Robert Pattinson: Sexiest Man Alive?

Nov 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

People Magazine features Rob as one of the Sexiest Men Alive in their new issue.

“Last year all I was trying to do was get a girlfriend,” says Pattinson, 22, Twilight‘s resident vampire and previously Harry Potter’s Quidditch foil, Cedric. “What happened? It’s like the face of what is attractive has changed. Girls used to want to see guys take their shirts off. Now it’s, ‘I want you to bite me.’ It’s bizarre.”

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49 Comments to “Robert Pattinson: Sexiest Man Alive?”

  1. Mistie says:

    Dear Rob,
    I do not think that people who are all about ‘bite me’ get the real feel for things. When you were first casted, i didnt like the fact that it was you (no offense) but when i found out who the other actors were i immediatly wanted it to be you. You are not hott, but you are quite gorgeous. no i am not a stalker. lol. but still dont go looking for someone. wait till they come to you, or you run into them. the more you look for them, the harder it may be to find them. for all you know, it could be your worst enemy…that is a girl or it could be your best friend. ok?

    by the wayyy


  2. Quinn (yes im a girl) says:

    I’m still debating these people for sexiest man alive:
    Robert Pattinson
    Taylor Lautner
    Peter Faccinelli
    Jackson Rathbone
    Kellan Lutz
    Which one do you like (i luv Peter)

  3. Jordyn says:

    haha. Kellan Lutz is super sexy!!!!!! lol

  4. hey Quinn-
    i chose Rob Pattinson. duh~ have you seen his eyes? or his sexy curve in his jaw line? or have you heard his laugh?
    so amazing. yeah- he is the sexiest man alive.
    I do agree with rob that womens’ perspectives have changed over the past years; new president and new ways of looking at life etc.
    Twilight has changed the world in so many ways that we can’t imagine. change is good. change is the future.

    however, i would be happy to assist Rob with his ‘non dating’ problem 🙂

  5. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    this is the hottest picture of Edward ever

  6. Alice says:

    hello Quinn…
    taylor lautner is the sexiest man alive… i am sorry but i do not think rob is hot…. he is an amazing musician, an exquisite actor, and he seems like a really cool person from interviews… but no…. taylor lautner is so much hotter 🙂

  7. Tina says:

    having trouble finding a girlfriend?? ROB??? I can help with that 😛

  8. Janie says:

    Taylor is BOY! Please!

  9. Maria says:

    I believe he is a good actor and I am sure he will handle good the paper of Edward.

    Anyway, always there is some more beatty and someone more uglyier.

    I think he is perfect for the roll


  10. sam says:

    this is THEEEEEEE sexiest pic of rob ive seen look at his eyes!!!!!!!!!!


  11. sam says:

    this is THEEEEEEE sexiest pic of rob ive seen look at his eyes!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Kim Kelley says:

    uber hottie mcbutter pants!!!! DELISH!!!!! Sheesh….I can hardly stand it.

  13. Rhiannonn says:

    You can biteee me anyday.

  14. Ashley says:

    that’s so funny, when they started talking about who would be the next sexiest man alive, i thought robert immediately. i can’t believe they were smart enough to put him on the list! let’s see rob should be sexiest and kellan, jackson, peter, and cam should all be on the list too. taylor is a boy, he’s just not cute.
    i don’t know why everyone had to be so damn judgemental in the beginning with rob being cast as edward. i heard he was cast, watched goblet of fire, because i had it taped but never actually managed to watch it, and knew he was perfect for playing edward cullen.
    rob is edward in my mind, and has been since i saw cedric jumping from that tree, in the first 10 minutes of harry potter.

  15. Maxine says:

    Dear Robert

    Oh my god if you were to bite me i would sooo get it tattoed on me like oh my god =]] lol anyways i cant belive u tried to get a girlfriend thats crazy i would think you would have so many girls lined up the way u look well i know it looks like am an obsesed fan but im reading eclipes so rite now not as much lol so yeah im going to see the movie 2maro soo yeah i know your a wonder full actor and i cant wait well im at school and i got to go but i typed this to show u ow much u mean to me!!! love you in harry potter to! =]]

    love maxine

  16. Elliot says:

    @Ashley: I can at least explain why I wasn’t that super-happy with Robert as Edward first. I hadn’t seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, because the first three films didn’t impress me in the least, so I didn’t know him and when I looked him up on, they had the probably worst existing pic from him on his bio-page. So I was like: who’s this and how much did he drink last night???? Then I thought: perhaps it’s just a major hangover, maybe there are other pics…? and so I searched for more and there were some nice ones, but I still had MY own imaginary Edward and he was more boyish, with a cute dimply, crooked smile, something I didn’t find in these pics. But I thought: let’s see what they do with him (as I was with everyone, even with Kristen, Liz Reaser and Peter, who came as close to my imagination as possible) and now I’m freakishly happy with everyone!! I think most people had the same problems, I read a comment from someone who thought he was too fat! Or Kristen looks like a boy, or all this people who were going at Ashley Greene for being too tall – she’s perfect! It’s not her fault she grew that height… that one scene I saw she captured this fairylike, bouncy self of Alice just perfect!
    All I’ve seen this far makes me soooo more excited to finally see the whole thing and I think we will not be disappointed! (and this is so out-of-topic…*sweatdrop*)

  17. Marie says:

    I’m torn between Rob and Jackson. I think Rob’s appearances on tv tells us that he has a charming personality. Goofy, always seemed too suprised that people find him drool-worth (im borrowing a term from another blog), etc. – what with all those mannerisms that show how nervous he is doing interviews. Playful and child-like are my kindest descriptions for him. But Jackson, I think there’s more in those soulful eyes of his. His stare is enough to make me hyperventilate. Lol. There’s a lot to uncover, he’s discretely compelling. Plus he is I think a Southern gentleman so what else is there to not dream of. *Wink*

  18. Amanda Cullen:) says:

    I deffenetly think Rob is hotter!!! I have seen ht emovie twice and i think he is perfect. I have also read all the books 13 times and to me he fits that description perfectly, I also think all the other cast members are great too!! I think Rob would be perfect a anyones boyfriend so i dont know why he is having trouble finding a girlfriend( I would be happy to help;) with that).
    And I thnik Kellen Klutz is second hottest, then Jackson, then peter. They are all super sexy though!<3

  19. sarah loves mushroom says:

    i love robert to pieces and yes of course he is gorgeous.
    but… he likes to drink a bit too much… there is nothing sexier than i guy who can speak coherently, noy slurring.
    i wouldnt date him for this reason. he’s just not stable enough. he needs to ground himself more. the right girl will come around one day.
    🙂 love love love twilight!

  20. sarah loves mushroom says:

    oops, a couple of typos there. sorry guys. and i’d just like to add that actually, i would love to date him. i’d just like to fix his drinking first.
    hey guys, tell me, do you agree that he needs to lay off the drink? or is it more casual than a problem? perhaps just a social thing? i dont really know enough details to judge. and i wouldnt judge him anyway, i hate judging people. its shallow.

  21. Enter Name says:

    Drinking = good easy to get him and ransom spunk mucs bucket is okay but needs to lay off the HAIR GEL!!! .
    Twilight is good but we need more awesome sexy fight scenes , 🙂 LIKE SMASH BOOOM KA BOOOM, who said were judging were infomationing the rumors like Edward and Jacob in love Emmett and Jasper, and James seriously!!!
    Listen Sarah loves drugged mushrooms its not shallow , we are just to fed up of our lives soo….
    I hope thats a good enough excuse. .. . damn my internal monolouge

    I shall enter this again


  22. sarah loves mushroom says:

    well well well. what have we got here?
    you certainly seem to think you know what your talking about. where are you from anyway?
    and what do you mean “more awesome sexy fight scenes”?
    werent you listening?!
    and you like the fact that he’s a drunk? good 4 you.
    i can tell what sort of person you are.
    i love Ransom more than you so… (sticks out tongue at computer)

    Au Revoir MS/Mr No-Name

  23. Enter Name says:

    I live In a wardorble in my mum’s house which is in england ,
    and im not french! disgusting love words “shivers”
    ransom spunk sseeesh you two arent like….. . .. drug buddies?
    (looks for a mallet inside wardobe!)
    anyway why am i writing in this web must be because im so low on sherry………

  24. sarah loves mushroom says:

    you LIVE in a WARDROBE?! maybe that explains why you have such a warped view of the world my unusual friend/enemy.
    i never said you were french! are you on sherry right now?!
    and me and robert are NOT ‘drug-buddies’ as you so meanly put it.
    i have an aversion to drugs; that should have been obvious.
    i was merely pointing out the drinking problem that rob has, i was not asking for an argument, it was just an opinion.
    i live in Australia. dont you DARE make any snide remarks about ‘shrimps on the barby’. i hate shrimp. (i do like fish though).
    you havent said what country YOU are from yet.
    have you found that mallet yet?
    if you are looking for sherry, why dont you go see if jack sparrow is sharing it with Robert!!!!

    Over and out

  25. Enter Name says:

    Ummm i answered your question duh! i live in England LONG LIVE THE QUEEEN!
    no….just empty from the night before . . .
    awww. . . y not? i would like to sell seaweed ahahhaha
    Australia……INRTERESTING …..shrimps….do u mean Krill? xD
    yes i have for im hungry . . . jack sparrow…interesting poor wahts his name person with gel hair i must get some sherry

    Good luck for the flim hope ya see it

  26. sarah loves mushroom says:

    hmm…so yes, i just realised that you did say where you are from. oops.
    you drink too much.
    have you never heard of a shrimp before?!
    krill are the tiny organisms that whales eat.
    how can you not know that?!!!!
    what do you mean ‘long live the queen”? she’s not a vampire you know. she doesnt live forever.
    leave roberts hair alone. his hair is very sexy.
    so… are you a girl?

    from sarah loves mushroom

  27. Enter Name says:

    nooo i dont drink too much i have a record!!!
    yes . . . colin the whale humpback something . . .
    i know that its a english thing you convict
    yes….no australia voodoo on the hair hahaha

    . .. . . slience . . .. i am a boy

  28. sarah loves mushroom says:

    well obviously you DO drink alot. how do you explain the missing sherry if you dont?
    colin the whale? what does he have to do with… ahh, yes, the krill thing. im sure colin did eat krill.
    before he DIED.
    bah! did you call ME a convict? where do you think the convicts came from!
    and you have wounded me. i have stolen absolutely NO bread ever in my life therefore i am not worthy of the title ‘convict’.
    voodoo? are you there isnt anything in your sherry that is messing with your brain?
    how old are you? 2?

    sarah love mushroom.

  29. Enter Name says:

    I can explain the sherry part….. . . . like grog is ok . . .
    you see …. umm….right….
    I went the bar got some sherry came home
    fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy
    Blank . . .
    Then i ended up here on my lap top
    with a empty sherry bottle 🙂

    Convicts like came from England….and then australia came a um.. multi cultural country
    so you never stole cookies from the cookie jar?
    Sherry is a beautiful drink it makes horrible things all nice!!!

    🙂 Im 19 and i like twilight 🙂

  30. sarah loves mushroom says:

    you…umm…well, that is certainly an…umm…interesting story…
    maybe i have stolen one or two cookies from a cookie jar. but that doesnt count.
    ive never tasted sherry, i dont want to.
    im 18.
    you are a guy…and you like twilight…. do you have a gay crush on robert pattinson?
    we are actually meant to be talking about him on here so i suggest we do that.

    sarah loves mushroom

  31. Enter Name says:

    Yo Ransom spunk scum bucket mate,
    we should like go for a drink!
    Misty , u right about that bite thing its like unsetlling!!!!

  32. sarah loves mushroom says:

    yeah, misty, that is weird.
    but anyway…

  33. sarah loves mushroom says:

    maxine… it kind of does sound like you are obsessed.
    why are you and mistie writing as though robert is going to read this?
    he is NEVER going to read this.

  34. Enter Name says:

    To Sarah who likes mushrooms (which type? eat able ones)

    HAHAHHAHA me gay ? pfftt no way !! Like his harry potter movie was okay but . . . .he did a good job on his cedric role but there wasnt enough like harry is ok but he is getting corny there should be a fifth book for twilight
    i reckon it should be like Russian Vampire’s use were wolf blood on em selves and have test subjects one of em should run off and go to forks SHOULD BE A CHICK, and she will like fall in love with emmett and then her were wolf lover come and everyone is like woosh and Stefan and Vald should get their awesomeo fightyho.
    Btw guys can read girl flick stories and flims theres like nothin wrong!!

  35. Enter Name says:

    Sexist men arent to be polled , like…its a good idea but girls will have riots ,and girls will get killed for choosing different guys

  36. sarah loves mushroom says:

    to enter name:

    i like ordinary mushrooms just fine.
    i agree that there should have been more cedric in harry potter. actually, it should have been called ‘cedric diggory and the goblet of fire’.
    russian vampires? nah, i think if there was going to be a fifth book it should be about Dracula 1 and Dracula 2 (the jacob team should know what im talking about).
    i dont really agree with the rest…its kind of really weird… reallly weird.
    ok ok! i guess its alright for guys to read chick stuff.
    there are awesome guy vampires to check out.

    sarah loves mushroom

  37. Enter Name says:

    To Sarah who likes mushys
    Good idea like the first harry was stupid funny !! but i suspose its ok but his knowledge is really cracked.
    yeah russians !! come on its snowly and it is sooo cool cuz werid stuff can happen!!
    🙂 or then again the artic circle!!
    hahha jacob is funny
    but i dont think the bella is ok like …she looks like a kid

  38. sarah loves mushroom says:

    to enter name:

    i love harry potter but twilight is so much better.
    maybe russian vampires could work…
    i love jacob too but i loved to old jacob, not the person he turns into after he becomes a werewolf; he turns mean.
    robert is awesome.

    sarah loves mushroom

  39. Enter Name says:

    To Sarah who likes Mushrooms
    Harry is ok but i hope the directiors dont reck twilight
    see russains!! or german vampires!!
    eh things happen see how bella changed?? she still reminds me of a kid :/
    robert is ok .. .. but he played his character well. . . but i reckon James should come back but his line is so funny!!!
    “Ahh. . . you brought a snack!”

  40. sarah loves mushroom says:

    to enter name:

    i agree. that line is so funny!
    who else here thinks it is funny?
    lol. i can imagine him with a large tub of popcorn in his hand when he says it.

    sarah loves mushroom

  41. Enter Name says:

    To Sarah who likes Mushroom
    hehehe or…”There is a snack on your face” which could make me go off sherry for..about….an hour…or more
    (btw Sarah “Mushroom” isnt a guy? is he?)
    anyway . . . i hope new moon is good i wonder how they will do the changing for the were wolves

  42. sarah loves mushroom says:

    to enter name:

    there is a snack on his face? where? why?
    its good you have found something to get you off the sherry for a while at least.
    and mushroom is a guy.
    he is very much like robert in his features and he is english too.
    i think they will get a bigger budget for new moon because of the success of twilight (which i havent seen yet! grrrr!)
    does anyone know?

    sarah loves mushroom

  43. Amanda says:

    this does not suprise me in the least. lol

  44. sarah loves mushroom says:

    hey amanda- what doesnt surprise you?
    are you talking about what me and ‘enter name’ were discussing or is it about robert’s comments?

    sarah loves mushroom

  45. sarah loves mushroom says:

    hey guys!!!!
    robert is so hott!

    sarah loves mushroom

  46. sarah says:

    Robert is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, but theres a rumor goin round sayin his gay plz tell me its not true
    cauz I’ll be crushed


  47. kaitlynn♥ says:

    robert pattinson you are in the record book for sexist man alive!!!!!
    i want some of that hot guy! i want his autograph!!!! he is the sexist man alive! noone else will ever be as hot or sexy!
    i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when im upset all i have to do is look over at my wall, which has 12 posters of him!! i own almost anything u could think of with him on it! shirts,posters,and at least ten more types of stuff! i draw him and sell the pics i draw at school for 5$ per drawing!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ♥_♥ I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  48. kaitlynn♥ says:

    HE BETTER NOT BE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he is we girls need to throw him a sexy gril party!

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