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Erin from sent me this email- 

…Universal Concert has been cancelled! Warner Bros, Summit Entertainment, and Universal are all working on something together, and apparently Warner Bros. found out about the show, contacted Summit and Universal and they put a stop to the show…

Im so sorry for any of you who were planning to attend! We all know it would have been amazing!!

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3 Comments to “Cancelled”

  1. depressive teenage vampire says:

    Why did they stop it? Now I’m like Edward an depressive teenager (… But not a vamp).
    ooooohhhh… I’m soooo sad 🙁

    … Unfair

  2. Tiffany says:

    Aw man! I already bought my tickets to see the movie there and everything! Arg! I was so freakin excited!
    Oh well, at least I’ll have the movie to keep me happy. But still….

  3. Nicole S. says:

    oh man that sucks!!!

    Its because universal is opeaning a harry potter park there !!!

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