Twilight Dominates Teen Choice Awards!

Jun 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Twilight has been nominated for 12 Teen Choice Awards (plus one for Paramore’s Decode)!  If you are between the ages of 13-19 you can vote HERE everyday!  The awards air August 10, so be sure to tune in to see which of your favorite stars take home a surfboard!

Here is a list of the nominations:

Choice Movie (Drama): Twilight

Choice Movie (Romance): Twilight

Choice Movie Actor (Drama): Robert Pattinson

Choice Movie Actress (Drama): Kristen Stewart

Choice Movie Villain: Cam Gigandet

Choice Movie: Fresh Face Female: Ashley Greene & Nikki Reed

Choice Movie: Fresh Face Male: Taylor Lautner

Choice Movie LipLock: Kristen & Rob

Choice Movie Rumble: Cam vs. Rob

Choice Music: Rock Track: Paramore “Decode”

Choice Music: Soundtrack: Twilight

Choice Male Hottie: Robert Pattinson

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11 Comments to “Twilight Dominates Teen Choice Awards!”

  1. ashley says:

    already began voting!!!!!!

  2. lansters says:

    wow niceee ima go vote now! =D

  3. Judith Akufo says:

    This is the first time where I know the answer to every single question.

  4. Bea(FanOfTheMonth-March/April/May) says:

    abt 2 vote. but why cant choice male hottie be both rob and taylor?

  5. Judith Akufo says:

    Ok, this has nothing to do with the post, but I just watched the New Moon trailer again and it looks like Rob is wearing the same thing during the birthday scene and when he breaks up with Bella, yet she looks to have changed. Any ideas why?

  6. Carolina G.B. says:

    Judith maybe he was too upset thinking about breaking up with Bellla that he didn’t even think about changing clothes. That is what I heard from the podcast…You know.

  7. Carolina G.B. says:

    I am so glad Twilight was nominated for the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 12 times. That is so awesome!!!

  8. Judith Akufo says:

    Makes sense Carolina G.B., Thanks

  9. maribeth says:

    God Bless America and Twilight. I have a feeling those Twilight kids are going places. 🙂

  10. kristina says:

    it’s awesome that twilight have been nominated for 12 awards!! and i am sure they gonna win all of them!! didn’t you see what happened in mtv movie awards?? ( i think “new moon” is going to be even better… i can’t wait to see it! )

  11. kristina says:

    oh no… i’m living in greece so i can’t vote!! what does that mean?? only because i am not living in US i can not vote my favorite film as a real fan can do? ffffff

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