Justin Guarini Wants In On “New Moon” Soundtrack

May 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

MTV has a new article on Justin Guarini’s campaign to get his song “I Can’t Live” on the New Moon soundtrack.

“Believe it or not, Guarini insists that he’s not just trying to bank on the success of the franchise. He says it’s because he’s a big “Twilight” fan. “I’m a fan of the books,” Guarini told MTV News. “At the time I went in to write this song, the two other writers were talking about the books, and we got into a conversation about it. As we were writing it, we thought, there’s a new movie coming out, and so why not give it a shot? And so, we sent it in.”

Although Guarini’s “New Moon” fate is still up in the air, he did say that the folks at the Chop Shop, the film’s music supervisors, have told him they’ve given the song a listen and will let him know if he makes the cut as soon as the decision is made. Guarini said that’s more than enough recognition for now. “I’m just happy they are considering it,” said the TV Guide Channel host, who’s currently working on his third full-length album. “It would be an honor to be on the soundtrack.”

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16 Comments to “Justin Guarini Wants In On “New Moon” Soundtrack”

  1. my-personal-brand-of-heroin says:

    i think the songs ok but i dont think its new moon
    its a little too upbeat and in places the lyrics can be abit cheesy

    i just dont think it would work doesnt really fit the characters moods

  2. Amber says:

    NO!I don’t like his music,it’s boring!And why now all these famous people want in on the Twilight music?But if Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers would do a song each,then I would think about buying……..

  3. Waffle Fry says:

    http://www.justinguarini.com/ you can listen to the song there..

    I think the song sounds like too much like a fan song. He’s a good singer but he wasn’t that popular to begin with and I think it’s just a way to get back into the music business..

    I think the song All The Same by Sick Puppies in the Free Hugs Campaign sounds like a song that should be on the new moon soundtrack

  4. Sarah Ray Wolfe says:

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! no!!!!!
    he’s not bad, but i like that they use music that no one knows. =\
    besides, it just doesn’t fit New Moon.

  5. TwilightGirl says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I like the song, I just don’t think it matches the mood. It’s to up-beat for New Moon.

  6. Alissa says:


  7. Robby says:

    Hmmm..not interested. He’s not a bad singer or anything…but the song sounds kinda cheesy. Plus as some people have mentioned, it doesn’t really fit the mood :P..

  8. Julia says:

    We don’t want any cheesy loser songs on the soundtrack!!! i.e. Justin OR the Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!!
    PARAMORE RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bea(FanOfTheMonth-March/April) says:

    i heard a bit on Imprint and i didnt like it.
    hes trying 2 copy other bands on the soundtrack

  10. Jenny says:

    I think the song is ok but like the others it’s just doesn’t fit in the mood of New Moon

  11. IHEARTSETH says:

    part of the song goes “I can’t live if you don’t exist” DOesn’t that sound strangely close to what Steph wrote in New Moon? I’m jsut saying… Copyright? Whatever. I don’t know. But where would they put the song, if it jsut happened to be in the movie? HOnestly, theres no place for it IN the movie. Thel yrics are fine, but…. i dunno. WHatever.

  12. Amanda says:

    just hearing his name makes me want to throw up
    the song is terrible!!!!! would not fit at all
    i think its funny to even try and associate “justin guarini” with “new moon soundtrack”. has he even had a career since american idol?
    seriously, hes being a poser.

  13. Sophie Weavers says:

    no no no…..A Fine Frenzy – Near to You ….get that on the soundtrack
    “Near to you, i’ve been healing but its taking so long, although he’s gone and you are wonderful, its hard to move on…yet im better near to you…..”
    deffo a good one for the soundtrack 😀 xx

  14. Jennifer says:

    It’s way too much pop for this movie. They need to be a little harder, and this song could be remastered and rocked out. But it’s too poppy, I cringe if they do pick it. I love Justin Guarini don’t get me wrong, but his sound is just not right for this. Sorry justin 🙁

  15. Cedar says:

    I don’t really care!

  16. lansters says:

    ehhh not feelin it =/

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