Twilight Fan History

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Fan History Wiki is a fan run site dedicated to documenting the history of fandom and creating a directory of members of fandom. They are looking for YOUR help with editing their Twilight article. Some of the things they want you to fill in are:

“How did fans respond to the release of the books? to the movie? Who are the influential fans? What are the major fansites? When were they created and what events happened that effected them? What have been the major fandom fights? Who was involved? What was the fallout for those fights?”

You can check out their page here and begin editing to your hearts’ content 🙂 You can also visit their directory of fans here!

Make your voices heard, Twilighters!

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  1. Laura says:

    I added a section about the awesome, popular Twilight Series Theories! LOVE YOU KALLIE AND KASSIE!

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