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Jackson Rathbone ~ JasperAshley Greene ~ Alice

It is going to be all about Alice and Jasper next week, so here is a question we’d like you to help us with for the show!

How do you think Jasper’s temptation to stray from the vegetarian diet effects his and Alice’s relationship?

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  1. Callie says:

    Hi guys! Ok, so I think that Jasper’s “weakness” only shows how strong his connection with Alice is. Edward says at one point (I think) that the only reason Jasper stays with the diet is because he wouldn’t want to hurt Alice. Their relationship is really strong and they know each other’s moods perfectly. In midnight sun, Edward says that “it is as if they could read minds too, only each others”. This means that Alice can try to help Jasper and the way she cares about him, she wouldn’t give it a second thought.
    On the other side, it doesn’t seem to weaken their relationship at all. In New Moon, Bella remembers the way they great each other after she Edward, and Alice get off the plane and she says ” ithey didn’t run to each other like the other couples but they just stood and looked into each other’s eyes. the moment was so private that [she] had to look away”.
    Yes, I did write everything without a book , I have them memorized. Impressively dorky, I know.

  2. Laura says:

    I think that even though he has those temptations, Alice’s ability to see his decisions keeps him in check.

  3. Laura says:

    I want to add something more that I just came across while revamping Eclipse. Jasper talks about how depressed he would become after feeding on human blood and I think he still remembers that feeling. He doesn’t want to have to subject Alice to that.

  4. Kaedtiann says:

    Well, in some ways, I feel like it doesn’t affect their relationship all that much. I mean, vampire thirst is a more intense than anything else (except, obviously for some, values like love and loyalty), so it’s not like he’s just a gambler or an alcoholic – it’s something that Alice has and does experience (though she is more practiced at restraint) and can relate to.

    Alice certainly isn’t going to reprimand Jasper for his instinctive craving for human blood. I think she’s just proud of how well he’s doing, especially since she knows it’s only for her. I think Jasper is grateful that she accepts him as he is and does everything she can to make it easier for him.

    … I’m not sure if that really answered the question, but that’s my two cents.

  5. Amy says:

    This is a harder question to answer. Only Alice can really be aware of how committed Jasper is to being a vegetarian. She can percieve him at his weakest. And I don’t think having the temptation is the same thing as being uncommitted. He may be more likely to fail than the others (Bella’s birthday) but he works harder at it to be genuinely committed. Think about Edward’s recovering alcoholic analogy. I think because of Alice’s sight and intense awareness of Jasper, she’s exactly the supportive companion he needs. I think all strong couples have this balance. So, after much rambling, I think it affects the relationship in a positive way, makes it stronger. I know whenever my husband and I help each other in dealing with a hardship we’re that much closer for it.

  6. Amber says:

    I feel that his weakness only strengthens their relationship. Jasper is just so willing, hands down, to leave the blood of a mere human for “soy milk.” I feel he would be lost without Alice. I feel it only intensifies their relationship, mentally.

    –Sorry if this doesn’t make sense..I can’t tell even when I re-read it. I’m listening to your podcast and I don’t wanna miss any. It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy.!!

  7. Wendy says:

    Alice is a free spirit in my eyes. She seems to know Jasper as well as he knows himself. I think she accepts him, and his faults, because she knows their connection is true and unbreakable. She helps and supports him with out being judgmental (I know we don’t see this, it is how I read it I guess). So I am not sure that it really is a stumbling issue between the two of them. I think it is more an issue with Jasper and the struggle with himself. I think in his mind he wants to do the right thing, not just because it makes Alice happy, but because he know it is the right thing. And when he does ‘slip’ he feel a terrible guilt about it, for the weakness in the power over himself and for the damage he has done to a human. I think the ‘vampire instinct’ is just so much stronger in him. That is one of HIS carry over traits from the human world in my opinion, instinct. It is a necessary trait in a good soldier. In some ways it is a bit out of his control no matter how much he thinks or wants to overpower the urge. I think Alice sees this, she is not blind, and loves him regardless or in spite of it. That is just her way. I am not sure it becomes a point of contention in their relationship. At least that is the way I see them. I think they are my most favorite couple after Bella and Edward……I guess that tells you who I want Bella to end up with!! 🙂

  8. Brooke says:

    I think it does because it shows that no matter how much Jasper wants to go back on his commitment, he won’t because it would hurt Alice and his family.
    Alice also sees what would happen if Jasper got out of control and yet still loves him.
    This just proves that no matter how much Jasper struggles, Alice is there to help, support and love him.

  9. Kymmie says:

    I feel like Alice is his support system… She is able to help him when she “sees” his weaknesses..

    So all in all I believe their relationship is able to grow each time she is able to help him… 🙂 they are able to see how much they need each other 🙂

  10. Becky says:

    i dont personally think it does effect the realtionship beacuse all of the ‘Cullens’ have been at the point jasper is at and it only takes time, you can see from the film and book that alice loves him to pieces and she knows what the bloodlust is like, give him a couple of centuries and he will be fine like the others.

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