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CC2K has an early review of the Twilight movie script, which is pretty cool because they give us an idea of what did or didn’t make it into the screenplay.

“All of the major characters are here, but many of them are not nearly as well-developed here as they were in the book. One omission in particular is jarring: Jacob Blacka Quileute Indian boy who befriends Bellais marginalized in the script, and a few of his key scenes are omitted.”

I’m expecting many mixed feelings on that statement, LOL!

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  1. Ally says:

    ok… well! We all know that any script is going to have parts missing.. and parts added! I personally… and not too happy that they would dull down Jacob; b/c he has such a strong roll/part in New Moon! And he doesn’t even have that much to do in Twilight… so if they cut it down…what will he have to do at all?!

  2. Lyncoln says:

    I’m so glad the script got a good review! I’ve actually read a first draft of the script and it was very close to the book! I really hope most of it makes it into the final product! 😀

  3. avery says:

    how did u get a 1st draft on the script!?!?!

  4. Mary says:

    i’m glad that they got a good review, but you cant cut out parts of Jacob’s scenes! they’re ALL important! i dont like him at all, but he’s a major major part of the story! i’m so disappointed that they would cut parts of him out. every single thing that comes out of his mouth in Twilight foreshadows an event in New Moon or Eclipse.

  5. Idalys (E-da-lys) says:

    I just hate it when movie Directors butcher a movie, that happened to Eragon and Harry Potter #4, and #5. A few of my friends (adults too) aren’t going too watch the movie b/c they didn’t like the cast that they picked to play the characters. A few also (me included) felt a little iffy about the trailer b/c i saw the teaser trailer and some of the things we saw in that we’re not like in the book. Ex: when she’s in the hospital after the car thing and talks to Edward. In the book he avoids her, in the teaser trailer he puts her on his back and they leave. But i guess we shall see what happens when the movie comes out. By the way…Where/Who gave you the 1st draft of the script!?

  6. Luna Eclipse says:

    I think that you and your friends should wait to judge the movie until you see it. I mean, you never know, do you? It might not exactly follow the book very closely, but it still may be a good movie. I agree with you though on the cast, most of which I don’t like, but that’s only because they don’t look like what iI see in my head, especially Robert Pattinson (also: what kind of name is that? Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson Robertpattinson robertpattinson, IT JUST DOESN’T ROLL!), but it’s possible that he could turn out to be a good actor. So, if I were you (and your friends) I would reccomend waiting to see the movie before you hate it. I will say one thing though: I saw the scene of when Bella and Edward are in his room for the first time, and it doesn’t follow the book, but that’s not what bothered me. They were just so…so akward aruond eachother! People say that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a certain “chemistry” on screen, but from I’ve seen, I don’t really see it. But: I will suspend my doubt until AFTER the movie.

  7. Emma says:

    I have to admit that I agree about Kristen and Robert’s supposed “chemistry.” In the trailers I’ve seen, I’ve come away with the impression that the scenes were overly cheesy and almost awkward and over-acted. But I mean, who knows. Trailers can be entirely misleading. I hope those I’ve seen are the same way.

  8. Angie G says:

    I am wondering if these characters that are not as “well developed” are the humans. Because I did not feel like any of the Cullens (besides Edward) were developed at all in twilight. I was left after reading twilight that I had not gotten to know any of them at all, which is why I like Eclipse so much.
    So if it is just the human friends that are not as developed then that’s not a huge big issue. Also if they shortened the bits of Jacob that is fine (BTW I LOVE JACOB) because in twilight he was not a major character, he was created simply to tell Bella about the vampires. SM even said in an interview she had not intended him to become a major character at first and he was not developed until New Moon.

  9. Sarah says:

    Seeing the teaser trailer a month or so ago is what sparked my interest to read the books. I hadn’t known what it was about or that it was such a huge deal until a friend mentioned it and said I’d really like it. A couple months go by and then I see the trailer and it piqued my curiosity. So the movie can’t be that bad. Plus movie adaptations of books rarely live up to the potential and greatness of the book (just look at the Harry Potter series). So I’ll be there opening weekend to enjoy the visual representation of the book.

    And I agree that trailers can be misleading so we may all be surprised when we see the final product. As for the chemistry of the actors playing Bella & Edward, I don’t think it seems lacking. From reading Twilight, sometimes I got that they (E & B) were kinda awkward with each other since their love was so overwhelming and new and life changing. I think it makes it more real.

  10. Zophie says:

    Movies based on books aren’t the book word for word, scene for scene. It’s be boring if it were. There would be absolutely no treats or extra tidbits to surprise you. Stephenie Meyer approved every little added bit they put in the script. As with the Harry Potter films, they simply cannot have every single thing play the same. Also, the experience of reading a book offers a different pace that might not translate the same on screen. Reading is a process in your mind that may not have the same energy when put to film, so they have to adjust things to make the STORY work. I believe the essense of Twilight will be present in the film, which is all that they have to do. Now, I need to have Jacob in my film. I know he’s in it and he doesn’t have to be there a great deal, but he needs his presence felt. New Moon is his film. Hopefully, Twilight will make enough because New Moon’s budget will be big. Wolf morphing effects, Italy…yeah.

  11. AW says:

    The review isn’t bad, people. The only real concern the reviewer had was that some of the characters weren’t as well developed (esp. Jacob) but I think that makes sense since Edward will be gone for most of the 2nd movie so it’s not like Jacob fans won’t have another hour or hour and a half in the future to slowly dissect whatever Taylor Laudner brings to the screen.

    As for the reviewer’s concerns about Bella and Edward – he basically just hopes that Kristen will be able to add awkwardness to her usual acting skills and that Rob will be able to present a 3D complex character. And from the comments here and the trailers, I don’t think that the two of them will have any problems creating a sort of awkward romance feeling – which is realistic too when you think about it since bella and Edward are never quite sure throughout the entire book how to act around each other. And Rob has mentioned (again and again in NUMEROUS interviews) that he made sure that his character was more than just a pretty face – that he deliberately made him angsty and complex.

    So it’s not like we should have any worries in either of their acting departments. I mean, both of them seem to fully understand what is required even before reviews started coming in so I think we can be pretty sure that they’ll at least TRY to make good on it.

  12. sam says:

    It was funny when Bella said ” You gotta give me some answers” and Edward litteraly gives her answers. ” Yes, no, uh… on the other side…” And he just lists of random answers. That was the funniest part to me.

  13. zoe says:

    Hey whats up? I just saw “Twilight ” last night it was totally awesome . Iloved the chemistry between Edward & Bella , they are so cool together the movie was funny , action packed and very cool actually im gonna try reading all of the books . I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

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