‘Twilight’ stars spill ‘New Moon’ details

Jan 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Access Hollywood talked to Ashley, Kellan, and Edi from the Push premiere, which you can see here!

“I can tell you there’s a yellow Porsche,” Greene revealed at the premiere of Dakota Fanning’s “Push,” confirming that the vehicle, which plays a special role in the “New Moon” book, will be in the movie.

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7 Comments to “‘Twilight’ stars spill ‘New Moon’ details”

  1. angeli says:

    can’t wait for new moon.=D

  2. Shteff! says:

    I’m so happy for the car XD! And for Taylor blesh him. I wander if he’s gonna look as smexxi as he usually does =3
    Tee Hee.
    But, besidse that, Edi and Cam need to be in the movie (even though they both are offically poof).
    Seriously, couldn’t they be in random flashbacks or extras?! WE NEED THEM!
    And screw Dakota. Sorry, but no 😀

  3. fanpire says:

    there better be a yellow porsche

  4. kathryn says:

    wow…ashley is so beautiful it annoys me so much :/

    the only thing i wonder about is how has her hair gotten so long already?!
    unless she is wearing extensions?


  5. Rebecca says:

    Edi: “hes some what of a man now!” (about taylor) haha…personally i think hes is a complete man by now lol!!!

  6. Rebecca J says:

    I can’t wait for new moon. But i hope that they don’t re-write for more edwards, as Rob Pattinson suspects.
    ekk! that would just be bad.. but i am majorly ticked off. Coz you guys will get to see it before me and have twilight on DVD before me… cause it comes out like 2-3weeks later here in the UK.
    anyways. keep on podcasting 🙂

  7. wannabeTaylorsgirl says:

    i cant wait for new moon. Kathryn, ashley wears a wig in the movie.
    I hope that the bond that is formed between bella and jacob will be as strong in the movie as it is in the book.
    that is my only worry :/

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