Read Twilight Twice? ~ Week #49

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This week Kassie and I discuss the benefits of reading Twilight a second time.  Kassie and I do NOT see eye-to-eye about a lot of things, andd this is one thing that will probably be added to that list!  We also dive into a couple of Supporter’s Speculations, and Kassie asks a random question.  The music this week is Nancy Bird by Sore.

P.S.  we are very close to getting our iTunes feed fixed!  *fingers crossed*

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27 Comments to “Read Twilight Twice? ~ Week #49”

  1. Cedar says:

    I am listening to it right now!

  2. Michele Celine says:

    Ohh! Gotta get home to download it!

  3. Shanise says:

    Okay, I’m planing on reading The Hunger Games so how much spoilers are going to be on the next pod cast?

  4. laura h says:

    i’m half way through the hunger games now so might hold off listening to the next podcast til i’m done. saving this week’s for my trip to the eternal twilight con tomorrow! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

  5. Brinean a.k.a. the coolest reader ever says:

    Cool I need to catch up!

  6. Laura says:

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the music that you put at the beginning and end of your podcast:

    Keep up the great music selection!!


  7. Sandi says:

    I just finished listening but Kassie didn’t say if we had convinced her to read Twilight again or not. Kassie????

    Thanks for reading my post – Way cool! But I had posted again and I think it was better, and worth mentioning – Read the book again to help you forget about the awful movie. The movie Edward is wrong, wrong, wrong and book Edward is sooo right!

    Dallas, TX!

  8. Brooke says:

    Ok,so exited abou the whole “getting itunes fixed thing” and i definitly want to se your podacst in that list! Its the best podacast ever. You guys totally rock! Anyway i think reading Twilight the second time has the benefits of:
    -Experiance the best book again,
    -Find out more on the way couse the first time you read it you just skip pages couse you wanna know what happens
    -Look at Edward and Bella with a new idea of who they are

    keep up the great podcast and cant wait for Itunes to get fixed!

    Brooke Cullen!(hahha)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    When I was listening to this podcast, I thought it was funny that you said that most people, when they reread the series tend to skip New Moon, and that most people have probobly read all the other books more than New Moon. The reason I thought this was funny was becasue I have read New Moon many more times than I have read any of the other books, even Twilight. Maybe its my hardcore Team Jacob-ness. Haha.
    Anyways, I love you girls, and your podcast.

  10. molly says:

    i feel so special!!! you read my comment this week and last week!!! i feel so loved…. sorry for asuming things about you 🙁 im forgetful myself, and i asumed that you havent memorized the series or anything. ok… thanks!!! i love you guys <333

  11. Catherine says:

    Hey, I’m from New Zealand too, and it’s so cool you read an email from an NZer! Kallie, you know now is a really good time for American tourists to come to NZ, because our exchange rate is so bad that it makes it really cheap for you! 😛 well, you know, AS cheap as it’s going to be. (and this is coming from a 16 year old economics student :D). Can’t wait for the next ep, and for the record i’ve had no problems with itunes. If anything, it’s finally letting me download the rob interview which it wouldn’t let me do before!

  12. Elle says:

    The only reason I have read New Moon more than the other books is because I love love love Alice in New moon… yet I hate Jacob and the long super drawn out time he is with bella. 😛

  13. becca says:

    omg listening to the quilette casting podcast and i luv taylor lautner now!!!!!! i saw ho big hes getting geez he doesn’t look that young he is gorgeous and kassie i so agree taylor’s teeth are gorgeous and it doesnt matter lol!!!! ugh i cant download the new one though and i did try the new way! arrgghhh i just love listning to you guys!

  14. Sarah :) says:

    Hey Kassie & Kallie, i love your podcast.
    You guys are so funny & im so jealous cause you guys got to meet basically the whole cast of twilight. And you have no idea much i love Rob & Taylor. They’re….(sighs) haha
    But im all the way in Australia, half way across the world 🙁

    Anyways I think after reading all the books, you should read twilight again. Cause after you know the whole story (twilight – Breaking Dawn) you forget some parts. Like for me i remember reading the part in twilight when Edward asked Bella to go to Seattle with him. And i was like ‘oh my god, i remember this part, awww’, It gives you that feeling of excitment, and it makes you want to read more! It kinda refreshing the story. Anyways thats what i think, and would read all the books over and over again!

  15. Bea says:

    Thank u soooo much for reading out my message about reading Twilight twice!! I was in a restaurent when i was listening to it and i just wanted to jump up and down!! My mum wants 2 listen too it now lol!!
    Thanx!!! Love the podcast!! I’ve nearly downloaded all ur previous ones!!

  16. Klaudia says:

    Love the podcast! You girls are hilarious this week!
    I listened to all the Twilight series audiobooks and the woman does not try to do different voices for different people (thankfully! it got really annoying in the Harry Potter audiobooks!). And there is a guy who speaks the parts in Jacobs POV in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The English audiobooks are not so bad compared to the German ones, where almost half a chapter is missing sometimes! But listening to the audiobooks is, in my opinion, not comparable to reading the books over again. I agree, they only get better at the second and third time!
    I tend to skip New Moon as well! But I did give it a second chance, because Stephenie once said you should, in order to really be able to pay attention to Jacob, and I did pay more attention to him the second time, so I’m not a Jacob hater anymore!
    By the way, the reference about Angela being a witch was in Eclipse: “If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party too.” -Bella, p. 143
    Anyways, can’t wait for next week’s podcast! Kassie sounds super excited about the Hunger Games =)

  17. stacy says:

    ok so i listend to the audio books and they compleatly ruined the books for me my sister emily (she posts here to) convinced me to get them so i did then when i red them in spanish ( i do speek spanish) it was no the same i had that annoying woman in my head. the spanish ones are better so learn spanish and you will have better audio books 🙂

  18. Jacob (From Spain) says:

    OMG, you talked about me!

    My friends are all freaking out about it.
    They’ve added this episode to their Twilight iPod playlists!!!

    I love y’all so much.

  19. KIMBERLY says:

    I LOVE THE AUDIOBOOKS!!! The narrator, does a wonderful job. I totally think you need to at least give it a try. Don’t poo poo the audiobooks 😀

  20. Elsa says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie!

    It’s great, I listen to it whilst i am working or cleaning, It’s awsome!
    I REALLY want to go to the London Premiere of New Moon and I’m still looking for tickets : )

    what is the best Vampire Super Power do you think?? : )

    Love the show!
    x x x

  21. Keelyn says:

    Yes!! read them again!!!
    I’ve read all the books 5 times and they keep getting better each time! When I was at a Breaking Dawn release party this girl said she read all 3 of them 13 times…thats alot!!
    Anyways if you read them again you will remember all the parts that you might of forgotten. When I read Breaking Dawn I read it so fast that reading it a 2nd time gave me more and more information!
    Also reading them a 2nd time might give you a different take on the book because of the movie, such as what they characters look like and stuff.
    Also you get to experience the best book ever AGAIN!!! So theres absolutly no reason not to read them again 😛
    Keep up the great podcast!!

  22. Cindy W says:

    Hello Kassie and Kallie, I love you guys and your podcast.

    I would definitely reread Twilight. I have read Twilight three times and the other three books twice. When you reread Twilight, you pick up on things that you may have possibly missed the first time around. Also, if you have read Twilight simultaneous with Midnight Sun it plays out like a movie because you are getting two perspectives at once. Like I totally started laughing when Bella opened her window and it opened easily, well it was easy because the night before Edward had put oil on it so it would not sqeak.

    Also, Kassie, when you reread Twilight read aloud Bella’s lines and thoughts this way you can live vicariously as Bella.

  23. Rachel says:

    I just had a question as to when y’all were going to do another segment about the host?

  24. Rachel says:

    or are you done with that and I just missed something?

  25. kelsey touvell says:

    i love these books and robert ♥♥

  26. Cherise says:

    Howdy doody from Ireland!!!

    I’m new to this whole Twilight thing so please forgive me. I was wondering what all the fuss was about, some of the kids i teach skating to have been going on about them since Christmas so i thought “why not?” I’m now OBSESSED! I was a fan of vampires before, but wow, just WOW! I haven’t seen the movie yet, and i don’t know if i want to. I have the characters in my head and i’m scared that if i see the movie i might be disappointed with how they are played maybe? It happened to me with the Lord of the rings (which i grew up with), I will have to wait for the DVD release over here now i guess.

    Anyway, I’ve just read the whole series in a five day time slot, while i did take a lot in i know i probably miss a good chunk too!! So….. I’m re- reading them when i’m done with some other books that are on my to do list! I don’t know about audiobooks, speaking personally i feel it’s a cop out of reading the words for yourself.

    Kassie and Kallie, I’ve just been playing catch up all day on your podcasts! you ladies are awesome!! keep up the FANTABULOUS work! 🙂

    Ciao for now!!


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