Hearing Voices?

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Next week we are going to be talking about why Bella heard Edward’s voice when she did outrageous things!  We would love to hear what you think about it, and a few more things…

Why do you think Bella heard Edward’s voice?  Was she crazy?  Do you think this storyline from the book will be included in the movie?  And will Kristen be able to pull off this intersting twist with Bella’s subconscious?

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  1. Judith Akufo says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because she was literally clutching onto any memory of him. Her subconscious mind was feeding her desire to feel Edward, by creating these voices. I definitely think this should be included into the movie, because I know when I read it my first though was “wow, she must of really loved this person with every fiber of her being to be doing this to herself, It definitely helped to let me know, that what they shared was true love and not just infatuation and Kristen is an amazing actress, I think If you see her performance in Speak, you’ll have no doubt the she can pull this off.

  2. Cedar says:

    At first in the book I though that somehow that Edward was actually, like, communicating with her but then you find out he wasn’t so………………yeah. LOL. Um…. I don’t really think she was crazy but at the same time I do………does that make scents? They BETTER have that in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don’t think it will just be voices I think she will, like, see him, like, illusions or something, because you know EVERYONE will want to see more Rob (except me and two of my friends, at least). I am not sure that Kristen will be able to pull it off. She didn’t do THAT well in Twilight (well at least I don’t think that she did) so I REALLY hope she can pull it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Jacob
    Cedar Black
    love the pod-cast

  3. Judith Akufo says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because she was literally clutching onto any memory of him. Her subconscious mind was feeding her desire to feel Edward, by creating these voices. I definitely think this should be included into the movie, because I know when I read it my first though was “wow, she must of really loved this person with every fiber of her being to be doing this to herself, It definitely helped to let me know, that what they shared was true love and not just infatuation and Kristen is an amazing actress, I think If you see her performance in Speak, you’ll have no doubt that she can pull this off.

  4. Alecia says:

    I think Bella was hearing his voice because that was all she really had left. He didn’t leave anything with her except memories; very dim, human ones.
    I think she heard his voice, because somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew he still cared about her. Knew he would care about if she ruined her life- lived or died. So when she was doing something reckless and stupid, she could hear the voice of Edward, believing that he was angry, that he didn’t want her to hurt herself.
    I also think that, besides the hallucinations of seeing his face, his voice (His beautiful, velvet voice…) was he best things she could remember. It was the voice she could most likely pick out from a mile away; it was her ‘life-boat” what kept her… I would say… SOMEWHAT sane.

  5. Brinean (Bruh-Neen) says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because her subconscious was trying to tell her the whole time that Edward cared and he would always be there for her and that he loved her!
    Yea she was crazy! How could you not be if the man you loved left??
    Yes I think that this plot line will be in the movie because it is a critical plot line and and leads to Bella going after Edward in Italy.
    From watching Adventureland and Twilight I definitely think Kristen can pull off this interesting twist in Bella’s subconscious!!

    P.S. Keep up the great podcast you guys rock!!!!!!!

  6. Dawn says:

    READ THIS ONE GIRLS…PLEASE!! It would be so cool to have the vision of Edward when she hears him talking in her head, like a bubble over her head… ya know like in the cartoons…not all the time though…. just like when she’s about to jump over the cliff……or when she confronts the guys in Port Angeles……that would’ve made the movie more haunting (pun intended). 🙂

  7. Dawn says:

    oh the question!….Kristen will be able to pull off the subconscious thoughts very well…she’s a thinker before she speaks, and she has that look she does before she answers a question, I can see her doing that when she hears Edward.

  8. Nicole says:

    Hey guys, I love your podcast! Every episode makes me laugh! Anyway I think that it was in her own mind, like she knew what Edward would say, so she thought it in her mind, thinking that it was him.

  9. Sarah luvs EDWARD says:

    hey girls! i love your podcast keep it up! i look forward to it every time there is a new one! but question of the week. so bella hearing voices in her head is actually really confusing in the book. i thought she was going mad for reacting so badly to edward leaving her. it makes sense but it is a total and complete overreaction. i mean edward doesnt even talk that much to her cuz their relationship is mostly physical so i dont understand how she would hear his voice in the first place. i agree with kassie, bella is sorta a wimp in the whole handling breakup department. it would be extremely idfficult to interpret the way bella was feeling while he was gone but i beleive if they did put it in, kristen could pull it off but just barely. she’s a good actress but its hard to pull off what characters go through emotionally especially that strong of a relationship. but yes, bella is extremely weird being able to hear edward’s voice tell her crazy stuff

  10. Hanalee says:

    Well….from the sounds of things, they ARE including it along with Spunk Ransom’s lovely face. SO…yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how they plan to pull that off…And I think Kristen is a pretty talented actress, and while I have NOT A BLOODY CLUE how they intend to pull it off, how ever they choose to do it I think she’ll be able to act it out.
    AS FOR BELLA….the whole “hearing Edward’s voice” thing was a WEE odd for me. I mean, I know she was in pretty bad shape after their breakup (cough cough he would want you to move on and not pout about your room all day cough) but that was a little much… I sort of felt as if Bella gave up being her own person. She went past wanting to be with Edward to NEEDing to be with Edward and sort of just threw in the towel on being her own woman to the point of almost being petty. I’ve seen it in some of my friends and it really irks me. I just felt like shaking her and going “Who are YOU? You’re still BELLA aren’t you? Edward didn’t DEFINE you did he? Be yourself! You don’t need him to survive!”
    For me hearing his voice in her head was just going over the edge (ha ha….sort of like metaphorical cliff diving) and made me go from wondering if she was nots to knowing she was nuts.

  11. Manda says:

    Hey guys,
    your podcast rocks!!!
    Anyways- –
    I think that bella heard edward’s voice whenever she did something dangerous because she knew if he were there thats what he would of said. She knew that he would say those exact things. This makes sense because, as jacob mentioned in eclipse, she spent all of her strength holding on to him, when he was no logger with her there were probably many things that she did to hold on to him. This one’s price was just higher to pay.

    yeahh…soo…love da podcast…xoxox

    – – –
    Team edward cuz jacob doesnt sparkle 😉

  12. Dilly says:

    Hey guys. I think that Bella heard Edwards voice because she was holding on to Edwards memory and remembering when Edward said ‘try and stay out of trouble’.
    I think it will definately be included in the movie because it is am important part of the book to convey how much Bella loved, wanted and needed Edward to be around. Also i think the producers want to appeal to the teenage fan girls and they want there to be a bit more Rob time. HaHa.
    I am not sure if Kristen can pull this off. I didn’t really like her performance in Twilight and it put me off her but on the other hand her performance in Speak was fabulous and she really got the isolated girl in distress part very well. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    LOVE the podcast and can’t wait or for the next one!!

  13. Stephany says:

    I definitely do NOT think Bella was crazy in hearing Edwards voice. I think it was her way of keeping him alive inside her. And since he was so over protective when he was present, everytime she did something that she wasn’t supposed to be doing, she could just remember if he were there what he would say. I think if I were in the same situation it would have happened to me too. I think they are going to put the hallucinations in the movie because that will give us some Rob time, and everyone wants some Rob Time, yes even YOU Kassie! Even though Kristens acting is sometimes questionable, I think she will do fine in the hallucination scenes. I love Twilight, but New Moon definitely made this entire saga a true tragedy and in my opinion made it the Romeo and Juliet of our time. When I first read New Moon I cried literally from the moment he left til the end of the book. And everytime she heard his voice my heart ached and call me crazy but I too would hear his voice. After reading it the first time I never thought I could intentionally make myself read the book again, it was too sad for me. But I did, I’ve read it 3 times in total, and although I do not cry the entire time, I still shed a few tears when he leaves, I guess I;m just a silly masochist!

  14. MrsEdwardCullen18 says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because she did not want to let the memory of his voice go. Since he took everything else she had to remember him by she was clutching on to the memory of his beautiful voice. =]. and no i dont think she is crazy! I do think that this storyline from the book will be brought into the movie but no on as big of scale. and i do think kristen will pull off the twist in bella’s subconscious. BTW Great Podcast!!!

  15. TwilightGirl says:

    I think Bella was hearing Edward’s voice when she did dangourous things because before he left, when ever something dangourous would(or might) happen to her, Edward would go protect her. So she got used to it… also I think it was also the little voice inside telling her that Edward still loved her…. even though he said he didn’t. And like Jacob (grrrr) said…. she never let go of Edward while he was away, plus I’d be hearing voice too. I hear voices of what I imagine Edward’s voice all the time when I’m at school. Like today I was going to go play kickball…..with flip flops on… but edward’s voice told me not to be stupid and make a fool of myself! LOL, no, not really. This WILL be in the movie, or I will sue Summit!! (Joke) I think Kristin will be able to pull off Bella’s voice hearing. I was very impressed with her in Twilight, so I think she’ll do even better with New Moon! I’d seen her in Catch That Kid, it was actually one of my favorite movies until a couple of years ago. My dad even liked it, and he doesn’t like ANY of the things I do. (such as Twilight for example, he thinks it’s a load of garbage!) I’m not looking forward to Breaking Dawn.. and I am at the same time, the reasons are obvious (the SCARY parts)…..Love love love love LOVE the podcasts!

  16. Esteban says:

    Well, i think Bella heard Edwards voice because it was really hard for her to forget about him just like that and in other words i would say that Edward left “a mark” on Bellas life and she just could NOT forget about him… And no, i dont think Bella was crazy when she heard Edwards voice because even then she wanted to think of him like he was protecting her… when i first read New Moon i thought Edward had this other gift and he could talk to people and watch over them from lonf distances… (crazy huh?) well thats what i have to say and yes i do think Kristen will play the part right because she is such a good actor and she did really good in “The Messanger” and well i love the show… bye.

  17. Kasha says:

    Bella heard Edward’s voice every time she did something “reckless”… in part, I think it was her subconcious trying to keep her safe, as she promised Edward- as much as she tried to convince herself she was doing it to break her promise to him. She really wanted to believe he meant it when he said he wanted her to be safe. Edward’s “voice” was her self-preservation kicking in- because she couldn’t TRULY accept breaking her promise- that part of her mind that wouldn’t allow her to dwell on Edward also wouldn’t allow her to put herself in any REAL harm. She wan’t crazy (except crazy in love- even still- her subconcious came up with the quickest way to get her to pay attention- talk to her in Edward’s voice.

    As far as will it be included in the movie? I certainly hope so. These moments are pivotal in bringing Edward back into Bella’s life- ESPECIALLY when she cliff-dives. It really wouldn’t be hard to apply it- I’ve seen it done in other movies- a freeze, a voice-over of Edward as she keeps on ignoring his voice… no reason why it couldn’t work. And I really think Kristen could hang! 😉

  18. The Youngest Reader Ever! says:

    Amazing question this week.

    I have to say straight up Bella is/was not crazy. As i quote Edward cullen in the Twilight when Bella asks ‘How did you save me?’ Edward simple replies “I had an Adrenaline rush. You can google it.” So i think subcounciously remembered that and when ever she has an adrenaline rush she is reminded of our dearest Edward. So she rememebers words he has said puts them together so it seems as though Edward is still caring for her.

    If this is not in the movie i will yell out in the middle of the cinemea “What about the voices!” As for if Kristen can pull this off. She can!! “YES SHE CAN!!!!”

    I’m so slap-happy beacuse the Twilight DVD finally came out here in Australian. We had to wait till 22nd of Apirl.

    Love the podcast as always

    The Youngest Reader Ever!

  19. christina V says:

    I am glad you are touching on this subject. NO mattter how many time I read this book I couldn’t understand why she was hearing voice. Did Edward power touch her brain? It was so confusing. Now that I am reading everyone elses comment it giving me a better understanding. Love the podcast.

  20. Sandi says:

    No, Bella wasn’t insane. At least not due to hearing Edwards voice. Just a desperate attemp to hang onto him and keep him close. Should it be in the movie? I’m not sure. It could be one of the things cut to keep it from being to long.

    Keep up the good work girls!

    Dallas, TX USA

  21. Crystal says:

    HOW ARE YOU??? (sorry so hyper, cuz i loooveee this question)

    I don’t think she Bella was insane, i think edwards voice just comfortaed her in certain ways so that was why everytime she put herself in danger his voice would calm her or thrill her even if it means……well almost dying. I think that because Bella and edward had a great bond, or that sort of HUGE attachment to each other that she hears his voice maybe because it is so familiar to her? i don’t know. I DEFINTALY THINK THAT THIS SHOULD BE INCLUDED!!!!!!! but how are they going to do this? i think that he might be like in the background like behind her (she is imagining him maybe) when she is doing somthing dangerous maybe what like they did in the movie GHOST idk that might be to the non-twilight readers.

    I think Kristen can pull it off, the whole deppressed thing since she worked in that area before with the movie Speak.


  22. zoe says:

    I think she kept hearing his voice because she still had a strong memory of him and didn’t want to let him go forever so was hanging on to every last memory she had and to keep him close to her heart. Also i think that Bella still wanted to think that Edward still loved her even after he told her he didn’t want her so no i don’t think she was crazy or turning crazy-just wanting to keep her strong memory of the one that left her heart torn into pieces.

  23. BJ says:

    This was actually talked about in the book. She thought that she heard his voice because deep down she knew he still cared what happened to her and wanted her to be safe. Like even though she thought he didn’t love her anymore her subconcious knew better. Bella and Edward were forever changed by their love for each other. It was a very deep love so I don’t think it was crazy that she was hearing his voice. I think most people experience that in some sense like they are trying to decide whether to do something bad or not but then they know their mom would tell them not to. Not in quite the same thing but close. It should be in the movie because it was the reason she kept doing dangerous things, she wanted to hear his voice.

  24. Shteff says:

    To be honest, I think it was just something random that Stephenie Meyer added to make the book go along with the flow – after all, no Edward meant no romantic and pain filled bond for Bella and him. Plus, although I loved the Jacob situation, once again, it was Edward who made the plot of the book – as he does every book.
    So, I just think it was an add in with no personal sense or reason.
    If to be picky and have a successful reason, I’m just going to say that Bella was being an idiotic moo who was growing deranged and seeking the obvious attention =].


  25. Jessie says:

    i bet they will keep that part in the moive, and I feel like it shouldnt be something that is too difficult to pull off because they will probably let the audience hear Edward’s voice as well. I think her hearing Edward’s voice was part of her missing him so much. Kind of like when you have dreams about things when you are thinking about them a lot. I think Edward was on her mind so often that she would hear his voice in stressful situations. Maybe she was going a little crazy, but it seems like something stress induced. I hope they do keep it in the movie. I love the podcast!

  26. ggrockz68 says:

    Hey, Love u gals and ur facebook videos!
    As I was reading New Moon, I kept wondering if he actually knew things were going on and was somehow “chaneling” his self to help her through. But, of course, as I read more, I figured out that he really wasn’t there because I knew he would not allow her to keep on as she was. I think her mind just heard his voice to ease her pain and she knew what Edward would be saying as she did the things she was doing. Also, I think in a way she felt like if she kept doing dangerous things that she could not only hear his voice but she knew it would him hurt too by not protecting herself. So it was a way to hear his voice and to lash out at the hurtful situation!

    Absolutely not! This was no ordinary guy that left her and no ordinary love. I think doing something like this seems extreme in a “normal” relationship but not in this “fantasy” love affair.

    Definetly, because Melissa (the screen-play writer) told “Matt and Andrew from Imprint” that she made a way to make Edward very much a part of the movie. She said he would not be absent from the movie in the way he was in the book and that she was very happy how they worked it out. She also kinda gave it away by saying that it wasn’t that difficult since Bella hears him while he is supposed to be gone. So, I think he will be a “vision” instead of just a voice. I don’t think they will actually show him other than that because non-readers are going to have to go through what the readers did while reading “New Moon” for the suspense and dramatic part of the story-line which is wondering if Edward really is coming back and really loves her. Agree?

    Sorry, I don’t like her playing Bella, I think she already made Bella too WHINEY in Twilight, so I am scared for New Moon. I wish they would have cast Missy Peregrym from Reaper. Check her out, I think she would have been great. Kristen “huffs and puffs” too much and her words come out in “spurts” in her interviews and in the Twilight Film! WIERD? I am just hoping she will get better. Also, it doesn’t seem like she loves the story the way the fans do and the other cast-members do.

  27. Amanda G says:

    Hi Ladys! Love your podcast! Umm… I think Bella herd Edwards voice because she wanted to here him, it really wasn’t him, cuz in the book it said that he was shocked or somthing when she told him about it in the end, I can’t remember his exact words. And I really don’t think she was crazy, I mean come on, she’s been threw so much, it’s got to hurt pretty bad, and If there’s any way to get rid of that, I wouldn’t question it. OH! OH! OH! I really really really hope they keep to the story line in the movie… But it’s gonna be a little hard to to that, since your not actually in Bella’s mind in the movie, so I guess we will just have to wait and see (:

  28. Amanda G says:

    Opps, I forgot, Can Kristen pull it off… I don’t think so, sorry, did you see how she played Bella in Twilight?!?! In the first book, bella cries ALOT! In the movie she didnt cry one time! She acts like a snob, in the deleted scenes or what ever, when Edward asks her what her favorite songs, she’s like: “I like alot, but I’m not going to tell you what they are,” ugh! She just doesn’t play a really good Bella, sorry again

  29. KT says:

    I think that she hears Edwards voice because when he left she held on to anything that she could to remind her of him. His voice became her conscience. Bella wasn’t crazy she was just trying so hard not to forget him! I don’t think that Kristen can really pull it off because in Twilight she didn’t look like she had emotion and if she did she had the wrong look on her face. I’m sorry but i don’t really like Kristen as Bella but that’s just my opinion. sorry again!

  30. IHEARTSETH says:

    uh, stupid question. Yet again. Have any of you even payed attention to the last two chapters of New Moon? Bella explains it all right there, stupids. YOu guys should really think more about these questions, because it seems like your just thinking abut something random. This is the third time I’ve had to comment on this, because the questions make no sense if you PAYED ATTENTION TO THE BOOKS.

  31. Heather D says:


    Bella, of course couldn’t get Edward out of her head, no matter what she did or how hard she tried, she just couldn’t. There connection was so strong and she knew him so well that she knew how he’d react and her broken mind used that to cope with the pain. It’s almost like he was her imaginary friend popping up when she knew she was doing wrong like with the guys after the movie.

    Yes, of course, this must be included in the movie. How else are we going to get our Edward fix between the opening and closing scenes of the movie.

    I defintly think Kristen will do a great job with this. Kristen’s expressions say so much. She acts with her face and her mouth like Keria Knightly does and it works.


    I think Leah is going to feel the need to go and find herself. Who she is, what she wants, what she’s going to do. I don’t think she’s going to leave Jacob’s pack for good but she just needs to go and “seek her great perhaps.” Maybe seeing Jacob and Renesmee and seeing other peope with close bonds and relationships she gets sad and feels left out. Leah, during Breaking Dawn, was worried about why she became a wolf/shapeshifter and is also worried about why no one has imprinted on her and why she hasn’t imprinted. Do you think there could be more wolves/shapeshifters out there? I don’t know if Stephenie ever mentioned that. That could be interesting.

  32. Sandy from Canada says:

    so, i think that Bella was NOT crazy, she just loved Edward so much and losing him was a permanent mark in her.
    in the book it did state that Bella herself thought she heard Edward’s voice because she knew deep down in her heart that Edward would ALWAYS love her.
    I think after how Kristen acted in the Ballet studio (the dieing part) she’d be soo great at being Bella in pain.
    I think that the movie will stay very close to the book because Chris Weitz wants to impress twilight fans. oops forgot to put a capital on Twilight. It’s VERY important.

  33. Lola says:

    This is one of my favorite topics…
    I do NOT think Bella was crazy. She may not be the most mentally sound person but then again, who in this world really is? I think Bella heard voices because deep down she knew Edward loved her. I think her subconscious was telling her that he still cared for her and to not forget him. I mean she really loved him a lot and when you love someone that much you can’t easily forget them and he was such an important part in her life hearing voices was pretty much a given. Especially with her mind working the way it does. I defiantly think this story line will be included in New Moon. The only reason I kept reading through to the end of the book was because of Edward’s voice in her head!! lol. If they didn’t add this little detail then I think many people would go insane while watching the movie waiting for Edward to appear. How could they not add this detail. I mean, Bella hearing Edward’s voice is such an important part of who she is in New Moon and how she conducts herself that the story wouldn’t make much sense if they didn’t put it in. I totally think Kristin Stewart will be able to pull it off. She’s a great actress and as long as she explains in like a voice over thing why you hear Edward’s voice then I think she will totally be able to pull it off.

    Love these questions guys! Plus I love the podacst you guys make me laugh every time.

  34. SusieQ says:

    I do think she lost her mind…temporarily. She was experiencing such deep grief over losing not only Edward, the love of her life, but also the entire Cullen family and the life she thought would be hers. When someone experiences that much sorrow, sometimes their mind finds ways to cope. I think this is why she heard his voice speaking to her when she was most vulnerable. Most at risk of losing it again.

    Love you guys,
    SusieQ from MN

    p.s. I love the book reviews. I’ve read some wonderful books this year because of your suggestions. Keep them coming.

  35. Tatiana says:

    I think they will make the ‘voices’ in the movie but do it in a not obvious way. Like maybe it will come across as “Oh she’s hearing his voice how sweet” not like “Oh she’s hearing his voice how weird she keeps hearing him over and over and over again”. Because for the people that havent read the books it might come across as a little strange just as in Twilight when we were all wondering how they could incorperate Edward watching Bella sleep without making him seem like a creeper.

    They should only do the whole ‘hearing voices things’ like once or twice because after two or maybe three times it would get kind of annoying and people may think she went insane with ‘hearing voices’

    Love your show

  36. Rachel luvs team jacob says:

    HEYY! well, first of all i love the podcast!!! secondly i think bella heard edward talking to her in her head because she had become so attached and so depended on edward that her sub-conscious made her hear these voices to try and heal the mental wounds that edward left behind (shame shame edward… ) and but then bella was just being, i dont know weird i guess so she thought that when she did something dangerous she would hear her voice but really it was just her mind trying to not damage its self ever more…. but seriously i could be WAYYYY off but OH WELL i think its trueish… lol 😀

  37. Joanna M says:

    Hi Kallie, hi Cassey…sorry if i just slaughtered your names…:”>
    down to business…
    When readin New Moon, i came to the suprise of thinking Bella was going nuts! I mean, doing dangerous stuff just to hear edwards Voice?… seriously?… but it gave a freaky twist to the story. When Bella heard his voice, i believe it was her sub-concious giving her what she wanted. Sha was litteraly turning into an anti-social freak!, she would ignore everyones calls and came to be almost a zombie… at which point i believe would exist in these books seing that Warewolves..im sorry shape-shifters… and vampires existed. Her brain must have been looking for soem way of breking through to her, to make her realize that she was walking into danger, and the best way of warning her and making her liste, would be by emiting his beautiful voice.
    Anyways…love the show girls!

    Joanna M

    p.s. i don’t include the rest of my last name because you may have some trouble pronoucing it…. or meybe not… idk…
    try it if you may…Mariscal…….lol

  38. Joanna M says:

    hehe… i made some typographical errors…. ’tis gonna be hard to read…
    i’ll make sure to proof read any other submitted comments!!

    C ya’ or rather hear ya leter!

  39. Rachel says:

    i think it will be included in the movie because other than it being a key part in the story it will be a to get robert pattinson some more if not screen time than at the least some voice over time edward dosent have that big of a part in new moon except at the begining and end of the book

  40. Chloe says:

    I think that Bella heard Edward’s voice because she was morning him and grief does stuff to a person. I don’t think she crazy but suffering depression and that natural for what she going throw! I think yes and it will be better in the Movie because she not only hear his voice but see him too! Yes think Kristen is able to pull off this interesting twist with Bella’s subconscious!

  41. Jen D says:

    So…..You know how sometimes when you really miss someone you tend to see them in places or hear them when they are not really there….So I think though Bell was soo upset that she took this to a new level. I think that she was so distraught over Edward leaving so suddenly that his presence just stuck around her. She was so involved in his life and so desperately in love with him that when he left her mind went into shock and she was just like whoa! What the frick am I sposed to do now……I know since I hear his voice but I am not willing to believe that I might actually be crazy lets do death defying things to keep Edward alive in my mind!!! I don’t blame her though cause I would soo bungee jump or sky dive if it meant that Edward would talk to me via crazy memory!!!

  42. Victoria Alice Cullen says:

    I think Bella heres Edward’s voice because she knows that he still loves her and wants her to be safe. She is also mourning for him and that is why she here. She wants to here him because she loves him so much and she knows he loves her still.

  43. Cai Wilshaw says:

    Cool Question of the Week!
    Don’t know if I can answer very well…I’ll give it my best shot 😛

    I think that Bella’s mind was fabricating Edward’s voice. I think her subconscious imagination was thinking so hard about Edward even when she wasn’t thinking about him, that it made Bella think he was talking to her. I think she heard what she wanted to hear…but also what she would’ve expected to hear if Edward was there.

    They have to include Rob as much as possible in the film. His voice will be there. I want to see Kristen’s reaction!

    Maybe she is just CCCRRRAAAZZZYYY!

    Love the podcast, love Twilight.
    Not enough to hear the podcast in my subconscious…but whatever 🙂

    Cai ~

  44. maribeth says:

    Hey, okay down to business.
    At the end off New Moon as Edward and Bella are going to the Cullen’s house Bella says she “has an epiphany” and that the reason she was hearing voices because deep down she knew that he loved her. But I think it was she subconsciously knew he loved her all along AND that since her and Edward were 100% meant to be together and her mind was just telling her to hold on to hope because he does still love her.
    I do not think she was crazy because all though I don’t think I have been in love as she was, but I’ve heard about this Edward everyone keeps talking about, and he’s magnificent and I would hear his voice in my head to. Go Bella!
    I think that the voices should be in the movie because that is what lead her to running into Jacob’s arms, but the voices will be incredibly hard to get in the movie because if they do a voice over I think that people will become confused and won’t really understand it.
    I am a thouht that Kristen was a very good Bella so I think she will be able to pull it off.
    I love your podcast, please keep doing what you are doing.*grins*

  45. Stephanie from New Zealand says:

    Well they tell us at the end of new moon that she heard him because her subconcious knew that he still loved her. When i first read it i thought that edward was actually there keeping an eye on her! i think that she did go i little crazy in her grief of loosing him, which doesnt mean that she is mental or anything just that hearing voices isnt normal even if it turned out that the reason she was hearing them is true i.e edward did still love her and care about her. its kind of like izzy off greys anatomy when she keeps seeing danny her dead fiance. yea she is a little crazy from grief but it doesnt mean she is mental.

    i think they will fully put it in the movie because its an important part to the story. Its the reason that she rides motorbikes and then jumps off the cliff. i think they know that the fans would go crazy and they need as much of edward as possible. if they dont put it in then why does she jump off the cliff?! i dont think that it would be that hard to translate to film, they just need to do a voice over.

  46. Caroline says:

    Love the podcast!! 😛 So my answer to the question of the week is that I think Bella heard Edwards voice because he was her conscience. Before she met Edward or Edward left her she didn’t really do anything dangerous, she didn’t need that voice in the back of her head saying ” Uh ah , NO” . So to her thats Edward really the only person whose ever told her not to do anything dangerous, because before Forks she spent most of her time keeping her from doing dangerous things. So I really don’t think she’s crazy, especially since one of Edwards last words to her was don’t do anything dangerous it might also be a little guilt. I think they’ll put this in the movie but more as a vision of Edward speaking to give Rob more screen time. I think Kristen will be able to pull this off because over all for Twilight she did a good job expressing emotion on her face, better then the emotion in her words.

  47. Judith Akufo says:

    I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because she was literally clutching onto any memory of him. Her subconscious mind was feeding her desire to feel Edward, by creating these voices. I definitely think this should be included into the movie, because I know when I read it my first though was “wow, she must of really loved this person with every fiber of her being to be doing this to herself, It definitely helped to let me know, that what they shared was true love and not just infatuation and Kristen is an amazing actress, I think If you see her performance in Speak, you’ll have no doubt that she can pull this off.

  48. Bailey says:

    i think bella heard the voices because it is exactly what her subconcious wanted her to hear we all somewhat have voices in our head it doesnt make us crazy we imagine what we want and disire to hear weather it is healthy for us or not…in regards to this being in the movie i think it is essential and will be in there in one way or another! and as kristen goes if any of her acting is as good as what i saw in the few clips from the ET special this past thursday i will probably cry 100 times more than i do in the books the one clip where she is talking to jake she looks exactly how i picuted bella in the book kristen is amazing and will for sure blow us all away even more than she already has! love the podcast keep it up! <3

  49. Bella (taylor) says:

    I think the reason Bella hears Edwards voice is because there is a part of her that keeps on believing that Edward might come back. I also think she hears his voice because she is doing stupid stuff and when she keeps on doing stupid stuff she is breaking her promise to Edward so Edwards voice keeps on coming back is because she is breaking her promise. Like in the meadow when Laurent is there and Bella walks into the meadow and sees him there he asks her if the Cullens visit and she says yes and then Edward tells her to lie better than that and when Edward says beg him to keep you alive that is the only time she really listens to him. So I think she hears his voice is becasue she is breaking her promise to him. By the way love the podcast.

  50. Kiwi says:

    Hi Kallie, Hi Kassie
    Thanks for reading out my answer last week, my husband does think I have lost the plot with my lol to your Poos response. It didn’t help that I was listening during a bout of insomnia so it was 1am in the morning and he was fast asleep.
    Btw: Kiwi (pronounced Kee-wee) for those that might not know is a New Zealand native bird and a colloquial term used to describe a New Zealander. I’m sure this is common knowledge but just in case anyone was wondering.

    I wanted to add something to what I said last week before I go on to this week’s question.
    I see Bella as seeing Jacob as her easy option, he is as I see it her reality, he offers her the chance to have love and still exist as a human whereas Edward is her fantasy, he offers her love, beauty, money everything a girl wants really and that is why I think she would choose Edward over Jacob every time but it still doesn’t mean she can’t love both. Anyhoo I could go on for hours re Jacob vs. Edwards as I love them both.

    This week’s question: I think the voice of Edward in Bella’s head all stems from Edward’s note “Be Safe” It was the one thing he always asked her to do, and the first night in Port Angeles when she saw those men she subconsciously believed Edward would return to save her as he always had, when he doesn’t her mind creates his voice so she still believes he cares (as she could always think he has found a way to communicate with her due to his mind reading). The voices become her addiction and so she has to find more things that Edward would think “unsafe” in order for her mind to replicate his voice. I don’t think she was crazy just holding on to anything that could remind her that he really existed.
    I would be disappointed if they left it out of the film as I think the voices show how desperate Bella has become in her grief and the extent of what that drives her to do. After reading several things this week online it looks like they are going to show Edward instead of hearing his voice.


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