Wolf Pack ~ Book vs. Movie

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We have a great Question of the Week!  Make sure to tease Kassie, with ‘Wolf Pack Love’, as much as possible with your answers! We want to know…

How do you think the Wolf Pack will be portrayed in the movie, opposed to the way they are portrayed in the book?

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56 Comments to “Wolf Pack ~ Book vs. Movie”

  1. Corinne Walker says:

    Hi me again just looking at the photo you can tell who each of them all and the first one I KNEW was paul (on the far left) that was exactly how I pictured paul and the only one I would have a problem with is definately Sam (the one at the front) I know in my mind he was so much more……….. I don’t don’t know how to explain it but it just wasn’t what I pictured… Not that I am say Chris won’t do a brilliant Job, you can never be happy with every character, anyway I definately think that Chris is trying his absolute hardest…
    Love you Guys!!!!!!!

  2. Foot~Detox says:

    Twilight is a thousand times better than Harry Potter. I really love this movie, it is the best movie i have ever watched.

  3. Jacksongurl says:

    I think that they will not be much different from the book. I think that they got the wolf look for Jacob really close too from what I have seen. SO I think that they will be portayed and look pertty close to what the book says and descirbs them as. GO WOLF PACK. :))

  4. Elaine says:

    Hey guys! First I have to say that I am a team Edward, so Kassie, I totally understand how you feel. When I first read New Moon, the parts of Jacob and the wolf pack were interesting, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, ” Where is Edward!?!” Sense we keep hearing that Edward is going to appear a lot in the movie compared with the book, I will be able to tolerate the wolf pack much more. Heck, I might even like them. Admit it, they are pretty Hott! lol.

  5. Danylle says:

    I’d like to predict that the wolf pack is going to outshine the Vampires in the New Moon Movie. (okay that’s my dream anyway) Honestly after meeting Alex Meraz at TwiCon and listening to his side of the Vampire/Werewolf story I’m even more intrigued to see how it plays out on screen. I hope they get some great screen time and therefore shock the mainstream media who has bypassed them in the face of the Volturi. The wolves haven’t gotten a lot of publicity yet so I’m just wonderng if that’s because they won’t play a big enough role or if it’s just because all the actors are new and Summit’s trying to keep the anticipation alive. I’m waiting for Kassie’s descripton of seeing Chaske Spencer on the set of New Moon

  6. emma oj says:

    THE BOOK TTLY b/c they sound moe handsome and HOTT in the book!!!!

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