New Moon Auditions

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For those of you who wanted information on how to be involved in New Moon, here is some information you might like!Β  Click here for more details!

“New Moon”, Summit Entertainment’s sequel to the highly successful feature film “Twilight”, is now currently in pre-production and casting directors are accepting photos and resumes from talent. Filming begins in March, 2009. Open casting calls

will be posted here also, as soon as dates and locations are released.

*** Please submit photos and resumes by mail only. No phone calls or personal drop-offs ***

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66 Comments to “New Moon Auditions”

  1. Grace B says:

    Well… I’d love to audition but I just don’t know where the casting calls for principal actors will be. I’ll be in Texas next week so it would be cool that at least there’s one taking place nearby… or in a close state to Texas πŸ™‚ I would really love that bc I haven’t been on film auditions bc none is near me πŸ™ and I can’t travel to get there.

  2. lyra*song says:

    Everybody wants to try out either for the roles of Jane, Leah or Emily. What about Heidi? Are they cutting her character out of the movie? I hope if there are auditions for Heidi they take place in Italy…

  3. megan says:

    My friend is auditioning for Heidi, or at least sending in her “empty” resume!
    She hasn’t been able to do anything to fill it up because of school and all, but she really really wants this part!
    She’s about 5’6 but with heels she’s like a giant, she is nothing but legs, and actually has long hair that is just all waves.

    So I think she could nail it!

  4. Danessa Burnett says:

    i will get a part in this movie, and one day im going to be more succesful than Angelina Jolie. if god wants it…it will be.
    im 5’5 brown hair green eyes, and i can make every head in the room turn. i am a twlight movie STAR. VISIT add me comment pics . give ur judgement

  5. lyra*song says:

    Megan, do you or your friend know if the auditions for Heidi take place in the U.S. or in Italy? I live in Europe and would like to try for that role too…

  6. hey says:

    Hey, um, i was reading some comments and someone asked what the email address was to send resumes and headshots to…? you cant email them. Your agents , if you have them, have to send it in. If you just send it in it will end up in the trash without being opened…..

  7. autumn cumbo says:

    I’m here again,I wonder if I am good for Leah.I have black hair and brown eyes. For pics look up autumn cumbo on google and click my space-Fikisha Cumbo my family.

  8. autumn cumbo says:

    guys my email is also

  9. autumn cumbo says:

    Use this address

  10. Leticia says:

    Dude wtflip man so r they coming to houston to try out??!!!! gotta kno noww!!idc wat part i get as long as im in it lol

  11. autumn cumbo says:

    i forgot 2 add

  12. Kerriscia says:

    I would love to try out for a part i study learn the parts and also have fun but i live in ohio and i have to ask my mom first if i can do this. In also want to know if I am 12 and really tall like 5″6 or 5″7 is a problem for a part in new moon or eclipse possibly.

  13. autumn cumbo says:

    I did send my picture but they didn’t accept it!!!

  14. Summer says:

    Guys they aren’t having auditions anywhere but the united states. all of the casting workers live here and i doubt they are going to travel all over the world to cast people. Most auditions will probably be held in Washington or Las Vegas. So if you live in France or Italy…fat chance you are going to be able to audition. sorry.

  15. leo johnson says:

    omgosh.!! are you serious.!! i love twilight.! i’ve been to a few auditions.!! πŸ˜€ but i live in utah πŸ™

  16. leo johnson says:

    i wana audition.!! as an extra tho..i wanna start out slow..

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