Furious “Twilight” fans cyber-attack replacement

Dec 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

It seems that some Twilight fans have been bombarding Michael Copon’s websites with nasty messages over the Jacob Black rumors. Not cool.  🙁 You can see more here.

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  1. Tori says:

    OMG I posted earlyer on how how it’s not his fault. I take all that back I read his J-14 interview and he’s a total jerk!!!! All he does his is dis Taylor and talk about how much better he would be if he played the role of Jacob. He’s soooooooo full of himself. The cilf notes, Twilight 2? Please go away we don’t want you to mess up this film!!!!!!! (cause summits doing such a good job at it aready!!)

  2. Haley says:

    i am TOTALLY against replacing Taylor. HOWEVER….we’re being bitches.

    Seriously, girls, we won MTV’s Woman of the Year award. does it look like we deserve it? some ppl are completely trashing Michael Copon. we, as the fabulous Twilight fandom, are being rude and slanderous. so what if we don’t like Copon as Jacob? we don’t have to be assholes to him. we could email Summit or sign one of the many “Keep Taylor” petitions on the internet. but this is SO not the right way to do it. keep the peace, don’t turn into a mass of rabid girls! we won some dignity with the MTV award, and we DON’T WANT TO LOSE IT! and if you’re with me, say AMEN!

    peace, love, and Twilight

  3. lizzy says:

    michael copon does NOT deserve 2 play jake…if u read the J-14 interview yu would know that he was talking trash bout taylor and saying that HE would make a better jake…i totally disagree with that!!!!!! no matter how many times i get glared at by my friends!!!!!! michael copon would suck as jake!!!!!!! he sucks 2 start with!!!!!!!! i REALLY want the results of taylors meeting with the director!!!!!!!! good luck taylor!!!!!! i want you not michael!!!!! i find it stupid…if they were just going 2 replace taylor in new moon why not just have michael play in twilight as well as new moon and eclipse…it would be a whole lot easier 4 him without all the hate mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would still be mad if they used michael in twilight and the other movies…but it would be easier.
    KEEP TAYLOR….I DONT WANT MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!! (he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    lizzy!!!!! <3

  4. sophie says:

    ok i wouldnt go to his site and leave nasty comments or anything, but if they re cast, i will be soooo pissed!!!!!

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