Rosamett Podcast ~ Week #12

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This week we are talking about Rosalie and Emmett in detail.  We discuss what we know of their past, what we think of them in the present, and what we think might happen to them in the future!  I have to say our theories this week are awesome!  The music is You Make Me Wanna Die by Soft.  Enjoy!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Kallie, I live in Rochester, NY and there is no accents like that unless you lived there a long time. It’s in western NY. Near Buffalo. We are far away from NYC.

  2. Shannon says:

    By the way, nice podcast.

  3. Julia says:

    Kallie, if I lived in New York I would want an accent like yours. hahaha

  4. Kimberly B. says:

    You know, I just recently found out about your site. Like real recently, like couple of days ago. And while your site does share a lot of the same information as other top Twilight sites, you guys podcast. And I must say, I really enjoy these podcasts. You two are VERY entertaining, and informative. Keep up the good work!

  5. Mollie says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED this week. Been listening for a while but got a bunch of friends to listen to this week cuz i LOVE the theory and I can’t wait until i can answer the question of the week!!! you guys rock my socks!

  6. Halle says:

    I am not your average teenage girl. Im 15 years old. My grandparents got me Twilight at our fair and I remember it incredibly well because it was the start of my new life. I was very wary about it because their exact words were ” the clerk told us its the new Harry Potter.” Now I am a Harry Potter fanatic. I am obessed, I am with a lot of things. When someone says a book replaces Harry Potter i am not a happy camper. I didnt start reading Twilight until about a week after I got. (the fair. I breed rabbits) anyhooo. When I did read it I couldnt put it down. Stephenie Meyer has sucked me in full force and lucky for her, I am never coming out. I finished Twilight in 12 hours. When i had gotten enough sleep I read it again. I am an analyzer. I go back with every book ive read. My schools bookfair had New Moon. I was incredibly surprised there was a second book. I finished that in 10 hours. That is when I found Stephenie I followed her advice and I read it again and got more aquainted with Jacob Black. The night I finished New Moon I made my mom go out and buy Eclipse. When the movie was anounced I was ecstatic. From October 2007 till today I check 5 websites every day with any news of the movie. That is when I found your website. I am addicted to your podcasts. Your insight on the characters makes me wonder more and go back to check again. You have said that if someone has been cast if they would come on the show. Though I am not in the cast ( my mom was none to happy with my idea of flying from rural Ohio to Kalama Washington) I would love, as many others probably too, to come on your show. I think having a teenagers perspective on the book would be interesting. When Edward is with Bella I giggle and I can’t breathe because the genius of Stephenie Meyer makes me feel like I am there with them. Right now I have read Eclipse 16 Times! I know its a stretch but there is so much to learn inbetween the lines. So I will leave you until next week when I look forward to your next podcast. Good day!

  7. Isabelle says:

    Heh, Rosamett…that sounds about right! 😀

  8. Jamie says:

    Great podcast! I think that Kellan is amazing and I forgive you for not telling us ahead of time! LOL! I love you sisters so much! Every time I listen I wish that I was there with you so we could laugh together! Keep up the good work!

  9. Kathy says:

    I absolutely love the theory of Rosalie saving Bella. It makes complete sense. My personal theory is (though it’s a little off subject sorry) is that Jacob will end up losing his cool and ends up hurting Bella -on accident of course- and ends up begging Edward to change her. Though it would be so sad and leave Jacob wanting to run away again it would horribly romantic. I love Jacob but I think he needs to realize that he could be as bad for her as he thinks Edward is! I am completely obsessed with this book it’s kinda taking over my life right now! lol I’m a 22 year old mom of four and these books have kinda allowed me a much needed escape from my everyday chore list. 🙂 But ok I just wanted to get that out there and see if anyone else was thinking it. And i’m going to go nuts until August. Is there some kind of support group for this? JK Thanks!

  10. Git 'r Done! (Amy) says:

    Loved it as always, ladies. It was awesome to hear Kellen’s personal answer. I am intrigued about the Rosalie/Bella/scarring idea. But I’ll be forever die-hard that Edward is the one that changes Bella. I’ve loved hearing about Jalice, Rosammett, and look forward to Eslisle. Does this mean our hero/heroin become Belward? 🙂

  11. Krystal says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast, it was so interesting for me!
    And I think I understand Rosalie much more and starting to really like her. And I have the same theory about scars and it makes sense! Seems to me that this can really be in books!

    btw Rosamett sounds cool, i love it!

  12. McKell says:

    The idea of saving Rosalie is GREAT! It would add so much to Rosalies Character, (as if she needs it :)) But i think that instead of bella becoming a vampire, i think SOMEHOW (not sure how) that Edward should become mortal. That would be amazing, cause i’m terribly in love with Edward, but in a way its too good to be true, so if he had that human factor, it would just be great, (and i want him to get those green eyes back! :)) anyways and i think Jacob should falll in a hole until he imprints, because i’m sick of him and i don’t want him to ruin Bella and Edward.

  13. Jessica says:

    I think that that is a really good theroy. but i wish somehow that when bella becomes a vampire her gift is that she can turn eveyone esle back to a human. then once she is done transformering everone back to a human she can look into a mirror and do it to her self and she can age happly with edward. this also gives rosalie a chance to have the beautiful baby boy she never got the chance to have. (Jacob gets imprinted).

  14. Jane says:

    Hey guys, great podcast! I have to agree with Shannon though, I live in Rochester, NY, and there are no accents like that. The only weird accents we have are on our o’s and a’s, so you never really hear it unless you say, “Rochester accent.” Ironic, huh?

  15. KimCullen says:

    I doubt you guys view comments on podcasts this old.. but I just wanted to say that I thought that it would have been cool if your theory about Rosalie did happen in Breaking Dawn.. theoretically it could still play out in a later book about the Cullens, like in Renesmee’s story.. I think it would be fascinating to see Rosalie’s beauty be compromised – perhaps it would make her more humble or kind to others.. then again, it could make her more hostile, its hard to tell with her! One thing for sure, Emmett would love her no matter what she looked like : )

  16. Blondie says:

    ok, Twilight just became a movie, well, it has been a movie, but it just came out in theaters like last week, and I’ve already gone to see it 2 times. I LOVE IT!

    Now about Rosalie and Emmett… maybe they will “adopt” like Esme and Carlisle did. But that probably wouldn’t be the same for Rosalie as having her own child, but who knows, I don’t think Stephenie Meyers has told us enough about Rosalie, or Emmett for that matter, for us to make that decision.

  17. Christina says:

    I love your website! Lots of my friends think that I look like Rosalie.

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