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The Twilight Lexicon has posted an overview of the movie dates:


November 20    Philippines
November 21    USA, Canada,

December 12   South Korea, Australia
December 19   Italy
December 25   Argentina

January 1  Portugal
January 2     Sweden
January 8   Netherlands, New Zealand
January 9   United Kingdom
January 22 Germany, Switzerland (German speaking)

February 13   Finland, Norway

March 20   Venezuela


What’s your movie date?

Click here to read the extended article from the lexicon!

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23 Comments to “Movie Dates!”

  1. Kate says:


    Why does the Philippines get it before us??!! That makes me mad!!

  2. THT twihardteen says:

    ?!?!??! WHATTTTTTTT?!?!??!?!


    btw…. maybe you haven’t realized but….i’m not REALLY over the BLOODY moon right now about this…..

  3. Aakerman says:

    Gah, I hope it will come to Denmark >.<

  4. Lillie says:

    9th JANURARY!! Damn you american sites! Damn you. Never again will I trust you. 🙁

  5. Reni says:

    NOVEMBER 21 YAY!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  6. Hannah says:


  7. ingeborg says:

    february 13! wtf?
    thats three months after the whole world have seen it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. emseacullen says:

    I know that some of you from the US are complaining about the Phillipines getting it first ( weird,no?), but think of us in the UK – we have to wait far longer than you.
    Fans in Venezuela and Norway (I love Norway!) I seriously feel for you.
    They should start a TwilightAirways company so everyone can fly to the Phillipines and see the movie at the same time!

  9. Lauren says:


    Well that’s the best way to encourage pirate DVDs…. Release one of the most anticipated films of the year two months later….

    Clever. Not.

  10. sou says:

    WTF. y do the Philippines get it before us. ugh, that’s really tres gay.

  11. kelly-ann says:

    wait i thought australia was gonna get it on december 1st?? WTF!!??

  12. chicago1901 says:

    As I wrote in Twilight Lexicon, Movie theaters in Manila, Philippines traditionally change over to new movies on Thursdays, so that makes Thursday, Nov. 20 the most logical date for us, or else we get it Thursday the next week, heaven forbid. We also get to watch other blockbusters like Spiderman and Transformers earlier. Some fans here and on other sites have posted some minor negative comments about the Philippines watching Twilight a little early, but give us a break; we don’t get Stephenie Meyer signing any books or the Twilight cast attending anything here either. All we get is to maybe watch the movie a couple of hours earlier, if the reports are true in the first place. I also have to add that Metro Manila is one of the biggest cities in the world, bigger than Paris, Moscow, Chicago or London. With a population of around 12 million it is not an insignificant film market.

  13. Lena^ says:

    January 22nd.
    That sucks. -.-

  14. Chia says:

    AWE~SOME!!! YESH!!!! no more January 8, 2009 release for the Philippines!
    I feel so… KYA~!!!!

    i agree with chicago1901… why make such a big fuss about it? its only for a couple of hours early… we dont get any Stephenie Meyer book signing or the cast visiting to make promotions… we even had to wait another 2 days just to get our hands on Breaking Dawn

    its just a few hours… so spares us, be happy for us… please
    Twilight movie was released a month early than intended already, why can’t we all just be happy,satisfied Twilighters?

  15. Tashaness says:

    No, actually the Philippines get to watch it a day and a half (or more) earlier than the US:| For those who are like “WTF Why do they get to watch it first?”, give us a break.

  16. THT twihardteen says:

    Are you a true twilight fan?
    Do you like in the Uk?
    Are YOU angered and confused with the recent news that the United Kingdom will only get this film on JAN 9TH??
    and if the answer is yes to ANY of those questions….
    PLS sign to this petition, and make them MOVE this date forward!
    PLS copy and paste this to other twilight related sites….
    Thank you VERY much!

  17. Jo says:

    :O :O :O :O
    hw come we have to wait till the 9th?!?!?!?!?!?
    u guys have all the luck!!!!
    that is soooo unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wait a second….
    wat were the origional release dates????

    damn… i had a bet goin wiv my sister!!!
    hmm…where can i get £150….

  18. EmberFaust says:

    I can’t believe the UK of all places is getting the movie so late…I mean I live in the US, and I think it’s rediculous. I think the UK and the US should have the same release date, come on they’re like a sister or brother country, and it’s just wrong.

  19. emseacullen says:

    I agree EmberFaust. Robert Pattinson is English so it should come out in the UK at the same time as the US, I know that doesn’t quite make sense but oh well! I don’t understand why all the dates have to be different, why can’t it open at the same time across the world? I know there’s movie premiers happening but not many people actually get to them and I am sure the fans would rather see the film sooner than have to wait for the premier.

  20. gschaschi says:

    dude, 22nd of january is cruel!!
    is there any chance that austria gets a date earlier than germany?

  21. Graceey Cullen says:

    i was so excited when i heard news about AUS.
    My friend is from Phillipines and prob she gonna see it.



    love Kallie Kassie && co.

  22. reneeMases says:

    hahahaha!!!!! we get to watch it first!!!
    twilight so effing rules!!!!
    hope they show it in all cinemas… don’t wanna have to go to stupid hot far far away manila..
    oh well..

  23. reneeMaseNNNNN says:

    and i forgot..
    the time zone’s different so we get to watch it first (sort of)..
    that’s all..

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