Michael Copon Still Hoping For Role In New Moon

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Popstar! Magazine has an interview with Michael Copon, who talks about Taylor, Twilight, and his hopes of still getting a role in New Moon.  What do you think?  Would you still want him in the film?  If so, what role would you want him in?  Or do you not want him involved at all?

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71 Comments to “Michael Copon Still Hoping For Role In New Moon”

  1. Amber Pederson says:

    HIIIISSSS! I don’t want him in it at ALL!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This guy is sooo full of himself. And after he made such a big deal about being Jake, and we all got to see how big his ego really is, I really dont want him in New Moon at all. Hes just really irritating.

  3. Kim Kelley says:


  4. Molly says:

    i wouldn’t mind. he’s an actor. most actors are pretty full of themselves if you think about it. it’s in the job description to act like you’re the stuff. honestly, the only time that it’s ever seemed like an actor or actress wasn’t at least a teensie bit full of themselves was with the twilight cast. the cast all seemed pretty down to earth. but then again, the cast was also a lot of up and coming actors and actresses.
    they need to cast people who look or ARE native american. i think he’d do alright. i mean, i would really like to see ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICANS, but if they can’t find any up to the challenge, then i think he’d do alright as paul or something.

  5. liz says:

    Oh come on! Give it a rest already! I dont want him in it at all!

  6. Jacob's Girl says:

    He’s pushing it!!! HE’S REALLY PUSHING IT! *waves fist in air*

  7. Samie says:

    omg! as if he is still looking for a role in new moon! and still talking about taylor! give it a rest! its done, the world doesn’t circle around him, for crying out load!!!

  8. Michy says:

    Hey! you ca be paul u dork!!! have Jacob punch ur nose in!!!!! how perfect would that role be for u, u ignorant loser!!!!

  9. RDL says:

    NO NO and let me just add….NOOOOOOO. This dude is a total douche and because of that i dont wanna see his face in the next movie. It’s his own fault for talkin crap and sounding like an A**.

  10. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    why does he even THINK that he still has a chance?!
    i do not want him anywhere near NM at all.
    he INSULTED Taylor btw.
    grrr this makes me mad. he is way too full of himself.
    the only part I would KINDA be ok with Michael Tampon – I mean Copon – playing is Paul because he is a jerk like him.

  11. rhiti says:

    OMG!!!!… this guy looks exactly like the jacob i always imagined :D:D:DD:D !
    I think he is perfect !

  12. ash says:

    i dont mind himm………
    he definitely luks like the jacob in my imagination……. ^.^
    i dont have a problem with taylor but stilll…………michael could b a little better (just a wee bit …..only by the looks though…..i dunno bout the acting :S )

  13. Laura says:

    He should be Sam! I can TOTALLY see him as sam.

  14. gilgbtifidufcaboej says:

    who is he ??????

  15. Meg says:

    Someone hold me back before I hack him apart with a chainsaw.

  16. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    hell no
    he only has a chance with paul

  17. Danielle says:


  18. Chenya says:

    EH! Look at that stupid arrogant little smirk! *pounds face* Noo.

  19. Tiffany C. says:

    he may be full of himself, but that doesn’t necessarily judge how good an actor he is…

    now, i’ve never seen any of his work, so i wouldn’t know, but it really bothers me when people judge others when it all depends on their *ACTING*!

  20. Amber TEAM EDWARD says:

    To all you Jacob fans!Taylor Lautner is ARROGANT too!

  21. Roz says:

    I have to admit I thought he would be a good Jacob but I am glad that things worked out for Tyler. But finding actual Native Americans that can act might be really hard but I think Michael should be offered a part. I was thinking maybe as Paul or Quail.

  22. Sarah Black says:

    Hale NO! Jeez when will this guy get over himself!! Also he is a really crap actor…all his roles he always acts a the ‘hot’ and really ‘nice’ guy. Jacob has so much more to him…so, so much more… This guy cant even pull off Paul….god he really makes me mad…..

  23. Sarah Black says:

    I just wanna bi*** slap this guy!!

  24. welovetaylor says:

    BOOOOO !!!!
    he has no baby face!!!!!
    boooo we want taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!! & taylor only
    !!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    we love taylor!!!!!!!

  25. lauren from australia says:

    “Someone hold me back before I hack him apart with a chainsaw.”


    … but i totally agree

  26. claire says:

    OMG no one let him in the movie he is ganna ruin it. onli jaylor cn play Jake
    God such an arrogant git he will spoil the atmosphere of the movie if he is givin another part
    coz hes gonna try nd b lyk taylor/jake 2 much!!! ugh ugh nooooo!!

  27. haylie says:


  28. Jocelyn says:

    ummm let me think.
    there has already been so much publicity about him being jacob so i wouldnt be able to picture him as anyone else
    plus, just for his arrogant attitude, he shouldnt be in it.

  29. Gemma says:

    nah he’d be alright but what part would he play ??

  30. nate says:

    he cud be a great paul im just glad hes not playing jacob!

  31. AMY KAT says:

    Sorry but I’m going to have to go with majority on this one, and vote NO.

    On the off chance that it does happen, I think he’d probably be best as Paul. He seems like he’d be able to play the hot-headed werewolf. The problem I’d have would be if the chemistry would work with all everything that happened. I’d like to think they could all be professional enough not to let it interfere with the making of the movie. BUT you just never know and with three more movies to make, (I’m being optimistic that there WILL be a BD movie), bad chemistry could really hinder the outcome of the movies.


  32. Erin(: says:

    Who wants him in OUR movie??? NO ONE!!?!?!?!?!

  33. Rebecca says:

    did anyone else catch him saying “im actually glad someone hired him”?? um no…taylor is like so much more popular then michael!!!…and “i olny read the first one because of my nieghbor”?? wow!

    so i guess if he were to b in the movie…he should b a new character (as a werewolf) tht some vampires find and they just KILL him!!! not to get to vicious but i just rlly dont like this guys attitude!!!

  34. Michy. says:

    This man is a fool!!!! NO WAY!!!!! do i want to see his face on NM or anything related to Twilight! he can sweep the teather after the movies over. Then i can throw my pop at his face!!!! He’s completely full of himself. Does he not realize that hes making himself look like a jerk! HEY MICHAEL!!! u may be bigger and older then TAYLOR, But he’s smarter, sexier and more of a MAN then you’ll ever be!!! so dont’t blow ur own horn cuz it’s just spit that comes out!!!

  35. Marissa says:

    Ummmm….. No!

  36. Anne says:

    After not liking him for many years after hating his character on one tree hill I think he could pull off Paul really well since no one really likes him

  37. Cynthia says:

    I don’t understand why people are still interviewing him about this. Whether you like Taylor or not, he was given the role. Interviewing Michael Copon to hear his thoughts are useless and irrelevant. Enough already!

  38. Jamie Lenora says:

    UH, that interview he gave a while back made me completely NOT want him to be any movie I ever see. I REALLY hope he doesn’t get a role!

  39. Rachel C. says:

    i don’t think i want him in it at all cuse he seems kinda like a jerk and full of himself in the interviews hes had about taylor lautner and playing Jacob.

  40. Shteff! says:

    *throws petrol on him*

  41. Amanda says:

    he pisses me off
    he is
    he should play…………………..PAUL!

  42. Becca says:

    Dude, why are you people hating on him? What did he ever do to you? How do you even know that he is cocky? Just because he wanted to fill the role of Jake if those in charge wanted an older actor? So sue him for wanting to work! Taylor is Jake so you guys need to get over it and just chill out.

  43. Tara K. says:

    I think he would be pretty good in the movie. The acting business is tough, and the popularity of the whole Twilight franchise doesn’t make it any easier. I wouldn’t ever want him to be Jacob (and yes I know Taylor is doing that) but still, I admire him for trying so hard, and pursuing this. Heck, I would want to be in the movie too. This movie will be talked about like crazy and it gives the actors MAJOR opprotunities, and he isn’t THAT well known, so he just wants to make it big like probably all actors do.

  44. Kate says:

    No. Go do some other movie. Like Vampire School or something xD

  45. Amber Pederson says:

    It’s not fair to say that most actors are full of themselves. If they are, though, at least they can subdue their crappy behavior better than THIS guy.

    To whomever said that Taylor is cocky and a jerk, how do you know? Where has he acted like a jerk? Where has he acted like THIS guy? Was it with showing his guns? Because that kid worked his BUTT OFF. He’s DEDICATED.

    Sam? NO! NO NO! Lol. I respect your opinion, but SOLOMON MUST STAY AS SAM! *stamps foot*

    It’s not like I want Michael to die or anything. I hope he’s successful because acting is tough and if it’s what he’s passionate about, then good for him. If he gets into New Moon, then great… BUT THIS GUY IS CRAP! He lies about EVERYTHING. Backpedals when he realizes OH CRAP! SHOULDN’T HAVE SAID THAT!

    That Facebook wasn’t yours?
    Too bad your rep said IT WAS and that those were YOUR WORDS!

    Your people were in contact with Summit and being told that you were in the running for Jake?

    Uuuuugh. You inspire RAGE within MY SOUL! *kicks*

    I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m a pretty understanding person, but there are some people that just tick me OFF EVERY TIME. He’s one of them.

  46. alyssa says:

    hmmm… I have 2 think about this *heavy sarcasm*
    NO….. NO …….and another NO
    he’s waaaaayyyyy to conceited…..maybe if he went and got his big head deflated i would consider him

  47. Camille says:

    I really don’t like him. I think he is egocentric, ignorant, and arrogant, but hey if he can act, then maybe (JUST MAYBE) he could be one of the other wolves. But we’ll see…First, he has to quit the antics.

  48. Becky says:

    i think the actors who are already have been in the first movie such as Solomon, and were already introduced should stay. so i dont think Michael should play Sam. And yes this guy is totally good looking but his actions take away from his looks. The way he acted he shouldnt have even been considered. but if he does get a part i hope its one line long. I understand that he wanted to play jacob but he didnt have to make it such a bid deal.

  49. fanpire says:

    i do not want him all!!!!!!!!!

  50. Rebecca says:

    i wish he could be sam the guy they have now is bllaaaahhhh hes sooooo ugly

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