just because i say it will lol but for the lovers not haters that want her to be with edward witch is real true love no matter how many slobbery ,stinky,annoying,good friend dogs try to kiss her ……….UM………..UMM……..
    …………!!EDWARD RULES!!……
    JACOB SUCKS………..BUT HES STILL A GOOD FRIEND WITCH I STEEL LOVE even though i love edward……………EDWARD 4 EVER…………

  6. Michelle says:

    WOW! I just barely finished your podcast and I was so in tune with what you guys were saying that I was talking to myself because I wanted to jump into your conversation! It was intense. And I whole heartedly agree with your theory about Bella’s vampire talent…with the mind trick stuff. I really do think that because she’s so immune to the mind stuff from other vampires, that when she’s changed, she will be able to stop their abilities all together when she’s around anyone with one particular ability. I also think she would be able to turn their abilities on themselves to keep them from affecting her. Does that make sense? I was thinking that exact same thing the other day, and I jumped out of my seat when I heard someone else was thinking it too! After this podcast I feel so much more confident in Bella becoming a vampire. There’s just been so many things tucked away for this last book, that it would raise too many new questions if she didn’t turn. Nothing would be resolved!

    Thanks so much for such an awesome podcast.

  7. Kymmie says:

    I am COMPLETLY on the same page as you ladies! I have felt Bella is REALLY going to become one of the more powerful vampires. The Vultori thought Edward had great talents, but with her…. they were completly intrigued by her mortal talents! She’s not going to have just ONE talent intesified, but I believe she will have many…unsuspecting ones… Including her scent for blood! Check out my theory I brought to the table at another forum! : http://goldeneyes.theiforum.com/bella-s-gifts-t425.html Pretty much I state: That in Twilight Bella explains to Edward, after the blood testing incident, that she can smell the scent of blood. Edward is set back by it because he says humans can smell blood, yet she can… then…. in all three movies SM push’s the idea of tracking…. first with James, then with Edward…who later says it is VERY difficult, and then with one of the Vultori brothers…. I have a feeling ONE of her talents will be tracking…I have ALSO had the same idea regarding the control of Vampire’s talents… BUT!!! I am thinking that their talents will just be dormant… meaning…. they won’t be able to use their talents when they are in a certain facinity of Bella. I also believe her and Edward will be able to communicate like the werewolves…. One of the Vultori was amazed of how “intuned” their relationship is… so… i think that was an amazing forshadow!

  8. alice says:

    hi guys!!!
    this is the first one of your fantastic talks that i have listened to, and omg! i am so amazed!!!
    you guys rock!!!
    You brought up things that i have never thought of before eb the thing on bellas powers and being able to block others from performing their porerw over people, that was amazing!! and it would bne so cool!!
    love you guys, keep up the good work 🙂

  9. maggie says:

    Listen u are all being like so weird about Jacob give him a break cause hes sooo awesome i love him so much but not as much as i love Edward i hope jacob will imprint on Rosalie or Alice Cullen that woul be so dramaticaly awesome but Bella better become a vampire or else i will hunt u Stephanie Meyer down like an awesome tracker vampire!

  10. kindra christensen says:

    i was acutualy sad that bella waent with edward i just felt so bad for jacob i think if bella had never met edward then she totaly would have gone with jacob

  11. kindra christensen says:

    i think in his own way jacob inprinted on bella

  12. kindra christensen says:

    what will bellas dad say?

  13. Liv says:

    Yes I think she is gonna be a vampire although I don’t think I really want her to. Tons of fans will be disappointed if she doesn’t become one. Although I love the Cullens, I am tired of Bella being with Edward……their relationship bores me. yah, i’m weird like that.

    GIVE JAKE A BREAK. he is a teenage boy!!! and he isn’t even a jerk for being a teenage boy. He is actually quite mature. Ed is like 108, he has had years to become mature! He is funny and smart and HOT and I always root for the underdog!! Like i have said like 50 times!!

  14. Liv says:

    I think Bella is taking this whole vampire thing too rashly. I know she wants to be with edward (i don’t want her to but thats just the way it is) She isn’t really thinking of the consequences. She will have to leave the people that she loves and the people that love her behind and I think she isn’t really thinking straightly. I don’t know what kind of effect not seeing Jacob will have on her (and meeee!! when jake isn’t in the books i am NOT STABLE!!)

  15. Caitlin says:

    Ok before I begin talking about my theories, I just want to talk about the whole Jacob thing really briefly..
    I am not upset at Bella for choosing Edward over Jacob and I have heard a lot of people say that Bella is selfish for wanting both of them but the truth is, everyone has a soul mate (or at least i believe that they do), and since Bella has become part of three different worlds (the world of vampires, the world of werewolves, and the world of humans), that she doesn’t just have one soul mate like she would if she had never met Edward or Jacob. So yes, she loves them both.

    Okay sorry, I just had to clear that up.
    I really believe that Stephenie will turn Bella into a vampire because if she doesn’t that would be just cruel…but it’s also a possibility that she won’t whether she wants to or not because think about it. In an interview with her about New Moon, she says that she cried when she realized she had to make Edward leave Bella. She didn’t want to do it, but the characters in her head had taken over and insisted that she needed to make him leave. If the characters tell her that Bella should not be a vampire, she will obey (that sounds so mental haha).

    As for her powers if she does become a vampire. I have a few theories.
    1) In the books she is said to be very observant so maybe that will be intensified.
    2) She isn’t affected by any type of ‘mind’ power (though she is affected by physical ones such as Jaspers emotional powers) so she will be able to block such powers from controlling her mind.
    3) The scent of blood is a really interesting one because as a human, she doesn’t like blood but can smell it clearly so one of two things will happen a) her scent of blood will be intensified and she will be even more ravenous and harder to control as a vampire or b) the scent of blood will be stronger and will just completely gross her out and she will have a hard time being a vampire…haha.
    4) ok so this doesn’t involve Bella being a vampire at all but..remember in Twilight when Jacob is telling Bella the legends of the vampires..well remember when he mentions the “pale-faces”? What if Bella is one of the pale-faces? Meyer has always emphasized the “supernatural”ness and uniqueness of Bella and if Meyer had even considered the idea of pale-faces then it has to come in somewhere. She wouldn’t just mention something extremely vague and leave it at that. And also right after he mentions the pale-faces he winks at Bella…..unimportant?….i think not…. 😉

  16. Hagg says:

    I must be the only one, but I think Bella will absolutely NOT become a Vampire. Don’t get me wrong, part of me really really wants her to, but it’s just too obvious. I just can’t see she and the rest of the vegi-vamps riding off into the sunset.

    Doesn’t anyone find it strange that none of the Vampire powers work against/on Bells? Also, she was bitten once and saved from the change. I don’t think it had anything to do with Eddie sucking out the poison.

    One way or the other, I think she will be immune to the change and will somehow end up with the power to change Edward back to being human. I can so see them growing old together.

  17. anna says:

    look i love edward the most and i cant wait to read about their wedding…. i want to be able to imagine im there….. as for the bella vampire thing i so despretly hope its soon i wanna see wat she is like !!!!!!

  18. Caitlin says:

    Regarding the paleface: Paleface is a nickname for white people given by Native Americans. Jacob is teasing Bella because she’s a paleface-white. That’s what the wink was about.

    And I think that Bella’s talent will be extreme oafishness, and the ability to trip at mind-numbing speeds. You just have to heighten her natural tendencies. 😀

    And has anyone else noticed that Meyer wrote her characters into a corner? If Bella does not turn into a vampire, the Voltori will kill her. But if Edward does change her, then the werewolves will start a war. And the odds of the 10 wolves against the eight (it will be eight with Bella) do not seem difficult. Especially considering that Bella has virtually no sense of self-preservation, and should anything happen to Esme, Alice, or Edward, she’d go down without a fight. The same holds true for Jasper and Alice, and Carlisle and Esme, and Edward and virtually anyone.

    You gotta give Edward some credit. He’s been seventeen for like ninety years, and STILL a virgin? Wow. It’s a good thing that Twilight originated in Meyer’s dreams, because that would NEVER happen in the real world. It’s probably why I’m in the Jacob camp. You have to respect a guy with fantasies that shock a guy who has been reading minds for as long as Edward. 😀

  19. carly says:

    i think that bella will become a vampire in the end. there’s no way stephenie meyer would just keep building up to something and let it completely fall through. that would be terrible. also, if you look on stepheniemeyer.com and look at “other projects”, then “craptastic covers” you see one for a book called FOREVER DAWN. it has a picture of a girl with long brown hair, and extremely red eyes… BELLA !!

  20. victoria says:

    edward is such a hottie i am still waiting for my friend chris 2 finish i cant wait to read breaking dawn

  21. victoria says:

    my heart belongs 2 edward cullen i forever will love him no matter what oh and jacob is an a;;hole

  22. Fishey says:

    wow all u people r prettty good, i have to say though i like jacob WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better as a human, because that just makes the book more fiction annd i really want to be a vampire like edward or alice, I KNOW WHO JACOB IMPRINTED ON!!!! any one want to know? by friday i need at least 5 yes’s. say yay for yes and say nay for no. once i get all my votes i willsay some more stuff

  23. Fishey says:

    wait who is angela? someone said somthing about the jacob and angela theory

  24. dayren says:


  25. Vpretty says:

    I amm obsessed with the books. I just finished reading twilight in less than a week and I am on New Moon now. I want Bella to become a Vampire and stay with Edward forever. It is so sad when they feel the pain of being apart. I think it was meant to be. In the begining of Twilight she says she always felt like she was different and never fit in with people, never having friends, and being so clutsy.

    Anyone that knows this answer tell me PLEASE!!!! Does bella become a vampire?

  26. cindy says:

    err…I don’t suppose EDWARD is cute to anybody!he is soo hott! i get to see “TWILIGHT”! i don”t know why bella and edward are soo dissapointed about it ! theres nothing and i mean nothing wrong about a half \vampire/ half \human/ girl !i think renesmee is fine the way she is ! but bella is a vampire and she had a baby soo renesmee is fine what she is !edward bit BELLA because she was Dieing ! and vampire are already dead soo its okay to be a vampire *woud’nt be scary if vampires are real?AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! RATS RATS RATS RATS! HEE YAH HEE YAH HEE YAH HEE YAH HEEYAH! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HUH WHAT HAPPEND TO ME?

  27. Vanessa says:

    I don’t know.. I just think after the whole series, and Edward not wanting her to be a vampire because he admired humanity so much so.. realistic. I think if Stephanie Meyers just finishes off the series with such an.. easy out.. I don’t know, I think I would loose some respect for her. After the entire book series, Edward and Bella with their complicated and long history.. Then him just finally giving in and turning her into a vampire. So they’ll live together forever? o___o Seems like SUCH an easy out for me. I don’t know, when I first read the books, I thought she would end up with Edward, because the first book is just so much fluff and mush. o_o But now I’m thinking about Jacob. *dodges rotten fruit* Because I think it shouldn’t end with Bella becoming a vampire. I’m really against it. It would be like.. what girls always do in fanfics. No originality, just.. o.o He gives in, forgets that he didn’t want her to be a vampire, and turns her. Then they live happily ever after. I think one of them is going to die, or she’ll end up with Jacob, who she can grow old with, you know? ._. I dunno, imortalxmortal never.. really makes sense, because there’s always the looming future. The again, the whole happily ever after thing seems possible because Stephanie Meyers seems to like refering to Bella and Edward in fariytale-ness. So anything’s possible, even a happily ever after, for eternity. But then again, that would bring zero closure to the books. o_o Zero. Because then Bella and Edward would always be alive, gorgeous, young, and vampires. There would never be an end, and that could be a good thing or a very bad thing. For me, it’s usually very bad. I hate loose ends.

    THEN AGAIN! Stephanie always refers to Bella and Edward as Romeo and Juliet. Do you think she’d do something like that? o.o Like, one dieing, then the other one killing themselves? I dunno, that rises doubts too because they both made like, promises to each other in New Moon relating to suiside. I dunno.

    I’m just ranting. o_o Enjoy your thoughts. I just think Bella turning into a vampire would be.. like, such the expected outcome, it would seem a shame for Stephanie Meyers to take such an easy, stupidly romantic way out. After a great series, I hope she ends it with a surpise. I myself am hoping for some kind of JacobxBella, but I know I’m just wishful. :3 But I’m trying to think non-biestly and think realistically what the outcome will be. ._. *sigh* I just hope she doesn’t settle for the Bella becoming a vampire stuff.. I know, wrong place to say this, but, again, sounds like such a original ending for such an unoriginal series. D: I want my socks blown off, personally.

  28. stephanie mayer 1992 says:

    hi guy’s i have read most of the comments on this web page i agree with bella being a vampire but i don’t know if this will happen but i think once edward has turned bella into a vampire, jacob and the other werewolves will find the cullen’s and a war will break out and i think that edward or jacob will die in the of the war but ether way if bella stays human she is putting her self at risk and the people she loves but if she turns into a vampire she will end up loosing edward or jacob ether way i don’t thing it will end up a happy ending, that’s my view on it any way.

    hope you guy’s carry on putting your view’s on the film as i enjoy reading them.

    from stephanie mayer

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