Visiting the Volturi…

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The Volturi by ~tilt5000 on deviantART
We have a great set of questions for the Question of the Week for you to answer…

Do you think Edward’s visit to the Volturi was irrational? Why?

We also want to know what you think of the actors that have been cast as the Volturi!?!?!

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71 Comments to “Visiting the Volturi…”

  1. Erica says:

    I don’t believe Edward was irrational. Since, in his mind, Bella is dead he has reached the peak of his life. He has to choose between living out an eternity knowing what it was like to have it all and knowing he’ll never have that again or dying. Also, during this eternity all of his family will have the one thing he lost. They will all have that significant other person to love and he has lost his. He would have to live a life with these people knowing that he could never again have what they have. It could be argued that if he were to live long enough he could find someone to fill the void that Bella left, but I think we all know that isn’t true. No one could ever fill that void for Edward. So, he isn’t acting irrationally, he just realizes that his life is over because all potential for happiness has gone out of the world. He already knows what a long drawn out life withouth Bella was like and he doesn’t want that for himself so he prefers to end it all. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe suicide should ever be anyone’s option because you never know where life will take you, it is always changing. However, this doesn’t hold true for Edward. He lives in the vampire reality where things don’t change all that much, and he knows what continuing an eternal life will entail for him, and he doesn’t want it. On the other hand, if he knew Kassie existed I am sure he would have went to visit her instead of the Volturi, because we all know she could make him happier than Bella ever could. lol

  2. Kasha says:

    Part one: Was it irrational for Edward to go to the Volturi? Of course it was irrational- love makes you do crazy things. Even though through all of New Moon we were led to believe that Edward left Bella because he didn’t want her, if you’re a true romantic, you would also believe that edward is a man of his word. From the first time he told Bella how he really felt, he told her he couldn’t stand to exist in a world that didn’t have Bella in it. So in our romantic hearts, we wanted to believe that Edward would wise up and realize the mistake he made in walking away. So when he truly believes Bella is gone, he does what any true romantic would do- makes good on his REAL promise- to not be in a world without Bella. And as crazy as it sounds, and as unbelievable as people see to think Bella’s love is, no one can question Edward’s love- he’s had 90 plus years to figure out what love is, versus Bella’s 18 years. So even though I of all people would never want any harm to come to Edward, I can truly understand his motivations. Irrational, yes; crazy, maybe; but romantic… absolutely.

    As far as part two: I try very hard not to let actor’s previous movies color their current characters… so I’m not going to say anything other than I am SOOOO glad Tyler is still Jacob, and that the original cast is still the cast.

    Look forward to listening to you gals next week!

  3. Roz says:

    Of course it was irrational! He was acting like a teenage boy who thought his soulmate was dead. It was very Romeo and Juliet! I’m just glad he was not sucessful and Bella was able to get to him in time.

  4. Jenn B. says:

    I don’t think he was crazy to visit the Volturi. Imagine how he felt- sad and lonely because he thought he shouldn’t be with Bella and then made it so he wasn’t with her, heartbroken that she seemed to accept his decision to leave so easily, angry because she actually believed that he didn’t love her, and ultimately guilty because, if he had never left Bella, she would never have “killed herself.” Now through into the mix that he’s a vampire and will live FOR ALL ETERNITY with these feelings eating away at his soul and you get a recipe for wanting to die. I don’t blame him or think he was crazy. I would question if he ever truly loved Bella if he DIDN’T try to get the Volturi to kill him. It’s a perfectly natural feeling to have- wanting to die- when you lose someone you love so deeply and dearly. Thank goodness his pan didn’t work and they ultimately got back together though.

    As far as the cast selections go- I try not to form any prejudices about how I will or will not like them. It’s hard for me to completely love anyone cast as these characters because I have a wild imagination and they are already cast in my mind with people who don’t exist in real life. I’m exited to see what they bring to the characters though and hope they do as great a job as most of the cast did in Twilight.

  5. Hanalee says:

    UM….yeah, I pretty much think it was irrational. Not just BECAUSE. I actually have reasons other than impulse (unlike Edward ;))
    1. The information of Bella’s “death” was through one of Alice’s visions, which Edward knows is not full proof.
    2. The information came second hand, not through Alice, who had the vision, but through Rosalie, who was just saying what she had heard. It’s always important to consider the source.
    3. The information came from ROSALIE. Nuff said.

    If I were in a situation that is as serious as someone I loved DYING I think I would want to get my facts straight. But that’s just me. And I really don’t understand, I mean…Edward is not a stupid person. He has over 50 years of living with both Alice and Roaslie to know them and their abilities/traits really well. It just….it’s very impulsive and not totally in character of him to do that. Especially knowing how it would hurt Carlisle and Esme…he just didn’t think this one through AT ALL. If he would have paused for about 5 minutes and just called Alice to confirm, then none of this crap with the Volturi would have happened and the Cullen’s would all be better off.
    ALSO I think the cast is great. The only thing is I’d switch Jamie Bower with Michael Sheen. I think Michael would make a great Caius and Jamie would be PERFECT for Aro. I feel like they got those totally backward. Not that I don’t think those actors will do a poor job, I think they’ll do fine, I just think the other way around would be more fitting. I especially love that cutie who they cast as Demetri! He’s beautiful!

  6. Gabe- Australia says:

    I do not believe that Edward’s visit to the Volturi was irrational. If you have ever experienced deep love, all irrational thought goes out the window along with your sense of self-preservation in the face of your love’s non-exisitance. He acted as though he had lost himself- both in mind, body and spirit. This is because when he met Bella, he gave himself completely to her, just as she did to him. Therefore when he believes she has died- he himself has died in the heart and soul and that is impossible to live with.

    Love the show

  7. Jade says:

    Edward Went To Italy To See The Gladiators

  8. Jade says:

    And Caeser

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    And Valentino Rossi

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    And Sophia Lauren

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    And Nero

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    And Romulouis

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    And Remus

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    And Raymond ( everybody loves him )

  15. Jade says:

    And Galileo Galilei

  16. Jade says:

    And Michelangelo

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    And Bianca Balti

  18. Jade says:

    He Saw Leonardo Da Vinchi

  19. Jade says:

    And Luciano Pavarotti

  20. Caroline says:

    I think what Edward did was totally irrational but also totally understandable for the story telling aspect. What Romeo did when he saw Juliet sleeping and thought she was dead was foolish but it has a good story telling plot line so Shakespeare added it in. And that’s the same reason Stephanie Meyer did. What Edward did was impulsive and low for someone of his high intellectual standard but I think it just goes to show how ‘human’ Edward can be. My favorite parts of the book are when you can vaguely see human in Edward.

  21. Shannon says:

    I think that Edward’s visit to the Volturi is great. It shows that he loves Bella more then his own life. He always said that a world without Bella was not worth being in. However in the end this decision is the one that brings them to the other encounters that they have. He shows them Alice and the shield that is Bella. Then by not bring in the wolfs it makes them seem stronger than they really are. This coupled with the prizes that are Alice and Edward makes the Cullen family so worth any price to get them.

    As for who is cast as the Vouluri I love Dakota Fanning as Jane. I don’t see a problem with anyone that they cast. They seem to be doing a great job with casting.

    I love your pod cast. You make my day when the new ones come out. Keep up the great work!!!!!

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