Catching Fire- The Hunger Games 2

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When readers of the bestselling fantasy novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins reach the last page, many of them will be eager to know, “But what happens next??” Unfortunately, we can’t tell you yet, but we can show you, for the very first time anywhere, the cover for the sequel, Catching Fire. Scholastic is publishing the book on September 8 with a 250,000-copy first printing (Scholastic Audio Books will release a simultaneous audio edition).

The Hunger Games came out last September, after much pre-pub buzz; it has 225,000 copies in print, with 26 foreign editions to date. Collins is currently at work writing the third and final volume in the trilogy, tentatively scheduled for 2010.

David Levithan, executive editorial director at Scholastic, says that the manuscript for Catching Fire is available in-house on a “need to read” basis only. “It’s the most secrecy I’ve had about any project I’ve ever worked on.” Why such secrecy? Levithan says it’s not a ploy for attention—they really don’t want the book’s plot to become public. “We want as many readers as possible to find out what happens in the book itself,” he explains. “We don’t want a Midnight Sun to happen [an early draft of Stephenie Meyer’s companion novel to Twilight was posted on the Internet last summer, causing the book to be postponed indefinitely]. It’s pretty remarkable what [Collins] has done and where she’s going. There are lots of twists and turns, and part of the fun is the surprise of it.”

I love how they refer to it as a Midnight Sun! Haha!


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  1. Emily says:

    I’m not reading the internet midnight sun either. I would feel soo guilty if i read it.
    Anyway. I read the hunger games all because my friend had the book, and i really need to bring a book into english class, because i forgot a book completely. And when i started reading it. i fell in love 🙂
    I finished it THAT NIGHT [good thing it was a friday]
    And it made me soo sad how she ended the book like that [i might have actually teared up]. I instantly wanted more.
    I cant wait to read catching fire 🙂
    plus, Katniss and Peta HAVE to get back together.
    after all they have been through? they just can’t get rid of the past, she’s gonna miss him.

  2. Sarah says:

    Katniss has my sympathy(or she would if she were real lol) I love both Gale and Peeta!! they’re both awesome. i just wonder how she will make the decision. full marks for suzanne collins, i adore your books and your skill at writing i adore =P 5/5 stars W00t!!

  3. R.J. Carter says:

    Review published for “Catching Fire” at

  4. Jay says:

    um, Gale was there first. Peeta is a fool and not worthy of the time given him in the novel, the only thing he could be good for is to get himself killed at the start of the Catching Fire and thus giving Katniss an early warning to get out of there and go hang with Gale. Katniss and Gale have a relationship built from a long time spent working together and talking with each other. Peeta and Katniss, on the other hand, have shared a few days of terrible traumatic experience involving Katniss FAKING her affection for Peeta. Just like with the Twilight saga, everything would have gone (/ will go) a lot smoother if Peeta/Jacob had stayed the frac away from Gale/Edward’s goram true love. If you truly care for someone, you want them to be happy, even if it is with someone else. You should not stay around and confuse Katniss/Bella, that just makes things worse.

    • Leaf says:

      jay you make me laugh about how preech how bad peeta is, but have you even read the fricken hunger games? -do you even know how to read, i am pretty sue katniss has no feelings other then freindship towards gale for a long time and questions her feelings alot more for peeta than gale- excuse my bad grammer but i am in a rush of mad anger after how badly you can talk about peeta and not gale
      have you read the last book? mocking jay – i am pretty sure after gale bags like you how bad peeta is for katniss and how he could provide her a life after what you could call a war or revolution he pisses off when she needs him most, yeah he runs off to district 2, what kind of bull shit is that? peeta was always there and loyal, he never left katniss once nor did he piss off to district 2 first chance he got
      oh and did i forget to mention gale was all about killing the (mostly captial) in cold blood, and katniss told him not to she wanted the rebellion to have as little loss of life as possible but gale -who “loved her and would do anythin for her” goes off and helps create massive weapons of destruction -and bombs etc. and what hapens he actually helps kill prim yes KILL HER YOUNGER SISTER who she loved the most who was her most valuble thing in life- the person who she -katniss gave herself into the hunger games to save her sister, yes when katniss went into the hunger games for the first time gale said ill look after your family for you, and then what BAM her blows her whole life up and leaves, hmmm why wouldn’t she choose peeta, i mean i am totally on peetas side

  5. Lauren says:

    i just finished reading catching fire! it was amazing, just as good as the fist if not better, but now i cant wait a whole year to read the next one! i read it in like a day, it was so good, i didnt want to put it down!

  6. Sia says:

    I rather have Midnight Sun then Catching Fire. But Catching Fire was not better than the first one in my opinion. It’s a great book with twists and turns and great writing but it’s the same thing and I was really hoping they would go somewhere else but oh well. Good read. I just love to read but I’M SORRY BUT THE TWILIGHT BOOKS ARE HARD FOR ANYONE TO BEAT !

  7. aoife says:

    I really wanted Katniss to end up with Gale in the Hunger Games because like Peeta was all winey and stuff but now after reading Catching Fire i love Peeta and now i dont no if i love Peeta or Gale!!!!!! but i loved the book i taught it was brillant and i had like no idea what was going on foa like half of it ! but i dont like the ending because i was like what happens next and what will happen? oh and i agree the twilight books are really hard to beat!

  8. Meyh says:

    I just finished Catching fire…Soooo awesome!

  9. twilight hater says:

    twilight sucks, dont compare it to the hunger games because its one of the best books ever written while twilight is just meyers horny dream!

  10. Stephanie says:

    i fell in love with the hunger games the first day i picked it up. forget twilight! its horribly plotted, nothing happens, and its very shallow. im ashamed to have liked it at all. the hunger games has so much more action and romance and suspense. i just hope that this book will become a bigger craze than twilight ever was, because suzanne collins deserves it after all the work she must have had to do to make this book become such a success.
    and just saying. i want gale to win katniss, mostly because he was there first, and felt really bad for him when he had to watch katniss kissing peeta. also because i think it would be really sweet to fall in love with your best friend. peeta is also very sweet, but i think he would be better off with someone else.

    • Ally says:

      I loved it @Stephinie exactlly how I feel I love The Hunger Games now and can’t wait for Mockingjay and The Hunger Games movie I get like a fan girl around every thing The Hunger Games related!!

  11. Miri says:

    I WAS SO SAD WHEN RUE DIED. I have read about a LOT of people dieing in a LOT of books but rue’s death was the worst for me. I couldn’t stop crying!!! OMG wat if in the third book rue comes back to life! Like she was forced to work for the Capitol the whole time! Thtd be awesome! Seriously if rue is rlly dead I’m gonna cry for 3 days. And in the Maximum Ride series Nudge reminds me of rue in soooo many ways it’s so terrible.

    Anddd I want katniss to go with Gale cuz Gale is more awesomerest thn Peeta will ever be even though I like peeta somewhat.


  12. Bob says:

    Wow twilight sucks and Miri just wow

  13. caitlyn says:

    i loved this book! read both, hunger games and catchin fire, pre-ordered book 3. did ya hear lionsgate is makin it a movie SO AWESOME! date is 2011 all iknow

  14. caitlyn says:

    hunger games is WAY betta than twilight!!! 🙂

  15. caitlyn says:

    i sad poor rue………. 🙁

  16. janii says:

    peeta really has to get with katniss
    otherwise, i’l kill maslef

  17. i just LOVE hunger games!!!!! my friend showed it 2 me n i ansoloutely loved it. ive couldve finished it in 1 day but then theres hw. me n my bestie totally hates TWILIGHT!!! it has no meaning 2 it but when it comes 2 hunger games it has total meaning 2 it like survival, romance n all the types of NORMAL people problems!!!!!

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