Bright Young Hollywood

Jun 30th, 2008 | By | Category: Movie News


Vanity Fair has written something up featuring our lovely Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart I mean) 🙂  Check it out here!  They also talked with Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls), Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew), and Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

**Morning or evening? “I’m a night person. I mean, look at me.” Hybrid or Escalade? “A ’95 Toyota Tacoma.” Boy crush? “My boyfriend, Michael Angarano!” **

Check out the video here!

12 Comments to “Bright Young Hollywood”

  1. Michelle says:

    Kristen looks great. She deserves the publicity!

  2. Mei.J. says:

    Go Kristen! You Rock!
    Lucky girl,lord only knows how many times she got to kiss rob…

    *Sobs endlessly…*

  3. Zoe says:

    why didn’t she say Twilight for upcoming projects????

  4. Jayme says:

    Well for all of you out there that thought Kristen was with Rob, you are wrong.
    Though i will agree with some people on the fact they do make a cute couple.

    Keep dreaming….

    • leatile says:

      weel kristen looks great actually nd thtas wht ur mom says to u keep dreaming bcoz dreams are all u will ever hve

  5. Tava says:

    She doesn’t show Twilight much love Zoe. I will stop complaining about that now.
    Also, I guess she has a boyfriend so the off-set lovey dovey with Rob is just a rumor. Oh well, this way they won’t break up and ruin the rest of the movies!

  6. Rachel says:

    Rpattz must be upset. He said in an interview with Seventeen (If you all remember) he had a crush on her. Although I am glad she has a bf. Everyone deserves to have someone.

  7. Jayme says:

    I know he must but this way…
    if she breaks up with her current flame then there is always a possiblity because there better be more movies and you never know….

  8. kristen says:

    kriste and robet i love you

  9. Ana says:

    I don’t think Kristen looks good in that picture at all!! Her face looks a little funny and she looks too skinny!
    It’s Amanda who looks absolutely gorgeous, and the way Emma’s face is turned makes her look beautiful.

  10. grece says:

    Kristen es horrible esa es la verdad se ve muy tarada en la pelicula y loca y en la vida real se ve antifashion osea mega emo para que entienda.

  11. salma says:

    kristin is so sexy

    and cow

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