Twilight’ Cast Throw Support Behind Dakota Fanning At ‘Push’ Premiere: Red Carpet Recap

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MTV has some speculations about last night’s Push premiere featuring some of the Twilight cast.

“We haven’t heard a peep from the “Twilight” cast on the rumors that Dakota Fanning is being considered to play Jane in “New Moon.” But, last night at Dakota’s “Push” premiere actions spoke louder than words.

Now, let me be clear that this doesn’t officially mean anything, but when almost the entire supporting cast of “Twilight” shows up to the premiere of “Push,” which stars a certain blond haired starlet, it has to mean something! Right?

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16 Comments to “Twilight’ Cast Throw Support Behind Dakota Fanning At ‘Push’ Premiere: Red Carpet Recap”

  1. Michèle LeBlanc says:

    Oooh… the gossip! I personally hope Dakota Fanning isn’t cast as Jane. I know she is supposed to look young, and all but I still see her as an adult. A 14/15 year old can’t play that.

  2. C. Cullen says:

    I agree with Michele. I’m not sure she’s the right fit. She seems to mainstream. But all the signs do seem to point towards her being cast. Although the fact Twilight cast members came to Push doesn’t mean much necessarily; movie production companies often have their stars at premieres for other movies the company is producing. That’s why Push cast members were at the Twilight premiere–it’s just good publicity.

  3. C. Cullen says:

    **sorry–I meantTOO mainstream. Woops!

  4. Jessica says:

    I personally never pictured Jane as an adult, but as an adolescent. I think Dakota Fanning would make an excellent Jane. Either way, the movie is going to be different from the book and no one is going to get everything that they want. We’ll just have to see what happens. I’m sure most of us will like the movie with or without Dakota Fanning as Jane.

  5. Smitten says:

    I think everyone is being too hard on Fanning…when the first cast was decided no one thought they would fit the role. But they all portrayed their characters great, in my opinon. Sure Dakota might not look like anyones vision of Jane walking down the street, but on sets with makeup and all the amazing things they can do to alter someones look is amazing! Give her the chance she deserves, she can act and bring Jane to the screen. Thats really all that matters, right?

  6. Mrs. Everariana Edward Cullen says:

    Who cares if Dakota is too mainstream?! TWILIGHT IS MAINSTREAM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! It’s already popular, so having a popular actress in the movie isn’t such a big deal. Unknown or Known, what really matters is how the actor portrays the role. And how the movie will turn out. Stop fussing over Dakota being too “popular”. A lot of people were suggesting Johnny Depp as Aro, and they didn’t have a problem with him being too mainstream. It’s time you guys realize that the Twilight cast isn’t going to be ALL unknowns, because Twilight is getting bigger and bigger by the day. So is the cast. With Kristen and Rob doing “Adventureland” and “Little Ashes” and other projects, they are going to be pretty big too by the time New Moon and Eclipse come out. So does that mean that they are going to be too “mainstream” to be in the movies? NO. It’s about the quality of the actor and actresses. This “unknown” crap is getting annoying, to tell you the truth.

  7. Mrs. Everariana Edward Cullen says:

    And I agree with Smitten. Dakota is only 14! She is just a girl who wants to be in something that she really cares for. She can be a great JAne, she has great acting abilities, She is around 15, which Jane is, she is petitie, has childlike features, is beautiful but can be evil. If you think she can’t be dangergous and dark, well watch the trailer for Hide and Seek. She was 10 yrs old, and scared the hell out of me! JUST GIVE HER A CHANCE. Because with everything in the news, comes complaing and uprising and hating in the fandom. And it’s ridiculous, because we don’t know what the outcome could be. And I’m serious, be some of the fans are really judgemental and cruel for no reason. Most of the fanbase was mad that Rob was going to be Edward, but now we are kssing his feet!
    So just give the poor girl a chance. I swear that the fans at HisGoldenEyes and are more optimistic and positive than people on TwilightSeriesTheories. I don’t mean to offend anyone or burst your bubble, but it’s true. Most of the reactions on other Dakota news posts have been negative on here. You guys can get angry at me all you want, but it’s true.

  8. katy dalangi says:

    totally agree to mrs everariana Edward cullen give dakota a break and chelax

  9. Ashley T. says:

    I still dont like her for the part, mainstream or not.

  10. Shteff! says:

    All the argueing over Dakota is dumb.
    It’s a slip decision, and either way she’s going to get it or she’s not.
    Even though I personally hope she doesn’t, we can’t make up the casting crews minds can we?
    If they believe Jane should be a young 14 year old blonde girl, then so be it.
    But this I do say…I’ll be against it 😀
    But i’m not going to argue, because I was against Kristen playing Bella (Cause…let’s face it, her acting is awful), but there isn’t no change going to happen there. Plus, I think the Twilight Saga should be for rising actors/actresses. It’s really helped people be pushed into the open…and Dakota already has that fame.

  11. fanpire says:

    I agree with comment #1

  12. fanpire says:

    ^^^^ never mind I only agree that she should not play Jane^^^^^^

  13. Rosalia says:

    I picture jane as a young (12-14) light-brown haired girl, but iI really don’t want Dakota to play her. I still say Jodelle Ferland should be Jane cause she gives off the scary/ good-girl appeal. Twilight is a great opportunity for un-discovered actors to become discovered, and Dakota is already well known (look at how many movies she’s been in). I agree with another person who has commented on this that, I didn’t like Kristen as Bella (and I don’t like Rob either), but we can’t change the casting directors’s minds about who should be cast next (Dakota), and we can’t change who is already in (Kristen and Rob). I just really hope that the new director will bring out the seriousness of New Moon, and not turn it into a comedy-like film such as Twilight, where people in the audience were laughing at all of the wrong moments.

  14. Lola says:

    II agree with a lot of people, meaning I really don’t want Dakota to play Jane. I have nothing against her as an actress, she has done some great movies, but I don’t see her as Jane. I thought the description of Jane in New Moon said she was you looking, but not a kid, and she had brown hair. Dakota has blonde hair, I know you can argue saying there is such a thing as hair and makeup, but I’m just not seeing it.

  15. wannabeTaylorsgirl says:

    I really hope that Dakota does play Jane. And im not just saying that because everyone disagrees. Even before all of the gossip of her playing jane or before twilight i told my dad that if movies were made Dakota Fanning would be the best. She would play the part so well. The only thing that i think would be a problem is her hair, and that can always be dyed a different color. Dakota has my vote on being Jane, and i think that she will have several others wrapped around her finger in an instant

  16. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    yes, there is makeup and hair dying Lola. If Dakota becomes Jane, I think that her havinf black hair will be just fine. She had black hair in Hide and Seek. Half of the Cullens dyed their hair for crying out loud! Jackson, Peter, Nikki, and Kellan! And with Nikki, she is HISPANIC in real life, but she was able to go pale for the movie. So all I’m saying that IF Dakota becomes Jane, I don’t thik there will be a problem with her appearance.

    And most likely Dakota will be Jane, and after that there is nothing that we can do about it. Actually, most of the fanbase are rooting for Dakota, from what I’ve seen from multiple fansites. Just let the casting directors and Chris do their jobs. They casted great actors for the Cullens, and Taylor, and the rest of the charactes. I’m sure they know what they are doing. If you doubt that Dakota can blame Jane, I guess we will just have to find out 🙂

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