What’s your BEST Supporter Speculation?

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Next week we are going to read the BEST Supporter Speculations!  We want you to let us know what you think is going to happen to the Twilight Gang!

So, what’s your BEST Supporter’s Speculation?

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  1. Carly says:

    sorry guys…this is the one area where i completely suck. i have NOTHING NOTHING NOOOOTHING. on the other hand, my friend Miranda is a fanfic writer and she has some kick-ass speculations in the form of fanfics. her profile url is http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1672982/ParamoreEvanescenceTwilight and to get to her stories just scroll down all the way to the bottom. check out “Understood” especially, or “I Can’t Say No to You.” and yes this is shameless Miranda advertising, no M does not know about this…

    love the podcast!


  2. Jessica Fillmore says:

    I think it would be really awesome if instead of focusing on the future of everyone, we could look to the past and really tell the stories of the Cullens and maybe the Volturis past. But if its a book on the future it needs to be about Leah, her story breaks my heart…

  3. Jessica Fillmore says:

    I think it would be really awesome if instead of focusing on the future of everyone, we could look to the past and really tell the stories of the Cullens and maybe the Volturis past. But if its a book on the future it needs to be about Leah, her story breaks my heart…
    Also just and after note…but I just caught Twilight “fever” in October and I have since listened to all your podcasts and you girls are awesome..always have a podcast discussing great books!! jessica fillmore

  4. bCullen says:

    love you guys listen every week
    ok so i know this is far fetched but what if Leah had imprinted on Demitri (sp?) during the last incounter in BD so Leah has a huge adventure where she has to go to Italy and find Demitri. Jane will probably pissed as hell but like Jacob always says who can ignore that kind of commitment. Demitri will leave the volturi now that he has found something stronger than the bond created by chelsea and we’ll find out that hes actually a really nice guy. ok once again really far fetched but i thought it would be funny

  5. Annika says:

    So, I had a little idea. While listening to another podcast (I know, I know, but I love you ladies the most!) The were talking about Bella’s dreams and how they often are prophetic. Then they talked about how, after talking to Rosalie about her past in Eclipse and why Rose felt Bella should choose to stay human, she dreamt about crawling along the pavement of a street bleeding and dying while a angel in a white dress watched over her. Then I was trying to think about how that dream was prophetic like all of Bella’s previous dreams, and I thought about in Breaking Dawn how Rosalie was Bella’s gaurdian while pregnant with Renessme! I had never caught on to that, and I have read the whole series through 3 times! Just a little connection, maybe it is me just looking too far into it, but I thought it was interesting! Love the show!

  6. Team Edcob says:

    first I have to say, that Jessica fillmore’s theory was awesome.. But I have another one.
    Stephenie Meyer has said that she’s not gonna write anything more about Bella, as a main character. I think that is kind of sad, because I love Bella, and want to know more about her, but I can’t do anything about that, unfortunately. BUT: it would be extremely awesome if a book was written in the perspective of carlisle. I know it must sound weird, but (here comes the idea of Jessica fillmore..;D hehe.. )if we could get to know what happened in the years after carlisle changed edward, esme etc. and until edward met Bella.
    I love carlisle and is one of my favorite characters in the twilight series.

    But I have an other one, as well about Leah.. I love Leah.. (In fact I love almost every character in the book, except from Jane….) And I would love to here her story. And her thoughts. We don’t get to know much of her thoughts in BD, only that her heart is broken after Sam left her for her cousin. So, the next book, should be from Leah (or carlisle, as I mentioned in the other theory)… And I have some ideas what the book have to be named.. ;D
    1. heart healing
    2. Thoughts from a lonely werewolf.
    3. nightfall
    4. (or) forbidden thoughts (I think this is the best, because she’s not allowed to think about sam, when she’s in a werewolf shape, oh I feel so sorry for her!!)
    But I think she’s gonna find love, but I think is has to be with a stranger, not mentioned in the book.. And she’s not going to imprint, just find a cute guy she wants to share her life with..

    Thank you, that was my theory,..
    Love the podcast.

  7. Team Edcob says:

    first I have to say, that Jessica fillmore’s theory was awesome.. But I have another one.
    Stephenie Meyer has said that she’s not gonna write anything more about Bella, as a main character. I think that is kind of sad, because I love Bella, and want to know more about her, but I can’t do anything about that, unfortunately. BUT: it would be extremely awesome if a book was written in the perspective of carlisle. I know it must sound weird, but (here comes the idea of Jessica fillmore..;D hehe.. )if we could get to know what happened in the years after carlisle changed edward, esme etc. and until edward met Bella.
    I love carlisle and is one of my favorite characters in the twilight series.

    But I have an other one, as well about Leah.. I love Leah.. (In fact I love almost every character in the book, except from Jane….) And I would love to here her story. And her thoughts. We don’t get to know much of her thoughts in BD, only that her heart is broken after Sam left her for her cousin. So, the next book, should be from Leah (or carlisle, as I mentioned in the other theory)… And I have some ideas what the book have to be named.. ;D
    1. heart healing
    2. Thoughts from a lonely werewolf.
    3. nightfall
    4. (or) forbidden thoughts (I think this is the best, because she’s not allowed to think about sam, when she’s in a werewolf shape, oh I feel so sorry for her!!)
    But I think she’s gonna find love, but I think is has to be with a stranger, not mentioned in the book.. And she’s not going to imprint, just find a cute guy she wants to share her life with..

    Thank you, that was my theory,..
    Love the podcast.

    BTW : I think you should read number 11 on your podcast.. It’s AWESOME!!!

  8. Team Edcob says:

    Woops, I posted it twice.. Sorry.. But as I said.. READ NUMBER 11 .. it’s such detailed..!

  9. The biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    I would like to have a book from Jane’s or Alec’s point of view.I at least want to know more about the Volturi. I love them and Jane and Alec are my favorite so that is why I want a book from there point of view.

    It would also be awesome if a book was from Esme’s or Carlisle’s point of view.Or maybe Rosalie’s point of view.It would be awesome for Stephenie to make another book from any of the Cullens points of view, actually.

    Love the podcast

  10. The biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    Oh and if anyone out there just happens to be a Vampire out there can you bite me? Please?
    and if there is a werewolf out there will you please imprint on me? Pretty, pretty please?

  11. TWERD says:

    me too ^

    anyways i want A book from Renesmee’s point of view

    love the podcast

  12. Emily says:

    I think that edward or bella will turn renesmee into a vampire, but as/in the body of a young child. As for edward and bella they will go to colege because they have a baby, the voultori will come back to check on the baby. Somehow I think Rosile will get killed protecting renesmee.

    Love the podcast 🙂
    Keep up the good work <3
    (P.S. Kassie I love your singing)

  13. Mellie says:

    On one of the Twilight Lexicon’s Q&A sessions with Stephenie Meyer she tells us about how Jane and Alec were changed. They story was interesting but very brief so i would love to see a book from either of their perspectives. Stephenie explains that Aro had his eyes on Jane and Alec for a while but he wanted to wait for them to get a bit older but something (sorry i can’t remember what) forces him to change them earlier. This explains why Jane and Alec are so young. I also wouldn’t mind see a story from Marcus’s POV about how his mate was killed. I love the podcast but i think you sould do anoth joint podcast with the guys from imprint.


  14. fanpire says:

    same as Mellie

  15. Leticia says:

    My supporter speculation is going to be almost a short story… told by the wonderful Jacob
    (if you think that of him-i do!)…hope you enjoy, and sorry it will take a while to read…fingers crossed it will be good!!!

    I hated the fact that Renesme’s growth had slowed so she was able to go to school. I had already finished school, and so I had nothing, of importance, to do until she would end the school day.
    Six hours. It was only six hours. Six hours of hell. And although I may have been exaggerating, it was still six hours.
    Before I had found Renesme I would have thought six hours was way too short. I would only want to leave when I knew that Bella would be able to come over once I was finished. It seemed almost strange referring to her that way now. Every time I would go to their cottage, to get Renesme I would almost feel like I had to call her Mrs. Cullen or something. Because of all of the time I had spent with Renesme, she felt distant. It almost felt as if she was no longer a friend, just a really close acquaintance I guess you could say. Well maybe more than an acquaintance, maybe like she should, like family. I had been spending more time at her house than my own.
    My dad didn’t like that. I was gone enough as it was before, when I had to do all of the patrols, but now with Renesme, I was gone even more. Hell, I was gone almost 36 hours a day. If that was only possible. I wished so bad that the “very important scientists” would suddenly decide to change the days to 36 hours.
    I would always try to act like I wasn’t tired, especially so that Renesme wouldn’t feel as if I should go to sleep and leave. I hated the fact that I would have to leave her at night. Edward, who I had no problem calling him, would never let me stay past eight. I had no idea why. Through all of the time, and although she had become my sun, or in a “real” werewolf’s case, my moon, but I didn’t have much to do when she would sleep or the blonde would take her shopping or something, and that’s when I learned the extra stuff about Mrs. C- Bella. I didn’t think it was fair that Edward allowed himself to stay with Bella, sleep with Bella-not in that way, or sleep at all of course but still- at night, and I couldn’t even stay after eight.
    I tried to give her, Renesme, her space. I always made sure she had her own free time, and that if she chose she didn’t have to see me after school, or on the weekends. Because she was different- half vampire, half human- she didn’t respond the way a normal human would. A normal human would have been as obsessed with me, as I was with her. The way Clair, and Quil were, but she was in fact different. She would want to be by herself, and she would want to be alone. This wasn’t in the way it sounds, and I knew from the way I would feel all the time about people that in truth everyone really did need their own space. That or they would go crazy.
    Renesme would go home, do something by herself, and with her family, or with her friends she now had which would make her stay away for even longer. She had nice friends, but they weren’t who I would have chose for her. I don’t think Edward would have either. Whenever she would ask her father to go over her friends Brooke, or Chelsea’s house he would just make a face, and not argue. The reason we both didn’t like them was that they were very, well to be perfectly honest they were psychos who would go to concerts all week, which she was never allowed to attend, or they would get piercings on their faces, or…well the were bad influences which would have been an excuse if she was able to do any of those things. And thank god she didn’t want to. They mostly liked her, she just liked to stay away from the others. That was the only reason she would be friends with them. But she was.
    Renesme, of course, was the most beautiful girl in the class, and so of course everyone knew her name. With her hanging around with the people she now was she wasn’t obligated to take the role as “most popular”.
    The only reason that Edward would let her go, was that it would relieve her of having to be with me. Edward, because he could read my mind, and not that I was thinking anything wrong, but anything at all, he didn’t like me. Okay, so I’d never caused him to have a “soft” spot but he did in fact start to like me. In his own way. I remember the day at the battle that he called me his son. He was so gentle, and kind, and so ready to let go of his month old baby and let her go live with me for the rest of time…if that’s what we had, but I still cant stay after eight.
    Ah, the battle. I remember that…remember all the friendly vampires. Okay, so some of them were actually nice, despite the stench, but some were utterly repulsive. Especially the ones that “secretly” plotted to kill me- as if I didn’t have, if not as good, better hearing then them. I forget names, but the ones that shocked each other, they are still together, and the ones that made people “see” things, and could move the earth- no matter how much I knew that they were vampires I still love that “power” the most. It reminds me of when I was a toddler and watched those super hero shows were they had powers with the earth, fire air…-they still kept in touch. With the Cullen’s. Although they are starting to like me, and Seth too.
    Seth has been lucky, as he wanted to stay. I admit now that I have her, I would never change a thing. Except maybe the fact that I kissed Bella. That was hard to explain to Renesme, and very awkward. Although I really can never take it back, I do think of it differently. I think of it as a nice moment, for me, and that she, at the time, thought of too. But I don’t find myself thinking of her, or any girl that way anymore. The only one I think of is Renesme.
    Seth found a girl at school that, and he did move in with Charlie, so he got to go to the Forks “High school.” Though in my opinion its more of a tiny village of brick buildings. Which brings me back to Renesme. Seth does need to occupy my mind for the moment though so I don’t need to think about her anymore. The problem with the relationship, between Seth, and Laura, however is that he cant tell her. I wonder if she’ll wonder about why he never grows. She probably wont even notice though, what with him looking so old. He doesn’t look anything like the sixteen year old he is.
    Yesterday Seth told me that her father met him, and when he left, after a terrific dinner-as he would never leave out. Who doesn’t like an Italian cook? Laura is Italian. Who doesn’t like food?- he heard her father asking how old the guy was, and that he was worried about it. He said he would find a way to see her though if he wasn’t allowed. I wondered if he was just pretending to not have imprinted on her, because he never wanted to.
    Emmet would always tease Seth about it, and they made a bet on it, whether or not he would imprint on anyone. That was a good reason to lie. Of course even if Seth never did neither of them would ever die, so the bet would have everyone breaking even. Alice couldn’t tell anyone what would happen, so this time it was a real bet. I should have thought of putting a time limit on the bet when it happened. Too bad the only thing I could really focus on was the girl sitting next to me on Esme’s couch.
    Sam started to like Carlisle, and see him as I do. This is because Sam, the idiot, decided he didn’t need help taking down a vampire by himself. It wasn’t a newborn, but an agent of the Volturi, that invaded our land. It was a girl, and the first thing I was thinking about was that it was coming for Bella. It was crazy to think, but when my mind actually started to think correctly I realized I had been right. The girl, Jane I remember, was coming for Bella. And Seth, Sam, Quil, Embry, Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Leah, Emmet…(gulp) and Renesme. I didn’t care about the blonde…Rosalie. It had been a while since I referred to her as that. I kept it short, and sweet- Blondie. I used to hate fighter over my Renesme with her. She was still the one that hurt Bella, and if I do say so myself, she got what she deserved. Renesme doesn’t like Blondie at all, and Renesme is way more beautiful than her. I can tell when she gets the first complement- “oh hello Renesme, your so beautiful(mouths drop, then close., and you too, Rosalie.” Bella, and Alice get it too but Alice isn’t conceited, and Bella doesn’t think she’s beautiful enough to be compared with her daughter. It also bother Edward if she shows any appreciation for what the person had said. That’s only if said person is a boy. I would have said Man, but he doesn’t refer to anyone as a man unless they meet a certain standard. Edward used to refer to me as one, that is until Renesme became a teenager.
    As you can see Edward doesn’t like me, but I do try to please him. To listen to everything he says, and follow it to the end. Renesme turned six a few weeks ago, but Edward of course didn’t like it when Carlisle told him that physically she was fifteen. That was mostly because I was thinking a little about what the Doctor had just said. Apparently thinking about the way she now looked was bad enough for him to hit me. I was standing in the doorway, as I still didn’t like sitting next to him. I almost felt as if I was farther away he couldn’t hear my mind as well…apparently, and obviously, he could.
    I had developed a tiny bit of hatred towards Edward. The others, however, and because they didn’t have power over Renesme, I did like. I liked how over the few short years, when Renesme would sleep, I would hang around with Seth, Emmet, and Jasper. Jasper became comfortable around Seth, and I. I really liked his story, and the way he would make sarcastic comments under his breath at something Emmet would say. In truth most of the things Emmet said would be hurtful, or rude to someone, so I guess it was also a good thing for Jasper to be able to calm us down. I would always feel bad when I would suddenly feel happy, or calm. It meant my friend was actually feeling the hatred we had been. I tried not to be sad around him so he wouldn’t feel that way.
    Emmet, well he was only “super strong”, as if he was a super hero or something. All vampires were supper strong, what was so special about that? Of course it always did make a difference when I made a comment to B-no she doesn’t even deserve a capital- blondie. I got a punch in the arm. And guess what happened to said arm…snap!
    That was the day Renesme learned to stop biting me, because I was in enough pain already. So he only helped.
    Alice, and I have become good friends now, and whenever I have time I’ll stop over and talk to her. I learned that she was the one who placed the pillow under my head, but only to be friendly, and she didn’t think it stunk, so she’s clear.
    I always wondered why a pillow would have so much vampire on it. After all they couldn’t sleep. That mystery was quickly solved however. I don’t have a problem with Emmet, I do with blondie, but that wasn’t why I had a problem the night I slept on the couch downstairs one day. I have become immune to the stench being overwhelming to me, I guess it’s because you need to spend enough time around them. Anyway I was woken up by noise. I thought vampires weren’t supposed to be loud. I was too embarrassed myself to go knock on their door, or yell up the stairs, to I just covered my ears, and tried to block out the noise. Now I know why they live away from them in a separate house. I feel bad for Carlisle for letting them come back and live with them.
    This occurred when Renesme was still little so Edward actually did me a favor. It was kind of him, but I think he did it for himself too. He came into the living room, sighed a sigh of disapproval, and said unwillingly, yet fully composed, “I’ll get it.” His face tightened as he walked slowly up the stairs. It surprised me that he almost looked tired, and that he was walking slow. I’m talking human Bella being careful slow. Its kinda sad she’s still the standard for clumsy. Its one to Bella. Anyway I heard him knock softly on the door, and all of the noise stop, well pause. “What?”-Emmet sounded super angry. “Please.” was all that came from Edward, and he came back downstairs. The noise continued, but less loudly. When Edward came down and he heard it again, all he said was sorry.
    Of course he could hear the thoughts behind the noises I didn’t which was worse, but he was probably used to it. I wondered about being able to read someone’s mind. I always thought it would be super convenient, but apparently its not. I still wish that I was the one that could read the minds, instead of him. That way he wouldn’t have an excuse, no matter how small, to keep me away from her.
    Of course he would figure out tons of things to do that- ah the over protective parent. He would tell her that Jasper, and Emmet, and Alice wanted to play base ball, or soccer, or…well pretty much every sport. She loved to play with them, and of course she couldn’t play a contact sport in school, so any chance was great for her. I liked to stay human around her now that she was older, so I didn’t like to play, although she would invite me. I would play in my human form too, but I didn’t want to break more bones. Renesme would always be a little behind the others, because she was in fact partially human, but they watched out for her so that she didn’t get hurt, but I couldn’t be sure they’d do that for me.
    Edward would play with her too sometimes on the weekends but because he was physically only a year older than her, he liked to keep a respectable distance to appear as more of an adult. So what if he was about 112 years older than her.
    She liked to hang out with Leah too. Leah had f found a man named Joel, but hadn’t imprinted. Still they were inseparable, and so she moved to Washington DC with him. I wondered if it was strange living in a city. Well I guess if she was moving anywhere it would be away from here, but I would always joke with her that it was still Washington.
    Somehow she found a way to stop transforming, and after she married this Joel. She soon found out that what I had told her in that one awkward conversation that just happened to be worse because it was about blondie, that I was right. She has a little boy, and a little girl, Levi, and Dinah. In fact they’re twins, and I also, when she has enough time away from them, tease her about the way she got more than she wanted. She wanted to be able to bear kids, and she got to the first time.
    Sam, and Emily have a little girl too. Sam wanted a little boy, so when Hannah came, he was just so happy to see her for the first time, it was funny. Its funny by how when I say one thing I always get hit. I laughed, and he hit me… oh well it didn’t break a bone. Hannah is so cute, but I still can only compare anyone to my Renesme.
    That reminded me, and I looked at my Watch. Yes! I was almost upset that I had wasted two unneeded hours wandering around doing nothing, but the school day was over, and that meant I could go and see her, so I wasn’t.
    I felt something in the pocket of my large Black sweat pants vibrate. “Hello?” I never got a call unless it was an emergency. What did Seth need or do now?
    “This is Alice, is Jacob there?”
    “You know this is me, and yes I’m here. Why did you call me you almost gave me a heart attack, I thought Seth was in trouble or something?”
    “I was just gonna ask if you’ve heard from Jasper.”
    “Oh, um yeah he and Emmet went hunting today…he left you a note, its on your bed.”
    A second passed, and then she said, “Oh. I guess I couldn’t see it because you were involved in the plan I guess.”
    “Yeah sorry it was spur of the moment, and I he asked if I could write you a note, so sorry if it smells…”
    “No, you know you don’t smell anymore.”
    “Well sorry for trespassing and-never mind I’ve gotta go. Bye.”
    I had to go, because I saw something in the woods. I saw a vampire, and a human. It was strange, and I would have never expected it. Especially in the woods were I was. It was great to see it. Her.
    It was Renesme, the most beautiful thing in the world. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, the light skin, and the slight sparkle of it through the heavy cover of the trees. I would have fun with this… at least that’s what I decided. She didn’t have as great of senses as I did so if I was super careful I could sneak up on her. And if I did get caught, and hit, it wouldn’t do any real damage- but she would never hit me.
    I snuck up behind her, super quietly placing my feat so that I wouldn’t break any stray twigs, or dead branches. She kept her focus on something, distant, squinting, even though she had amazing eyesight, she was still prone to the human, the Bella side of her. There was nothing there, but she was still searching, and I hoped it was for me. What else would she be in these distant woods for? She stopped for a second to reassess things. I came up behind her while she was staring at the ground. Her curly brown hair blowing in the wind sending her sweet smell into the wind, and although I knew the smell was due to the animal blood she had drank a while ago- Bella, and Edward would only let her eat, drink, blood when it was necessary, or a “special” thing…or whatever. They wanted her to eat regular people food, and now that she didn’t have mush food to eat, she actually liked real people food. Her favorite was pizza…don’t ask why, everyone likes pizza. She didn’t like meat that much though just for the fact it could have been simply drank instead of killed, and butchered for meat. She was a very beautiful, and strange girl-I love it. I loved the smell she had after she drank.
    I used to hate the vampire- which were no longer bloodsuckers, how could I call my precious Renesme that. I didn’t even call her Nessie anymore. Bella was right in the beginning. Nessie wasn’t a name good enough for her. It did well for her up until she became a young woman. Nessie was all wrong for her now. It, from then on became the luxurious, and unique as she was; Renesme.
    I folded my arms around her Gently although there was no need to be so careful. I guess the way I treated Bella, unlike every other feeling I once had, didn’t fade away yet. Renesme thought I was just being super sweet just for her or something so I let it go. It wasn’t lying it was simply withholding information.
    She turned around quickly startled, as I thought at first, but then she shrugged her soft, hard skin into mine. She was so cold, well not as cold as a vampire was, since she was warm blooded. Okay so even if she was cold blooded she would be warmer than a vampire, so it wasn’t as if she had venom in place of blood.
    For the first time I actually decided I would really kiss her. She had been dating me for a while now, about two years that is. No one was really happy with that. Everyone knew it was inevitable, but they, unlike me, had never thought about what would happen once she did grow up. She would probably stop growing in another year or so, and so why not. I truly loved her. I had never felt this way about anyone before, that is of course because I hadn’t imprinted on anyone before.
    She was already in my head all the time, and I waited until she was thirteen, and a half to ask. After all it still looks weird. She is only built up enough to look fifteen, but I look as if I’m twenty six. The only places we go are in public are in other states, and we still get looks as if they knew who we were. We still live in forks, and because its only been six years I can go out in public, and with family, and Bella does sometimes, when she needs to, as does Renesme. Edward doesn’t though he should look older pretending to be in his twenties too. It made me feel weird to have Renesme in my arms when thinking about Edward. Of course she was part of him. Half of him. I shuddered at that. Almost all of the things I loved about her were from Edward, and then the other was from Bella. Those didn’t bother me, but the Edward part, I tried never to think about. And with her here in my arms. I shuddered again.
    She didn’t let go of me but I knew she feared I was going to make a change. Could she really think I could, would, change into a werewolf around her. I didn’t care what we “really” were, to me I was what I learned at first to be. I asked Emmet, the most likely to do it with me, if we could one day go with Jasper to actually meet a “real” werewolf. Of course he was up for it, and we are still going to go…no matter what the Doctor thinks about it. Carlisle doesn’t want us to “pursue such a dangerous creature.”
    “What’s wrong?” Renesme looked worried about me. Even with the creases she looked as she always was, too beautiful.
    “What were you thinking about?”
    “What were you thinking about,” I teased.
    She looked at me and gave me a smile which didn’t quite reach her eyes. Another one of Edward’s traits. I quickly, and gently took her hand, and held it to my face. She was thinking about me, and our first kiss, and about me sneaking up on her, and about what I was thinking. She slipped that one in on purpose, but I could see she was nervous about it. For someone so beautiful, she was very self-conscious.
    “Really, Jake, what were you thinking about before…no really don’t you lie to me Jake.” that was Bella. Maybe it wasn’t really, but I’ve heard it from her before, that exact line, but maybe it was my mind tricking me. Placing a memory, and a face together. “Come on Jake, are you listening to me?”
    “I was thinking about your father.”
    She came closer, and hugged me again. This time it was tighter, more secure, and longer. She was still holding on. “Dads gone hunting, he wont be anywhere near us. Don’t worry.”
    “Ed- Your Dad’s watching my thoughts like a hawk, Rae (which I think fit her better.).”
    “Yeah, but he’s gone, he’s hunting, and I doubt he would be monitoring your thoughts right now.” She stood on her tip toes, and pulled her lips up to reach mine. She couldn’t quite reach, and it was cute. Although I could no longer refer to her as cute. Gorgeous, beautiful, Hot, Sexy…yes, but not cute. That was reserved for her toddler days.
    I helped her, and myself out, bowed my head, and kissed her back. Only this time I didn’t hold myself back. I didn’t stop myself from holding back the excitement, and this time I finally could feel hers coming through her end of the kiss.
    We started walking-well I started to walk forward, and her backwards, until she was backed into a tree, but we still weren’t close enough. I felt awkward, and I knew she must have been uncomfortable, although her tongue, and lips never stopped, so I continued to kiss her back. I tried to give her some space, and started to back up, but she pulled herself into me, and followed me when I did step backwards. That’s when we fell.
    When I moved backwards I wasn’t paying attention, to anything except her. In fact I was in a daze. Everything was burning, and I couldn’t see clearly. Burning, even though she was so cold…
    There had been an unearthed tree root in back of my foot, which would have caused me to stumble, but when she jumped into me it made my fall over. I landed on my back, and then started rolling.
    For a human it would have been painful, but for both of us, it didn’t break the moment. We stopped as we rolled into a small valley, that was in the middle of the large forest of trees. The cover of leaves was still overhead, and there was barely any light from the sun that was visible coming through the trees. We were lying on our sides now, and we were still connected at the lips. I could feel her cold hand in my messy hair, and on my bare back. I was sure she could feel mine on her, and I started to unbutton her shirt. It was wrong, and she was only fifteen, but I was stupid.
    She didn’t seem to notice, and if she did, she didn’t care. She rolled onto her back, and I rolled over her careful to only be touching her at the lips, and make myself feel as if I was hovering weightless over her. It kept up for about a minute, and because i was so disorientated- by the way I felt, and the way her skin felt, and the worry of what Alice would do to me for ripping her silk blouse…- I didn’t notice any footsteps behind us.
    I was sure footsteps was the wrong word it was probably more like harsh determined thudding, of quick, the quickest -as he was the best at everything – feet. I would have known If I wasn’t looking at the way her skin shined the faintest in the little light that did show through, and of how soft her hard skin was under my hands, and her supper flat, and strong abdomen, and a little higher up the way she looked…
    I suddenly, and to my surprise found myself flying into the air, and my bare, and now bleeding back- a limb snapped and pierced the skin of it- hitting a tree. I could hear Rae calling my name, and then gasping as I felt an extremely cold, and familiar hand on my throat. It hurt, and I couldn’t breathe well enough to be able to answer his questions. Not that they weren’t meant to be rhetorical, and that I would even want to answer those questions. If I could breathe I would have shuddered at the thought of giving the explanations to him. I wished it had been Bella who had found us.
    Apparently Rae had been wrong. Edward had been listening to either one of our thoughts. He had been monitoring us, and what we had been thinking, maybe what we both had been thinking. Of course he had been.
    is questions kept pouring out.
    “What in the hell do you think your doing to my daughter!?” Um…that one bothered me, because I didn’t even want to know the truthful answer myself. “What in the world did you think you were going to do?” “You are going to die and real soon Jacob Black, and before that happens I want my answers. Why- What in hell would make you think for one second that that was okay? Why would you- Jacob Black I would rip off your face right now if-you are-I am going to-” He screamed at me some more using profanities I would think he would have withheld from the innocent ears of his daughter.
    He asked me some more question he new he wouldn’t allow me to answer, or wouldn’t finish, and then-after he lifted me by my throat, slammed me against the tree I was being pushed against, and the tree snapped in half- he it me down, and looked over at Renesme, who was tying her shirt together, so that her bra wouldn’t be showing through her ruined, ripped open blouse. “
    “You,” Edward pointed at Renesme, and kept the other hand on my throat, “Are going to be in an immense sea of trouble young lady.” If he could say anything he could say that compared to him, she was young, and so was I. But technically I was older than him…which just made what I had just almost done worse. “You have no idea.”
    Of course he was still hearing my thoughts, why stop. He didn’t need to hear them out loud, he would inevitably hear them. I should have been thinking about science or something during his questioning. Then again all I could do was think about her these days. “I know.” It was, Of course Edward again.
    He stopped looked at us both, and then said, “You two,” he grabbed us by the shoulders, and placed us on either side of him, separated, “Are going to come and explain all of this to your mother.” I knew who he meant and I hoped she would make one of those crazy spur of the moment of course its ok decisions that Bella normally makes. “Not after she hears the story from the one who heard both of your thoughts.”
    I spent a second to think about that. So Renesme had been thinking the same things about me, I wonder if…
    “Ow!” Edward broke my shoulder. The only reason I knew it was him is because I turned to looked past him to Renesme, and he strait out punched me in my shoulder. I was glad it wasn’t my back he mangled. I would probably be paralyzed right now.
    I saw him smile and I became scared to think anything else that would give him any ideas. He grabbed my good arm to pull me forward, and gently, or more gently grabbed hers too.
    He didn’t make eye contact, which I was glad about, with us, sighed loudly, and only said with an angry, and anticipating tone, “Of to see Bella.”
    Now what would Bella think?
    dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Hey guys love your podcast and my speculation for a maybe next book would be if renesme started hating jacob even though he did imprint on her she could somehow get into some kind of trouble and have some other coven that no other vampire knows and have them have a power that can make renesme forget the whole quilete tribe and only remember the vampires and jacob would fall in a deep deppression and strive to get renesme remember him and go against all vampires and put their relationship/bond would be broken and this would make the volturi have to step in and somehow kill off the werewolves and jacob would be the only one to survive but his werewolf spell thing/curse would be gone. Thanks guys just something to ponder.

  17. molly says:

    hmmmm. i think that it will be really tense between jacob and bella, because i dont really think you can get over the fact that your best friend/love has imprinted on your daughter……. i know i wouldnt be able to. i mean thats just wierd! i think that bella, edward, and renesmee (hopefully not jacob) will go to isle esme for a vacation. then renesmee will really like it there (i mean who wouldnt?). then i think they will stop in the amazon and visit zafrina. i think theyll come back and bella will get fed up with jacob because he wants to spend every second with renesmee. i think it would be really awesome if emmett was like renesmee’s big brother and played with her and made her happy and what not. because i personally would like to see more emmett 😉 i think it would be cool if emmett and jacob got into a fight or something, because i personally think jacob should keep it in his species and he should have fallen in love with leah. it would be awesome if some strange illness came over jacob and he magically transformed into a normal person. then he wouldnt be in love with renesmee and he could go love leah. so yuppp. just contemplate my overview of what should be te next book…. kinda messy…….. i love your podcast!! you guys are awesome!!! i know its been like a year but i wish i could have met kellan lutz!!! texas = awesome <333 half my family is from texas 🙂 san antonio is wonderful 🙂 thanks for reading!!! byeee.

  18. Kate T says:

    Hey! My name is Kate, I live in Wales and I listened to one of your podcasts and it was great!! And so I had to come on this site today!!

    Well, I think that Jacob and Bella will always be friends, despite the fact that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter. But I would like to hear more about Emmett and Jasper!! Like they should be Renesmee’s older brother’s 🙂 I don’t think Jacob should be there 24/7!! I think Jacob should go off to La Push and follow his own kind, and let the Cullen’s do what they want! Yes, it was nice of him to stay around when Bella really needed him but now he only stays for Renesmee, so I don’t really see the point of him being there. Even though I love Jacob to bits (:
    Edward, Bella and Renesmee and the hole of the Cullen family would always be great friends will Charlie, and the hole of Bella’s other family (: And I think Bella still had a strong relationship with Jessica, Mike, Erick and Angela and loads more, but as soon as she turns into a vampire that friendship is lost, but not completely. 😉
    I think Bella and Renesmee will always have a close relationship, even though the start didn’t go very well. But then I never think of Edward being a very good dad 😛 I always think of him dropping Renesmee as a baby and stuff, but I know that wouldn’t happen, he’s a vampire, can they drop stuff??
    I think Alice and Jasper will get closer because now Jasper can control his thirst (and Bella’s a vampire) Alice doesn’t have to look out for Jasper as much. Also I think Emmett and Rosalie and Esme and Carlisle will have a better relationship, now Bella isn’t human and that all the danger has passed (we think).

    Thank you for reading my comment! I love your show! And your website!
    Love you all! <3
    Byeee x

  19. Nicole says:

    I HAVE A QUESTION! 😀 I was wondering, I think in Eclipse is where they talk about Jasper’s past? And they say how Jasper has scars all over his arms from vampire bites. Also, Bella has a scar from James’ bite in Twilight. Now in Breaking Dawn, Edward bites bella repeatedly and licks over them to seal in the venom. I was wondering if bella will now be covered in scars?? And also, it says Carlisle bit the family in their necks, do they have scars?? I think this will be interesting, because in the movie so far they don’t get far enough into the books to show/not show these scars.

    I’ve though about this ever since I read the book months ago, and I must know! 😛 🙂 Please answer! Thanks! Love your podcast!

  20. Julia G says:

    hey twilight series theories!!!!
    okay, so i was re-reading breaking dawn for the only God knows what time 🙂 and when i stared to read it, it was bellas flashback when edward is asking charlie for his blessing. what i never noticed before is that when edward is asking he says i love your daughter “more than my own life” so something along those lines… and the locket that bella gave renesmee for christmas also has inscripted on in “more than my own life” in fench though. i never made that connection before and i just thought it was so adorable. i love you guys so much!!! thanks!!!

    love Julia G

  21. Anisah says:

    Hey to all of the people @ twilight series theories! I hope u get all the way down the list and actually read my comment! Anyways, hi my name is anisah (pronounced a-nee-sa) I live in England and I just want to say that I loooovve your show! I think that if stephanie writes another book then it should be from Edwards pov and that, it would be amazing if stephanie meyer and jk Rowling teamed up and did a cross-over, leah could imprint on teddy( for anyone that doesn’t know, he is 1/2 werewolf as well) and that she has to leave the pack completely( this bit should be in Edwards pov)oh, the whole names idea and that kallie means entangler of men made mr laugh!

  22. Anisah says:

    Oops, for tht second bit I meant leah’s pov sorry!

  23. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    wow read 115 it is really detailed

  24. Carrie says:

    I am not that creative so i have no idea what is gonna happen, also I don’t want to get myself hyped up on something in my head if Stephanie does write another book and I’m totally wrong.

    But, I do want your imput on what you think will happen when Renesmee finds out that Jacob had the hotts for her mom before she was even born. I think it would be funny to see her first reaction when she finds out. ^-^

  25. Carrie says:

    ok, I just read # 15 and I could so see that hapening! so halarious!!! I LOVE YOU # 15!!!!

  26. Carrie says:

    Oh wow, I’m so dumb I just realized that this thing goes up to 100 then it starts over again, So the one i love is really 115. ^-^

  27. Megan says:

    Well i think that Jacob is going to forget to wait fo Renesmee and is going to grow old and die a slow and painful death. Then Renesmee is going to fall in love with Jessica & Mike’s son, Robert. Then after a couple of years they get married and Renesmee goes to Edward and gets him to train her into being like Carlisle:Completely in control when tasting human blood. Then when Edward thinks she is ready, she goes and turns Robert into a vampire, then they move to Italy and dicides to take on the offer she got from the Volturi. Except the Volturi had tricked her and killed her insted. Robert gets really sad and lonley and goes back to live with the Cullens. After telling them the story Emmett is like:”Right thats it!!! We are gonna go up to thoes fricken Volturi, rip them up and burn them like the crap that they are!!!!” Then when they get there there is this big war and the Cullens win. YAY!!!!!!

    so thats my future theory, so enjoy!

  28. Lindsay says:

    I love all your guys’ theories, but I would love to see more Bella and Edward time. They need to get back to focusing on each other and their new family; rekindle the old love. Renesmee would also need a significant role. I can definately see Jacob being a great companion for her from a big brother, to a friend, to a partner. At the end of Breaking Dawn Edward and Jacob had a brotherly relationship and since Jacob will be around for Renesmee, they will become close. Also, Emmett and Rosalie may choose to get married yet again. With all these relationships growing stronger, there is a perfect setup for a juicy ending, just like the other books. The Volturi will probably still feel threatened by the Cullen family and try to tear them apart. Chealsea, a member of the Volturi guard has the power to affect peoples ties with one another. I think this could lead to The Volturi trying to snag the new members it wants and destroying the cullen coven. This could also bring back the Cullens vampire friends to help them, so we can get to know those characters better also.
    Love you guys! You have a great show!

  29. Tayler says:

    Dear Kallie and Kassie,
    ok i want to know what you two think Leah’s ideal guy she is going to imprint on looks like
    …..cuz like i feel for her cuz the samething kinda happened to me to cuz like my boyfriend of almost 4 and a half years dumped me to go out with my cousin and now in one month they will be getting married so like yeah i feel for Leah

  30. Olivia says:

    Firstly, just want to say, love the podcast. =D
    So I guess I’ll just jump right into my theory here:
    While I’m wasn’t blown away by the Jacob/Renesmee pairing, I think it was the only way that Stephenie could have written it so that it ended well for Jacob….. well, in my opinion, anyway. I couldn’t really see Jacob and Leah together, and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it was because I couldn’t imagine a passion as strong as Edward and Bella’s between Jacob and Leah. To me, they seemed like they would be the old married couple that constantly gets on each other’s nerves. It could never be as true, as strong, as deep, as that imprint sort of love. I also couldn’t imagine Jacob imprinting on a vampire, because, if I remember correctly, Stephenie had written somewhere that the reason that werewolves imprint is so that they can mate and build a stronger pack. This obviously rules out Jacob EVER imprinting on a vampire, since female vampires can’t bear children.
    So that really left no one else. Unless Stephenie was to create an ENTIRELY new character, which I just didn’t see happening. It didn’t appear likely that Jacob would imprint on one of Bella’s human friends, just looking at it from a literary standpoint, because those characters are not quite developed enough (therefore you aren’t as attached to them) to be brought to the forefront as Jacob’s love interest.
    Okay, sorry, that was a rather tangential. Just needed to get that out there.
    That being said, it was a bit hard for me to be content with the fact that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee, not because she was a baby (that I’m totally cool with), but because she wasn’t developed as a character. Being so new, both to the story and to the world she lives in, we didn’t get much of a chance to see her personality in detail. I wasn’t in love with her yet, so it was hard for me to see how Jacob could be.
    SO this brings me to my speculations about the future Renesemee. As soon as I had finished the book, I began to wonder about what she would be like when she grew older. I see her as being the quite, wise type, the one that just sits in the corner and observes while others are having a conversation. Because she can “show” people things she has seen, maybe she will be able to “show” people her thoughts, thus making this her preferred system of communication. I see her being able to understand the little things about people, like what their facial expressions say about the way they feel, things like that. I see her having a little bit of the other Cullens in her, aside from Edward and Bella. She would be like Esme, because she would be kind and compassionate. And she would be like Jasper, because she would be able to pick up on other’s feelings, though she wouldn’t need any special power; she would just be observant.
    I don’t really know how the story will play out, but that was what I came up with as far as her character.
    Sorry if my answer was super long.
    Hope you like my theory! =D

  31. Leticia says:

    hey carrie!!!! from comment 125, and bigggest twilight freak from 123…thanks it took a while, but it was worth it!!!!
    i love you guys too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what r your speculations???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  32. Madison Team Edward says:

    I think that Leah will end up imprinting on some guy because she decides to go with the Cullens when they move towns,and then Seth will imprint on a sweet girl.Also Nessie will stop growing and Edward won’t want Jacob to explain what imprinting is but then Bella Dazzles him into letting Jake,and then with Nahuel there will end up being another Love Triangle.Also,I think that Quil may end up going out with a few girls while he waits for Claire to grow up.

  33. Sophillia says:

    Hi guys 😀 Firstly, I just want to say how much I love your podcast here in the UK! My friends and I have got everyone in our class at college into your podcast- even the guys!

    Personally, if there was ever another book (Midnight Sun not included), I would LOVE to see things from Charlie’s point of view. I think he is such a brilliant character and I think it would be great to see a book about how he deals with Bella’s transformation as in Breaking Dawn he seemed surprisingly open minded- especially with Jake’s phasing! It would be interesting too as he has connections with the Quileites and the Cullens which could make it a rather varied book.

    I think the Cullen’s deserve a happy ‘never’-ending! After everything they’ve been through, it might be nice for them to have some decades of peace. The Volturi may try to bit back (if you’ll excuse the pun!) but with their combined abilities, the Cullens would surely win! I’m so glad Bella and Edward can be together properly!

    Keep up the amazing work girlies! I will definitely keep listening! Xx

  34. Leticia says:

    ok so what did i leave out of my speculation…a lot despite its length so what you didnt see was that the volturi are staying away except jane cant let it go. Aro wants to have Rae…oops renesme so he is ploting somthing alice cant see because it involves killing the wolves..mostly Jacob-so somehow Edward hears his thoughts form across the sea- his gift is intensified by the fact aro is thinking too hard, and his love for renesme is so strong!- he goes without telling bella-like always- and despite the guards he gets into a room with him, and he goes to kill him. demitri comes in, and aro thinks hell help to fight off edward, but he turns on him. Before he can kill him though, edward tells him he wants to kill him himslef! you know edward, so demitri due to edwards pleading leaves, and edward kills him, leaving a cloud of not the usual purply smoke, but a bright luminescent scarlet cloud that hangs over volterra for ten years. no one can explain it. not even carlisle…no one but edard, and the now in hiding demitri. well thats the actiong part which would have to be from edwards perspective, but i would like that alot!
    BTW- this is form the comment 115 you know the really long one! thanks…
    YOU SHOULD REALLY READ IT>>>JUST FOR FUN!!!!!! if you have the time… and you cant miss it!!!!!!!!
    continued form 115 continued from 115 continued from 115!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    i sort of want a unhappy ending

  36. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    it needs somthing really sad i think or maybe thats just because i like sad storys

  37. the biggest twilight freak in the world says:

    if there was another book i think there should be something sad like seth dying * tear * or Alice dying * a few tears * i don’t exactly know what but I have this thing for books that make me cry and last time I really cried,not just a few tears, about something in twilight it was the second time I read New Moon and Edward left Bella.

  38. Hannah says:

    I would just like to say that on your podcast you said that Jacob should be turned into a vampire. This however, isn’t possible because in breaking dawn they talk about how vampire venom is fatal to a werewolf and would kill them. I just wanted to point that out.

    Love the podcast! You guys rock!

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