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breaking-dawn.jpg  Lots-O-Spoilers!

We could not help but put together a little pow-wow with a few Twilight friends and talk about the 1st Chapter of Breaking Dawn, as well as the book’s cover!  You will have to excuse some of the sound quality… with four people talking there are just so many things that have to be edited!  (There will also be some funny outtakes from this show we can use later!)  There is a song at the end of the show… I could not help but include a little music!  It is a genre of music I normally don’t listen to much, but the lyrics fit soooooo well, I could not help but share!  The song is called Succomb, by Bassboosa.

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  1. Tava says:

    Well thank goodness girls. I have been checking all day to see if you would do a special show. Talk about sitting on pins and needles.
    But, it’s not showing up in itunes yet!

  2. Tava says:

    Ok, it’s showing up now. Thanks lots!!!

  3. Jessica loves Edward says:

    Man I can’t listen to it until my Special Edition comes in the mail… which won’t be till two days or something… Oh well, I can wait!

  4. G says:

    – Haha, I love the spoiler alert, it is so…ALARMING for lack of a better word!

    – I love how you guys talk about Bella like she’s just another girlfriend being ridiculous and not leaving her house.

    – It’s weird how cool Seth and Edward are, and though I like it, how’s that going to work out if Bella gets changed? All ties severed or what?

    – Ja think Edward already knew how Charlie would react because he mind-read what Alice foresaw? He seemed uber calm and relaxed in telling Charlie, and though he’s usually pretty calm with Charlie, I just thought it was funny given the topic of the conversation.

    – It would really stink if the red pawn symbolized Jacob because I don’t like the idea of the cover of the last book from Bella’s perspective having to do with the Bella-Jacob relationship (especially since I am Bedward all the way)! For that reason, I also hope that the pawn represents something “bigger” and not just one individual character. Though it wasn’t said, I think it was underlying in all your theories in that the red may represent blood or life, and the vulnerability that is associated with that. However, who’s vulnerability is referred to in the pawn? If we assume Bella is the queen, then maybe the pawn foreshadows the risk Bella poses on the “vulnerable.” But maybe Bella is the life-filled pawn who is at the mercy of the queen…but then I wouldn’t know who/what the queen would represent! Edward = drama queen!?

    But overall, the first chapter seemed too perfect. I can’t wait to see what turns everything upside-down!

  5. Alexandra Landers says:

    Guys, you seem so set on the fact that the preface is about Bella changing. What if it’s not? Bella could have been already changed consequently making the wolves really angry. Jacob said he would rather see Bella dead than be a vampire. Perhaps he is the one Bella is talking about, not Edward. This could be the fight scene. Just an idea. =]

  6. Hannah says:

    Just so you know, If anyone is subscribed to the Flick’d MTV Movie News podcast there is a new Twilight related podcast just released. Its only one min 30 but I havent had chance to watch it yet, i thought other people might like watch it first. Its called “”OME!” Worthy Twilight Surprise”

  7. Hannah says:

    Its the video of Laura being surprised! Yay, I couldn’t watch that before because i live in the uk!

  8. kathryn says:


    that was funny
    i loved it
    the chapter was amazing!

    keep it up guys! 🙂

    i dont think i cud let myself no that esme had died 🙁 i wud feel so sorry for Carlisle coz i wudnt beable to think of his reaction!

    i hope she dont die!


  9. Isabella says:

    I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “From Pawn to Queen”, haven’t you? That’s what the cover of Breaking Dawn represents to me. I’m sure its about Bella’s transformation from human to vampire; from damsel-in-distress to an equal to Edward. 🙂

  10. Kaitlyn says:

    i think that the preface is about bella being endangered by jacob, because she knows she loves him too, and like Alexandra Landers said above that jacob would rather see bella dead than a vampire, i think he will be sent over the edge because of the transformation and then he will go after her and she loves him and feels guilty about making him run away and causing him so much pain, because in my mind, i think she is ready for the transformation to be a vampire and i dont think she would be thinking of running away for that part because she has decided this and thought about everything, she knows she wants to be with edward forever (and i want her to too!!) but to me she wouldnt be thinking about running away if he were changing her because in the third book after she spends that one night in the clearing leaning against jacob in his wolf form and looking up at the moon, she said that she realized that she was ready and she had time to think it through, so even when she is facing that fire through her body i think she will be thinking that she is finally going to be able tos tay with edward forever, but that’s just me ; ]

  11. Tava says:

    I don’t think the preface is about Jacob in any way. Why would Bella call him her “beloved”? I know she loves him (barf) but she has never referred to him in this poetic way, she only talks about Edward that way.
    I refuse to believe it! Although, it does bother me that she is talking about running away. She seems all over the place in the first chapter and I hate that.

  12. ShelbshasOCECD says:

    When I read the first chapter of BREAKING DOWN all i thought was that Bella might really die!! There are two theoris I’ve been working on. 1. Bella is goeing to turn into a vampir, but then Jacob is goeing to be betrade and go “yo. you a fool and i guna kill ya!” And kills her. 3. Bella won’t be blood thursty because vampirs can’t ivade her mind. But she still is indistructable and imortal. And yes I know this is totally imposibal, but it would still be cool. Litteraly!!

  13. JenBarn76 says:

    I agree with Alexandra Landers

    The preface makes me think she already has been changed. I truly think Bella will save the Cullens in the end. I was thinking she will be up against Alec (ultimate power in battle). I was thinking maybe Alec has some sort of mind contol and it would affect the Cullens and not Bella.


  14. Janie says:

    You know, I just don’t think that Bella will be changed early or even in the middle of the book. When it happens (if it happens), I think it’ll be nearing the end, not necessarily after all the action is finished, but somewhere in the middle of the main problem. I think this’ll happen because (let’s face it) this is something that’s been debated over FOREVER now. Meyer’s gonna make us sweat a little by making us wonder throughout the majority of the book whether or not it’s even going to happen. 😛

  15. Tina says:

    lol thanks so much for the spoiler alert! because its a bodcast, i would’ve clicked it automatically if it weren’t for that little notice. i have to wait until i can go to the bookstore to read it :'(

  16. Ellen says:

    What is Bella getting from Edward? He’s giving her an unreleased Mercedes that’s fireproof, missile-proof, tank-proof, with 4,000 lbs of body armor PLUS another car later AND hes paying for Dartmouth. She wouldn’t take all that unless she was getting something in return. I don’t think it’s the honeymoon thing because she didn’t agree to that in Eclipse. What do yall think?

  17. kymesha says:

    I dont care about Spoilers….

    I’m still listening.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think the chess pieces aren’t people?

  18. Danyelle says:

    I Love the first chapter!! I knew Edward was going to buy a expensive car for Bella but… two cars!! hahaha just amazing!!…

    Well, the perface makes me think that Bella really will be changed, and there’s another little part on the cover of the book that I think is the moment when Edward bits her… but I’m not sure at all… But I wanna read that part of the book!!!!

    Anyway… Jacob’s behavior…I mean, like Seth said: “he took his decisions and Bella hers…” and I know the wedding really hurts him but…. I don’t know, there’s something I don’t like about Jacke…

    Kisses from Mexico I love your Podcasts!! and Sorry for my english =P

    By the way… did you know the first chapter is translated in spanish already??…
    don’t we the twilight’s fans are so lovely??? XD

  19. Kylie says:

    my friend informed that it said on the twilight lexicon that stephenie changed the name of the car to the mercedes s600. i looked it up and it is there. i personally don’t really like it.

  20. Kylie says:

    i remember watching a video of one of the place’s on SM’s book tour and she answered a question about the book covers and she said he helped pick the cover for BD. just letting you know. i love sharing what info i can

  21. Scarlett says:

    I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, I’ve only just read first chapter! So, (naturally), the next thing on my ‘to-do list’ is listen to it! I’m pretty sure it’ll be fab, so thank you in advance for (yet another) great podcast. 😀

  22. Libbey says:

    I have a couple questions. You guys say that Renee was in the bad mother category and I was just wondering why??

    Okay if Leah has imprinted on Jacob, why hasnt she gone looking for him? I mean if she is imprinted wouldnt it be like she cant live without him near?

  23. Libbey says:

    Okay Seriously!!! Why does everything have to be about SEX?!! Its so annoying. Sorry just I really hope it is not in the Breaking Dawn. it would ruin the whole book for me. I would throw it away. No joke. Im not going to read porn.

  24. Racheal says:

    I had a question about the Leah imprinting on Jacob Theory. Can the pack tell when someone has imprinted on another person, I mean they have no privacy wouldn’t they be able to see Leah imprint on Jacob. The only reason I am saying this is because when Jacob first explained imprinting he said that he wasn’t exactly told about it but that he saw it the way that Sam had seen it because of the pack connection, so if that is the case wouldn’t the pack know that Leah had imprinted on Jacob.

  25. admin says:

    Hey Libbey! I wanted to answer your questions personally…
    In an earlier podcast Kassie and I talked about Renee and Charlie, and how their parenting skills molded Bella. We have parents that are divorced, and felt like it played a big part in who we are today, and we wanted to explore the idea that it also played a big part in Bella’s decision making. With that being said… we thought that Renee was a little self absorbed. After reading Ch.1 of BD, our minds have changed!
    I have thought that Leah imprinted on Jacob since reading Eclipse, so this is a fun one to answer! I don’t think Leah has to go after Jacob, because this is what Jacob needs! Leah, if having imprinted, would do or be anything Jacob needed!

    About the “Love Making”… I am sorry if we dwelt on that too much, I agree with you that it does not have to be all explicit in the book! I think it will happen, and SM will allude to the act in a way that is respectful and tactful!
    Hope this helps, and thanks so much for listening! I appreciate your thoughts and questions! ~ Kallie

  26. nicole says:

    GREAT input! this is the first podcast i have heard from you guys, and i am definitely subscribing! i totally agree with the love making theory from the quote on the cover. i am so curious how SM will handle that scene. she has done such a tasteful, yet sensual job on all the love scenes so far. i am also LDS, so i can understand her need to keep things in the proper order with morals and such. i know she will do a fantastic job. i can’t wait for august!!!!

  27. Libbey says:

    Thank you for answering me. Im sorry i got so upset. I just have read other books and watched other shows where they ruined it with sex. Sorry. I was a bit rude.

  28. Hannah says:

    I’m sorry, but i just absolutely have to say that as far as the color red and character association, Jacob, although is associated with earthy brown things, the color in Eclipse that is most prominent in Bella’s mind (with Jacob) is red. The heat, the red color of her eyelids as she kisses him, all of her intense feelings for Jacob have red associated with them. I am in no way saying that i believe this theory, but i just have to mention this tidbit. tootles,


  29. Lora says:

    As I was listening to the podcast on Ch.1 of Breaking Dawn,Calley had made a theory pop into my head. When she was listing off ideas of what the red of the pawn symbolized, the first thing that came to my mind was red eyes for the non-vegetarians and all of a sudden a conection with that idea and the preface was made in my head. Bella was saying someone she loved was there (basicaslly) about to bring her near death in the preface, now I did originally take that as the point where Edward was going to change Bella, but now I’m thinking: What if one of the Cullens goes on the bad side?See the connection with the red eyes? So that’s my theory on that.

    Also, with the text that was with the Breaking Dawn cover, I think that part is when Edward is about to change Bella, because the way it sounded to me was that Edward was more afraid rather than worried about the situation, and to me I feel that Edward is more worried about Bella(than afraid) when it comes to making love to her, but with changing Bella, I think he’s more afraid of that, and also when Bella states that “They were meant to be together” and Edward replies “Forever” makes it sound to me even more like thats the point where he’s going to transform her.

  30. Janet says:

    The spoiler alert was awesome with the siren. Loved it! First, I loved your theory about maybe Alice saw the truck dying and that’s why Edward made the deal. Very insightful. I had one thing I wanted to add. You guys mentioned being confused about Charlie’s reaction to Jacob missing. That doesn’t surprise me at all because you have to take in to account that Charlie is the sheriff and Jacob is only 16. It doesn’t really matter that Billy isn’t worried. Charlie still has to do his job and with a missing juvenile police would definitely post fliers at the least. Loved the episode!

  31. Yolanda says:

    I got the Eclipse’s Special Edition book today!!! Did you know what it comes with?!?! Freaking IRON-ONS!!! One says “Team Jacob” (That’s me) And one says “Team Edward” I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!! lol I’m soo going to make a T-shirt for them!! lol

  32. Kelley says:

    Just in case your interested…

    I dont know if anyone has posted anything about it yet, but here is a link to the video of the…

    Mercedes Benz s600 Guard

    I would never be afraid of anything! haha
    This car is a few square feet short of a bomb shelter.

    (i didnt know where else to post this or send an email?)

  33. paul says:

    are there any doubts the 2nd car waiting for bella in the cullens garage is her old truck? edward is too much of a romatic to give her 2 things she didnt want. also there is no doubt in my mind that the cover symbolizes bellas transformation from a weak average pawn to the b.a. queen of all vampires whose power will destroy all who stand against her. no doubt.

  34. Eileen says:

    I find Isabella’s comment on the phrase “From a Pawn to a Queen” very interesting. I haven’t heard that expression before, but it certainly fits the cover art and supports my theory that in the preface, Bella is actually in the middle of a “battle” to save Edward from the Volturi. I’ve thought for a while that either Bella wouldn’t be changed or changed by someone other than Edward, so this is how I think it plays out: The wedding goes through without incident, the honeymoon gets screwed up somehow and most of the book is with mortal Bella and Cullen clan trying to stop the Volturi from taking Edward and Alice, with Bella being used as bait or the “pawn” (making Bella both chess pieces on the cover). In the preface, Bella mentions giving her life, and I think she is talking about giving her life to save Edward. You mention in your podcast that it seems as if she doesn’t want to be changed, I I think that is true, because she is being forced to have someone other than Edward do this and it is not the way she wanted it to play out. But what choice does she have, if you love someone, isn’t that what you would do? Trade your life for theirs?

    Don’t underestimate the Volturi’s role in BD…it has been forshadowed in the previous books that they desperately want Alice and Edward. Arturo has no love of Carlisle, he finds him weak, and is very jealous of the life he has managed to build for himself. The Cullen’s are a threat to the Volturi’s power and station in the vampire world. I think they will be the main source of conflict.

    You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the great work!

  35. Anne says:

    I loved this special show! However, I did have a different theory about the preface. I didn’t think that Bella was referring to Edward changing her into a vampire. When I read it, I thought of Jacob. My theory is that Bella is thinking this when she is a vampire and is a faced with a very unhappy Jacob who said he would rather she be dead than a vampire. I think that she is finally face to face with Jacob after everything and finally realizes how different things really are now that she is a vampire and broke the treaty. I do not think that Jacob wants to kill her, but he will do his best to honor his tribe/pack and because she changed she isn’t the same to him anymore – she isn’t the Bella that he loved, she is one of the cold ones. She made her choice and so he in turn he has to make his. If it was about Edward changing her – why would she want to run or fight?

  36. Maggie says:

    So I love your podcast!!!! I was just listening to your lasten episode and I wanted to respond to the book cover discussion. When you think of red: warmth, hatred, and passion and some of the first words to come to mind which leads me to believe that Jacob is the red pawn because Jacob has undeniable passion for Bella, extreme hatred for Edward and he is literally warm or hot all the time. Ella must be the white queen because she will most definiately have an awesome power as a vampire and white is a cool color and she will be cold as a vampire. White is also a majestic and beautiful color thats why most brides choose white for their dress which means It could also represnt the wedding.

  37. Kira says:

    Hey guys! I just started listening to your podcast and I wanted to let you know that I love it! The spoiler alert was so funny and you all seemed to be having so much fun talking about the books and what you think might happen in BD. I just wanted to add something about the whole Sam dying scenario: I think Kia said that she thought Sam would probably die and Jacob woul become pack leader because he is already second-in-command but I wanted to remind you about what Jacob told Bella in the third book (I’m pretty sure) about they start aging again and stop being werewolves when they learn to control all emotions and stuff and remember that Sam is pretty close. I really think that Sam will no longer be a werewolf because of this and maybe he will help with bargaining between the wolves and vampires (and maybe even Volturi). OK, so that’s my thoughts!
    P.S. I also think the cover quote takes place maybe after Edward and Bella have “made laundry” and he’s about to turn her into a vampire! Or at least I hope 🙂

  38. Paula says:

    I don’t think that Leah has imprinted on Jacob, I feel that she feels for him more than the rest because she’s been there on the “bad” side of love if you remember that Jacob once told Bella that Sam was with her when he imprinted on Emily and it devistated her. And it’s harder for her to be mad at Sam now that she can actually feel how he feels, it’s hard to argue with that kind of devotion and she now knows that he had no choice but Bella does. See what I mean

  39. Laurie says:

    Just caught up on your podcast. I think Paul above missed the part of her truck being a statue in front of her house so it can’t be the 2nd car purchased for her.
    I loved the theory about the writing on the cover poster being about Bella getting her human experience. Interesting turn. I really felt reading the chapter that we lost some of Bella’s determined resolve and stubborness. I never thought I would see her using a Cullen credit card and I thought she was better at holding her ground in compromises and would have demanded a more practical choice of replacement vehicle and at least had a say in picking it out. Maybe since this was a loaner she caved.
    As to your discussion about the Loves relating to the book. Finding Love – Twilight, Losing Love- New Moon, Choosing Love – Eclipse, How about Committing to Love for Breaking Dawn or Securing Love?

  40. Angie says:

    Okay, I just subscribed to your podcast and absolutely love it! I’m a mom as well, and I’m absolutely in love with these books. Your views were insightful and entertaining, I couldn’t help smiling at so many of your comments. I did however have some info on one of your theories. You said you wondered if she would even be able to be changed, since she’d already had a little venom in her. I don’t think that she could have developed an immunity for the simple fact that Alice saw her become and vampire, and showed the volturi that at the end of book 2, after she’d been bitten. I don’t think Aice could have made it up, and convinced the Volturi. However, I do think that there will be something strange about her either when she changes, or after, thanks to her “mind issue” I love the thought that maybe she wouldn’t be a horrendous newborn, maybe she’d change and just be Bella, but stronger! (wishful thinking, I know, but hey a girl can hope!) I don’t like the idea of Bella having murderous tendancies, even after she’s turned. Alos, in comment with the “doing laundry” I’ve read an interview with Stephenie where she did say she wouldn’t write a sex scene. So my opinion is she’d keep it tasteful, and private. Probably no more than what she’s written previously, and leave the rest to our immagination, where I believe it should be! Thanks for listening!

  41. Lynn says:

    I really don’t think Leah imprinted on Jacob because 1) she wouldn’t be able to hide it and still fantasizes about Sam and 2) this imprinting thing is supposed to be one person is meant for the other (they’re meant for each other) so Jacob would’ve imprinted with her as well. And I’ve NEVER thought about her being immune to vampire venom! Noooooooooooooo! 🙁

  42. Lynn says:

    oh oh oh! Also, I never thought the red piece of the cover was someone important dying for Bella to be a powerful vampire. That makes me sad to think about so I’ll just stick to mine: Bella as a human is the red chess piece and then she turns into a vampire and leaves her human self behind.

  43. eto says:

    This is only a half thought out theory but, I thought I would share it all the same….

    The Preface of Breaking Dawn is very ominous to me. Taking ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as my guide, I think that somehow Edward (and perhaps all the Cullen’s) have been turned against her and she is indeed running from Edward for her life. Bella seems to believe that her death will save him, hence she is willing, yet again, to give up everything.

    Here’s where I get a little hazy… what if Bella’s power is, quite simply, the magnification of her natural ability to protect herself from mental manipulation to the point where, she will be able to extend it to the people around her (i.e. if Jane was trying to create the illusion of pain on Alice, Bella would be able to protect Alice from Jane). This would create a catch 22; if Edward had been manipulated to believe he wanted to kill Bella then – if my theory stands – Bella would have to be changed into a vampire to end the illusion. This begs the question: who then changes Bella if Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s are against her?

    I wrote this really quickly at work so I hope it makes sense…

  44. Katie says:

    Well, as far as the cover goes, I think Bella is both pieces. The red could symbolize her humanity and being a pawn could mean that the Volturi are still interested because she’s immune to their mind games. Now to contradict myself, the pawn could be one of the Cullens (Edward or Alice) possibly since the Volturi are interested in their abilities and they could be used as bait to bring Bella to the Volturi. Vice Versa, Bella could be used as bait (pawn) to bring Edward or Alice into the mix.

    I would like for Edward to change her, but he is soooooo opposed to this (though he promised once they’re married) that the preface makes me think she’s being changed by a vampire other than Edward in order to save him. Bella is especially of interest to the Volturi because she’s immune to Edward’s mind-reading and Jane’s pain inflictions. They’re probably curious as to her vampire abilities and how they could be utilized to give MORE power to the Volturi.

    The queen could be Bella changed: white, cold and if following the queen’s role in chess, able to go anywhere in any direction. I don’t play chess, but isn’t the queen the most valuable for strategy? It can move all around the board in any direction right? I don’t think she’ll be a queen of the vampires though.

    What about the positions of the pieces? Could this in any way signify: check, checkmate or stalemate? Again, I don’t play chess, so I don’t know.

    Does any of this make sense?

  45. Kelsey says:


    My theory on the red pawn is:

    On the podcast, you said think of the character who reminded you of red. A rose is red- it’s very simple. I think that Rosalie will have to be the pawn in order for Bella to become a vampire. I think that because Rosalie’s the only one, apart for Jacob of course (ew), that is totally against Bella becoming a vampire, and in my opinion, the only pawn. Rosalie will have to come to terms with the fact Bella will be one of the Cullens before Bella can be changed. That’s how she’ll be a pawn-she’s in the way.

  46. I think that the bella will get changed in BD. I totally agree with everyone else’s commente on the cover about “from pawn to queen” and on the cover art for breaking dawn in eclipse special edition it has the excerpt and bella said she felt like every nerve ENDING in her body was a live wire.

  47. Kaitlyn says:

    I really like what figureskater123 said about the nerve ending thing, cause if you think about it, it is like the fire consept of being changed and the burning of the vampire venom.

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