Best of 2008!

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We want to know what you thought was the Best of 2008! Leave your favorite news, pics, videos, contests… you name it… in the Comments!

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  1. Emily S says:

    When twilight changed there day (on my birthday) to nov. 21 πŸ˜€

    Breaking Dawn Coming out πŸ˜€

    The Movie coming out

  2. Bagels says:

    when i first saw the trailer for the movie after finishing twilight for the first time (officially began my obsession πŸ˜€ )
    breaking dawn coming out
    seeing the movie

  3. The Twihard says:

    My favorite Twilight moment of 2008 was when I got Breaking Dawn!

  4. Tara K. says:

    *Moving the movie to Nov. 21
    *Breaking Dawn (Bella becoming a vampire. Not so crazy about Renessmee.)
    *Announcing New Moon to become a movie
    *Watching Twilight become transformed into a movie (even though it wasn’t as great as I expected, it was kind of close).
    *Jacob finally finding someone, and leaving Bella alone about being with Edward ( I’m still not liking Renessmee though.)

    Sorry to those who like her (Renessmee), it’s just that I can’t get used to Edward and Bella being… parents.

  5. Jenn says:

    Listening to two great podcasters. Keeping us in the loop with the latest Twilight information.
    Reading my fav twilight Book, Breaking Dawn.
    Seeing (online) and reading how Twilight was made.
    Experiencing Twilight fanaticism.
    Knowing that I had a small part of making Twilight a huge success.

  6. Jenn says:

    And knowing that New Moon will be coming out. I forgot to put that in.

  7. Anne says:

    Reading Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse for the first time, and falling in love with the story that started an obsession.

  8. team jacob kicks team edward's butt says:

    the twilight puppet saga on youtube! πŸ™‚

  9. Tori says:

    *Breaking Dawn
    *Twilight into a movie
    *Reading all the books for the first time
    *New moon announcement

  10. Thora Grace says:

    Finding out that the Twilight experience was coming to the big screen. Seeing it, and crying with joy.
    The moment that Breaking Dawn was layed down in my palms
    Listening to Twilight Series Theories and getting my Twilight fix
    Remembering that there are people just like me experiancing it all too, even if I am Team Jacob

  11. Jamie Lenora says:

    Two words.

    Spunk Ransom!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    ~Finding the Twilight Series Theories podcast and listening to all of the episodes!!!
    ~Seeing the movie for the first time!!
    ~Reading the series for the first timie (yes I read all of them over the summer!!)

  13. saharasplash says:

    when i read all four twilight books in five days at the start of september, and became an instant twihard!
    when i found out that there was going to be a movie made
    every day after that checking for news, and getting all my friends to read it and become as obsessed as i was!
    and now, looking forward to anything twilight related in the future!

  14. Jessica says:

    Discovering the series in August and absolutely devouring it…it literally had my heart pounding as I read Twilight!

    Also, reading Breaking Dawn, just that feeling of being a part of something (like with Deathly Hallows last year).

    And going to a midnight showing of the movie when it opened.

  15. Alexa says:

    The Twilight Date Being Changed
    And This Quote, “And She’s With Jasper The Blonde One Who Looks Like He’s Pain”

  16. Erin(: says:

    Flat out …
    -Breaking Dawn.
    -THe movie
    -last but not least………. The fans.<3

  17. Tiffany C. says:

    When I signed into my computer and found the first Twilight trailer they released. I was having a bad day that day, and I saw that and I freaked out. I watched it, then went running around my house, jumping and screaming. Then I went and watched it A LOT of more times. xD

    then I loved all the news. coming on here, and just having something new about my current obsession. It was amazing. xD

    oh, and the merchandise. xD

    and of course, all the fans! I don’t feel like the freak among you all! You understand what its like to obsess! None of my friends do! haha

  18. Jacq says:

    I’m selfish and the best that happened to me this year was to meet Rob here in Rome.. LOL

  19. kayla says:

    Geting Breaking Dawn at midnight!

  20. Meghan says:

    Finding out New Moon was going to be made into a movie. I jumped up and down and danced around with my best friend haha
    Seeing Twilight for the first time πŸ™‚
    Getting Breaking Dawn (though did NOT like renesme too much) but it made me LOVE Jacob heheeh

  21. Brandi says:

    Ready Twilight SAGA AND Midnight showing of TWILIGHT!!! AND then finding out that New Moon will be made!! πŸ˜€

  22. Brandi says:

    *reading ahaha

  23. Luna Eclipse says:

    There are so many amazing things that happened to the series this year! My favorite Twilight moment this year was reading Rosalie’s “You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair.” That made me laugh so hard. It’s kind of become the motto among my friends.

    Not to kill the spirit or anything, but I’d like to also mention the two tragic Twilight moments this year (yay for the fact that there’s only two).
    -The first is the whole Midnight Sun fiasco… that seriously sucked (it still seriously sucks). Stephenie deserves so much better than that.
    -The second is Entertainment Weekly’s unfair and hypocritical ‘D’ of Breaking Dawn. Ugh! So not fair! I thought their review was cruel and jugemental, laking the ability to think outside the box and oh, the part where it contorted the facts of the book until it wasn’t Breaking Dawn anymore.

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I almost forgot! I can’t figure out how to upload the pic, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED Kristin’s orange/silver/white/some-dark-color-I-can’t-make-out premier dress!

  24. Luna Eclipse says:

    this is stevie lunas friend…………..2008 was a horrible year for me….i love twilight……………..edward is still ok……

  25. Kaytee says:

    ok I have to say that my favorite thing this year was the birth of my daughter but second was the entire Twilight Series, I read all 4 books in less than two weeks along with taking care of an infant and a 2 yr old. 2008 was great!!

  26. Sasha says:

    when Breaking dawn came out! WY TO GO STEPHENIE!!!!!!!!!

  27. Erin says:

    My fave moments of 2008 were when Twilight came out and Breaking Dawn came out! =]

  28. sou says:

    **B/E getting married and B becoming a vamp (sorry i also agree w/ person up top about Ren ew. no.) ~ haha BD coming out on my birthday was pretty awesome too!!
    **Twilight movie
    **New Moon coming
    ** Spunk Ransom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    **Kstew!! YEAH
    ** The rest of the Cullen Cast!!!!!!!!!
    ** Taylor !
    ** AND amazing twilight tee shirts/posters and soundtrack!!
    ** Muse’s Supermassive Black hole

  29. Becca says:

    Um flying in my aunt to see the premiere of twilight we (me, my sis, my bff, mom, aunt, couzin, grandma, and my aunt flyin in from texas) picked her up in a white stretch limo, we made tees, went shopping, all that day then we went and sat in the theater for 30 min till they let us sit in a line and we were the first ones there yay!!!! so we sat there drinking mountain dew and coffee to stay up, so we sat fro like 2 hrs then when like 100 people were there police men escorted me and our group (people were tryin to take r spot) into the theater to find r seat it was awesome !!! and then there it was the moment we had been waiting for since this summer (when “my family” got hooked on the books over vacation) i will never ever forget it. So wat i liked bout this year also was it brought all the girls in my family together and we all now have a common bond
    So thx also youguys for taking so much time out to making this site awesome i’v been on here every day for the last five months so thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year luv ya guys

  30. meganthenoodle says:

    May 25th
    That was the first day I picked up Twilight.

  31. ashley says:

    2008 was amazing for me because of the twilight saga. i read twilight on january 25th, and was hooked. after that i got new moon, eclipse, and i’ve read breaking dawn. i loved it, i hate that fans are divided over it but i thought it ended perfectly. renesmee is so adorable!!!!
    finding out they were making twilight was a huge thing for my sister and i and we loved checking the twilight sites everyday while they were filming for new pics and stories from the extras. i loved the cast immediately and i got into so many fights,even with my best friend over them casting rob, but i still defended the choices. i’m so glad that my sister amy and i defended rob as edward from the beginning because i knew he was gonna be great. he’s intelligent and brings so much to his character.
    i cannot wait to see what they do with New Moon. i’m still sad that catherine won’t be directing, but i’m open to what chris will bring to it.
    going from a group of people talking about it on the lexicon to 69.6 million opening box office has been such a crazy whirlwind for everybody, and other than all the weird crap people fight over( rob’s hairstyles and casting in the beginning)
    i’m very proud to say it started with all of us Twilighters……..we can accomplish anything…….Here’s to 2009, and what it brings to the twilight fanbase….. november 20th!! new moon!!!

  32. Heather D says:

    Everything in Breaking Dawn including Renesmee yay.
    Seeing Rob Pattinson bring Edward to life.

  33. Dana says:

    breaking dawn
    and the movie
    and rob being casted
    and that new moon is the movie to look out for next year

  34. amanda says:

    My favorite day was November 12th when Robert Pattinson came to orland park, IL. I waited 17 hours, but it was totally worth it!!!!

  35. Daniella says:

    well this year was pretty bad for me and there were just few thigs that worth it in the list is, of course, twilight!!!
    when i discovered the series and i read twilight a week before the movie got out!! when i was reading the book you could hear me say like awwwwww!!, i want an edward!!! haha, and stuff like that it’s just that i get sooo into the book!! and it sounds RIDICULOUS i know but.. twilight change me a liitle and i can’t say in what aspect because i’m not pretty sure but i know that after twilight something did change .__.
    when i saw the trailer me really obsession began!!!
    whe i went to see the movie a day after the premiere! i swear it was full of girls and when edward appeared theay all started screaming!! and a mom said: YOU ALL SHUT UP!!! hahahaha and we were like yeah whatever! hahah
    when i got the 4 books!!!
    when i bought the soundtrack! damn! i love iit!!! i love every song really!
    ffinding twilight series theories! i don’t see any podcast about twilight if it is not this one! is has EVERY SINGLE thing i waant to know o i was looking for! Congratulations! really good job! please continue like this U’re the best!!
    when i found out breaking dawn beat potter as wiinning the best book yes!!!
    and… the end pf the year! haha it’s just that, like i said before, it was a bad year!
    hope this year gets so much more better for everyone that felt 2008 was awful and for everything related to twilight, new moon, etc
    wish U all the best for 2009! twilight lovers! lol haha

  36. maruschka says:

    when rob, catherine and kristen were in munich…

    it was absolutely surreal…i talked to kristen, catherine waved to me and i BUMPED into OUR VERY OWN ROB PATTINSON (but i was too stupid to recognize him in that moment;( )

    here`s the vid..I`m the one in the red can see the “crash” from 0:25-0:27…

  37. Vanessa says:

    Meeting Taylor Luaghtner!

  38. Jaspers_Dixie_Chick says:

    Names, that’s all you need.

    Jasper. Carlisle. James. Emmett. Charlie.

    Yup, that’s awesome. Oh, and laughing SO HARD when I found out they’re thinking about casting a former Power Ranger as the new Jacob. lol

  39. AllieBella says:

    what i think was great about 2008 was
    * I started to read the Twilight seris and LOVED it.
    *Became a member of TEAM EDWARD.
    *And everthing TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maruschka you were sooooo looky I absolutly LOVE Rob PAttinson he is soooo H.O.T no what he is so HEXY (Hot and Sexy)
    And I hope that Taylor L will be in all the movies because he IS The PREFECT Jacob Black with his smile his looks and he is just so CHARMING and he deserves to be in New Moon,Eclipse, and hopfly if they do make Breaking Dawn.
    And I Love the other guy Cullens too they are all Hexy and I wish them a happy New Year and that it is full of good and asome things and that they stay safe and healthy if anything happend to any of the cast i would go insane defenetly if it was Rob or Taylor!!! And I wish everyone a HAppy New Year and may be full of of Twilight sprit (happy and other good stuff like that ) GO TEAM EDWARD CULLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Emma says:

    I first started reading twilight in june!
    read through eclipse in july!
    and the twilight movie!!
    and i haven’t had enough!!

  41. C. Cullen says:

    best twilight news of 2008
    -when twilight was featured in vanity fair (the pics are stunning)
    -david strick’s hollywood backlot feature on twilight gave us an inside look at the filming and the sets
    -the meet the cast of twilight feature MTV did offered us the first glimpse into the filming process
    -twilight tuesday and larry carroll. need i say more?
    -breaking dawn
    -the twilight movie and premiere

  42. lisa from Germany says:

    my fav Twilight related moment of 2008???

    3. Place: finding out Obama reads Twilight! I thought that rocks!

    2. Place: Finding out the german release date was moved to Jannuary 15th instead of Jannuary 22nd

    1. Place: Getting Breaking Dawn and seeing the Trailer for the first time!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Shteff! says:

    Breaking dawn was published on August 2nd (my birthday), well put on sale haha.
    I was in a mexican airport at the time πŸ™‚ well, madrid…so, i bought it on the way home from working with kids.
    made my holiday complete cause i ended up buying the whole series in mexico πŸ˜€ xox

  44. Shteff! says:

    Emmett Cullen ooft XD hahaha

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