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Notice something slightly off in any of the Twilight scenes?  Movie Mistakes and IMDB have a list of continuity and production mistakes that made it into the film.  You might want to read the lists over and try to find them next time you see Twilight!

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43 Comments to “Movie Mistakes”

  1. Amber says:

    They missed the biolgoy part where she fainted….

  2. detective889 says:

    FINALLY!!!!! i love doing this at the theater, now i know what i miss. thanks, that makes me feel like less of a freak.

  3. Julia says:

    Oh, I caught one of these. When Carlisle, Rosalie and Edward are talking in the hospital and you hear Edward say “What did you expect me to do, let her die?” he says it in a British accent.

  4. Erica says:

    yea the thing where you can see their breath was bothering me a little. but how could they have fixed that anyway?

  5. Vikki says:

    omg! julia i didn’t know that… i was probrably to busy talking about how rosalie shouldn’t be there

  6. karly says:

    i notice dthe part when her breathing tubes are over her eyes on close ups and not on far away ones. it bugged me sooo bad!

  7. Keilla says:

    I noticed Edward’s (Rob’s) contact in one of the scenes.

  8. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    I totally noticed Edward sweating in the cafeteria and her breathing tube drove me crazy.

  9. Mackenzie says:

    when they were first kissing and edward like jumps off and she’s like don’t go, he turns around and it looks like he’s covered in sweat. Mabey it was to steamy for rob. lol. crushing on kristen a little? no. lol. i know he’s not.

  10. Chenya says:

    Ha-ha, while I watched the movie I was way to absorbed to notice anything.

  11. Lyncoln says:

    ok, I never even thought to look for Edward’s bite marks. LOL the only thing I noticed out of all of these is the rim of their contact lenses.

  12. marisol says:


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  14. Sophie Weavers says:

    i noticed that when Edward was telling Bella about vampires it switched from dry to wet!

  15. danielle says:

    did you notice that in the second scene when bella and charlie go into the dinner stephanie meyer was sitting in the both eating dinner!!! well i did!

  16. diane says:

    well they were supposed to kiss at the meadow; instead, they did it in bella’s room

  17. Emmetts Rosalie says:

    I noticed stephanie meyer tooo. I really didnt like how they changed the tackling scene, that would have been better than the spidermonkey thing. and the first kiss really made me mad. and the biology scene, that was what got it all started…the sparks

  18. I noticed so many movie mystakes i didnt enjoy Twilight the first time i saw it…

  19. jamie says:

    I noticed that when Edward was outside talking with Bella, he was soaking wet due to the rain and she was not, then in the next scene he was dry with different clothes on. I also noticed the contacts in their eyes and I thought it was strange that Rosile was wearing gloves while cooking dinner for Bella, but then again she had to protect her hands when she crunched the glass bowl! LOL I still loved the movie!!!!

  20. Shteff! says:

    me aint seen it yet ¬_¬ darn the uk opening

  21. Jill says:

    Did anyone notice the odd film editing in the scene before the baseball game? We have a shot of the waterfall. Bella getting out of the jeep. Edward putting a hat on Bella and discussing baseball. The next scene they’re driving into the field. Then during the baseball scene you can see the jeep in the background so when the bad vamps show up it makes people wonder why its too late to get Bella out of there. If the car is right there, why not run her to it? If I hadn’t read the book first I would of been confused by that scene.

  22. Alexis says:

    I noticed a lot of stuff, like the contacts drove me crazy!!! And what was with the baseball outfits? Also, why where they jumping around in the ballet studio? The kiss was suppose to be in the meadow, they wern’ t suppose to leave from the Cullen’s garage, and I didn’t like how the camera stayed zoomed in on their faces. The scene where Edward plays Bella’s Lullaby the camera jumped around funny, the baseball scene jumped around, like Jill pointed out, and that kinda bugged me. I did like how Charlie loaded the gun before seeing Edward though, and how Renee asked if they where “being safe.” Ha, stuff like that always makes me laugh. 8;)

  23. Teri says:

    Wow…people have a lot of time on their hands, lol. I did notice some of that stuff though…Esme’s makeup, Billy driving, visible contacts (but I just passed it off as the vampires’ eyes are supposed to look wierd), the distances changing between Bella and Edward in the tree…but that was it, lol. I guess I’ll have something to look forward to the next time I see it.

  24. Mistina says:

    AIGHT my 2 cents
    i didn’t like how in the whole movie when bella and edward had time to really bond and get to know each other they just played music over it in the movie and we didn’t get to hear their conversation. like people who read the books would get it already. but ppl new to the series wouldnt know what they’re talking about. like the scene where he comes in her bedroom after they kiss music just plays and you don’t hear what they talk about after like him explaining stuff or when they’re in the meadow. and edward shoulda explained why he liked to watch bella sleep. ppl prolly thot he was such a kreeper. haha wow that was long. and i think that biology scene where she faints was pretty significant they shoulda put that in 🙂 everything else i pretty much loved tho.

  25. Amanda says:

    see i dont notice even the contact stuff even though i’m always looking into rob’s eyes lol

  26. Kristie says:

    okay, so the contact thing really bugged me. If they had enough money to do the movie right in the first place, they could have edited out the line from the lenses. Also, I noticed Emmet chewing food…not actually putting it into his mouth but chewing. That was pretty funny. I didn’t like it the first time either but after the second time and then a weekend of stepping back, I saw it a third and loved it.

  27. Kelly says:

    okay i could EASILY explain some of those!!! like the tubes thing? they slide! and some of the others!
    but seriously!
    i still LOOOVED the movie!

  28. EMMETTxROSALIE says:

    well, i did notice a couple of things, like the part where Bella faints during biology. I wanted to see Mike’s face. And by the way, wasn’t Mike supposed to be jealous? and ALSO
    i noticed this prolly because i love EMMETT so much, but isn’t his hair supposed to be dark and curly? oh well, kellan lutz is a good emmett though despite his hair. There are also some of the mistakes the others pointed out, but all in all, it was an AWESOME movie. But i think bella’s lullaby should’ve been River Flows in You by yiruma. IT”S PERFECT!!

  29. Tiffany C. says:

    ah i noticed the british too!! haha

    oh this is sad…i won’t let it ruin the movie for me though!! never!!

  30. Chagrinned says:

    ok ppl correct me if I’m wrong I’ve only seen it once, did they ever mention that Jasper has also gifts of his own I don’t recall them ever mentioning his empath abilities?

  31. Jacob's Girl says:

    Why don’t people just enjoy the movie for what it is? I mean, yeah, the movie has it’s flaws, but the fans are supposed to enjoy the movie, not butcher it.

  32. Bailey says:

    They killed the medow scene!!
    That scene was so off it bugged the heck out of me rob looked like he was covered in sweat when he was sparkling it drove me crazy.

  33. Daniella says:

    and who cares if his british accpent was dropped he’s sexy so who cares hahaha but yes there are maaaaaaaany errors that i hope summit will pay attentio no to make them again because i mean so much money has recently entered so please!

  34. judy1915 says:

    When bella and Charlie are in the diner eating and they meet waylon, Bella picks up the ketchup, shakes it over her food then puts it back. Nothing came out of the bottle lol. It looked too light, like it was empty. That was the only seriously notable thing I saw. And handicapped people CAN drive vehicles. They come with special hand pedals and transmissions, so Billy would be able to drive the pick-up.

  35. katrinka says:

    thank goodness that i’m not the only one that nodes the twilight movie there was part that wasn’t in the movie gosh.
    wish that can remake and read the book. some part was little werid.

  36. katrinka says:

    thank goodness that i’m not the only one that nodes the twilight movie there was part that wasn’t in the movie gosh………………
    what happen was a little out of hand.

  37. Pynsey says:

    While i totally loved the movie, I was confused by Jasper’s googley eyes and Rosalie’s excessive glove wearing. I know Jasper was trying not to kill any humans, but did he have to look so nuts? As for Rosalie, does anyone know why she wore gloves so often?

  38. paige says:

    Hahahah did anyone notice billy in the wheelchair for one scene and then comes there again when edward is driving away and billy is driving?? then when they get to bella’s jacob gets out of the driver seat lol that was the biggest mistake i saw and pretty much the only one

  39. paige says:

    And i Hate That They Dont Even Mention Jasper Have Powers Just Edward And Alice

  40. there was so many mistakes that i was crying in my seat, no, just kidding. but there was alot of mistakes like the contacts and nobody ever told bella that jasper had abilities, too. why was billy driving, he’s handycapped and in the book jacob was driving. why didn’t they ever mention that bella talk in her sleep, it was sorta stakerish to a newbe. after james bit bella why was emment and jasper in there, they can’t be around blood. bella always makes dinner 4 charlie, why are they always at the diner. you could also hear his british accent alot. the meadow scene was soooooo messed up that was the worst part 4 me because they were suppoes 2 go 2 seatle, but it was in school, LAME! they missed the blood type chapter when bella faints, they should of put that in 2. when edward sparkled he looks like he was swaeating, gross! in the hospital when after bella was bit and she was talking 2 edward and he said that she should stay with her moom it looked like kristen was crazy. during the cafiteria scene when bella first sees edward u could see emmet chewing. some time it was acward like in the kssing scene cause edward was like don’t move, but it was sooooo long before they kissed and there first kiss was suppoes to be in the meadow. why didn’t bella fall on her butt when they were going 2 play baseball, and no that was a minor scen but it really buged me cause i wanted 2 hear edward laugh or chuckle but he never did, at least he smiled his crooked smile. there wasn’t alot of sparks, it seemed that there love came to gether like that, but it was a bit acward. why were they cooking 4 bella. in the flash back when carlisle bit edward it was done in a hospital, but in the book it was done at carlisle’s house. and why did u see edward’s breath in the supposaly meadow scene. wow that was long. maybe if they didn’t have soooooo many mistakes in the movie then i wouldn’t need 2 write as much. whatev. thank god that i saw it many time 4 new moon to be even better.

  41. Tiffany Renee says:

    Movies are never as detailed as the book. Actually, if you want to nitpick, the most notable flub was Bella’s prom dress. When she left Charlie’s it was purple. In the final scene, however, it has turned a greenish-blue. Please, when you post a comment, be sure to utilize proper grammar and spelling. It makes it difficult to understand what you’re trying to convey.

  42. The most important message of Twilight is that bella dosen’t care what Edward is, she only cares 4 what she feels 4 him.:)♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  43. Ally Wetzel says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed the ketchup bottle that nothing came out of! Lol, SO WEIRD. and yeah, when Edward explains vampires, he’s getting totally soaked and Miss Bella looks oh so dry? How? Lol. Aside from it all, loved the movie… EXCEPT FOR KRISTENS LOUD, SNORTY BREATHING!!!! what is that shit?! a way of bashfulness in front of the cameras?!

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