Jackson Rathbone’s “Hurt” Movie Preview

May 31st, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News


Jackson’s new movie is a gothic thriller, that looks amazing (and scary)!  Jackson plays Conrad Coltrane.  If you want to see the preview for this film, click here!

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  1. haley says:

    i think that the hottest members of the cast is Jackson Rathbone and that he is a great actor and that he fits the role of Jasper Hale perfactly and that he will make the movie good!

  2. haley says:

    I think the hottest member of the cast is Jackson Rathbone and that he fits the role of jasper perfectly and that is the best actor in the movie and that he will make the movie good!

  3. Shelby says:

    I think Jackson Rathbone is the hottest member in the ENTIRE movie and he played his role ABOVE MY expectations and I’m like a major movie critique and I … he was just that good.

  4. Zinnia says:

    Jackson Rathbone leaves me gasping for air!! He is simply breathtaking! I LOVE HIM!!! =)

  5. Brittany says:

    i loved Jackson Rathbone in Twilight he did a very good job playing Jasper i think he was the perfect actor to play him
    he looks exactly how i pictured him when i read the book

  6. Aimz says:

    gorgeous. he’s simply gorgeous!!! x

  7. Jazz says:

    Jackson Rathbone should have been Edward THEN we could have heard more of his voice

  8. Ciara says:

    I loved Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. he was AMAZING. when does his new movie ‘Hurt’ come out?? I wanna know really bad… haha

  9. jaymee says:

    I love jackson rathbone. he is simply gorgious! i loved in Twilight i can’t wait until Hurt comes out

  10. Mona says:

    I thought hurt was already out… it says 2008… but anyway, Jackson Rathbone is such a hottie!! He has another new movie coming out around April-May called “DREAD”. Its a horror too. Cant wait to see it!!

  11. elizabeth says:

    jackson rathbone is simply gorgeous!! it’s hard to believe that he’s from my hometown (midland)!!! I love jackson rathbone!! 🙂

  12. jennifer says:

    i dont know if anyone is aware but jackson was also in a show called beautiful people that was on abc family about two years ago and he’s also in a proactive commercial for about a half second.

  13. daniela says:

    I think he’s really handsome..he’s PERFECT..!!!

  14. Amy says:

    I love Jackson Rathbone. What a hottie. I love him as Jasper Hale! Every speaking part i wished i could hear his voice again. I would love to see him in this movie. He does a great job in whatever he does. He’s also a great singer too.

  15. guuuuhhh!! yumb!! is all i can say!! 🙂
    he is so sexa-malicious!! yes he should talk more in the movie i agree!!
    lol love him ~<3

  16. kim (: says:

    i love jackson rathbone! i can’t wait for hurt to come out! it looks so good! (: <3

  17. Rebalice x says:

    Jackson Rathbone what a fittie like. Gawd I mean look at hiM so passionate so Hawt. Total drool worthy =]

  18. Lily says:

    When cames hurt out? *_*

    I must know this.
    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase tell me *_*

    Jackson Rathbone *rawr* hes so amazing an hot *_*
    i love him ^.^

  19. Gen says:

    I think that Jackson is such a papasito[[hottie]] I loved him as jasper. He did an awesome job. We’ll yea damn esta guapisimo.

  20. mischa says:

    Jackson is so hot I could bake cookies on him!!!

  21. A sonnet to my dear jasper:
    i love you more dearly than lucy the cow
    if i had to eat you, i wouldn’t know how
    the arms first? or maybe the legs?
    They’re so long and lean-the opposite of pegs
    your hair is shinier than miss bessie’s udder
    when i see you shirtless, i quietly mutter:
    “oh, hail great jasper, i love thee so!
    when you dance with me i ‘wanna’ get low!”
    so please, you are my life’s true love
    since you have a face of an angel from above.

    p.s. i will be sending you a cow + 1 year’s supply of aged manure for your enjoyment.

  22. karine says:

    He is perfect
    he is hot

  23. victoria says:

    I think that Jackson Rathbone is the best character in the film and no one could play the role more perfectly!!


    He’s mine.
    so sorry.

    mmm Senior Skip Day was his best role.

  25. ameliafrommidland says:

    WOW! He’s from my hometown. Gosh, I am going to search for his house now! I saw him once when he was out, he had sunglasses on and cute jeans with a green t-shirt. I WALKED RIGHT INTO HIM! I FELT LIKE SUCH A IDIOT! I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW TO TALK! I ALMOST FELL DOWN! HE CAUGHT ME BY MY ELBOW AND SAID “MY FAULT, MISS. SORRY.”! OMG!!!!!! AND I JUST STOOD THERE LIKE THE MORON I WAS AND MUMBLED “FUCK, I’M A IDIOT!” At the time I bumped into him, I didn’t even look up, it was only till he laughed at my mumbled words did I look up and ealise who he was! And you know what I said? The first word that I said was “Shit.”
    Very flipping clever, huh?! GOD! I love his band! 100 Monkeys ROCK!

  26. ameliafrommidland says:

    Just letting you know, last time I wrote, I was hyper. What can I say? Sugar rush got to me, too much sugar or chocolate and I go cuckoo-mania. Friends tried to take it off me, but, when I decide I want sugar/chocolate, yo better give me what I want, ’cause I get kinda p*ssed. Well, very p*ssed actually, when I was 15 years of age, a boy tried to take my chocolate bar off of me, when he suceeded, I grabbed the Rugby ball that he was playing with, with his friends, and threw it at him. I shouted “CATCH!” He turned round, didn’t manage to catch it in time and, well, lets just say he was in a coma for a few months. Yes, a few months. Okay, okay, 1 year. What can I say, he can’t catch things. But, I got my chocolate bar, after the incident, then I got grounded and wasn’t allowed to have any sugar of any kind for two months. Shop Keepers in the area had to lock them up JUST beacause of my grounding.

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