Vanity Fair Outtake

Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Here is a new outtake from the Vanity Fair photo shoot, thanks to Everglow!

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9 Comments to “Vanity Fair Outtake”

  1. Cedar says:

    LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are both awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ayeayeaye says:

    cam looks sooooo hot

  3. Amanda G says:

    YAY!!! I love these!!!!!!!

  4. lariza says:

    Love the Vanity Photoshoot

  5. Shteff says:

    Gotta love the photography =]

  6. The REAL Mrs. Edward Cullen says:

    Very sexy 🙂

  7. Gillian Mendez says:

    Everyone is just so beautiful. I wonder if they really are vampires … hmmm.

  8. Becky says:

    Wow, I think I am now team Emmett (Kellan) after seeing this picure …. wow!!!

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