Furious “Twilight” fans cyber-attack replacement

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It seems that some Twilight fans have been bombarding Michael Copon’s websites with nasty messages over the Jacob Black rumors. Not cool.ย  ๐Ÿ™ You can see more here.

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54 Comments to “Furious “Twilight” fans cyber-attack replacement”

  1. Marci (major obsessed) says:

    That is so sad………

  2. SeeTheUnseen93 says:

    Okay really? I would be very angy if Taylor was re-cast, but leaving hate comments on an actors site who hasn’t even officially been cast is not cool. poor guy. lol.

  3. Robby says:

    as much as I hate the idea of Taylor being replaced, and even IF he is….I wouldn’t sink this low.

    he’s a human being like all of us, he has feelings too.

    I feel so ashamed of all the so called twilighter fans who chose to bully the poor guy.

  4. Heather D says:

    I agre with you guys. As much as i don’t want him in the movie, i would never do that. It’s so childish.

    I don’t want this fandom known for that.

    First of all people need to realize that it is not his fault if they recast Jacob, it would be Summits decision.

    It almost makes me say that if the sad recast of our lovely taylor/jacob happens then i would want this guy in the film just to p-off these rude “fans.”

  5. Michy says:

    Taylor is Jacob, we all know this! i think that if we want to ensure his return we need to be more respectful about it. Going around harassing people is only going to make things worse for Taylor. REAL twilighters don’t behave this childish we can express our frustations or concerns and you all know how much power we have, but to take it to this level is imature and just plain mean. Besides at this point its only a rumor!

  6. Tiffany C. says:

    if he was cast as Big Jacob, I’d love him sooo much! and thats saying a lot beings that I am totally Jake-Hater…

  7. Keep Taylor says:

    thats horrible! but i still dont want him playing jacob!

  8. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    Taylor is the one and only Jacob Black. I don’t think that Copon can play the role as well as Taylor. I have been kind of angry from the rumors.

    But posting hate comments on Copon’s site is sooooo not cool. He hasn’t even been cast as Jacob! So just chill who ever posted those nasty things. But with all this, I still think that Taylor should NOT be re-casted. Copon doesn’t look like Jacob to me at all. I don’t want him playing Jacob.

  9. Princess says:

    if michael can play old jacob, taylor can play young jacob.
    it saves THAT much money on the special effects and makeup.

  10. Grace says:

    I think Twilighteres need to understand that not everyone is going to get their way. We have to appreciate what we get from the movie. If it is Jacob great, familiarity and cool special effects. If it is Michael, then great someone new and less money to spend on make up more on more important movie scenes. There is going to be a change none the less. if you love the books then you should love and appreciate what STEPHENIE MEYER and the movie crew create.

  11. Tori says:

    It’s not the actors fault it’s Summits. They’re being really cheap and stupid rushing New Moon. Almost every move they have made was a bad one
    uno. Not taking their time with the movie and giving it less than a year to be made
    dos. Giving the movie a stupid low budget
    tres. Not recasting Taylor yet (and this one is probably the most importaint)
    p.s. I know we are living with a bad economy but that doesn’t mean summit needs to be stupid and cheep. How much money has twilight made so far, like 204 million dollars. I think they have the money to make Taylor look a bit bigger with special affects. If this movie does bad I’m not going to see it again or even buy when it comes out on DVD. I’m not even sure if I could go see Eclipes.

  12. sydnee says:

    i honestly really really dont want this guy to be in twilight.
    i lalalove taylor and thinks hes perfect.
    BUT that doesnt mean that you ccan go around saying all of the crap about other people.
    Just like Audrina auditioning.
    she didnt get a part (yet anyways)
    and is she does then everyone will deal with it.
    its not our place to say whos cast and whos not.
    im a total team taylor supported and would be really upset if hes not in the next movie but i guess ill deal.
    lets just hope that hes NOT recast!

  13. Chenya says:

    That’s really sad. Obviously we all have our own opinions, so not every will agree on one thing. Or in this case, one guy. When you think about it, this is kind of like the forever ongoing Jacob/Edward argument. If you love Edward, you are most likely never going to love Jacob, unless, of course, you’re Switzerland.
    But have we Twilighters ever been this MEAN about it? No.
    Honestly, it makes me feel almost ashamed that people who have read these amazing, life-changing books would go as far to get this carried away. People think “Oh my Edward! I love Twilight so much so if they change Taylor I’ll kill someone!!!” But in reality, I think that if you really love Twilight, you should just be happy that they’re actually getting it on screen and that they did this because of the massive fan base. So don’t act like spoiled little kids, ‘cus seriously, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”
    Twilighters, I know you might love Taylor, but think about Michael’s feelings? Or even better, think about it the opposite way. What if Michael was the original Jake and they wanted to replace him with Taylor?

    Just something to think about.
    Sorry if I offended anyone–Chenya

  14. Meredith says:

    It is really stupid that people are being that way, but I totally can not stand Michael Copon. He is very arrogant and doesn’t deserve a Jacob Black role. It is really immature of Twilight fans to be doing this, but Michael is really bad guy.

  15. team jacob kicks team edwards butt says:

    i think he looks like exactly like taylor launter

  16. Kourtney says:

    That is really sad and shows a lot of immaturity on the part of some twlighters that will probably be used to generalize us all. Even though we know most of us are not like that. I am one of those rare people who wouldn’t mind a Jacob re cast. I love Taylor a lot, and he brings that sweetness and babyface aspect of Jacob that “Twlight” needed. I just don’t see him as firece , moody and sometimes scary Jacob and the way things are looking with the timeframe they are giving to shoot New Moon Summit isn’t giving Taylor enough time to even get there. Jacob is supposed to grow up before Bella and our eyes to go from a little boy to a bulit man. As much as I want to see Taylor to continue i am not sure he can pull that off in such short of time so I am open to anyone who can bring one of my favorite characters to life.

  17. Gina Cullen says:

    He is hot!!! I like Taylor but I really don’t see him as older Jacob. I am really sad that they didn’t foresee this and use someone like Michael in the beginning and just make him look as young as possible and then have the same Jacob. They should have know this would cause an uproar with some fans. But I agree we need a much hotter older Jacob and would be very happy with Michael, I hope they don’t give in to the pressure from fans. I think these “movie people” know what their doing and how things will come off on the big screen and everyone will be happy with the results. I think it will be a much better film if you have someone like Michael “competing with gorgeous Edward!” Taylor just can’t even compare to Robert. So I say bring on Michael!!! He is my Jacob!
    Twilighter, Gina Cullen

  18. Gina Cullen says:

    I just read about how Michael can come off arrogant, I think if some of that comes to the screen it would be great, because Jacob is somewhat “over-confident and arrogant” in New Moon and esp. Eclipse. I was one of the fans that didn’t like Jacob until reading his prospective in Breaking Dawn and reading him start to care about Edward and his family. So I think on the big screen that type of Jacob would be perfect. We need that arrogant, dangerous, moody type! Again, Michael seems to fit my Jacob in the books!
    Twilighter, Gina Cullen

  19. Kate says:

    He was kinda big headed about it though… the statuses he posted.

    I really don’t want him in the movie.

  20. BJ says:

    Taylor just doesn’t have the look of Jacob once Jacob starts growing. Taylor looks like a child and Jacob is suppose to end up looking like he is 27 or something. Think of the scenes where Edward and Jacob are fighting over Bella, it’s not going to seem like much of a fight with Taylor standing next to Robert. Whoever plays Jacob needs to be bigger taller and hot not child cute. Also some people have said it would be unnatural to change the character well Jacob goes through an unnatural change so it fits.

  21. mrs. black ;) says:

    people really shouldn’t do that to him.. they don’t even know that it’s true yet! as much as i love taylor *which i love him very much* and want him to be jacob… i mean come on people…. leaving hate messages? that’s pretty low….

  22. detective889 says:

    Its the Rob P. thing all over again. The fans are just backlashing because its new. Just like when Harry Potter got a new director people automatically didn’t like him because he was different, but look how the HP movies turned out they are great of not better with the new director. What I’m trying to say is that maybe it would be good if Jacob get recast because as much as I love Taylor how is he suppose to bulk up and grow another foot by the time they film? Also I don’t know about anyone else but Taylor will always be Shark Boy to me, not Jacob so I don’t really have a complaint about recasting Jacob. Besides its just a movie people, not the end of the world if some one gets recast. We didn’t see Jacob that much in the movie so it would be an easy transition unlike when they talked about replacing Harry in HP. So to wrap it up I guess I’m trying to say is that it’s low to post those comments, he is a person too, and it’s just a movie, not the end of the world.

  23. Wray says:

    This is the kind of thing that gives Twilight fans a bad name. Remember all the hate comments about Rob and Nikki??

    On the other hand, Michael has to take some responsibility for putting false statements on his Facebook saying that he’s the “older Jacob Black” without actually having the job. His friends were congratulating him and everything!

    Hate messages = bad

    Posting false or misleading statements = wrong

  24. Kylie says:

    I’m not a big fan of recasting for Jacob but what else can they do? I think if anyone could do it, he would be a good choice

  25. Ang says:

    thats so sad. sure people dont want a replacement but being mean is casting a bad light on the FANS. So far everyone seems to really want to make US happy, acting like children haveing tantrums about a replacement reflects badly on all of us. You can hope that they keep taylor and express how much you love the original actor but dont slander the new guy. It isnt his fault they are thinking about replaceing taylor. whoever does get the part, if it isnt taylor, we should welcome them and support them. and in the end ITS JUST A MOVIE!!! we want them to keep making twilight films dont we? so give them some SUPPORT!! I like Taylor but i think this guy could really fit the part. jacob is supposed to age until he is what? 30? im sorry but movie magic only goes so far and we want them to use the bigger budget on more then just makeing Taylor look older and bigger. Sorry but the kid looks his age and sadly they cant wait for him to grow up.

  26. Jaclynmarie15 says:

    that is SO LOW!! i mean, come on guys, hes probably REALLY excited about it.

  27. Bagels says:

    ok, they said “hardcore” fans were writing that on websites. i seriously don’t consider those ppl “hardcore twilight fans”
    ok, also, though i would much rather taylor play jacob (mainly because of my irritation for switching actors for the same character when they do sequels), i’m not gonna care who ends up playing him as long as they can act.
    but seriously, trashing some guy cuz he’s trying to get a role in a HUGE movie, that’s pathetic.

  28. Amanda says:

    i hate it when people do that cause then twilight fans get even more bad attention as insane tempermental fans.
    as much as i despise him for saying those things on his facebook and trying to replace taylor, this is going WAY too far. we should definatly keep in mind what happend to nikki and rob. people complained and sent hate mail and it turned out that they were amazing. since we have no idea if this guy’s getting it or if hes good, we should keep open minds. =]

  29. Shteff! says:

    aw bless him ๐Ÿ™ I understand peoples strong opinions to such a thing, but hate mail is a bit nasty. The poor guys probably logged on and been like “O_O”. Of course, many peopels are going to hate that Taylor wont play Jacob, since the rumors are in chance of being true! I’d personally hate it since I adore Jacob being Taylor! VISE VERSA! But…it’s just nasty over the hate mail :(. Dumdums.

  30. Teri says:

    Well, not that I’m defending the fans that left the guy hate messages, but I kind of think that he may be somewhat responsible for the negativity coming his way. On his facebook page, this Copon guy claimed that he indeed was the new Jacob Black. In an interview with MTV, Taylor was asked to comment about it, and he told the reporters that Copon was “jumping the gun” because he had not yet been offered the role of Jacob. Taylor says that Summit has not yet officially chosen to replace him and there’s still a chance that he may return as Jacob. So basically, it didn’t make sense for Copon to already be claiming that he’s going to be Jacob.
    So yeah…I think the fans are angry because they feel like Copon was being cocky over the situation, since no one has really asked him to be Jacob yet…

  31. mistina says:

    woah he looks great for the part tho

  32. arianna says:

    I think they should not re-cast Jacob. But true it is not our decision so what ever they want to do it is ok with me.We all STILL love Twilight so lets just go with their decision ok.

  33. Lina says:

    I want taylor to stay but I do NOT agree with other people posting nasty comments on michael copon’s fansites. If taylor is repaced it’s not his fault it’s summitt’s

  34. Jena says:

    If they re-cast the character of Jacob Black, I will NOT see the movie in a theater. I am not a huge Jacob fan, never hated him, but never really liked him either, but considering I live where Taylor grew up, I have to support the guy. If they replaced him now, it would detract from the movie.

    Besides, I do think that Taylor went above and beyond when he showed up at the Barnes and Nobles in Grandville, MI for the midnight release party of Breaking Dawn. I don’t believe any of the other actors did that! They waited until it was time to promite the movie to due public appearances. That to me shows Taylor is supportive of the entire series, not just a part he was given in a film.

  35. Amanda says:

    So i don’t think Michael should play Jacob because Taylor is amazing as Jacob, BUT……..he should be in the movie just as Quil. I think he would be a great Quil. Plus he’s really hott.

  36. Amber says:

    Wow… This is the whole reason I didn’t want to get into Twilight in the first people. Some fans are just so critical. They need to chill out. I don’t want them to recast the Jacob role but we don’t choose the cast. THEY do. These people need to grow up.

  37. marisa says:

    Is he replacing Taylor? If he is, well then cool. I do like Taylor a lot. But, if Taylor is going to be replaced, well this guy is pretty cute for Jacob. I hate people who do stupid things like that. It’s so annoying. I mean, I like Twilight and all, but, they act like it is the end of the world. Come on people. Grow up!

  38. sou says:

    I’m not down. Okay yeah.. he’s douchey, but lets not go on his fansites be dirty little TROLLS. ew.. i thought we had more class than that. :/

  39. fRaNceS says:

    No, I think he’s perfect for Jacob….I don’t like Taylor Lautner

  40. Alice says:

    alright guys…. as much as i don’t want him re-cast to give some one you have never even met in your life horrible comments online is sinking a little low….. he is a person… with feelings….. honestly i really hope he never sees those messages and that the page isn’t really his

  41. lizzy says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they cannot use him as jake….. we already know and respect taylor as jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they cannot replace him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still michael is kinda hot and its weird how alike taylor and him look!!!!!

  42. terri says:

    i think it’s up to the movie makers. i, personally, wouldn’t choose different characters because it creates an inconsistency. but if they DO choose a different character here and there, it won’t deter me from seeing the film.

  43. Robin says:

    gollE twilighters way to overreact

  44. CullenCrazy17 says:

    ok guys so i ABSOLUTLY HATE the fact that they may b replacing taylor and i also dont really like the idea of micheal copon being the replacement…but still no need to hate on him! its not his fault they want him, so leave him alone and get angry at the director or whoever is in charge of casting him!

    but seriously if he replaces taylor i will b the maddest person in the world!!! no…IN ALL THE GALAXIES OF SPACE!!!!!!!

  45. CullenCrazy17 says:

    and #41…no they do not look anything alike!!! taylor is soooo much hotter and a much better actor! especially for jacob

  46. Brandi says:

    I understand that people don’t want Taylor replaced (I don’t either) but lets grow up!!! Don’t hate on someone, show the love!! That’s what Twilight is all about! I really really really would liek to keep Taylor as Jacob, but if it doesn’t work out, sure I will be bummed, but maybe Micheal could do a great job(or whom ever might replace Taylor)!! Best case: Taylor stays and Michael gets to play another wolf pack character…

    On a lighter note: I am so glad us here at TST are so much more loving!!! Most of us agree that Taylor should stay, and we voice that, but we don’t get nasty mean or hatefull about it!! So YAY US!!!

  47. Olivia says:

    Although, I do agree that the “new jacob candidate” looks great for the part, I think it’s very unwise for Summit. I mean why would you even cast Jacob in Twilight if you knew he wouldn’t be good enough for New Moon… They should have seen this coming…
    I AM glad that Taylors trying to get it though… ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Melrose says:

    I want Taylor to do it, and we all heard that Copon’s talking mad crap, but its not kewl to retaliate, it just doesnt look cool..An you dnt really know if all the articles you read is actually what he said.

  49. Shannah says:

    He doesn’t deserve your sympathy! Look at his interview with J-14… he is the biggest dick ever. And I guess now he is trying to manipulate everyone into feeling sorry for him and all the hate mail he’s getting… IF YOU BELIEVE IT, GO READ THE INTERVIEW! WE ARE JUSTIFIED IN CALLING HIM OUT!

    And what’s up with him saying the Facebook page saying “The older Jacob Black” isn’t his? His rep and stuff confirmed it, So unless they are sniffing crack, Michael Copon is also a liar!

    Yeah, he TOTALLY shouldn’t be getting all this hate mail. Since he hasn’t earned it. (Heavy sarcasm-I hate this guy.)

  50. Brandi says:

    Have now read the J-14 interview I have a few things to say: btw thank you Shannah, I was unaware of this interview…

    I have a few points to make……

    1st of all: It isn’t Twilight 2, it’s NEW MOON!!!

    2nd: You don’t know what you’re talking about Michael! You can’t possibly be better suited for Jacob, you haven’t even read the books! TAYLOR HAS!

    3rd: Get OVER YOURSELF!!!

    4th: Just because you’re tan and from the east coast doesn’t mean your Indian!

    5th: Being taller and heavier, doesn’t make you Jacob. I would rather see a shorter scrawny Taylor play Jacob then a taller beefed up M.C. playing Jacob. And I think it is safe to say a lot of Twilighters agree (granted not all but a lot as you can tell).

    6th:(this will be a long list)

    7th: You say you’re a team player when all you talk about is yourself???

    8th: You have nothing on Rob! It wouldn’t be a healthy competition. He has a very loyal fan base (AS DOES TAYLOR). I would quit before you get to far behind!

    9th: There wasn’t very much Taylor had to bring in Twilight given that Jacob doesn’t have a big role in Twilight. It expands in New Moon. You would know that if you read more then the cliff notes! Further more, when Stephenie M. wrote Twilight, she didn’t expand on Jacob’s character because at the time, he wasn’t going to be a major charater! If you knew ANYTHING about Twilight you would have known that!

    10th: Just because you were in S.K. 2 (which sucked btw) doesn’t make you a great actor.

    11th: You don’t know a whole lot about movie makeing! They can do wonders with make-up and special effects these days!! They can make it work with Taylor! Not that it really matters what Taylor looks like, I’d still prefer him to you.

    12th: So you got CSI: Miami with out even auditioning hu? WOW big role there!!! Got news for ya, you will have to audition for NM. Stephenie M. wont let just anyone take over Jacob w/o seeing if they can even give half of what Taylor had to the role!

    13th: It’s ALL about Jacobs smile it brings SUN to Bella!! Again you would know that IF you read New Moon.

    14th: You would have been better suited for a role as one of the frat boys in Twilight!

    15th: You haven’t had time to read the series?? Most of us read each book in 1 MAYBE 2 or 3 days (most of us less) !!!

    16th: You look nothing like Taylor. You yourself said he has a baby face and you don’t. He is 8 inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter then you. Ye shall not speak with forked tongue.

    17th: I disagree with the hatefull name calling, but Michael you are not Jacob, plain and simple!

    Thats as much time as I wish to spend on this subject may the best man(Taylor) win!

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