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This week’s question is a two-parter, again.  Since we are discussing two characters, it only seems fair!  So, here goes…

Do you think Carlisle regrets turning any of his ‘children’ into vampires?  And, do you think that Esme, being such a loving person, loves one of her ‘children’ more than the others?

Get to answerin’!

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  1. Ashley says:

    i dont think carlisle regrets any of it. I think he loves his family very much and definetly thinks he made the right decisions on things. esme i think she definetly thinks of edward as like the golden child. haha. but she does because of the scene when bella first comes to their house and shes like “play for her edward” like a mother would be over their talented child.

  2. Haley says:

    I’m kind of on the fence about Carlisle regretting to change anyone in his family.
    On the one hand, I think Carlisle cares deeply for and loves everyone in the family, so I think he sincerely appreciates everyone.
    On the other hand, I think sometimes he may feel guilty about changing whichever person(s). Even though they were very close to death when he changed them. He just feels remorse for the loss of a human life.
    So, I don’t know that he regrets changing a person so much as feeling sorry that they lost their life so soon.
    : /

    As for Esme loving any one of her children more:
    I think Esme has a real soft spot for Edward. Just a wee bit more than the other Cullen children because he was there for her with Carlisle in the beginning, and all that. I think there’s something about it on the Lexicon in the personal correspondence where Stephenie mentions Esme having a soft spot for Edward.
    But I think she really loves all her “children” equally, more or less. She really doesn’t seem like she’s one to favoritism. Edward, I think, gets it a little more, because it seems like he’s made the biggest effort to bond with Carlisle and Esme. I think it has more to do with Edward, though than Carlisle and Esme, because he didn’t have a significant other in the family and he was with Carlisle and Esme from the beginning.

    Sorry if that was totally confusing!
    Your podcasts are so awesome!

  3. Krista says:

    I think because Carlisle struggles so much with turning anyone becuase he didn’t want anyone to have to have the life that he chose…that he picked them so carefully and they were all near death that he doesnt regret it. Maybe it was selfish that he didn’t want to be alone but who really does vampire or not. He is now their dad and they all love him so much!

    As for Esme I don’t know if its possible for her to love one of her children more than the other. I dont think thats even a possibility for her. I think her relationship with each of them is very different and maybe some relationships are stronger than others but I dont think that makes her love one of them more than the other. She wanted children so bad she accepts them all equally and loves them all unconditionally.

  4. Esther P. says:

    I definatly. don’t think that Carlisle REGRETS turning them into vampires but I do feel that Carlisle feels a little sad that the vampire family couldn’t experience a lot of “human life.” (I phrased that weirdly… hope you guys understand…><). Carlisle wholeheartedly believes that he is placed on the earth with his new “talents” to help people, and I believe that he did GOOD when he turned Esme, Edward, Emmett etc into vampires.

    For Esme (is it Es-ME or Es-May?… I don’t know… I always thought it was Es-MAY…silly me…anyways…)

    I always thought that Esme’s favorite child was Edward because he was her first “turned” child that she took care of with Carlisle as a family. I know that Esme loves all her children with all her heart and soul (yes i believe vamps have souls if you wonder why…I just have a weird theory behind it.), but I don’t think she shows that she likes Edward more since she is such a loving mother.

  5. Aila says:

    I think that Carlisle believes that he did the best by his family. He only turned those who had no chance for a normal life. I don’t think he does not regret his desicions because he gave each one of them another chance at happiness. Carlisle is a good person and would never, as Edward said, take away someone’s life who had a future.
    This statement is slightly hypocritical, however, where it concerns Bella. Bella has the opportunity to live a full human life, but Carlisle is still willing to change her. I think this is because he knows the depth of Bella’s love for Edward, and understands that Edward is the only future she can live with, that in a sense, her life would end without him. I don’t think he will regret giving Bella the chance to keep that happiness forever.

    Esme’s strength is her love. She ended her own life when she lost her child. I think the true joy of her new life is the children she now has.
    Although it is said by Rosalie (in an ‘extra’ Stephenie’s Website) that Edward is Esme’s favorite, that she loves him more than the others, I think that this is untrue. Esme loves all of her children in special ways. Her love for Edward is probably the most visible because she worried about him being the only one alone. But like any mother, Esme could no more pick one of her children over another, than she could live without them at all.

  6. Alisha says:

    I’d have to say that I don’t think Carlisle regrets changing any of his family members. I think that Carlisle has lived long enough and experienced enough things to know that regretting your past is fruitless. I also think that he realizes that he is the person he is today because of the choices that he has made up to this point. Plus I think if he really did have any regret that he would not have continued changing the newer members of his family and/or agreed to change Bella if it comes to that.
    In regards to Esme I think that she is just so grateful to finally have children that she loves them all equally. I think dealing with the loss of her baby, only makes her love for each of her children that much stronger. She feels blessed and fortunate for all of them and for that reason I really cant see her loving one more than the other. Each of her children is unique in his or her own way and I think she appreciates their differences and loves each of them for exactly who they are. But in my opinion thats just Esme. She is a lover and she seems to find the best qualities in everyone and just love on them for the incredible beings that they are. Ok I’m kind of rambling but this is my first post and I’m excited to actually have my own theories, cause for a long time I didn’t think I had any :).

  7. Deborah says:

    I don’t believe that Carlisle regrets changing his children, but I do believe it pains him to see them struggle through their everyday lives, to live as “normal” beings. And I believe that everyone (Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie) believe in this as well because, I rememeber reading that Edward said that if he did kill Bella he would be ashamed to face Carlisle.

    for Esme, i do not believe that she has a favorite child. i mean yes Edward was her first child turned, but since the motherly aspect of her was enhanced, I believe that she loves all her children equally.

  8. Lora says:

    I dont think Carlisle regrets changing any of his children now that he is able to see how they all handle living their lives as vampires and see what type of individuls they are. I would think he has had the opportunity to see, like a real father, the different stages his children have gone through with their new life. He may have had a little regret when he first transformed Rosalie only for the reasons of changing her to be Edward’s mate, but I think all that has dicipated.
    As for Esme, I think if she were asked this question she might say Edward was her favorite, but truthfully I think she loves all her children equally but she takes to Edward more only because he was her first child.

  9. Beth says:

    i think Carlisle has moments where he regrets changing some of them, like maybe they wold be better off untampered and ended up the natural course of life.

    and Esme is to Motherly to play faveorties shes such a nice person in general it would be difficult to see her faveoritize her own kids. she’d gladly give her own life for all of thiers (and Bellas too)

  10. Twihard Mom says:

    Kallie/Kassie (i love your podcasts, totally hooked)

    I think that there must be moments where he regrets that he turned Rosalie into a vampire simply because she is not 100% happy with her life. We all know that she wanted to get married and have kids, etc. but what we need to remember is that none of that would have been possible anyway because she was DYING IN AN ALLEY when he found her. Regardless, Carlisle wants the best for his children and if leaving Rosalie human up until the final moments of her life is what she wanted, he probably would not have changed her.

  11. Twihard Mom says:

    Oh! 2nd part of question!

    I think that Edward has a very special place in Esme’s heart, much like the way the eldest child is uniquely special to his mother.

    She wants him to be happy so bad which is why she accepts Bella with open arms as well as all of the trouble that Bella brings along with her. The other children have a partner in life already so its almost like they’re okay but Edward didn’t have that for so long that Esme probably felt overprotective and felt the need to overly-nurture him. *tear drop*

  12. Aliah says:

    Q 1: I don’t think Carlisle regrets creating any of his “children” because he, unlike Edward, believes that their souls are still with them. I think he would have suffered more if he had not saved his children, because it pains him to see waste of life. If anything, I think he regrets that such action was even necessary.

    Q 2: Edward is the star child. Every family has one. He’s virtually flawless, even for a vampire, and so what mother wouldn’t adore him to pieces? When I think about this question, I like to think of the Cullen kids as real kids: Emmett is like the hyper two-year old running down the aisles at the grocery store, who’s mother is trailing behind him, yelling things like, “Honey, be careful!” and “Don’t touch that!” In short, he is a handful. Rosalie is that stuck-up, slightly bratty child, who refuses to eat if the peas touch the mash potatoes. Again, a handful. Jasper is basically the black sheep, who’s lived a very difficult life, and who would probably turn delinquant if given the chance. Misunderstood, and doesn’t associate much with others, least of all any parental units. Alice is probably a close second to Edward, the reason being that mother’s tend to be closer to their sons, just like fathers are to daughters. And also, Alice is always overambitious and adventurous, a little more, perhaps, than what seems would be to Esme’s taste. So who’s left? The composed and gentle Edward, of course! He’s intelligent, he doesn’t cause trouble, and he was Esme’s first son. He seems the kind of kid who would do all his chores and practice his piano without being asked. What mother wouldn’t love that? In the books, Esme seems to be naturally more forgiving of him, as when his family fights over what to do with Bella (she doesn’t pick a side, tells him to do what ever he needs to in order to stay… essentially giving him the “ok” to murder Bella), and she seems to worry about him the most (the fact that he was single for a long time). Even Edward knows he’s the favorite. When he leaves for Alaska in Twilight, he doesn’t even go to face Esme because he knows she wouldn’t let him leave, and he knows just how much he’s hurting her. Can you see her doing that with any other child? It’s not a bad thing; we all love Edward (duh). But I think Esme’s ability to love passionately might have a greater focus on specific people, and not just be a generally deep love for everyone.

  13. Aliah says:

    But I love Esme. I think she’s fantastic. And I do think that all the kids hold a place in her heart. I just think that sometimes it’s easier to love and show affection for particular people. And I also think vampires might be different in this case…

    Of course, all of this may seem to focus on Edward more simply because the book is told from Bella’s (and Edward’s) P.O.V…

  14. Laura says:

    I do think that Carlisle does regret turning his now vampire family into vampires, but up to a point. He feels bad that he took their lives away and put them through so much pain, but at the same time, he gave them a second chance at life. I think every time he sees them struggle with being a vampire, such as when Edward was first drawn to kill Bella, he regrets it immensely. It was even stated by Stephenie that Carlisle was planning to never turn another person after turning Rosalie (Rosalie had to BEG for him to change Emmett to a vampire). I think that this is because he saw how genuinely upset she was and how much Rosalie struggled with being a vampire. She probably resented him for making that choice on her behalf, the choice she never wanted. And he in turn probably felt regret that he had forced her into an everlasting existence that she would have never chosen for herself. So yes, I think that he does regret changing people from time to time.

    As for Esme, I believe she may (only slightly) love Edward a little bit more than all her other “children.” I think this is because Edward was her “first” child and he is the one who has been living such a lonely existence for such a long time. It is much unlike Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett, who have all found their companion in (non)life. That is why she accepts Bella so unconditionally and instantly. Bella is the answer to all that Edward has been waiting for his life. And Esme is just so happy to see Edward, her favorite, finally happy.

  15. The Twihard says:

    As to the first question:

    “Does Carlisle regret changing any of his children into vampires?”

    My answer, just like the one in the book, is a no. He may had had his regrets in the past, but look how happy they are now.

    And as for your second question:

    “Does Esme love one of her children more than another?”

    My answer, agian, is no. She may love all of her children in different ways, but just like any mother, she loves all of her children the same.

    And as you may have noticed, I did not use quotation marks when I used the word “children”.

  16. gigi says:

    I feel Carlise regrets turning his “children” to vampires at points, like when he sees Rosalie or Edward having trouble, coping or ajusting.

    I think Esme loves them all the same, she has the ability to love with passion. And YOU as mothers should know there are no favorites when it comes to children!

  17. Meg says:

    Hey ladies! I’m new to your podcast and new to answering the question of the week but here is my insight into your questions.

    Carlisle is so compassionate that he changed his “children” for no other reason than that they had no other choice and yet sometimes I believe he may regret his decision. Not because he doesn’t love them or enjoy their companionship but because he wishes they could have lived their lives to the fullest and known every human experience they could. His only regret is that he couldn’t give them back their healthy, human lives.

    With Esme, she seems very attached to Edward specifically but I think that’s only because he was the first of her new “children” and the affection between the two of them has had the longest time to develop. I don’t necessarily think she is more fond of one “child” than the others or that she loves one of them more but, I believe that she definitely is more attached to Edward.

  18. Sarah says:

    • I think Carlisle is generally comfortable with his decisions to make his “children” into vampires. Seeing how each of them has found a loved one that makes their life complete, Carlisle probably realizes that everything has, for the most part, worked out for the best. Granted, things do go wrong. But even as humans, not everything is perfect. Carlisle has given each of them an opportunity to “live” (or..not live..) “life” (or…existence?) to the fullest.

    • I suppose Esme seems to have an extremely strong bond with Edward, possibly more so than with any other of the children. However I believe her connections with each are just based on different aspects of their personalities. It’s easy for her to relate and connect with Edward because both of them have an enormous capacity for love. Esme’s affection rolls off of her in waves, and it’s obvious through his undying devotion to Bella that Edward is capable of loving someone just as much as Esme does. Esme connects with Alice because of her spirit; Alice is the lively, spunky, enthusiastic daughter that any mom would kill for. Esme longs for the feeling of being a mother, considering the loss of her biological child, and Alice fills this slot very nicely. Esme bonds with Jasper because both are very susceptible to others’ feelings. Even without empathic powers, Esme is in tune with others, and in that way, she can understand Jasper. Both have a huge capacity for emotion in general. Her bond with Emmett is similar to her bond with Alice; Emmett is the older brother that is often paired with the younger daughter to form a balanced and loving family. Finally, Esme bonds with Rosalie, because, while Rosalie can be a bit vain and self-absorbed, this leaves room for improvement. A mother wants nothing more than for her children to grow and learn and develop their character. And a mother is willing to provide as much nurturing as necessary to help with the process. So Esme is enthusiastic about giving Rosalie that attention and assistance to help her grow as a “person.” All in all, Esme connects with all of her children in various fashions, and not to one more than the other, necessarily. Although she and Edward DO share a unique bond.

  19. Rina says:

    I think Carlisle regrets turning some of his “children” into vampires at some point. I mean, it’s obvious Rosalie feels aggrivated about not having the choice of dying or becoming a vampire. And even in the book it’s clear Carlisle always wondered if turning Edward into was the right choice. He may doubt it at times, but I think in the end he knows he saved their lives & for that, he can be satisfied.
    Ahhh, Esme. Now, before I answer your question, I have a question for you. How do you pronounce Esme? Me & my friends argue about it all the time & we’re getting no where with this! If you could answer that- it’d be awesome. So, back to the REAL question. No, I do not think Esme loves one of her “children” more than another. She has very motherly characteristics and I do think that at times she may feel closer to one of her “children”. But, like all loving mothers, she adores her children more than anyone else. And I think she has very good relationships with all the Cullens/Hales. She’s happy where she is and she loves each one of them just for who they are.

  20. realxlifexbella says:

    Q.Do you think Carlisle regrets turning any of his ‘children’ into vampires?
    A.No,I don’t think he really regrets turning any of his “children” because he did save their life’s but….I also think he feels kind of guilty sometimes like when Edward says things like they don’t have souls because he kind of think you know what if they don’t did I just Ruin these kids chances of ever going to a better place if they die?But, I don’t think he regrets it.

    Q. And, do you think that Esme, being such a loving person, loves one of her ‘children’ more than the others?
    A.I think she slightly favors Edward and I have a theory behind it….I think she favors him because she lost her son and when she was changed into a Vampire she took Edward as her child, he was the first and I think she really connected with him watching him grow emotionally through the many years she had with him and I think she always thought “this is how I would have been with my son,I hope he would have turned out just like him”.And I really believe that she feels like he is her real son.
    Obviously she loves her other “sons and daughters” but Edward is just that little bit…extra(for lack of a better word)

  21. Natascha says:

    Do you think Carlisle regrets turning any of his ‘children’ into vampires? And, do you think that Esme, being such a loving person, loves one of her ‘children’ more than the others?

    Originally, I would’ve said that Carlisle feels no regret. But, after readdressing his character in the series, I’ve noticed his somewhat sensitive approach to certain situations. For instance, Rosalie might have preferred to die in retrospect (from her background given in eclipse). It seems that he is mindful of that, and out of all children, he is most cautious in assigning her to a task.

    It think Esme doesn’t favor any of her kids. I believe her relation to each child would be in accordance to the more history they would reveal about themselves. But then again, as the reader, we aren’t exposed to all the stuff that takes place in their household.

  22. Sierra says:

    As far as Carlisle regretting his decision to change any of his “children” no I don’t think that he does. I say this because he chose each of them for a reason. Regardless of how things have turned out, Rosalie would have rather been a human however he did choose her because she was dying and wouldn’t have lived the life that she wanted and even though she holds some resentment of that fact I don’t think that if he could have seen the future ahead of time would he have chosen differently.
    Esme you know that she loves all of her children equally! I do think that she does love some of them differently. Being a mom I will always love my first born different. Edward didn’t have anyone for so long that I think Esme watches him more carefully and is worried about him being alone for so many reasons. The other four have each other and I think that makes it easier not to worry about them. Edward, off on his own doesn’t have anyone to watch out for him, at home when everyone is doing their own thing had no one to talk with. Think about New Moon for a moment how Esme was worried sick not knowing if he was still out there; where Jasper had Alice after his “episode”. I think she just loves Edward different.

  23. Chandler M says:

    I think that Carlisle doesn’t really regrets turning any of his “children” because it was a last thing that could save their lives.BUT, he feels gulity because of the why the “kids” reacted to being chaged. I think that Esme loves all her “children” but edward is the one that Esme gave a little extra attention to be for bella came because he had no one. But the only reason was because Alice had Jasper and Emmett had Rosalie. Now, Esme gives attention to everyone even bella.

  24. jackiedabombbomb says:

    i think that carlisle doesn’t regret changing anybody. each member of the family brings something to the table. if one of them wasn’t there then the family would never be the same. and i think that esme loves all of her children the same. at points it seems like she prefers one over the other, but i think that she is just helping them in a time of need.

  25. Kymmie says:

    I don’t believe Carlisle “regrets” turning his “children” into Vampires. Carlisle explains to Bella in Twilight, on pg 35-40, that he believes there IS an “afterlife” for them, and hopes they will get some type of credit for the good they do for the human people. He doesn’t take his role as a Vampire as a curse, but rather as a gift. He enjoys that his “enhanced abilities let him save someone who would otherwise have been lost.” I believe he is one to see the “good” in people and what good they could bestow upon others. It also seemed like in his explanation to Bella that he had some type of “connection” with Edward’s mother. Something he doesn’t ever do… I believe that connection with Edward’s mother helped spawn those “Fatherly Instincts” and pushed him to “act on a whim” to turn Edward on his Mother’s request. And with that, Carlise explains he does NOT have any regrets.

    I am not a mother, but from my “Auntie Kymmie” instincts I can relate to having many “children” under my wings. I don’t believe Esme favors any one child over the other, but I believe she has hopes for each individual. She sees that each child has a furture and a “partner” for eternity, but Edward…his is not written in stone. I believe because his furture is not set for sure, she would do what any mother would do… try to give him as much encouragement and help as she can, even if it is a bit more attention than the others are receiving at that moment… Esme is only doing it to help, not to pull favorites.

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