Simple Bella vs. SUPER Bella

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In Breaking Dawn, Bella is turned into a vampire and we want to know what you think about that!Β  Next week we are going to discuss what we like and don’t like about the drastic change from “simple” Bella to “SUPER” Bella.Β  So, help us out by answering this week’s question, and we may read your answer…

Do you like the new VAMPED up Bella better?Β  Why or why not?

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136 Comments to “Simple Bella vs. SUPER Bella”

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow, my response is really different from the others. I personally don’t like super Bella. The only upside to it is that she can be with Edward forever. The other parts, for me, are all bad. In Breaking Dawn, she lost all relatability, and I don’t think it’s because she became a vampire. Bella still could have appealed to athletic, outgoing, confident people, but she didn’t. Bella just lost her voice. Breaking Dawn just felt so disconnected with the other books, like Bella was not the same person/nonperson.

  2. Faith Cullen! says:

    I love both super Bella and simple Bella. I love Super Bella, Because I glad that now she doesn’t sit on the side lines anymore, she can help the ones she loves now. (well, lets be honest i love her power, because she can protect Edward now :)) I love how she can protect others from harm! I would love to do that!! Its just so amazing now that she really be on the Vampire side! πŸ˜€ Im also happy that she finally feels that she fits in somewhere in this world. Plus, Edward and Bellas Relationship is more equal now. I absolutely love how now they can both finally be together forever now. I thought that was so amazingly adorable.<3
    I loved Simple Bella, because i loved how she was so clumsy! πŸ˜› I got more emotion when James, Victoria ect. were going after her, there was more detail explaining how she was scared and i thought it was adorable how Edward was always so overprotective about Bella because she was so breakable earlier.
    Keep up the good work girls! love the podcasts! Keep ’em coming! πŸ˜€

  3. Gabby says:

    I don’t think I can say I like one better than the other. We all knew she would eventually become Bella-vampire. YES, I related to her more when she was a human but I soooo wanted to know what she was like as a vampire. It was just something that had to happen. Mrs. Meyer could not have kept her human, that would have been bad!

  4. Jessi says:

    I simply like Bella. To me she has always been super. I mean the girl has faced down three homicidal vampires, all with a vendeta against her, the Volturi, who you know have won the most corrupt law-enforcement agency of the milenia for atleast three milenia running, and not to mention being a teenage girl living with her father, moving to a new school, being so clumsy that it should be considered a physical impairment, and finding out her best friend is a werewolf. Then, she is dating Edward which makes her pretty special in the fact that she manages to get out understandable sentances around him. She is Alice’s personal life-size 3D Barbie, not that thats a bad thing …
    for Alice. Plus Bella has her special power which she carries over into her new life carrying a Vamp card. She became a mother in reality, but in many ways she already was one. She still kept all of her core traits like hating suprises, disliking sports cars, and being apalled but ammused by Emmetts random remarks. So I think that the only thing that really changed about Bella was her chromosome count and her apptite. She is super in both forms.

    Keep up the Good work. I love your podcast. You really do a great job. But suggestion . . . do more character analysis.

  5. kari says:

    Definitely simple Bella. She’s just so much more fun and relatable! I loved her living at home with Charlie and having the sexual TENSION with Edward rather than the sex – i thought it was so much more exciting!!! So yeah, simple Bella, because we could all see ourselves in her rather than super Bella because super Bella sort of didn’t feel like Bella to me when she wasn’t tripping all over the place.

  6. Danielle says:

    I like simple Bella better. Even though i am happy that Bella gets to live forever with Edward and I wouldn’t have had Bella not become a vampire, Simple Bella was Easyer to relate to. That’s what made me love the twilight saga in the first place, That a girl so regular could have a romance that not everyone gets. I’m verry Clumsy, plain looking, a don’t blush aas much as Bella but still a lot. So i related to Simple Bella so much more.

    (Rnesme’s name should have been Elizabeth Renee, sorry i had to add that)

    Danielle :b

  7. sarah says:

    I like simple Bella better, because I LOVED Edward’s protective side, and when Bella became a vampire, I just didn’t see that. I loved that Edward was the big strong Superman, and now he can’t protect Bella really, because she’s stronger than him.

  8. Team Edwacob says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie this is random but could you pleeeeease read “Belice” and “Jessi” ‘s answers? Those were two I loved and thought were really good- especially Jessi’s. (No offense Belice.) Thanks!

  9. Team Edwacob says:

    on the podcast i mean πŸ™‚

  10. Zoe says:

    Hey guys!
    I think that I like simple Bella better because I have a lot in common with her (other than the fact that she has a super-sexy vampire boyfriend psshh I wish I was like her in that way!) And it was quite entertaining to read about her tripping all over the place.
    I love the podcast! Keep up the good work!

  11. hazel says:

    hey guys.
    i think i really like the new bella. though a LOT of people are not liking her just because they can’t relate to her, I am one of the few that actually appreciate this new character for WHO she is and not how she is relatable.

    i am happy for this vampire bella because, well, bella is happy. it sounds weird, but it’s like I am happy that she is happy. and we all know she is VERY happy with her vampire life and renesmee and edward…ah…edward….

    WOAH! sorry there, i got caught in a daydream…about edward…anyways (who doesn’t?) so yes i like this new bella.

    she has way more confidence and isn’t all, “Why should you like me?” instead she is like “why WOULDN’T you like me?”
    and i like that she doesn’t have to worry about being killed so easily anymore. she has a lot more protection (with her impenetrable skin and all) and with her family and werewolves protecting. and we all know most of the new vampries we were introduced to in Breaking Dawn would gladly stand up to defend her. (most likely…)

    luv your podcast! thank you!

  12. Shannon says:

    I think i’d have to go with super Bella. She was really meant to be a vampire. I don’t see that she lost much of herself in the transformation, aside from the fact that she’s not clumsy anymore. She’s still witty and sarcastic, and brave and so selfless. I love that Super Bella is able to finally share her mind with Edward- there’s no more guessing and trying to explain this epic love that could never be described with mere words. and now they’re finally able to fully express their love for each other without fear of Edward killing Bella.
    and I totally understood the mother-rage. I would take on the volturi single-handedly if they threatened my son, it wasn’t a reach for me at all.

  13. Mrs.Cullen says:

    I like super bella,she’s not so stupid and like weak anymore.

  14. Jami says:

    The one thing I like about Super Bella is the fact that she can now take care of her loved ones with her shield. Edward and the other Cullens have taken care of her since Twilight and it is now great to see that she can do the same for them. I have to say that I do like Simple Bella as well. This is the Bella that helped us fall in love with the Twilight series and with out her, we wouldn’t have the books we all love!!!!

  15. Kourtnee B. says:

    I love both Bellas. More so Super Bella. Based on the fact that she was the key to the story ending the way it did. I mean it was all because of her that everyone survived. If anyone of the Cullens would not have made it and Renesmee would have had to grow up without her parents, it would have been a not so pleasant ending. So Bella was meant to be a vampire the whole time. I feel like her and Edward’s relationship was put into new light, becuase Bella wasn’t human anymore and with her vampire senses, everything she knew was stronger and different. He felt normal to her because they were both the same. Edward ended up getting everything he wanted since falling in love with Bella and MORE.
    I mean I did not really see that much of a huge difference with Bella aside from the fact that A) She became a mother and B) she became a vampire. Bella got to protect what she loved: her family. She got to stand next to them and fight, which is what she’s wanted since before Breaking Dawn, to have her part in the battles too.

  16. Hi guys i am a super fan of your show but thats not what were talkin bout!

    I love super Bella more cuz know she can be a better wife and mommy. not like whan she was human or when she was preggers! ( plus do you think the human bella could succeed at ripping out jake’s throat when she was human he he JK!) but seriously she is so much better now that she can be edward’s equal. but I am kinda bummed that there was no fight because of this cuz that just sucks cuz it would be cool if she could have a power so that she could make all the volturi burst into flames and die and the cullen’s would win ha ha. but about the whole action figures thing I would buy one for every room in my house! plus I would like twilight poptarts, cereal, marshmellows,and plus dolls that say stuff ha ha!

    p.s. I luv the comment made last week bout garret cuz i am so luvin me some garret!<3

  17. valerie(aka grape jelly) says:

    okay…well in an ocward way i like them both…
    “simple bella” has traits that helps me relate to her…
    when she becoms “super bella”i though i wouldnt have that conection…
    it’s still thank god lol…just kidding…
    well thats my 2cents….
    i have no more change…
    love the show cant wait for next show.

  18. tanya says:

    i like them both, i like that she can over come human blood
    that she is the strongest at arm restling LOL

    but i miss that she cant feel her old emotions and the thing is that i cant belive that
    she NOW could RESIST chocolatte!!!

    i mean that is pretty sad:((

    dang..thse 4 books are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. StephDC says:

    Even though I wanted Bella to be turned into Super Bella throughout the entire series, I really like Simple Bella better. When she turned into a vampire, she lost ALOT of her relatibility. Yes, I can relate to her has a wife and a mom. Putting my husband and child above everything else, even above my needs but I can so relate much better to the mousy, shy, clumsy girl that she was and that we all fell in love with.

  20. Dakota says:

    I have lovedeverything about Bella from day one, and now that she is a vanpire I have mixed feelings. Super Bella isn’t clumsy and doesn’t have the Bella scent anymore, which I am the most sad about. Her scent is what got Edward curious in the first place, but then again I’ts what got James interested too. Another big change is her self confidence. As old Bella she didn’t have much self confindence, but as Super Bella she has a lot which I think is a good thing. Plus, now her and Edward can have it all, from a family that is not only protected but a family that is strong, and no longer in any danger, to a future of endless possibilites for her and her daughter and the rest of her family human, werewolf, human, and half human/vanpire. For me, Bella’s change is bitter sweet and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, becuause she is still our Bella!

  21. Robin* of the Denali Coven says:

    Hey gurlz!!! i luv ur podcast n i’m lookin’ forward 2 ur nxt ones!!!! well 4me…i am kinda luvin’ BOTH bellas….but i think SIMPLE BELLA wins over her SUPA POWAH BELLA. BECUz simple bella was just soooo much more fun to read about…CLUMSY, normal pretty, shy , etc!!! The bits i luved most though, was when her heart would go funny when Edward KiSsEs HErr!!!!

    :p “u mAke mY hEArT dO FunNy tHInGs” – hehehe… [i don’t think this is from the book…]
    The simple bella was the bella we first all fell in luv with & she’s also more ‘real’ – we, as humans, can rel8 2 her…And with the whole Invicible thingomajiggyy, it makes her story a LOTTTT LESS fun!!! im really gunna miss the whole running away thing!!!

  22. Naomi Cullen says:

    I had been waiting for Bella to become a vampire since I first read Twilight. Now that she has, I’m happy for her. She gets to be with her true love and her child forever, she can protect her friends and family, and she is not the weak one anymore. I am sad in the fact that fans can’t relate exactly to her now that she is a vampire, but it had to happen. How else would Edward and Bella have their happily ever after? Also, Bella will never see Renee again, not to mention her human friends. I would never be able to deal with that…..but back to your question. I will always love simple Bella, but I embrace the Super Bella I’ve been waiting for. So I like both. But I do miss simple Bella…..*mutters to herself: It had to be, it had to be…………

  23. Danielle says:

    I like Super Bella and I’m happy that she didn’t go through all of the normal “newborn” stuff! Overall, it was a reasonable cross over. However, I don’t think the relationship with Edward is as hot as it was with Simple Bella. I still love them! I just don’t swoon over them anymore!

  24. Rose Forester says:

    I like simple Bella better, not because of anything she did necessarily, but because there was more interesting tension when she was a human. There was the tension because Edward had to be careful not to break her. And then there was the tension between Bella and Jacob, which led to the tension between Edward and Jacob ect.
    Also Bella in a mother role was sort of weird…don’t get me wrong I love Nessys* character… but it was harder to picture Bella as a mom than Bella as a Vampire.

    *Come–on. A name like Renesmee is just asking for a interesting nickname.

  25. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    i love both Bellas the same way. i like the simple bella because we can all relate to her, she was funny, and i loved her clumsiness! i like the new vampire bella because i have been waiting for her to change into a vampire for so long! but i need to get used to thinking of bella as a vampire, and while reading the 2nd book of bella in breaking dawn about her new vampire life, i had to keep on reminding myself that she was a vampire yet, because that fact really hadnt registered into my mind yet; i also had to keep reminding myself that she wasnt clumsy anymore! in some ways i like the simple bella more because i loved her human personality! but dont get me wrong, i like her vampire personality too, but somehow the simple bella’s personality was more realistic to me in a way that i dont know, but its probably because i was so used to reading in the simple bellas perspective and i had to get used to the new bella. but i also like the vampire bella because edward doesnt have to be careful with her anymore haha lol! now we get to see more of edward and bella physical relationship, and i thought it was hilarious because we get to see more of edward’s physical attraction and sexual feelings towards bella more lol!!! i love both bellas though! but maybe i like the simple bella just a tincie bit more because i actually know more about the simple bella than the vampire bella. i tihnk that if there was more of bella’s vampire life written, i wouldve liked her way more than the simple bella. but i was VERY EXCITED to read in the super bella’s perspective! it was awesome!!!! so basically i like both the simple bella and super bella the same! BR ROXS!!!

  26. Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    to add to my previous comment:
    it was way harder for me to picture Nella as a mom than bella as a vampire. i would never have thought that bella would become a mom! but i LOVE Nessie and i was glad that SM made Bella a mom. The Cullens needed a new addition lol. But i like both Bellas and im happy for bella because she got wat she wanted! im glad Bella stayed true to herself, even though she did change a bit in personality, im SO happy that she didnt go through all that freaking newborn stuff. i was also really happy for bella because SHE saved her family, instead of her family saving her. in twilight and eclipse when she thought james and the newborns and victoria were threating the cullen and the wolf packs’ lives, she really wanted to be able to save them and do something for them. and in breaking dawn, she ended up saving them, just like she wanted too! i thought the cover of BD was a great metaphor cuz bella was the weakest person and then she became the strongest person and ended up saving her loved ones’ lives! but i like simple bella just as much as super bella because simple bella made the story interesting too! so overalll, I LIKE SIMPLE AND SUPER BELLA THER SAME!

  27. Lisa says:

    I’m torn between simple Bella and super Bella because when she’s a vampire Edward can be more comfortable around her and doesn’t have to worry about hurting her but I miss her personality and her clumsiness.

    Love the podcast!!

    Lisa from Scotland

  28. Jennifer says:

    I like that Bella finally became a vampire because I’d wanted her to become one since the very beginning, but I also miss simple Bella… I enjoyed her insecure view on life and her view on Edward especially. ( Before she seemed so much more focused on him, that may just be because of Nessie though– the nickname grew on me) Anyways, I liked her more modest and shy side better, it was easier to relate to her. Still love her though, it’s just a little different. =]

  29. twi-kat says:

    hey πŸ™‚
    I like both Bellas! Here are some of my reasons why:
    I think it is so cool how even when Bella is a vampire, you still feel like it is the same Bella you got to know in the first few books, she is just a lot stronger and more confident in herself for once. As Edward says, really she is just more durable than her Simple self.
    Before reading Breaking Dawn, I was worried that I wouldn’t recognise the Bella in the story if she was turned into a vampire, but actually Super Bella is just like her Simple self. It is weird how she is so alike her human self, yet so different in other ways. Simple Bella was very relatable and I liked her, but I think that by the time we reach Breaking Dawn, we don’t need to relate to Bella any more, because of the extent of the supernatural content in the book. Vamp Bella is just an improved version of her original self!
    Anyways, thats just my opinion! By the way, love the podcast! πŸ˜€

  30. Ciara says:

    I loved Bella as a human, but I think Vampire Bella is so much cooler. Bella finally fits in somewhere in the world, and she got her happy ending. I love her power and I really think that she deserves to be a vampire because she’s finally happy! Go vampire Bella

  31. Jacob's Girl says:

    I personally like simple Bella. Regular Bella seems to go through a bunch of emotions and conflicts in her non-vampire life. Don’t get me wrong, vampire Bella goes through a lot, too, but it just seems like people in general can relate to her more. Can any of us relate to vampires? Yeah – I didn’t think so. Also, regular Bella started the whole series off. Throughout the first three books, it was incredibly suspenceful and interesting to read about her. She was so fragile and delicate as a human, with many emotions and conflicts between Edward and Jacob. Edward was always so careful with her since he thought that he would “break” her, and it was just killing me reading about the love triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob. So when she became a vampire, all those things sort of dissapeared, Bella would be with Edward, and he wouldn’t have to worry about hurting her anymore. So, in conclusion, I like simple human Bella because she has so much more depth and details about her that make reading truely enjoyable. GO REGULAR BELLA!!! πŸ™‚

  32. Luna Eclipse says:

    I love super bella alot, in some ways more than reguar bella, but I miss klutzy, normal, bella! I’m delighted that she gets to spend eternity with edwad, but she’s not the bella we knew and grew to love. not really. This is kind of off suject, but I’d like to add that deaths in books almost never make me cry, but the goodbyes ALWAYS do. Whe n bella said goodbye to renee for the last time at the wedding i literally weapt for an hour straight. thinking about it now makes me cry. Between the time bella said goodbye to renee and the time bella found out she was pregnant, I didn;t think that edward was worth all those human thingd. however, when she got pregnant, I knew she had enough reason to turn vampy. ALSO: a question for y’all: do you think that it ever even crossed edward’s mind that bella was pregnant with someone else (idk, say mike? tyler? JACOB?) when they realized she was pregnant?

  33. Miranda Lewis says:

    I liked both Bellas actually. I could relate to human Bella a lot because I’m klutzy, I’m always trying to keep people happy, I love reading (especially Jane Austen), I can’t dance to save my life, and pretty much my entire life is an embarrassing moment. It would make a great sitcom. I would totally watch it. πŸ™‚ I was very glad when Bella became a vampire though. And I was so happy that she didn’t have to go through the whole newborn bloodlust deal. My favorite part was when she was able to use her power to let Edward see what she was thinking. That was the best.

  34. Melmarie says:

    Hey ladies! Let me just say I love the podcasts! And I love both Bellas. Simple Bella was so endearing and real. Her character during that stage was vulnerable but still so strong. I loved being able to follow her story while she got to experience the important human experiences like finding her first and only love. And I loved super Bella because she was a whole new Bella, but she still had the essence of the simple Bella. Physically Bella changed and she also did mentally. She became more confident in herself, but like the simple Bella she still had a big heart. I loved Breaking Dawn because of the growing experiences Bella went throught and thought it was awesome she was able to get her happily-ever-after!!!!!

  35. Cieraz Mexico says:

    I really like the two bellas because the old bellla was the foundation for the new (vampire) bella. I really loved how in every book I could see how she was changing. The trasformation was amazing and the culmination of all my expections. I guess I don’t see her as two bellas. first, I see her as bella the teenager and then like bella the mother and a woman.
    Sorry for my mistakes english is not my first language.

  36. Blaize Donald says:

    wow thanks for ruining this lol… i wanted to know what side she takes. i havent even read this book yet.

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