Hearing Voices?

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Next week we are going to be talking about why Bella heard Edward’s voice when she did outrageous things!  We would love to hear what you think about it, and a few more things…

Why do you think Bella heard Edward’s voice?  Was she crazy?  Do you think this storyline from the book will be included in the movie?  And will Kristen be able to pull off this intersting twist with Bella’s subconscious?

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  1. Annie says:

    Of course Bella would be hearing Edward’s voice, maybe even more :P. i would probably be expecting Bella seeing Edward when she would ride her mortacycle, or just doing dangerous things. I remember in Twilight Bella saw edward in her room in one of the scene, i think that the director should defenetly add that part to new moon telling the audience how much Bella misses Edward. Also I really want to see Bella grabbing onto her chest while she feels the big hole inside her, i believe that Kerstin Stewart would nail that because she did a simular role before in SPEAK.
    Bella CRAZY? NOOOOO WAYY!!!! That probably wouldn’t happen to me, but missing the one you love will do that to a person. Especially when that person meant the whole world, your whole life. Bella is simply reliving her moments with Edward, ofcourse in the book she said that she was terrified to forget but she didn’t want to remember it because it is painful.

    Bella hearing voices is a MUST in the movie, i am surely gonna be very disapointed if it doesn’t appear in the movie because that just doesn’t show how much Bella misses EDward 😀

  2. Annie says:

    while bella heard edward’s voice, he also heard …. james bond’s voice

  3. Annie says:

    she heard Taylor lautner’s voice

  4. Annie says:

    she heard larry king’s voice

  5. Annie says:

    she heard Barak Obama’s voice

  6. Annie says:

    she heard God’s voice

  7. Annie says:

    she heard Brad pitt’s voice

  8. Annie says:

    she heard Michael Jackson’s voice

  9. Annie says:

    she heard Justin Timberlake’s voice

  10. Annie says:

    she heard Santa’s voice

  11. Annie says:

    she heard SUPER MANNNN!!! ‘s voice

  12. Annie says:

    she heard charlie choplin’s voice

  13. Annie says:

    she heard Jame’s voice (although he is long gone )

  14. Annie says:

    last but not least she heard Edward’s voice once again….

  15. Kelsey says:

    First off, I want to say hi ladys. I love your podcast. Now for my answer to the question. I think Bella heard Edward’s voice because she was holding on to the memory of him. She didn’t want to let go of him. In the book Bella says “As much as I struggled not to think of him, I did not struggle to forget. I worried—late in the night, when the exhaustion of sleep deprivation broke down my defenses—that it was all slipping away. That my mind was a sieve, and I would someday not be able to remember the precise color of his eyes, the feel of his cool skin, or the texture of his voice. I could not think of them, but I must remember them. Because there was just one thing that I had to believe to be able to live—I had to know that he existed. That was all. Everything else I could endure. So long as he existed.” Bella does not want to forget anything of Edward. She wants to remember him. She has to find someway to keep parts of Edward in her mind,so she does dangerous stunts to hear his voice.
    As for Bella hearing Edward’s voice in the movie, it had better be in the movie. I belive it is a very essential part of the book. It really shows how much Bella loves Edward. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to hear him which proves how mcuh she cares for Edward. Overall it better be in the movie but I think it will be.

    A very devoted fan,
    PS: Please read my comment 🙂

  16. Lola says:

    I think Bella was holding on to anything that reminded her of Edward even subcousiously. Duh!!!! Of course she was crazy she jumped of a clif!!!!!! I think they will totally include this storyline , I personally think its kindda important because it is kindda how Edward and Bella got back together. I think Kristen is a great actor shewill definetly be able to pull this off. BTW love the podcast!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

  17. wendy says:

    I think that Bella’s entire being was so intricately entwined with Edward by the time he left her that he became the voice of her subconscious. And her need to have any connection to Edward, even just to hear his voice, is what drove her to do what ever she could do to hear it again. I don’t think she is crazy, it is just her way of coping with such a overwhelming loss.
    I hope that it is included in the movie because it reinforces the strength of the bond of love that Bella and Edward have and I think they missed some of the development of that connection in the Twilight movie. It would also be an easy way to provide more screen time to our lovely Rob! They have already said they have tweaked the script in order to have more of Rob in it, although I don’t think they need to do that just to draw the fans to the theater!
    Can Kristen pull it off? Well, I think so far what I have seen of her performances, not just in Twilight but in other movies as well, she can play ‘quirky’ easier that she can play ‘romance’. I would say this would be the kind of roll she could do quite well!! I hope my theory holds true, at least for New Moon. I hope she gets good directing guidance for Breaking Dawn though. That Bella is a whole new character.

  18. Rachy Babes :) says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! I love this question!!!!! ok so when i first read new moon (my favourite book) when i read Edward leaving i felt like my heart had been renched open and stabbbbbeddd!!!!!! And then I read this and i thought he had come home!!!! So I was really happpy!!!! And then I found out he wasnt actually there but then I thought if stephenie can write in vampires and werewolves why not MAGIC!!! So then the entire time I was reading I was just hoping that he was actually there but i knew he wasnt. Anywayz my other theory was that she was crazy. anyway i love her actually i dont but whatever becaus i love EDWARD!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kat says:

    I love talking about the topic to my friends. Reading the Books the first time I thought Edward was communicating with her. But after reading Breaking Dawn I thought that it might have been Bella communicating with Edward. Little is know about her powers except that she can basically protect herself and others around her from mind attacks. I have this theory that where Bella can reverse her powers to allow Edward into her thoughts at the end of the book, THAT Edward can do the same and send his thoughts out with enough practice. With that in mind I thought that Bella in her weakened state of grief over Edward, her powers where to weak to block anyone out. Edward was also so upset at the time that his thoughts of him losing her were being projected and with his strong connection with Bella she was able to hear them. That is why Bella could hear him but Edward didn’t know about it. Also it allows Bella not to be insane which I would hate her to be.

    Secondly I recon that it would look great in the movie to have this but that Bella can see a ghost like Edward that grabs her hand when she tries to walks across the street to the ‘bad guys’.
    Thanks. Love the Show!!!

  20. Ginny says:

    Of course Bella’s crazy. She’s in love with a vampire for goodness sake. The fact that she hears his voice is really just a symptom of this already prevelant insanity. (I’d also like to add that I still love her even though she’s crazy, I’m kinda crazy too because I’m love with a vampire too. Perhaps this makes me more crazy because, as a fictional character, Bella has an excuse where I don’t, but . . . ) Also, I’d cry if they didn’t add this in the movie. I honestly have no idea if Kristen can pull it off or not, I’ve heard about as many yes’s from people I’ve talked to as I’ve heard no’s at this point. However, I desperately hope that she can, or they, the entire crew of new moon, can pull it off. New Moon without crazy Bella (or Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun? . . .) is just craziness personified and tossed into the masses of fanpires. Fanpires, for an unknown reason, devour craziness like a vampire drinks blood, they thrive on it. So yes, I believe Bella is mentally unstable, as welle as hopelessly crazy in love.

  21. emilyy says:

    ok, so when i first read the book, i thought he was actually talking to her! hmmm….
    well obviously rob’s going to be in the movie as a hallucination or something, to keep all the screaming girls happy, but i don’t know if i like that.. it’s a bit over the top, while a voice in her head would probably be okay,
    kristen’s done all those so-called ‘indie’ movies, which are (no offense) a little weird, so she could probably pull off hearing things in her head 🙂

  22. Elise♥♥♥ says:

    I think Bella missed Edward so much, her mind was just looking for an excuse to remember him when she was trying so hard to block him. Of course I don’t think she was crazy, but it was definetley unhealthy she dealt with her emotions this way.
    Another thing, is how could this not be included in the movie!? It was due to the voice that she jumped off the clif, and the writers could probably make it so that she was just doing it for fun, but I still think it would be so unsatisfying if that wasn’t included. Kristen definetley has the skill to pull off voices in her head, but I don’t think it’ll be anything special in particular.
    Thanks for reading!

  23. Jessica S says:

    I think Bella heard Edwards voice because its what she wanted to hear. She could imagine in her mind him saying those things because one quality about him that she loved was his overprotectivness of her. She also just missed him, she she was holding onto any way that she could remember him.

    I think it has to be in the movie. she does so many stunts that are in the plot in the book, it would be almost impossible to leave them them out while still having the story make sense.

    Personally i think that Kristen could pull off the voices fine. Like in the beggining of the movie Twilight, with the narritive, that i show i think it should be done. but thats just me.

    You are doing a great job with the show, keep it up!

    <3 Jessica

  24. Sami.Salvo says:

    I don’t think that Bella was crazy or mental or anything. Because she was devastated and saddened by Edward’s abrupt departure she was left somewhat empty. She missed him so much that her subconscious made her think that she was hearing Edward’s voice. I think that she always heard his voice when she was being reckless because Edward was always a little (okay a lot) overprotective of Bella so it was her subconscious at work again. Recreating his voice in her head with what he would normally say to her at the time. She wasn’t crazy per se. Just crazy in love with Edward and missing him like crazy.

    I don’t think they will. I think that Kristen could pull it off but that they will choose not to have this in the movie. I can’t really say why but just knowing what they cut out of Twilight and what we know they are doing with New Moon so far they won’t keep it the same.
    I actually don’t want them to put this in the movie. I loved it in the book and it really added to the drama and fit the story-line but I’m afraid if it was put it in the NM Movie they would do it badly or completely mess it up which would disappoint and annoy me. To keep me (and others I’m sure) from extreme irritation at Chris Weitz and other people working on the movie they should just keep it out.
    If they were to put it in the movie they should downplay it a lot. I’m not sure how they would do this but if they really wanted it in the movie they could fit it in.


    P.S. I’m not sure if I already mentioned this or not but I do think that Kristen Stewart has the talent to pull off hearing voices. That’s not the reason I don’t want this story-line in the movie. It’s because there is a 95% they will completely screw it up.

    Great job with the show. Keep it Up! : )
    Sorry if I repeated anything someone else has already said.

  25. A says:

    Is it just me, or has this question been going for a couple of weeks???

  26. Sami.Salvo says:

    Yes, it has ben going for a few weeks. They haven’t made a new podcast since April 21st so that’s why the question has been the same. I surprised that it’s been 2 and 1/2 weeks normally they don’t wait that long between podcasts.

  27. Nikki says:

    I didnt think that Bella was that crazy, as in looney bin crazy. I think that she was so in love with Edward that if she didn’t hear his voice she deinitly would have been looney bin crazy! I also think that when she “lutched” herself together at times, it was something that was beyond any level any of us has had to deal with us! I don’t think this was a bad thing at all. I think that it took Bella and Edward’s relationship to a whole different level, almost inconcievable, making you want to read more and more to find out what really happens. The fact that it was something no one had ever heard of made it so much better, because you have no preconceived notions of what might happen!

    I did see some on set stuff and directors interviews that said when the film edwards voices scenes, they would change it so that she also sees him. They thought that this would give rob some more screen time, which sure doesnt hurt my feelings at all! I dont think that it will change the story at all, so thats good!

    I just started listening to the podcast, and am a huge fan! I check the site daily, like some sort of fix, lol!

  28. charlotte says:

    i dint think bella’s crazy. They will manage to not make her sound crazy i think. She just misses edward and want to hold on to the memory of him. Also i love twilight series thoeries. They are so good.

  29. Morgan says:

    Okay, so in my opinion Bella was not technically going crazy. It was the fact that Edward was gone that scared her so much. She wasn’t just Edwards’ drug, but he was also hers. Bella craved and pined for him when he took off.. She was irrevocably in love with this person, then he just leaves. What’s a girl supposed to do? Bella’s heart and mind create their own little way of getting something, (even though it’s not much) of him. In New Moon we learn that Bella has a very strong imagination.
    Honestly, I think that Kristen will do an excellent job. Many say that Twilight turned out to be a flop. But seriously guys, don’t you think your expectations where a little bit too high? Kristen will take and create something good with whatever they throw at her, including the “going crazy” scene.
    PS: I love your pod cast! Kassie and Callie, you have the funniest relationship! I listen to your podcast in the mornings right before school. It’s always the best part of the day! Can’t wait until your next one because it has been a while!!!!
    PSS: Kassie, you are very pretty, you don’t need makeup!

  30. charlotte and jade says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie
    Firstly I have to say I (Jade) am super happy to have the first comment on the TST En Espanol page < Yay me!!!!
    Charlie (Charlotte / Whatever) is my best friend whom I introduced Twilight to. We live in England so we don’t speak to much Spanish, only what we learn at school.

    Okay… so on to the question.
    We both think Bella is definatly NOT crazy. When she first hears the voice she is about to go into a bar and approach strangers that she thinks may be physco people wanted to hurt her in twilight. The Edward voice tells her to “Stop this right now” (New moon 111) basically this voice is telling her to do what she ought to be doing anyway… Not approach strangers, don’t ride a motorcycle – not without proper lessons anyway. When Laurent comes to “Eat” her and when she launches her self off a cliff, the Edwad voice tells her what any rationally thinking human would tell themselves.

    We believe that there are two reasons that Bella hears him in times of need.
    Firstly, Edward was one of the few people Bella listened to. If her subconsious self wanted to get through to her, it would be wise to do it in a way she would react to – however it was not too successful, because she craved hearing his voice once it started and would do pretty much anything to hear it.
    Secondly she needed to hold on to the memory of him to keep her going. We all knew Edward was coming back (I had to read the end of new moon so I knew I had something to look forward to – Jade) but Bella didn’t, she gave up almost every hope of his return and needed that little halucination to keep her stong.

    As to the question was Bella crazy… Well yes, a little bit. But it was sweet that she was crazy in that ditzy way and we REALLY hope that the whole story line of the manic reckless Bella is included in the film. It is vital to understanding the mind of Bella. They have to keep it in the film because in every other love story, the “Bella” always has her “Edward” however the twist of Edward only being in her mind makes it unique and Jacob would never have been so close to Bella if she hadn’t wanted to ride those crazy bikes with him.

    Kristen is a very good actress and I think she could pull off pretty much anything that the book has to give In most films we don’t get an insight as to the characters mind, but it is crucial in New Moon have something to describe her feelings because a image cannot show this. We also hope that we see more of Robert Pattinson in the film than is described in the book or we may just have withdrawal syptoms similar to Bella’s when Edward leaves.

    Love the Podcast guys you are all so great – the people in the background too who really make Twilight Series Theories come to life. And Kassie and Kallie – you are just amazing to be able to juggle Work, Family and all the work you do for the podcast… you really put Dallas on the map.

    Thanks so much
    The biggest fans to all things Twilight
    Love you!
    ChaCha and Jadie (Both 14 from England!!!! Yay us)

  31. charlotte and jade says:

    Ps. you can shorten that if you want to read it out ( Which we would REALLY appreciate)
    Thank you
    Jade and Charlotte

  32. rhi_tree :) says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie!

    I absolutely love the show, totally addicted to it 🙂

    Anyways on the subject of Bella hearing voices, I think it is something that we deal with as humans everyday. We all remember hearing certain things said to us, and often replay them in our heads if they were hurtful or made us extremely happy. Bella is no different, as we know from the incessant whingeing, she is a normal girl, and her memory works in the same way ours does, however what I found was that a lot of her memories were things attached to emotion. Such as she remembers edward’s eyes and how the colour connects with his mood, because when he is angry, she ends up getting hurt, well offended so to speak. So she remembers that black eyes = angry edward. I think the reason she hears those voices in her head corrolates with this section of the way our memory works. She remembers edward saying try and stay out of trouble, because at this moment in time she was heartbroken! I think she hears the voice, well rather, replays the memory of his voice in her head because it is a strong memory, because it has strong emotional ties.

    Kristen Stewart?? Whilst pulling off a subconscious action is hard enough in real life, I think she can kick butt. I loved her in twilight, and if we can listen to subconscious memories being played back in our heads everyday, I think Kristen is more than capable of conveying that in a film. Hopefully they’ll include this, I would love to see more of Edward in the new moon movie, well more than he was written in the book, I know this is the book where he leaves and and blahblahblah and jacob fans are gonna hate me for wanting more edward in their wolf book, but i heart robert! 🙂

    Thanks so much girls, you do a flipping amazing job, love listening and love giving thought to all the awesome questions you put out there. You’ll have to come visit us TST fans here in australia 🙂

    love the show,
    y’all are stinking awesome 😀


  33. Michaela (mikayla) says:

    I actually dont think bella is nuts. i think its just a subconscious thing. i mean she was madly in love with edward and she felt sfe with him…. so maybe her subconscious mind just recreated edwards voice in her head. Do i think Kristin can pull this off? Um… no i dont think she can. personally i think she did a horrible job with impersonating bella when she was upset. so ill be very suprised if she does it well…. but i do think kristin is a good actress, just she has her limits.

  34. LaJosiev says:

    I think Bella was crazy in love, but not certifiably crazy….. who wouldn’t go a little crazy if the love of your life left you??!!!! who wouldn’t clutch at dim, fading memories!!?? and I think it HAS to be in the movie, its an integral part – I mean, try telling her story (telling her pain, explaining her actions) without the voices!!?? it just wouldn’t work. Anything else would be too far from the book which Stephanie Meyer would object to.
    Can Kristin pull it off?? … all things being said, I think she will.

    Thanks (from Aus)

  35. Theresa says:

    If you remember, in the book one of the things that Edward has Bella promise him before he leaves is that she wouldn’t do anything crazy.(stupid, nuts – not sure the exact wording). She wants him back NOW. So what better way to get his attention than to do the things he doesn’t want her to do? Although I don’t think it’s something that she thinks that he will come and rescue her, but I think, in her mind, she gets his attention (and does – with his voice in her head). She’s not crazy, she’s heartbroken and obsessed.

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