Rob Pattinson: Hair Today, but Gone Tomorrow?

Oct 28th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

E! Online has an article on Rob wanting to cut his signature hair.

“I cannot wait to cut it off,” Pattinson said last night at the Starz afterparty for the Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala at the Beverly Hilton, where he received the New Hollywood Award.

Pattinson insists he doesn’t understand the big fuss over his ‘do. “Nothing’s ever baffled me as much as this,” he said, adding, “I wanted to get a haircut today, but they wouldn’t let me. They were like, ‘You can’t ruin our marketing!’”

What do you guys think?  What kind of hair style should he have?  Mohawk?  Lol!

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45 Comments to “Rob Pattinson: Hair Today, but Gone Tomorrow?”

  1. Sam says:

    keeeeeeep it

  2. Jamie says:

    What about the upcoming movies? Does that mean they’re not making the next books into movies??? He’ll have to grow it back or something. Ewww, he would be gross with a buzz..

  3. McKell says:

    Oh say it ain’t so! AHH i love that mans hair!

  4. emma says:

    i will seriously cry if he cuts it. no joke.

  5. Kristina says:

    I too will cry if he cuts his hair

  6. Tiffany C. says:

    *gasp* nooo!! Don’t cut the hair!!! WHY WOULD HE EVEN THINK THAT!! AHH!!

  7. Jasmine says:

    no!!!!!! I’m going to cry if he cuts it!!!!!!!!

  8. Edward's Favorite Blue says:

    I say cut it off. He looks much better with shorter hair.

  9. rebecca says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv ur hair, ROB plzzzzzzzzz don’t I will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Cammywamy says:

    NOOOOOOOO! Don’t cut the hair!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  11. ~ says:

    don’t cut it. please. for our sake!

  12. aw LOL! I think he should do what he wants!

  13. Kim Kelley says:

    like how short? ‘Cause if it’s Cedric Diggory short, that’s fine with me. 😉

  14. erica says:

    When you can look that good, WHY would you want anything different?

  15. morgan says:

    he should CUT THAT BEAST OF HAIR. ……………………………………………………..I LOVE U ROB

  16. Amanda says:

    Keep it! Keep it! It looks amazing. Plus, if they are going to start filming soon for New Moon, he needs to keep it until after they do his part of the filming and then he can cut it and it will grow out again in time for them to film Eclipse.

  17. ashley says:

    for god’s sake people! it’s robert’s hair, if he wants to cut it, he can cut it!!!!!!!!!

    he’s gonna be beautiful with sex hair or short hair…. besides his hair was short as cedric and he was hott!!!!!

    like i said, his hair, his decision. do you think he’s gonna change his mind about HIS hair just because his fans wouldn’t like it short? pfh… everybody’s trying to make him so hollywood!

  18. Elliot says:

    I agree with Kim Kelley, the Cedric-Diggory-short would be allright ^^ but pleeeeeeaaaaaase, NO BUZZ CUT!!!! I wouldn’t even like Buzz cut on any other person, I’m more for longer hair. But I think, now it is a little tooo long, I know how this is, have a pixie cut myself and when it gets too long I look like an exploded broom or sth and it’s tickling my nose and I HATE that…

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  20. Alice says:

    alright all u crazy fan girls… it is HIS HAIR and besides he will look and act amazing in any movie with any hairstyle… he could wear a waist long wig and his acting/singing/amazingness would NOT CHANGE… all u people r making him so hollywood! ugh… and besides i like the short hair SO much better (i personally think he should do the cedric haircut again but my personal preference will not sway the man one way or another) so i think we ALL NEED TO GET A GRIP!

  21. Charlia says:

    I Like The Wayy He Had It In Twilight

  22. kassia says:

    nononono rob bad bad idea. Don’t cut your hair!!

  23. kassia says:

    We’re not making him hollywood, we just really like his hair longer. and not waist length alice, yuck, lol. He can cut it, but keep the same style. In our opinion, we like it better that way. there is no making him conform to what we want, he can do what he wants with it, and definitely still look good, but we just prefer longer hair.

  24. hgf says:

    Dont cut it rob

  25. Hannah says:

    Jeez people! Let the guy cut his hair if he wants to, it’s his decision. Just because people (including me, it must be said) prefer it longer doesn’t make it any less his hair 😉

  26. Kim Kelley says:

    The man could shave his head, grow that wooly-booger of a beard again and wear a potato sack and he would STILL be smokin’ hot!!!!

  27. Janet says:

    I kind of feel bad because it seems like he doesn’t like it because so many of us do. Hmm…I wonder how short he wants to go…maybe like Cam. I love that they told him no because of marketing. haha

  28. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    I want it like he was filmed in twilight…………perfection

  29. Madison Team Edward and Alice says:

    Nooo He Can’t What about upcoming movies!!!!!

  30. kassidy says:


    the messy hair makes him look sexy!!!


  31. Shteff! says:

    😛 I must admit…they’re not letting him cut it?! That’s a bit evil ! I’d kill mnyself if I couldn’t get my hair cut!…no joke >.<

  32. meghan says:

    I hope that the reason they won’t let him cut it is because they’re planning on starting to work on new moon soon, and Edward can’t have short hair.

  33. hal says:

    if he cuts his hair i will cry

  34. Jacki says:

    i love his hair :3 but seriously? not letting him cut? that’s mean >:P

  35. elif says:

    is he serious???? are They seriousss?? i mean he cant cut his hair!!!! nooo

  36. Rachel C. says:


  37. Tracy says:


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  39. jessica says:

    seriously …let him decide what he wants to do with his hair…….

  40. traci says:

    My God people, its HAIR~! and HIS hair at that, let the poor guy do what he wants!!!!

  41. Courtney says:

    No no no no no.

    He CANT cut it ]:

    I love it now.

  42. Courtney says:

    No no no no no!

    He CANT cut it ] :

    I love it nowwww.

  43. Renesmee says:

    what? no please no his hair is great the way it is =[
    but i guess it IS his hair…. and he can do what he wants with it =[ even though everyone loves it the way it is

  44. Caylee says:

    Seriously people?

    Hair DOES grow. It won’t be the end of the world if the man decides to cut it.

    Lay off will ya.

  45. linda says:

    Have you seen him with short hair, he’s stunning!!

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