Michael Copon Talks Jacob Black

Dec 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

J-14 did an interview with Michael Copon and he had some very interesting answers in regards to Taylor Lautner and Jacob Black.  What do you think of this interview?  Does it make you want him for the role of Jacob more or less than before?  You can read the entire interview here.

“J-14: Everyone’s putting you up against Taylor Lautner – why do you think you should be Jacob?
Michael: I have nothing against Taylor personally. I think he’s great and tremendous at what he does. But it’s just adjusting to the fact that Jacob has to grow. It’s a matter of going with the storyline. It goes with the territory. I see so much in Jacob Black that I feel like wasn’t brought to the first film that if I had the opportunity, I would totally create an amazing character. He’s more than just a guy who walks around and smiles and likes Bella. It’s just too one-sided. It’s two colors and I feel like Jacob is full of a hundred colors.”

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100 Comments to “Michael Copon Talks Jacob Black”

  1. Shteff! says:

    He’s bragging a bit isn’t he?
    I know people hate the fact he’s probably going to get the part, me being one of them…since we’ve grown to love Taylor! I mean… I HAS A POSTER OF HIM! *sobs*
    But, if it’s the way things must go…then *blesses self* let it be *sniffles* xox

  2. Samantha says:

    Taylor has to play jacob whether he is too young or too old looking. The movie can’t all be the same as the book. I fell in love with Taylor’s personality and smile; his unique way of playing jacob as 15 was him. It was probably just natural for him. Plus, the new guy just looks like the kid that plays Eric. If they did change him I don’t want to see New Moon then. Even if it was my favorite book.

  3. Haley says:

    god! is it just me, or does Copon sound like a total Taylor-trashing a-hole in this article? i had nothing against Copon himself, just him trying to take over our Twilight, but now….there are no words for this. (haha Breaking Dawn chapter 18!)

    peace, love, and TAYLOR LAUTNER
    Haley (i’m SO P.O.ed!)

  4. LOTR says:

    Al of you guys need to get a grip! Serioulsy! There is a possibility! It is just a movie! when you read the books, well then imagine Taylor Lautner or whoever you want. Seriously…..
    You guys needs to get a grip!

  5. sou says:

    I agree w/ him that Jacob has to grow. BUT anyone would be better than this douche. >.<
    STEVEN STRAIT summit!!!! NOW.

  6. McKell says:

    I think they should stick with Taylor 🙁 Just adjust camera angles, put lifts in his shoes, what ever, just please stick with Taylor!!!

  7. Sophiee says:

    Taylor is the best Jacob ever! this Michael person is not at all Summit cant do thisss >O

  8. Rita says:

    I don’t like him….


  9. Tori says:

    ome! wthhhh?????
    he says friendly competion in the j-14 article.
    ughhhh newsflash kid there aint no competion.
    i think taylor is perfect for the role.
    so what if hes not all big and huge and weighs “200 pounds of muscle”
    its called the gym hellllooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Amber says:

    Mmm… Okay. The guy DOES seem really arrogant… 😡 I hate the thought of the role of Jacob being recast period, but I’ve lost my like for this guy. I’m hoping that we’re just misunderstanding what he’s trying to say because right now, he kinds of sounds like a jerk.

    Of course i won’t freak out if he IS cast as Jacob. I’ll just be…mopey while I watch the film. Still gonna support it!

  11. Inez says:

    hmm. he sounds like a not so nice person. i think he might try and make new moon all about him and forget that the main character is bella. first off he should have found out some real information about twilight then using what some agent probablly told him quickly. it seems as though he doesn’t care about the character at all, but rather the publicity he’ll get from being in the movie. i hope they keep taylor, he seems like such a nice kid.

  12. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    BIG HEADED MUCH?! Michael is TOO full of himself. He said that he has nothing against Taylor…UGH! WHAT A LIAR! HE THINKS HE’S BETTER THAN TAYLOR. Copon was insulting him throughout the whole interview! There is no way I want him to become Jacob, I would feel bad for all the actors who would have to deal with his crap. Michael doesn’t look like Jacob at all for crying out loud. THE ONLY THING THAT COPON HAS IN COMMON WITH JACOB IS THAT HE IS BUFF AND TALL. AND THAT’S IT. And he says that Jacob is one sided in Twilight?! I CANNOT STAND COPON AND I DON’T KNOW WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO HIRE HIM AS JACOB. IM SORRY, THAT’S JUST WHAT I THINK.

    TWILIGHT 2?!
    Before he even considers himself as Jacob, he needs to know the name! What an idiot! He read “cliff notes” so apparently he doesn’t know the character of Jacob that well, but Taylor knows Jacob in and out.

    “I see so much in Jacob Black that I feel like wasn’t brought to the first film that if I had the opportunity, I would totally create an amazing character.”
    OK. 1) Jacob Black wasn’t brought to the first film that much because he was a minor character idiot! That’s the whole point. 2) Before you go on and say that you would be so much of an amazing character, you might want to read the book and see who Jacob really is!
    And then he also says that he’s Native American because he lives in Virginia where they filmed “The Last of the Mohicans” how stupid is he?? and even if he is Native American, he sure doesn’t look like it.

    And also, who cares if Taylor isn’t as tall or buff as Jacob? As Ashley stated in an MTV interview, she isn’t 4 10″ like Alice for sure. Jackson isn’t 6 3″ like Jasper. TAYLOR IS THE ONE AND ONLY JACOB BLACK. MICHAEL CAN GO ON AND ACT LIKE THE PRETTY-BOY WANNABE THAT HE IS, HE IS NOT JACOB BLACK AT ALL AND HE NEEDS TO ACCEPT THAT FACT AND MOVE ON.

  13. cccmuffin says:

    He hasn’t even read the books! He’s like I have nothing against taylor and then he says that taylor is laking in the movie! He says he can bring something more to the character but he hasn’t read the book! At least read the book first! Grrrr! I don’t like this guy! Team Taylor anyone?

  14. EmilyJean says:

    what the heck was twilight 2???!!!!

    HE SUCKS! IF HE IS JACOB I AM NOT GOING TO SEE “TWILIGHT 2” (New Moon for hose people who actually care)

  15. Haley--Team Taylor says:

    he read frickin CliffNotes.

    he called New Moon “Twilight 2.”

    does this arrogant jackass REALLY deserve our support?

    peace, love, and Twilight

  16. Meganthenoodle says:

    Hey retard! Jake doesn’t even DO anything in Twilight, so who do you think you are for saying that Taylor can’t pull it off?
    Cliffs notes are crap!
    Twilight 2?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me!
    Do we really want this loser as Jake?
    If he is in New Moon, I’m ditching the movie.

  17. Camille says:

    Ugh! I couldn’t even finish reading this article, it made me so angry! It seems that he couldn’t even formulate valid reasons as to why he should play Jacob, almost like he was trying to convince himself he could do the role. Also, if Copon thinks that Scorpion King 2 and Twilight are similar in any way (characters, plotline, etc.), than that is indicative that he is not suited for this role. Finally, how does he know that he’s “exactly eight inches taller than Taylor?” It’s like he needs these height and weight statistics to prove that he should be in New Moon. What about the actual ACTING, huh?

  18. zahra says:

    we have taylor, he’s the perfect jacob..
    we dont need copon.
    but copon NEEDS to shut his mouth!

  19. MICHAEL FOR TWILIGHT 2!!! Lmao, I love that. But seriously! I WANT MICHAEL!!!! under my tree XD and as Jacob.

  20. hayley says:

    honestly, i think they should do both. they could use taylor in the first part of the movie before he turns wereworlf. then, when he has the tremendous growthspurt and all, they can replace him. it is not like its an all or nothing situation. and if you put aside your biases of their personalities/histories, you realize that michael is better fit for this part.

  21. hayley says:

    and ome? if that stands for ‘oh my edward’ like i think it does, thats seriosuly pathetic. i think that these books are amazing, but there is a point where ‘ome’ is crossing the line. you dont hear shakesphere fans walking around saying “OH MY ROMEO”
    sorry if this offends, but i had to say it.

  22. alyssa says:

    He is seriously starting to annoy me. = [ I mean, “Twilight 2”?!?!?!?!? He probably didn’t even remember what it was called. And he didn’t know that Rob played Edward!!! My mom knew that and she hasn’t seen the movie!

  23. alyssa says:

    Seriously, though, he really needs to sit down and read the book if he’s going to play one of the main characters.

  24. Kimmy says:


    I hate how the media has such a huge influence on how people are displayed. From reading that article, I think he sounds rather arrogant. But it really wouldn’t be fair to judge him, would it? Still, I don’t think he’s right for the role at all. Physically? Okay, I’ll give him that. Emotionally? No. I don’t see him being as involved as the rest of the cast was for Twilight – the Q&As, podcast interviews, photo shoots… etc. This may not be a big deal to some of you, so sorry if you don’t agree with me. I think personalit is a HUGE factor in this fandom.

    I hope they keep Taylor. I don’t even care if he’s not huge or super buff anymore. If you’ve read the books, you’ll know what’s going on.

  25. hunter says:

    i think that taylor is perfect for the role of jacob. jacob is only a supposed to be a skinny little stick teenager right away. Taylor could bulk up. yeah he is a little short, but that is a minor issue. taylor could get bigger as they film the movie just like he did in the book. TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Emmett's Girl says:

    I think Taylor has an excellent grip on the character and would like to see him continue to play Jacob.

    I see points on both sides, but Jacob IS New Moon. You get the casting wrong and the movie will tank. If they are going to replace Taylor (which I really hope they don’t) they need to do it now.

    If Taylor has to be replaced, and I had any say in the matter, I would be going after Steven Strait.

    Michael Copon can talk the talk, but he we have yet to see if he can walk the walk. You have to judge an actor by his talent not his ego.

    However, I think I would have used a better example than the direct to DVD The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior as “proof” that he can carry a movie. I’m just saying.

  27. lariza says:

    a total self absorbed jerk!

  28. Cynthia from California says:

    If everyone is fine with Solomon Trimble playing Sam, who is also supposed to be tall and muscular, then there shouldn’t be a problem with Taylor playing Jacob!

  29. kassia says:

    Bulk DOWN?? Twilight 2?? Cliffs notes??

    And yet he still says that he is better for Jacob? He looks nothing like Taylor, and he sounds like he is insanely arrogant. I don’t think that he knows anything about Twilight, or Jacob, and probably doesn’t even give a shit to even bother to find out. I hope we can find out soon who is officially cast, and if summit knows whats best for them, they would cast taylor again. this guy sounds absolutely disgusting.

  30. kassia says:

    I am team Jacob all the way, and also team Taylor, but before this guy opened his big mouth, I would have been upset but eventually fine with him playing Jacob. Yet he goes off, and ever sentance he says is putting down Taylor or saying how much muscular he is or just proving how ignorant he is of Twilight.

  31. kassia says:


    It’s not up to you to decide who we picture when we see Jacob. Obviously, for most of the people here we picture Taylor. It’s not up to you to try and change that.

  32. Luna Eclipse says:

    ” I haven’t had time to actually sit down and read the whole book, but I kind of know what happens. ” ????????
    Stephenie deserves so much better for her beautiful books.

  33. Brandi says:

    Here is a petition I found to keep Taylor!!! I don’t think it would really change anyone’s mind at Summit Ent. But hey if Taylor (aka Jacob) sees it will make him feel better!!! 😉

    http://www.Petitiononline.com/mon_perl/petition-sign.cgi?Taylor17 (I don’t know if the link works but you can copy and past into search engine!!) Sorry if it isn’t correct, hopefully it works!!

  34. sydney says:

    i cant see micheal as jacob. the only person that i can picture is taylor. a lot of people have been saying that taylor cant look intimidating, but i think that he can. for example, in the prom sceen i think that taylor did a great job, it wasnt what i pictured as i read the book, but i got the feeling that jacob really really did not like edward. micheal copon seams pretty confident in himself, but i dont think that he could deliver the way taylor did.

  35. tina2 says:

    IS THIS GUY DIGGING A HOLE FOR HIMSELF OR WHAT? First the presumptuous myspace page, then there’s the video of him eating at a restaurant and being surprised by “journalists” to whom he explained that some kid created said myspace page, which contradicted his publicist’s prior confirmation that it was Copon’s, now this comment. Hmmm… How could he as Jacob bring more to the character in Twilight when the character only has a bit part and doesn’t get developed until book 2?

  36. Steph says:

    okay obviously jacob black is not supposed to be two sided right now .
    he is ONLY supposed to smile and like bella . if this guy read the book , he would know.
    jacob turns into a warewolf in new moon and has nothing against edward in twilight except for the fact that he would rather have bella . and even at that , jacob still loves bella in new moon . so the way taylor played it made total sense .
    this guy seems way to cocky to play jacob .
    taylor lautner played his part perfectly the way it should be .

  37. Michy says:

    this guys a goof! i hope he’s reading this!!!!!! how can he think he can bring more to Jacobs cheracter in book too!!! FRICK! is he an air-head or something. Jacobs cheracter doesn’t develop till book two and Taylor is set metally already to this…..this guy is a joke! not happy!….he thinks he’s the mack daddy of hotness. HA! hey news flash cocky bastard! ur going up against Robert Pattinson-Twilight alum- hands down no contest what does he think he can play “edwards” role too cuz he’s so devine..b*** please! Only Taylor can compete and do u knw why? because he did in the first film.. small role but enough to see him go toe-to toe. give more bulk to taylor and watch him become JACOB BLACK!!!!

    Taylor Lautner IS Jacob Black!!!!!!!!!

  38. CullenCrazy17 says:

    haha looks like u lost micheal! taylor is jacob! its official so goodbye! no offense…i guess…i just couldnt let anyone steal taylors role!!!!!

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