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The L.A. Times has an article about Stephenie’s statement and Midnight Sun’s leak here.

MTV has their own article on the leak here.

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  1. Lauren says:

    OME! I need to find out what he’s thinking! How could she not write Midnight Sun?! Does this mean SM will be more hesitant to release movie rights to Summit for the other three?

  2. Nikki says:

    I almost feel like those of us who turned in the ‘leaks’ are being punished πŸ™ this sucks

  3. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    I literally fee sick to my stomach about this today. I couldn’t even sleep last night. I want Midnight Sun published…………

  4. liz says:

    omg i feel so bad for stephanie meyers. its not fair what happened to her i would be pissed. i really hopes she continues to wirte it and i decided not to read the chapters she put up b/c i would rather have her finish it when she wanted so all her fans could read it. what jerks

  5. Sarah in Texas says:

    i’m hoping this extreme reaction (not wanting to finish MS) is just a product of how emotional this whole mess has made her and once it passes will be able to go back to working on it. it really sucks that a few idiots (the leakers) have spoiled it for the rest of us. boo! πŸ™

  6. marisol says:

    This totally sucks… I’m not sure about reading the draft just in case she decides to go ahead with MS… This is such a bummer πŸ™

  7. Reni says:

    No!!!! sheesh i wanted Midnight Sun to be plubished to have with all the twilight books
    thanks to some people we are nto going to have it ….
    i might as well read the draft ..since we not getting MS anymore but it wouldnt be the same…AT ALL!!!
    i was looking foward to the meadow scene boohoo

  8. sou says:

    i don’t know. I just want to die right now. seriously this sucks, and it’s unfair.

  9. Katelyn says:

    We should try to petition it or even send letters to her supporting her or something! Because this can not seriously happen! I think why the hackers did it was because I think most of the hackers were former Twilighters who have read Breaking Dawn and hated it (just like the Lexicon Hackers) and wanted to get revenge on Stephenie for creating Breaking Dawn. Boo!! Boo you hackers! You go straight to hell and/or get feasted on the Volturi! BOOO BOOO!!! There’s an address on the Twilight Lexicon Blog, if anyone is going to send her a letter or something.

    I tried to contain my tears this morning, but it was just too much to take! πŸ™

    This has been possibly the WORST Last Friday of Summer Vacation of my life! Edward Cullen deserves his own story! Just like how the wolf deserves his side of the 3 Little Pigs! And wouldn’t it rock to have Edward’s side of the story?! I think it will–for the most perfect man in the entire world–it will surely rock my socks!

    So bring back MS!!!

  10. Cynthia says:

    Alot of people are assuming she’s not going to continue at all. I don’t think she’ll do that. With all the support projects in the works and her dedication to the characters and getting their stories read I highly doubt she won’t finish Midnight Sun. It may not be as soon as we’d hoped for but she’ll do it in her own time.

    Edward is the other part of the series that makes it tick…she’s grown to love him as if he were a real person. I suspect she’ll want to have his story heard at some point. It’s a part of herself as a writer. She feels compelled to let us know all we can about these characters we love just as dearly.

    It personally really bothers me that some people are pointing at members of the Twilight film. Of course, the possibility is very real but they all seem to be people of caliber. It’s insulting to accuse them. It could have very easily been someone who was just a friend or coworker. Stephenie knows who leaked those twelve chapters and if she chooses to out them or keep their identity confidential it’s her prerogative.

    I hope people continue to support to the Midnight Sun project. I understand Stephenie’s frustration but I’m sure she has to realize with the enormity of her fanbase and the way the internet is today, things happen. Someone mentioned on another site how this was just like Harry Potter leak and it’s true. Sometimes inconsiderate people just ruin it for all of us. I hope she can overcome this betrayal and write an even better draft of Midnight Sun for publishing – just so she can stick it to whoever threw away her trust.

  11. Jessica says:

    Putting the story on hold indefinitely could mean a week. It all depends and I think she’ll blow us away with an amazing book, but first she has to get over the sense of betrayal she must be feeling. She GAVE these copies to people and she knows whose copy went up. After everything she said about how strongly she feels against people leaking stories and ruining it for everyone else, this must be especially hard. But I have no doubt that she’ll write about Edward. He’s the other, very essential, half of the story and she loves to write about him and Bella. Now she gets to come back with a vengeance and a story that will go way past above and beyond. We just have to be patient.

  12. Janet says:

    If you read the MTV article it has a recent quote from Stephenie. I don’t think a peition is going to help. I think the BD backlash really upset Stephenie and it sounds like she was having reservations about the fandom prior to the leak.

  13. Alex says:

    OKAY whose in favor of joining up to give this person a piece of our mind? huh come on team edward’s and team jacob together that would be history!

  14. Carabella says:

    I love SM and her writing even more so but seriously………… this is just way over the top!!!! SM has an ego now and you can’t tell me that she doesn’t want to finish Midnight Sun and have it published as much (or more so) as the rest of us adoring fans do!!

    SM managed to keep Breaking Dawn under wraps pretty tightly except for a few smalls leaks – and lets face it who really believed it anyway?? Once again I’ll reiterate – we all know Twilight, we all know the story line, we all know the characters from Bella’s POV and we are all desperate to hear the rest from Edward’s POV and I bet you that SM wants to finish this book even though she is feeling betrayed right now!!

    As for that betrayal – perhaps SM should never have let a copy of MS to anyone she did not have full and complete trust in or release it to someone who had the opportunity to be in an environment where someone (who has no conscience) could get their hands on it!!

    I’m not justifying the fact that someone has taken it upon themselves to be totally disrespectful but in all fairness that is no reason for SM to punish not only the fans but punish herself in the process by letting someone strip her of the creative process she was using to bring MS to life and to put this process on hold “indefinately”

    I am not begging or petitioning for SM to bring Midnight Sun to life because if she was originally intent on delivering this to her fans then I believe she will. I also believe as a person, mother, wife and author Mrs. Meyer has the ability to forgive, the desire to write the rest of MS and more importantly the need to complete what she has begun for her own satisfaction.

    So I say……….. good things come to those who wait!!!! (And hell we are all impatient so let’s face it – it’s only a few months till the movie and a fix of all things twilight!!)

  15. Annette says:

    I am outraged that this has happened to Stephenie…But, as a fan of the story and the beauty of the characters, I am more outraged at how she is treating her true fans. I have been waiting for Midnight Sun for a very long time. She has yanked it out from under me and many others, without a care for our feelings or devotion. I absolutely adore the world she has created, and am sickened by how things have progressed. I am a huge fan of Breaking Dawn and was so delighted with the way the series ended. I am crushed by what Stephenie is letting one idiot do to our saga, crushing it, along with our beautifully image of the Cullen family.

  16. Sarah L. says:

    I am a HUGE fan of all of Stephenie Meyer’s work (including the host) and I am very upset for Stephenie Meyer that her fans have treated her so disrespectfully recently. I, while truly devestated by her apparent choice to discontinue writing Midnight Sun, can sort of understand why she is stopping because she has been put through an event that must have shaken her trust in one of her close friends. While very disappointed i don’t hold any contempt or anger toward Stephenie Meyer.

  17. Mrs. Ariana Edward Cullen says:

    i am soooo sad! i was sad that breaking dawn was the last book in bella’s perspective but i became happy again when i remembered that stephenie was gonna publish midnight sun….now im just completely sad…its like im going through a depression πŸ™ i wish stephenie would continue to write the book. im not saying that im mad at her, im sad for her that she is so upset. all of the work that she put into this book is kinda ruined and who ever posted the manuscript should be ashamed of themselves, but i wish that she would still continue. Millions fans expected midnight sun…and now we dont even know if we are gonna get it or not. stephenie promised us midnight sun so we hope to get it πŸ™

  18. izabel says:

    why give up? WHY GIVE UP?! just because writing MS is hard for her, doesnt mean she still cant do it.

    i have nothing against SM.. she is an amazing writer!

    but finish what you started… how you like that, SM?

  19. Sarah and Nathalie says:

    We totally agree with izabel. I can’t believe that she can just stop writing the book like that. Stephenie Meyer is our favorite author of all time, but it’s disappointing that she just gave up like that. I hope she has a change of heart and decides to start writing it again. I’m sure everyone would love to read Twilight in Edward’s perspective…plus, it gives us something to look forward to since the Twilight series is finito! We hate that four or five people can ruin it for all of us. It’s unfair.

  20. marie says:

    this is very depressing. edward deserves his side of the story. how can YOU hackers take that away from HIM? this is almost as bad as when edward left in new moon. i want a public apology! poor stephenie meyer she probably hart broken. she just had to go though those unentertaining reviews of breaking dawn and know those “leakers” give away her last hope of proving she still got it in her. i couldnt help myself but read the draft of midnight sun and it was outstanding even as a draft it showed an all new side to edward i never new existed. im an all TEAM EDWARD fan but this side edward showed me some similarities to jacob. i finly understand how bella can love both of them. but this leak unables me to aprciate it fully and legally. stephenie meyer was already under enough presser with her deadline for breaking dawn and the reviews. and midnight sun was for her enjoyment but i guess you couldnt be patient. thats all over know! i have no more words for you.

  21. Lindz says:

    Ok, so I went to her page and read her draft…sorry, I was going to try to wait but I couldn’t help myself so please don’t get mad about it. I fully support her decision but I really hate that she’s going to let the true fans suffer because of one stinking moron (or a few). As a writer, I can’t say I understand because we never know how we’ll react until we’re in a situation. But I don’t think she’ll be able to let Edward go that easily. It’s almost like she’s punishing him, as her creation, as well. His side of the story is so beautiful despite her comment about it being full of mistakes. I want her to know that we as true fans want to fall in love with Edward all over again. I am hopeful that she will, in time, go ahead with her initial plan of publishing Midnight Sun. Once certain characters get into your blood you never fully get rid of them. His story should, and will, be told. It’s only a matter or when.

    P.S. At least the movie has been moved to November. That helps a little. Although I don’t know what we’ll do after November. =(

  22. lizie says:

    I hope she tell us what happen when edward ,went up north to get away from bella. she has to ex: evey thing that happen in chapter 13 in twilight. when he whent up north. did he spent 2 days up north with the Denail cove in alaska?

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