Lookin’ For New Music

Mar 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Podcast Music

Are you falling behind on finding some new music from up and coming bands? Well we’ve got you covered, TST has just created ‘The Twilighter’s Pandora’. Where we are recommending some new bands and songs that you’ve been missing out on since we haven’t gotten any of Mrs. Meyers’ lovely playlists. Every month a new artist will be featured and you can download a track from them and get updates on what those artist are up to now.

The Twilighter’s Pandora

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10 Comments to “Lookin’ For New Music”

  1. Olinda says:

    wow…. that iss sooo cool!!
    love u guys!!
    yay… first comment!!

  2. Carly (Lautner) says:

    wicked! i am so good at this kinda thing! does it have to be Twilight-related? i hope not. suggestion: HEY MONDAY!! i love them so friggin’ much it’s not even funny. 🙂 i hope y’all had fun last night. love ya!


  3. Sonee says:


  4. Carly (Lautner) says:

    Sonee: WOOT! haha! i am in LOVE with “6 Months.” yay for Hey Monday fans!


  5. Jasmine says:

    That’s such an awesome idea!!!!!! Whoot!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  6. Elle says:

    I love finding new bands…especially before everyone else does. Though it’s my greatest sadness when they hit mainstream and are ruined by becoming just too well known.

    So is this going to be a page (maybe there already is and I haven’t found it) or just an update on the news every so often?

  7. Elle says:

    A few suggestions (While you may not look twice at these I like making lists!!):
    -The Pierces
    -Family Force 5

  8. Andy says:

    Ooooh! New Music!!! Me like this… (does this include released artists from across the globe?)

    Okay, let me think of some unsigned acts…

    Eliza Lumley (any of her music is wonderful. Including the remixes on her mySpace)
    Gavin Creel (“Don’t Break Your Heart” & “Behind Me Day” are good tracks but “Might Still Happen” is awesome!)
    “The Clouds At The Top Of The Sky” & “D-E-A-D” by The Sound of the Ladies
    “Find What Lies” & “Bulletproof” by AloneMe
    “Reasons Not To Be An Idiot” b Frank Turner

  9. Diane says:

    A’speakin’ of music, I’m listening to Fred Astaire’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz” right now…random, but I love it. “Puttin’ on The Ritz” should be on this list….

  10. Elle says:

    ‘Making April’ is very good too. They’re piano-ey like Jack’s Mannequin

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