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Seth just updated Stephenie’s site saying this

Summit has let us know that there will be a new, final trailer for TWILIGHT coming soon! It will be debuting in theatres on Friday, October 10th in front of certain movies (it is at the discretion of the individual theatres). There will also be a sneak peak of the new trailer on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, October 9th. Immediately following the sneak peak, Summit is letting the fans be the first to see the trailer online in its entirety and share it.

What you need to know:

  • You can see the trailer first online before it’s officially released, via the Twilight widget. If you don’t have the widget, you can grab it from the official film site at
  • The trailer will be available exclusively via the widget starting at 8:00 PM PST on October 9th for one hour, before launching in HD on MySpace at 9:00 PM PST.
  • A countdown clock will be added to the widget shortly, counting down to this highly anticipated event.

Stay tuned for more exciting movie news!

AHHHH!!!!! I(Alex) cant wait as i am sure you cant either!

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  1. major obsessed twilighter says:


  2. Allie says:

    cant wait!!!

  3. BellaEmy says:


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  5. Bella forever says:

    OMG I can’t wait. I think I’m gonna feint. *thud*

  6. Jane says:

    AHHHHHH AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amanda says:

    ome ome ome ome ome ome OME

  8. Jasmine says:


  9. Erin(: says:

    wow i’m so blond! i just flipped out because i thought today was the 9th! wow!

  10. Cynthia says:

    That’s exciting but I live on the east coast so I won’t be getting those videos til SUPER late, lol.
    Thank goodness for not having class on Friday’s 😉

  11. bec says:

    OMG IM TOATLY FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rosemary says:

    OMG I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE OR THE NEW TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kallie and Kassie you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was really upset that they werent gonna use River Flows in YOu by Yiruma for bellas lullaby but then they decided that rob couldnt make it intime so yay!!! i love paramore and im so glad that they are on the cd ok so rock on and keep up da good work!!

  13. Rosemary says:

    ome ome ome ome ome so excited and i know that my mom thinks im a total freak because m so obsessed wit these books but idc!!! i cant find any REALLY GOOD posters of rob tho. any1 know where i can find 1 ???? ok thanks!!!

  14. xxxhopelesslyxaddictedxxx says:

    yeah… um u can find dis super ome pic of edward, emmett, n jacobx( on like google or sumthing. if u want u can gimmi ur email or sumthing n i’ll send it 2 u.

  15. sarah black says:

    OMG!!! I can’t wait I’ve been watching both trailers religiously just to see that crooked smile for a split second. Yay!!

  16. sarah black says:

    Oh yeah, at least where I live there are ridcuolously large posters of rob and then the cast( two diff. posters) at Michael’s craft store. The borders by me has them too.

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