Your Favorite Vampire ~ Week #33

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This week we are discussing the new vampires that were introduced in Breaking Dawn.  We asked you which one was your favorite, and then we read some of your answers on the show!  A few of your questions from last week popped up.  After several weeks of loooong podcasts, we decided to do a shorter show.  (Ike might have played a little part as well!)  You may notice a sleepy tone in our voices, but that just means we might be a little funnier!  Our music this week is Trip Wires by Grand Atlantic.

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14 Comments to “Your Favorite Vampire ~ Week #33”

  1. Kirsty says:

    I loved your account of the VMA’s

    just to let you know the crazy haired host was a british comedian called Russel Brand i do think he is quite funny (despite the US jokes) but i do not really like him as much after he had te nerve to inturrupt Rob!!

  2. Erin(: says:

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!! HARRY POTTER ROCKS! and so does Twilight<3 we can spread all the love around<3 And hahahahahahahaha Rupert Grint and Rob are friends who have both read HP and Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Howl Howl!!!

  3. coolio
    My best friend is obsessed with harry potter and uses Robert Pattinson as her dart board because he’s a ‘big fat traitor’, Still, he was better as cedric.

  4. Catie says:

    I would have to say that my favorite vamp is Edward,but maybe that’s just because he’s basically discribed as the perfect guy.However, I do like Alice. She’s so fun and upbeat. She always seems to make others feel better and is always so happy. There is also Jasper, who’s whole background story is just awesome!

  5. bri says:

    i like edward even though hes not a newborn. i dont like the dude playing edward in the movie though. edward is just like perfect and gorgeous the way i imagine him and rob pattinson just isnt that to me, of course no human can be perfect but they could have at least gotten some one like zac efron or kevin zegers or even the guy that max on “Across the Universe” anybody better looking. i know plenty of people that think that rob is just amazingly beautiful but i just dont think so. bella is better as a vampire because as a human she just seemed kinda retarded to me and now edward can kiss her more passionatly which is so romantic. i loved ALL the books except eclipse because it was just so boring. it was more of an introductive to breaking dawn than anything else.

  6. Hilda says:

    I just wanted to say thanks to Kallie and Kassie for using my answer during this week’s podcast for our favorite new vampire. Let me tell you how shocked I was when I heard my name (not a very common one) being said and then my answer of “vampire Bella” being my favorite new character in BD. Ladies, you just made my day!!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  7. Chelsea says:

    LOL at Kassie for talking directly to us while she’s waiting for Kallie 😛

    You guys are just too much fun :)….Super silly smart gals 🙂


  8. eveninggem says:

    Twilight is one of the greatest peaces of vampire literature ever written, or played on the big screen. I hope Stephaney Meyer continues this perfect love book sequal.

  9. eveninggem says:

    Twilight is one of the greatest peaces of vampire literature ever written, or played on the big screen. I hope Stephanie Meyer continues this perfect love book sequal.

  10. Destiny says:

    My favourite character is Bella. I guess I’m obvious in my choice but she’s not complicated (and she is at the same time). I like characters that call it like they see it: like when Edward saved her life and moved abnormally fast, catching on that something wasn’t just right. She may be clumsy as a mortal but she’s definitly not made of the fluffy stuff that Alice is. Alice is nice but can be overbearing from Bella’s point of view, and I agree, she doesn’t like to make a fuss over things. She also thinks of others before herself: she gave her mother the freedom to travel with her husband and moved to a town she hated….. and ultimately met Edward. The latter statement is the clincher for me, thats all I have to say.

  11. deniisse says:

    for mee iit iis beetween bella aas vampiire and garret oor thee roomaniians oor iif yoou taakee foor a vaampiiree reneeesmee iits reneesmee ♥

  12. Jane says:

    Where was Lindsy?

  13. Siobhan Lynn says:

    Well, my favorite new vampire (well, I say new but she’s really introduced in New Moon) has to be Jane – I know she is the most evil of evil vampires ever, and I really hate her for torturing people – especially Edward!! but shes such an awesome character – I envy the actor who will get to play her in the movie (if there is a New Moon movie)!!

    Although my second favorite new character HAS to be Siobhan… purely because of her awesome power – and even more awesome name!!! 😛 (by the way it’s pronounced Sh-von)

  14. TeamJacobinRealLife says:

    It’s hard to have a favorite of all the good vampires, because they’re all pretty awesome, but I love Garret and Zafrina. Garret, of course, because of his good nature, sense of adventure, and gallantry with Kate and all of the nomads. Zafrina because she’s wild and edgy, but good. Of course, being a red-eyed vampire, she may not count as a good vampire, in the strictest sense, and her wildness might not allow her to be persuaded toward vegetarianism, but there’s something good there. I just think she’s so cool, so wild, and powerful. And a sucker for Nessie. I adore Nessie; Stephenie said she’s finished writing Edward and Bella’s story, but she said nothing about Nessie and Jacob.

    I know many fans reacted poorly to the whole Renesmee storyline, but I think it would be awesome if she wrote a book about Nessie’s life, either growing up, or as a teenager. Maybe, although she knows what Jake’s imprinting means, she feels too platonic toward him, growing up her whole life with him as a protector, and, spending summers in the Amazon with Zafrina, where Nahuel happens to be around quite often, she takes a liking to him, he being her own kind, after all, and she thinks she’s in love with him. Jake, having to be whatever she needed him to be, backs off to let her explore her feelings for Nahuel, and then, poor guy, having to be again the less-favored of the two guys in the love triangle (or so he thinks), he could struggle against his imprinted instincts, trying to free himself from the growing romantic feelings he has for her, not wanting to relive yet again the raw end of the love triangle deal. Then the Volturi, smarting from their defeat in the clearing but determined not to underestimate the Olympic coven twice, have fine-tuned their forces, and are ready to come at them again. All the same players as before, with some new, interesting characters, mount up to defend Renesmee, but during the battle, she learns something important about Nahuel’s nature, and suddenly realizes that he will never love her like Jake does. More importantly, when Jake almost dies in the fight, she realizes that she loves him like she could never love Nahuel. So Nahuel disappears back to the Amazon, disappointed but not quite heartbroken (a fact related to his fatal flaw), and Jake finally ends up on the right side of the triangle. Also, Leah finds love somehow (I feel so sorry for her). Also, on the plus side, we can see a piece of Edward and Bella’s happily-ever-after through Nessie’s eyes. I was thinking it could be half Nessie’s POV and half Jake’s. I should just write it myself! Of course, then it couldn’t be published. 🙂

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