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It has been officially released!  Make sure to leave your speculations in the Comments section!  We want to know what you think this cover means for Breaking Dawn!?!?!?

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  1. Julie Smith says:

    oh my gosh i read what sarah said on the 13th.

    thats a really great theory everyone should read it.

  2. Julie Smith says:

    ALSO, Lauren posted a really great theory on may 31 i believe.

  3. sarah says:

    I have two theorys about the cover and one is that the red pawn represents a less strong and “durable” bella in edward’s case and the white queen represents her transformation and how she will be much more strong and beautiful

    And that means she can spend eternity with edward!!!!!

    my other theory is that the pawn represents the volturi and the queen represents the cullens.

    i think that because at the end of eclipse jacob realy finds out that bella does not want her the way he thinks she does and he knows that if he tries to fight edward over her [sorry this is taking so long] it wouldn’t make bella love him so theres realy no point right?

    so that makes me think that the cover dosnt represent jacob and edward

    [ps. i wonder what happens to jacob???]

  4. sara and kaleigh says:

    First of all, the Queen on the cover DOES have a reflection, not just the Pawn. and Second, Kaleigh had a revalation, and it’s a pretty good one. She thinks that obviously, the Queen is Bella and the Pawn is Jacob, because there isn’t a move that the Pawn could do to make it close/next to the Queen. So that means that Bella has to make a choice to become a vampire, or move next to the Pawn. The Queen can move next to the Pawn, but the Pawn can’t move next to the Queen unless it jumps another chess piece (Edward could move in there somewhere)
    I, Sara, on the otherhand think that the Queen is Bella ALREADY in her vampire form. I think that the Pawn is Jacob, but i think that the Pawn being behind the Queen means that she is having to leave Jacob behind her to be with Edward. I also think that all of the theories about both the pieces being Bella are clever, but maybe too obvious.
    that’s our 2 cents! =)

  5. sara says:

    by the way. if any of you don’t already frequently check for updates you should! starting today they are posting a “Breaking Dawn quote of the day” they will have a different excerpt from Breaking Dawn on the site everyday! just thought i would let you know. the one today is:

    Alice: “I’ll play you for it.”
    Edward: “Why don’t you just tell me who wins?”
    Alice: “I do. Excellent.”

    =) it makes me smile! seth (who updates the site) says you can decipher the quotes and try to find what they mean yourself.

  6. Amy says:

    Everyone is so creative! I especially like the idea that the person trying to kill her (from the preface of Breaking Dawn) is Jacob, whom she loves, vs. one of the Cullens. Even though I do have a soft spot for Jacob, I would much rather that be the case than one of her ‘family’ being the one who has turned against her. Hmmm… very creative indeed!

  7. Vampirelovr says:

    This is all getting kinda confuzzlin, but I love everyones theories and they probably aren’t all that far off, but has anyone else noticed that the covers always have red and white in them, apart from eclipse, which is just red.maybe the color red symbolizes something…

  8. darkrose23 says:

    a few things first.
    1. jacob did NOT imprint on bella and never will.
    2. did u realise that the pawns and queen r floating!!!??? so that would/ might mean that there going to heavan, or they are dead since u don’t usaly float when ur alive? if u don’t belive me about the floating thing then ask the author
    3. in twilight it was all about eward and bella, and only a little bit about jacob.
    4. since jacob did not imprint on bella that means he won’t and he will find someone else and bella no’s this.
    5. the whole storys been about edward and bella, it probaly wont change to bella and jacob. i won’t read it if that happens.

  9. PoisonApple says:

    I think the Queen chess piece could be Tanya.
    If anyone has been reading the breaking dawn quotes, there is one in there from tanya, greeting Edward.
    Maybe she decided she wants him, and therefore the white vampire holding herself above bella, feeling like a pawn.

    Maybe theres a battle between vampires and werewolves, or vamp vs vamp. They go to Tanya for assistance and tanya and edward team up to defeat them and so bella feels threatened.

    Get me?

    Its possible…it would be horrible. But possible.

  10. Sara says:

    Wow you guys are very creative!
    Has anyone seen the new update on Stephenie’s website though?
    She told EW in an interview that the wedding definitely happens, but towards the beginning of the book.
    Which leads me to believe that it won’t exactly be the happy ending we are all hoping for :/

    I love your ideas about the cover and I’m undecided as to what it could mean. I’m leaning towards the White symbolizing Bella after the transformation and Red prior to it–but like I mentioned, I don’t see it ending up well for Bella and Edward (as much as that pains me to say). Like some of you mentioned, I think that because the pawns job is to protect the queen, I think that one of them (Edward or Jacob) will die defending Bella–and it just might be Edward 🙁

    Also- The quotes on the poster also make me nervous because of the third sentence from Bella– her being “abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of her words” which makes me think she may be referring to Jacob.

    Lastly, (sorry this is so long) I am also concerned by what some of you said earlier because I have been thinking the same thing… Jacob is referred to as the sun…making Edward possibly the moon? and so far:

    Twilight : (the moon is out) Edward and Bella first fall in love

    New Moon: (when the moon disappears from the sky) which makes sense because Edward is absent for like 300 pages of the novel.

    Eclipse: (when the sun moves in front of the moon) Bella’s feelings for Jacob become apparent, and though they are still not as strong as her feelings for Edward, they definitely outway them, at least for the whole Jacob-Bella make out seshhh.

    Breaking Dawn: The sun is completely out and the is gone……

    🙁 I hope I’m not right about this.
    Twilight started with Bella and Edward, and it should end that way.

    P.S. Sorry this was excrutiatingly long–I had to get it all out, and sorry If these theories were already mentioned a million times, I didn’t have time to read them allllll :/

  11. darkrose23 says:

    i agree, twilight should only be about edward and bella and jacob winning in the corner. ( on offense to jacob fans)

  12. darkrose23 says:

    i found something else out. someone like renee or alice is going to die. i no it has nothing to do with the cover, but its something interesting.

  13. Sara says:

    how do you know thatttt ?!

  14. darkrose23 says:

    the Quotes hint it.
    Sam: “This is not something our treaty anticipated. This is a danger to every human in the area.”

    Rosalie: “I’d like to beat you dead.”

    Jasper: “I can’t understand. I can’t bear this.”

    Seth: “You’ll hurt her. Let her go.”
    Carlisle: “I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.”

    Jacob: “I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!”

    its pretty ovbvous someones going to die.

  15. darkrose23 says:

    Jasper: “I can’t understand. I can’t bear this.”

    jasper is a strong charater hes used to death and sadness so something big must have made him hurt, and its possible that hes upset about alice. or its possible that tanya dies. its pretty obvous someone is. but i don’t no who.

  16. darkrose23 says:

    Carlisle: “I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.”

    and this probaly means that hes saying he can’t bring someone back from the death.
    AHHHHHH WHY WON’T BREAKING DAWN COME OUT QUICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. danny says:

    although i have never read these books i believe the girl is indeed the white queen piece but here is where i disagree i believe the weaker red pawn piece is her newborn still half human and full of life. red meaning blood which humans are full of and vampires are not so the girl lost her blood becoming a vampire and is now represented as the white chess piece. this is where it gets tricky, i also think that the queen will eventually have to kill the pawn piece as you must do in the game of chess, and on the cover the pawn is only one space away from being taken by the queen. i also dont play chess bu thats my synopsis of the cover.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s like this.
    Chess is based on strategy and what move you choose next can help or hurt you. That can represent whether the choices Bella make are gonna save her or kill her.
    Also, the white piece can represent Edward, and how he is the biggest thing in Bella’s life.
    The red piece can represent Jacob, and how Bella also loves him, but it isn’t as strong and powerful as her love for Edward, causing Jacob to fade in the background small and alone.
    The black around the chess board represents the secret moves the Bella doesn’t know about which could have helped her along her way.

  19. =} Breee says:

    i agree white being edward and red as jacob
    edward is the queen and is stronger and pale (white)
    jacob is red (i think thats the colour kinda of his wolf fur )
    any way the book was awesome

  20. maey says:

    the queen piece is bella..and the pawn is reneesme…since she’s half human half vampire

  21. For me, in a simplest comprehension and analysis, the red pawn represents BELLA, a human, weak in a sense (since the pawn is the weakest piece of a chess game), a human with blood running to her veins (that’s why it is red). Since the Breaking dawn highlighted the transformation of bella to vampire, the white queen represents Bella as the VAMPIRE, the most powerful (like the queen in a chess game, can be moved to any directions to protect other pieces from losing the game).

  22. Jonathan says:

    I have a feeling the cover represents the fact that now bella is now married to him aka: queen chess piece

  23. lauren says:

    both chess pieces represent bella. They show how bella has gone from the weakest player on the board (the pawn, also it is red to show that she was human) to the queen, the strongest and one of the most important players on the board (it is white to show her immortality)

  24. Srinidhi says:

    This is the theory on Breaking Dawn’s cover. ( i READ IT ON ONE OF STEPHENIE MEYER’S WEBSITES OR SOMETHING). sO HERE IT IS: The cover is chess board right, yeah. So there is a red pawn and a white queen. The red pawn represents Bella, as human. Easy to attack like a pawn in the game of chess, helpless, and (this is kinda mine, red means she has blood running thru her.) Then the White queen means Bella after she has turned into a Vampire. Strong, protecting her king(edward) very hard to attack just like a queen in chess. (if red pawn means blood, then white queen must mean pale vampire. (queen). so there.

  25. Brittany says:

    The peices represent bella. The red peice is her in her human form its in the background because she is soon leaving her fragile blood filled human body (red peice) for a immortale beutiful and strong one (the Queen Peice) It represents her transformation from human to vampire becase its pale strong and beautiful like her new body is.

  26. shelby says:

    the red piece is bella’s baby
    red warm blood still flowing and the big white piece is the volturie and the future stone cold pale. the little baby-the pawn will lead to a challenge with the volturie and will lead to a change in the future.

  27. Iris says:

    I think the white peice is Bella after the change and the red peice is Renesme. 🙂

  28. Daysha says:

    I also agree with Allison. Edward is extremely strong and cold just like the white chess. I think Jacob is the Red one very warm and a welcoming person to Bella’s life. I think Edward is in the front because that is who Bella would choose instead of Jacob and MAYBE they put Jacob in the back cause he might hide in the shadows for a while cause he feels sad and lonely.

    From,Huge Twilight FAN!!! 😉

  29. Cortney Cullen says:

    I think that the white is Edward because he is cold as stone and very pale! The red peice may stand for Bella because she is a newborn vampire or it might be Renesmee,i have read the book like a million times but, i still don’t know. um… don’t know but that sounds about right. Or the white could be Bella and the red could be the Volturi cause they come in the book so maybe, IDK!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥
    CC(Cortney Cullen)

  30. holz says:

    the pawn is bella small weak and full of blood and the queen is pure white and the most powerful which represents her in her vampire form duh!!!

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