SHIVER book Review!

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Shiver is a wonderful book that capures your imagination, and heart!  Shiver follows a teenage girl named Grace, who has always been in love with the wolves in the woods behind her house.  One in particular, a wolf with unique yellow eyes! The wolf is named Sam, and he waits in the woods, with his pack all winter long until he can see his summer girl, Grace.  He can only visit her in the summer because that is when he is human! I thought that Shiver has a wonderful plot that has twist that not even I could have seen coming!  This book is a great wonderful read! Pick this up when it is released August 1!


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  1. Becca says:

    AMAZING BOOK! I read it and now i have a ling up of people who want to read it! Loved it with all my heart

  2. sahana says:

    This is an excellent book. I love the plot and the characters.

  3. sahana says:

    I can’t wait till the second book gets released!!!

  4. mandy says:

    omg i read this book and it is sooooo great!!! yeah i didn’t see the twist coming!!! the book is pretty serious but there are some parts that made me bust out laughing!!! so grab this book and have a good time!!!

  5. magenta says:

    i heard that this IS becoming a series. The Wolves of Mercy Falls. the next is LINGER and it comes out in august. 😀 cant wait! this book made me cry. haha

  6. Leila says:

    I read the book. cant wait till the next one comes out in augest. Whats it called?Linger i think.

  7. Emma says:

    This book is AMAZING! I got a £5 Waterstones gift card from my boyfriends parents for Christmas and I decided to go to Waterstones and use it. I’m so glad I brought Shiver. I found the style (switching to and from Grace and Sam) different but nice. At the end of the book I was chocking up and was left in tears for ages afterwards. A book has never done that to me! I’m a die hard Twilight fan but sorry, this book is my all time favourite not. I definitely recommend anyone and everyone reads this book! =D

  8. Mel says:

    Amazing book, loved it, didn’t want it to end. The sequel can’t come soon enough! I read somewhere that its going to be a trilogy, hope so! Loved how you could read it from both Grace and Sam’s point of view, wish Stephenie Meyer would do the whole Twilight Saga from Edward’s point of view too!!

    • twilight fan says:

      stephnie meyer is doing that. Its named ‘Midnight Sun’.It was illegally published online and so she took a break but now she’s writing and it will be out soon. ITs defnitely a must read 4 one n all!!

  9. Hannah Handy says:

    i have say this book was sweet the author is making another two and in my mind sam and grace don’t belong together or someone end up killing grace

  10. Erin (Team Jake/Emmett) says:

    Can’t wait to read this! Just ordered it from Borders. =]

  11. a big fan! says:

    One of the best books i’ve ever read!

  12. Ashley says:

    This book is too much like twilight. Werewolves named Sam and Paul, girl driving around in a beat up, manual vehicle scenerio, musky wood atmosphere, teenager cooking dinner disposition…and I’m only on like page 50. I’ll finish the book but it’s seeming to be a poorly covered up attempt at a rip-off replica of a series of books that can never be topped.

  13. The musician says:

    I. Loved. This. Book. There were only two things I didn’t like-Grace’s personality-I loved it at the beginning, but during the middle and end—she was just obnoxious and..well, just a crappy personality. She would be a very bad friend to have. And I didn’t like the sex scene-it was just too much…..But other than that, I loved it!! especially sam-he’s like the cutest, most round character in the book. (in my opinion) can’t wait for the sequel!! but i hope no more 17 year olds having sex.

  14. Shaina Rayne says:

    This is an a-w-m-a-z-i-n-g book

  15. Hannah says:

    AMAZING BOOK!!!! loved it !!!!!! recomend it to every1 who loves TWILIGHT !!!! XX

  16. Jordan says:

    ABSOLUTELY loved it.

  17. NATALIA says:

    I am reading the book right now , I did not finish it yet. I cannot say it it as good as Twilight, no, noway. Twilight is much better. Yes, it is a cute love story but it is a little shallow-like. I cannot even compare it to the world that Stephanie Meyer created in her books. You live in the together with the characters, you do not want to let it go , it changes you.You live in a magic world , you are part of it. Here you are just a passive viewer of the things happening. Somehting happened to someone. That’s it.
    But if you do not have anything else to read ………

  18. Somebody with a name says:

    I don’t think it wasn’t that good of a story. The change of view between the two main characters was unnessary, annoying, and its very difficult who was talking because it lack the change of style. Having of a wolf with yellow eyes is not unquie. Infact, nearly all wolves, foxes, and wild african dogs have yellow eyes. Its slightly rarer to come across with brown eyes (indicating that the wolf’s parent was a domestic dog), blue, or white or pink (indicating a health problem). There was no conflict or a good intersting plot. She didn’t took the time to either study about werewolves in different mythology, wolves, or how to write a book.

  19. Michael David says:

    All I can say is, “boring”. Seriously. Enough with the young girls falling in love with sensitive creatures of the night. It’s BORING. Juvenile lit used to be deep, beautiful and poetic. Now it is just a bunch of supercilious, movie monster crap meant to get teen girls squirming in their chair. A lot of people think that the Twilight and Shiver books are great because they entice young people to read, but I think all that is nonsense. How is reading garbage better than reading nothing at all? It isn’t. Garbage in, garbage out. Reading for reading sake is vapidity itself.

  20. isabelle says:

    great book!my raiting was 4 out of 5 cause it was a littel bit of a copie of twilight!twilight is always better!!!!!dohloved the romance not so big on Graces personality at the end!!!i defenatly recamended for twilight fans!!

  21. Rachel says:

    I cant wait to read this book!! Ive already ordered both ! cuz ive seen alot of good replys! I actually hope its somewhere similar to the twilight series becuz i fell in love with those books! Im soooooo excited! 🙂

  22. Lauren says:

    Shiver and Linger are amazing books!!!! I read twilight and loved them as well but these two books seem to just be written much better then the Twilight series.

  23. Catia says:

    I love this book its o-mazing i cried when sam came out from the woods in his human form when grace thought she’d kiied him ….HE MADE IT!

  24. BookGirl says:

    Well, I was not into reading at all until the twilight. The only reason i even began was because i watched the movie and was too impatient to wait 3 or 4 more years to see how it ended. I have to say this was one of the better decisions of my life because now i read all the time. I am officially one of those “the book is sooo much better than the movie” people. And i loved the twilight series. I love that Stephenie Meyer took something “evil” like vampires and gave them a way them a self-redeeming quality. Shiver and Linger were awesome. They do not rank above twilight for me, but i love them anyway. I can’t wait for Forever to come out and see how the story ends. For those of you who don’t know>>>> Drumroll….shiver is being made into a movie and is set for a 2012 release, which feels like such a long time to wait. But i am mostly happy with the film adaptations of the twilight series (so far) and i am hoping they do as good a job with the shiver trilogy.

    • Dorina says:

      There’s nothing “redeeming” about the Cullens. They’re just a bunch of blood thirsty vampires. They don’t drink human blood, but they are on friendly terms with vampires who do. They do nothing to stop them . And that makes them just as guilty of murders as other vampires.

      According to Meyer, her vampires are so strong, that the only creatures (except werewolves) that can kill other vampires, are – vampires. But they choose to simply “live in peace” in some town where no one bothers them, and ignore the fact that there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of other vampires out there, who kill people on regular basis. If you are the only person who can stop some injustice, and do nothing to stop it, than you are just as guilty.

      Carlisle is right, they’ll never go to heaven. No matter how “good” they are. Because they’re not good where it really counts. Not for them.

  25. kheane says:

    i love this book so much! some parts in the story made me laugh so hard! And the ending is so touching, i even cried! this is the best book i have ever read so far. Can’t wait to read linger. Also can’t wait for the third book which is Forever. i think it’s going to be in july 2011. i’m not sure. still, Can’t wait!

  26. someone says:

    Htis book is touching and I can’t get the last scene outta my head. I think this bool is similiar and a little better than twilight. And people need to stop acusing all the books with vampires and werewolves that it’s copying. makes me ticked. O and I cant wait for the third book i just figured that out and there is a movie also. overall, I think this was a great love story with that one problem.

  27. Maria says:

    People should stop comparing Twilight to this book. No wait, stuff that, People shouldn’t even compare any story with another one because then we will be left with the same plot. Girl meets boy (vice versa) it’s love at first sight or they develop a relationship (usually starting with insant hate actually- self denial) They have alot of conflict usually including other people (e.g in this book it was John) and then something sad will happen and then they will be happily together forever (shame it doesnt always happen in real life). And personally I think this is a very good book and twilight is too and they both have their perks and downs. People who accusing Maggie of copying is a load of rubbish because many authors had written stories about paranormals but for many years they were badly criticised and Stephanie Meyer just striked a blow for all those authors who like writing about vampires and wolves. And people appreciate them more now.

  28. Laura says:

    Anyone accusing this book of copying Twilight is obviously not smart. You think Naggie would waste her time copying off a book that’s, in all honesty, your average romance novel with a painfully predictable plot that will soon be forgotten by teen girls, After, of course, the next romance novel comes out. Maggie has put a new twist on a classic story. She can’t be compared to Maggie. She simply can’t.

  29. Natalia says:

    This book is good but I like twilight better!

    It would be cool if they made it into a movie!!!

    • Jacob lover says:

      they r making a movie and this book is awsome i love it. I love the ending especilly it also made me cry i cant wait for the movie to come out in july 2012. Favorite part of the book was the sex scene it was awsome cant wait for the forth book to come out 🙂 EXCITED

  30. Jax says:

    Okay first thing how can you compare this book to Twilght series. Theres no vamps and from the first page I was hooked on Shiver and then later Linger. To these books it makes it seem like Twlight is made for kindergardeners. I loved how they had everybodies perspective and how I never knew what was coming next. I have fallen in love with their complex relationship and how the tables are turned in Linger. Can’t wait for Forever but I doubt it will disappoint. Its just made me less of a Twight fan. As for no research how can vamps have no fangs and sparkle in the sun I think Meyer needs to do research but then again like i said kindergardeners will prob be scared of how vamps really are! Maggie ur on top of my fave authour list!

  31. kila says:

    the best book I have ever read . People need to stop saying that the author could’ve read the twilght books or she couldn’t have.

  32. Jasmine says:

    I love this book it’s sooooooooo amazing it’s got me hooked!!!!!!! 🙂

  33. Sam J Boundy says:

    I just finished shiver. I’m no book critic so i’ll just say this. When i finished it, I felt tears in my eyes. I havent cried for a book in years.

  34. Emily says:

    Shiver is a captivating novel about a love between Grace, a teenage girl, and Sam, a werewolf. Grace is a teen-age girl who has always been in love with the wolves in the forest behind her house. Sam is a werewolf that saved Grace from being attacked by the wolf pack. They both have always watched each other and never thought they would have the chance to meet and they never did; until now. Sam changes from human to werewolf in cold temperatures. During the long winter months Sam and Grace fight to keep Sam human, hoping to find a cure.

  35. Skylarr says:

    Shiver is one of the best books ive ever read:D it was beautifully written & i loved every word of it!

  36. bluej_beth says:

    I just finished Shiver a few days ago, and now, I am almost at the middle of Linger. gosh! The book is really awesome. i like the plot, and the story. Since I already got a bit tired of vamps. glad I turned for a werewolf story. I really love Sam. And oh, Isabel’s actually nice. Especially in Linger. I don’t know for others, but to me, this is really an amazing book. Just my type of book actually. the supernatural and romance type of read. I’m also actually kind of into forbidden loves. And hey! I am buying Forever this weekend! I can’t help but read it all already since I really liked the twist in the story. REALLY LOVE IT!

  37. Jacob lover says:

    OMG i just finnish Forever it was amazing and i just heard maggie was making a forth one to go with the ending of Forever im also excited for the new movie of Shiver coming in theaters July 2012 yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am more of a twilight fan but i fell in love with this book i couldnt stop reading it my mom couldnt get me off it. It saprised me when they had sex i didnt think they were going to do it and i liked it how in that scene it was Sams point of view and how the chapters went (Sam to Grace) but my favorite from all of the books was Shiver I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  38. ~_D@YdR3aMs_~ says:

    I am already half way done with this book, but I must say it’s great! The plot is very interesting with its twists and turns.

  39. Im done with the book and it was amazing so much romance and excitment!
    my friends rcomend it ad now i recomend it too everone whos reading this too:)
    well ttyl gonna read the second part of this excitment<3:D

  40. kadyjah says:

    this book was full of passion ,love ,hope ,laughter and sadness. its just full of emotion that you feel that your in the book experiencing this. the characters felt so alive OMG!!!!!!!. i just really love it and i know that linger will be even better and full of every emotion 🙂

  41. jay says:

    Whats the plots of this book

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