Twilight DVD Bonus Footage!

Mar 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

MTV has an exclusive look at some Twilight DVD bonus footage, along with an article, which you can read here!

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Much like Emmett, Twilighters have come to love Lutz for the muscular actor’s endearing, teddy-bear-like charm. But if you think his party couldn’t get any crazier, you haven’t heard about what he’ll be wearing under his Snuggie.

“We do pajama parties,” he explained. “[We’re] going to be wearing onesies. … We’ll play games and throw the special-edition DVD on the big screen.

“[They have] feet in the pajamas, so you can slide around, and some have butt flaps,” Kellan Lutz said of his onesie. “I love them. I had a Care Bears one when I was growing up, like [age] 6 or 7. Now they make adult sizes. … Mine is ninja-style. It’s all black and has a hood. It doesn’t have a butt flap, but my roommate’s does. He’s 6-foot-7. It has a butt flap, and he’ll run around with it open — which is not a pretty sight.”

So is Gathegi welcome to join in on the pajama-palooza? “Edi will get an invite,” Lutz promised.”

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  1. leticia says:

    thats soooooooooooooo funny-the pj thingy…and i liked the vids too!

  2. Harley says:

    omg ye funny!!!!!

  3. Q says:

    Ugh….what!!! it says the video is restricted to US only and cannot be played outside US!

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