7 Secrets From New Moon

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OK! Magazine has a list of “secrets” from New Moon, including Paramore’s role in the soundtrack, as well as who will play Jared!  (This list is NOT confirmed yet!)

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  1. Shteff says:

    O.o I didn’t know Kristen was with a dude! That’s a shocker, but with him on set I wonder what other rumors could form *cackles* I’m not to shocked over AnnaLynne getting the part of Heidi, and I don’t mean that in a nasty term seeing as the character is just a slutty lure. But good luck to her on that *laughs at the gal pal term*. Brandon playing Jared??? *is in shock*….b-but…JARED’S YOUNGER! *get’s mauled* THANK GOD PARAMORE IS INVOLVED! Decode was AMAZING so I’m looking forward to see what they come up with =3 And for Taylor…*is in shock*…it’s…to much =/ He’s not the adorable dude no more to me, but a man. LAME! *sulks* And lastly Dakota…*dies in defeat*

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Im really happy that AnnaLynne is playing Heidi. I think she’ll do a great job. And this Brandon Michael Vayda person, I think he’ll make a good Jared, But I wonder how tall he is. Cos he has to be tall. And this makes me wonder…have they cast the rest of the pack yet??? I wanna know. Haha. And Im really happy that Paramore’s gonna be on the soundtrack. its cool that theyre fans of the books and that they get to do this. Also, I heard that Haleys Team Jacob. So thats cool.

  3. fally wally says:

    No Dakota, she’s gonna think thats shes the most amazing awesome person in the world and get stuck up, but who likes Jane and Dakota isnt really pretty at all, no ofense intended( ok maybe a little offense) And Anna Lynne looks really REALLY weird (dont watch 90210), and like shed also get stuck up. So Im starting to get disapointed with all these rumors about New Moon, Im just gonna have to stop reading all thesegossip magazines. Why couldnt Catherine have stayed, WHY??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? All I can say is that if this movie is not good, Stepninie Meyer should go and sue Summitt Entertainment for doing a really bad interpretation of her books( i have a feeling that theat might have to happen, AHHH) sorry if it doesnt make sense

  4. Carly (Lautner) says:

    no Dakota, yes AnnaLynne, no Brandon. and yes, Elizabeth, the lovely Hayley is Team Jacob. (love her even more for that!) i’m so excited for the new Paramore music!

    cArLy LaUtNeR***

  5. Shanise says:

    I disagree with fally wally on everything in comment 3. Yes to Dakota, yes to AnnaLynne, not sure about Brandon need more pics and info. I also am happy to hear that Haley is Team Jacob.

  6. Nellie says:

    Ok.. so the Dakota thing isn’t for sure yet? I have not seen anything that has actually said it’s a sure thing. I’m still against the idea. She drives me crazy.. ever since War of the Worlds where her character complained the whole time I just can’t stand to see the girl. I’m also kinda upset that some sources think that she will make the cast step up their game. News Flash! She’s not so amazing! Anyway.. past my anti-Dakota rant.. I’m a little confused about this Brandon Michael Vayda guy.. I watch 90210 and I have no idea who he is! AnnaLynne kinda makes sense. She is the epitome of the bad girl. I LOVE that Paramore is going to do another song for the series! Hayley loved the books so you know that it actually means something to her!

  7. Bailey says:

    umm that pic of kristen with that one guy is SOOOOO photo shopped i did a better job putting myself next to leonardo dicaprio in computer generated art than whoever made that pic did i wouldnt believe anything on that list its too soon to know all of that

  8. Janie says:

    Kristen was NOT on the set with ‘some guy.’ That pic was photoshopped yes, but it is her BF Michael Angarano! The article next to the pic explains it.

    She wants her BF to be on set to squelch any rumors of romance with Rob! She is in love with Michael, not Rob. It is her way of proving that there is no secret romance and will NOT be any! Rob did not seriously propose to her and was not in love with her. He has said so if people would listen! Really, sorry to pop any bubbles!

    Rob needs someone less serious and more fun. Personality-wise he and Kris are not a good match.

  9. Janie says:

    PS – Dakota will rock the Jane role. She has an angelic face and can make her eyes look weird.

    Quit hating her because she is an established actress. I have never seen her be stuck up and in interviews she is very nice. And if she annoyed in certain roles, remember, she was directed to do that!

    Fact is she will own this role, you can depend on her for that! She will add credibility to the movie too.

  10. twilight_tweaker says:

    Dakota,hell yea! i dnt care wat u guys say bout her she can act da role of jane n she’s not stuck up so stop hatin.i am so excited dat paramore is stio gonna b wit twilight saga i totally luv their songs.n as fo da rest of da actors i dnt kno who they are so yea i could care less cuz i dnt kno dem

  11. Tanya says:

    OMG i LUV twilight o wait i think everybody does and fort this haters you no wat F U cuz twilight rocks and robert u r so HOT!!!!!kristen u ROCK!!!!!!!!!! and i think that kristen and robert make a GREAT couple you guys shood totally get TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jacob u ROCK!!! i luv ur role in the movie u r osum!!!!!!! i luv all of the cast members of twilight even Rosalie even though she is bellas #1 hater in twilight lolz!!!!!!!!!!! you guys all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you get to make more movies together cuz well you guys are GREAT at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TWILIGHT FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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