Walmart to Add ‘Twilight Shops’ in All Stores in March With Arrival of Movie DVD

Feb 12th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Merchandise, Movie News

It looks like you will be able to find much more Twilight merchandise at your local Walmart this Spring!  Click here to read more.

Committed to bringing customers more affordable access to Twilight items than ever before, Walmart will dedicate a special area in each of its 3,500 stores to Twilight beginning mid-March – just days before the DVD movie release is available – to offer items including:

  • The Twilight DVD movie – standard and special edition
  • The Twilight CD soundtrack*
  • The Twilight book series* Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn
  • Twilight apparel
  • Twilight messenger bags and totes
  • Twilight posters*
  • Assorted Twilight licensed jewelry, key chains and accessories
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11 Comments to “Walmart to Add ‘Twilight Shops’ in All Stores in March With Arrival of Movie DVD”

  1. Cedar says:

    that is sort of over the top though

  2. liz says:

    I cannot wait! But now everywhere I go I’ll c twilight….well that’s kinds kewl in a aT but I mite get tired of it

  3. Amanda G says:

    Ummmm… It’s cool in all but… Walmart? Why walmart? I go to walmart if I want food or somthing, not to shop for clothes! I think they should stick to Hot Topic. But that’s just me (:

  4. Jasmine says:

    SWEET!!!! Not cuz I like Wal-Mart but cuz we don’t have a Hot Topics in Canada so this w’ell be soooo much easier!!!

  5. Sriji says:

    nice…. but what if you don’t live near a walmart???

  6. Cherry Garcia says:

    Finally! I live in the middle of know where and the only place to shop is at Walmart an hour away from where I live. It will be nice to finally be able to buy some Twilight stuff!!!

  7. Janeanne says:

    OME, i live in a very small town and the nearest Hot Topic is 30 min away!! Wal Mart is all we have

  8. Rachel says:

    aughh damn i dnt think walmart actually exsists in the uk!

  9. Spinach says:

    It doesn’t… though Walmart do own Asda I think…

  10. Shteff says:

    Walmart?! LOL!
    Is that the amercian version to ASDA?! *hopeful*

  11. Bee says:

    soo BIG W … you wanna follow in walmarts footsteps? lol. acually i managed to go to a hot topic store in the US… sanity and HMV should sell that sorta merch as well!

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