Channing Tatum In Eclipse?

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In a new interview with E! Online, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg discusses how Channing Tatum would make a perfect Riley in “Eclipse.”  What do you think?

“There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well,” Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who is currently writing the Eclipse script, told us this weekend at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival benefit for the Writers Guild Foundation.

“And there are some complexities to that character,” she adds. “He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for Victoria [bad-girl vampire played by Rachelle Lefevre]. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.”

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26 Comments to “Channing Tatum In Eclipse?”

  1. IHEARTSETH says:

    He’s an awesome actor! I agree.

  2. Jamie says:

    He’s not young enough. Isn’t Riley like early 20’s or late teens? I think it’d be weird to have channing play him. But he’s hot. And a good actor, but not enough to be a vamp. Sorry, I’m feeling a no.

  3. Dawn says:

    not right for the part of Riley…. 🙁

  4. Brandi says:

    I think he is great… But I don’t see him as Riley. And yes Riley is suppose to be Bella’s age.

  5. Candra says:

    I would love him as Riley…….. Well i love him in anything so I would LOVE him in Eclipse!!!

  6. Amanda Cullen says:

    Yeah I think he is a good actor but I think that he’s too old. He doesn’t look young enough for Riley and they need to try to keep it as true to the character descriptions as possible. So, good actor, but a no from me for Riley.

  7. Julia C says:


  8. syndie(: says:

    totally agree with #2. he is just GORGEOUS! but, i dont think he would be riley….. idk, thats just me. he’s an awesome actor (haha, she’s the man<33) but again, not a vampire-y type one…i dont know. i always kinda imagined him as emmett.. he’s got the mus-cles for it……!(:



  9. Tatiana says:

    Okay hears the deal Channing is becoming like a bigger star which means more $$$ which also means them spending the $$$ to pay for his acting.

    The part of Riley is really small he is only there for like 5 minutes I think they would end up dishing out the $$$ for a role that will be forgotten by the end of credits

  10. Robby says:

    No definitely not 🙁 He’s a great actor and very good looking if you know what I mean 😉

    And that’s the thing, he’s too hot to be Riley 😛 In my head, I see Riley as a younger boy who’s cute….sooo around Bella’s age but has a sort of baby face 😀

  11. TrendHater73 says:

    I think he sucks. His acting comes off as acting. Plus, I don’t think he attractive and vamps are supposed to be super hot. Granted, not everyone agrees with me… Its just… I have this image of Riley as a very young, very attractive guy and for some reason he’s blonde.

  12. emma. says:

    i disagree..hes too buff and not young enough..the newborns are young.

  13. Roz says:

    No way jose! Reily is supposed to a teenager, Tatum looks older then Rob and Taylor.

  14. Sarah :) says:

    Hmmm i dunno, maybe he would be good or maybe not.
    But what i do know is that he is hott 🙂

  15. Nikki says:

    I agree with some of the other ladies in that the role of Riley should be played with someone with a face of innosence (even though hes a vamp). This needs to be someone who looks easy to take advantage of by Victoria, and this guy doesnt come across as easily taken advantage of!

  16. Marisa says:

    Hmmm…..I don’t know. Maybe if he didn’t play in those “Step Up” or “She’s The Man” movies I might like him.

  17. Olivia says:

    As much as I absolutly LOVE Him, He would definitly no be right for the part…

  18. Sarah Ray Wolfe says:

    i really like tatum. i think he’s a good actor and all that, but he’s not right for the part. riley is supposed to be young, like bella’s age, with an innocent face. don’t get me wrong, tatum would be able to act the part very well, but i don’t think that he could convey the type of innocence that riley is supposed to have.
    so, overall, tatum is a good actor, just not right for the part.

  19. Cedar says:

    I don’t really care

  20. Olivia says:

    Yeah… I could see that…. ;D

  21. Megan says:

    OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANNING TATUM IS SUPER HOTT

  22. fangirl1123 says:

    i do NOT think he would be good for riley!! ive heard about this guy Ross Gill. he would be way better for the part and actually looks bellas age! and is way hotter!!

  23. Monika says:

    Tatum is perfect for this movie, he is yang enought for staring riley in eclipse. 🙂 I LOVE YOU CHANNING!

  24. Laney says:

    I agree with everybody else. I LOVE channning tatum, but I think he is too old for the part. Riley should be a cuter younger boy, kinda like Taylor lautner! But he plays jacob, so somebody else. Riley seems like he should be a blonde. A cute teenager blonde that all the fans will fall in love with, like taylor lautner.

  25. exneval says:

    tatum will be awesome in it, i think he could, tatum , you must do it, i will wait for it

  26. Fire Grate says:

    i like chaning tatum because he has a great body, just look at those chest muscles :,-

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