Attention British Fans!

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I know that many of you Twilight fans across the pond have been a little upset over the fact that most of the Twilight TV love has been here in America.  Well, tune in to GMTV on Thurday, Dec 4 to see Rob on the show!  And hopefully someone will be so kind as to add it to YouTube later… 🙂  Looking forward to all the coverage at the Vue this week as well! (Go Chelsea! *Cough*).

7.00-9.25am GMTV TODAY (Subtitled & Widescreen)

Kate Garraway and Andrew Castle kick off another morning of news, views and special guests.

Jack Ellis pops in to talk about his starring role as Peter Pan in the Windsor panto
Robert Pattinson – recently voted the world’s second sexiest man, Robert Pattinson talks Twilight
Little Black Dress diet grand weigh in – it all comes to an end today with the results from our special diet

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27 Comments to “Attention British Fans!”

  1. TW says:

    Well who cares about the British fans they don’t give a sh*t about Twilight because their bias sorry jmo !!! And really why waste time if their not wiling to read the books and give them a try !

  2. twi says:

    Who the hell cares they are bias and they don’t care so why should we ?

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  4. Sophie Weavers says:

    OK OK as i am ENGLISH….i can safely say…that WE DO CARE…VERY MUCH THANK YOU!!!!! ..and we DO READ THE BOOKS!! and i am off to London this Wednesday to see the actors!!

  5. Chelle says:

    Ok i agree that we in the UK were somewhat a little slow to pick up on the phenomenal Twilight series of books, that does not mean that we dont appreciate and love them also. I for one did not know about the books until friends in the states recommended them to me and i have gone on to tell all my friends about them and encourage them in buying and reading all 4 books. Can’t wait for the movie and am soo excited that New Moon is going to be made. Oh yeah and …. huge GRATS to Rob for landing the part of Edward Cullen, you’ve made this LONDON gal very proud XD

  6. Ashley says:

    wow, why are you hating on british people? they rock! they’ve waited a long time, just like we had to, to see Twilight.
    so i say to all you Brits, have fun with the huge amount of media coverage soon to come your way, and the premiere!

  7. Hannah Glazier says:

    Why do you hate us Brits??? I love Twilight thank you very much. Just because we got it later than you guys doesnt mean we love it less. We do care!!

  8. Sarah says:

    Hey, I am british and I cant wait for the movie. I love all the books and yer maybe its not been such a major thing here but we are catching on and its all over the press now. We all love Rob with him being British and all, so leave off us. We are just as excited as you guys!!!

  9. mommytrish says:

    We Love the Brits! I think TW woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Don’t listen to it!

  10. laura heath says:

    yer not too nice with the brit hating. I’m a Brit and a proud twilighter. I consumed the books and love them dearily and force them onto people and demand they read them or at least twilight before the movie comes out. i work in a book store and recommend the series to customers all the time and often end up chatting with customers when they buy one or all the books and i make an approving comment about their choice. i’m going to the premiere red carpet event to cheer on the cast and i know other twilighter who will be out in force.

    not quite sure with the british fan hating is coming from tbh.


  11. Michy. says:

    people have to be patient. eventualy Twilight reached Mexico and all around the world. Remember how Stephenie Started she never expected this. Besides we have lots to be thankful for of England…For starters Robert Pattinson! Without him there would only be Edward in our heads! and Muse and many other talents. Clive Owen, Jim Sturgess, Daniel Craig, Harry Potter, etc.etc.etc. 🙂

  12. jess says:

    I am british and i have been in love with the twilight sage from the beginning!!! i wish i could go to the premier on the 3rd but have no way of getting to london (i live near leeds) so i hope you all have an amazing time..x

  13. Charlotte says:

    Excuse me, for all those people who are saying that apparently english don’t care about Twilight are obviously mistaken. I am english and i have loved the books for about two years. All of my friends love twilight and so does my cousin and all of her friends. We cannot wait to see the movie and i was ecstatic when i heard that Rob was going to be on GMTV! i have been waiting for this since i heard that they were actually going to make a movie! I agree that the english press were a bit slow to realise that Twilight was popular but that doesn’t mean that British people didn’t know about, they did!

  14. Shteff! says:

    I’m hopefully getting some sort of autograph, since my cousin has this little charm of working up to celebs *curses silently*

  15. Sara says:

    Erm excuse me for just one second…..


    ever so sorry that he wants to do an interview in his home country once in a while…..

    and there are quite a few fans over here but it’s not as well known because there are less people over here and things dont really go as extreme as they do in the usa.

    So please don’t insult english fans just cos one little interview out of hundreds is in the UK, home country of Robert Pattinson…

    Carlisle was born in london!

    ++ Charlotte ^ ^ ^ is my cousin and we both love it as do our friends and our cinemas have big displays waiting for the movie to come out and we have all the books, the movie covered book, the movie companion, the soundtrack and as of late december all of the merchandise. It isn’t the English fans fault that we don’t have Hot Topic and twilight tours and signings etc.

    Apologies for being given one interview with a British actor….

  16. Charlie says:

    Wow. Us brits been waiting for ages too you know! The same as everyone else.
    And there’s loads of us who just don’t come online to talk about Twilight. I know there’s quite a few people from my college talking about it and planning to go and see it. And we’ve been tracking all the news just the same as you US fans.

    And not all of us prefer Harry Potter either…

  17. Megg says:

    what the hell? british fans do so give a sh*t!! sorry but how are we biased? and yeah we do read th books me and all my friends read the entire series in about 5 days each!
    and im glad the british press is finally catchin on so i dont have to rely on youtube and other websites for my fixes lol 😛

  18. Thora Grace says:

    We are all intitled to our own opinions but TW did go too far. We are all fans, whether we are in the UK, USA, Mexico, Italy, Or even Switzerland, our Love for the series is unlike any other. So what does it matter where you are? All that should matter is what Team you’re on.

  19. Emma says:

    Okay, so I’m Scottish, WE DO CARE! Just because Americans get books published there before us doesn’t mean we don’t care! I think it’s great that Robert’s doing an interview in Britain (WHERE HE GREW UP). Anyway without Britain Americans wouldn’t have Daniel Craig, James McAvoy, Keria Knightly, Orlando Bloom, Colin Firth, the Harry Potter cast and Sean Connery- that’s just my favorites out of LOADS. Quite a lot of famous people are British so don’t jump the gun and say it’s a waste of time for someone to DO WHAT THEY WANT in their home country.
    British people aren’t biased. Quite a few of my friends don’t like it, same with Harry Potter, not everyone will like the same things.

  20. Dizzy says:

    God i hate people that arnt open minded. Sure it took a while for Twilight to hit England but its finally hit and to be quite honest we are going MENTAL over here having to wait for it. It was unfair what TW said of course we give a shit. We are all fans and the fans should stick together! Dont you dare tell me that i dont give a shit just coz i live in England because i’ve been waiting for this movie just as long as you have. Grow up!

  21. Dizzy says:

    OH AND ROB PATTINSON IS BRITISH so yeah hes ours. Without Rob their would be no Edward -_-

  22. Tiffany C. says:

    ugh. I’m not even BRITISH!! Why are you all nagging on them! they are amazing!! i mean, c’mon!! Thats where we got Robert Pattinson!!!! seriously!

  23. ... says:

    why are people being so mean?
    makes me sad
    why can’t we all just get along?

  24. Daniella says:

    why can’t we just get along???? hahahahhahaha pfffff makes me sad??? wht’s that!!! hahaha it’s so funny to see this but for example i’m american & still love english people hahaha and i agree twilight tookk a while to be a hit over there but they can still care and love the books and movies as everyone i mean poor rob no he’s like a toy hahahahaha i love him”!

  25. Sarah says:

    OK, I dont want to goo into this in much detail. I am really looking forward to seeing him on thursday and think it’s gonna be fantastic.

    And as for the hating eachother goes, I’m from Wales and my best friend is from the states and we get along fine! I never judge people befor getting to know them.

  26. Hannah says:

    Jess I am in the same boat as you, i’m a yorkshire lass (:P) too so theres no way i can get to london on wednesday. Looking forward to Rob on GMTV though…

  27. grace says:

    Ok, there are several things that you have to consider before you open your mouth and rag on people like that. One- the population of England is a little less than the state of Arizona meaning that Twilight may not have taken off as quickly because there are WAY less people there than in the US. Two- did Stephenie Meyer actually get to promote the books there? As far as I know she didn’t, SO, it probably didn’t get as much attention and press like it did here. Three- it’s just rude to say things like that! Why bother writing something mean? What’s the old saying? If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at ALL!

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