Twilight Spin-offs A Possibility?

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MTV has an article discussing some comments made by Twilight producers concerning possible saga spin-offs.

What do you think of the idea?  Which characters would you want to see in a possible spin-off?

Radar caught up with “Twilight” producers Wyck Godfrey and Greg Mooradian at the 36th Annual Vision Awards, where the duo said there could be more bloodsucking action to come. “Stay tuned. I think if our movies do as well as the first did all possibilities are out there. But right now we need to finish what we have and finish Stephenie’s vision as best we can and then let’s see where the audience demands us to go from there.”

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26 Comments to “Twilight Spin-offs A Possibility?”

  1. Amanda says:

    um, they should wait and see if stephenie meyer writes anymore stories first. these are hers. they shouldnt try to continue anything unless maybe shes the screenwriter.

  2. Michele LeBlanc says:

    No! Leave the story as is.

  3. LeeEtta says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. Spin offs never end up being very good.

  4. liz says:

    NOOOOO! This is a horibble idea

  5. Brandi says:

    Normally spinoffs are not a good idea, but occasionally they are great hits (Lavern & Shirley, The Simpsons, Frasier, were all spin offs!!!) It would have to be done correctly and up to Stephanie Meyers standards. I would be upset if something came out that didn’t have SM approval. But if done right it could be a good thing. But if is a big word for to little letters.

  6. Brandi says:

    there are*** wow perhaps I should proof read things before posting them. lol

  7. Emma says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm that could be cool

  8. Jess S. says:

    Steph would have to write it, it might be cool if they did a webisode kinda thing like in the motherhood where the cast acted out fanfics though, and it was just a little something online!

  9. Rosalyn says:

    I would not mind seeing what the gang is up to…but only if the same actors played them and not some LA version of the Cullens.

  10. Samie says:

    omg no! we like these stories cuz its an awsome Saga, i dont see a show comeing outta this it so wont be the same. if there dose happen to be a show i wont watch it unless Stephenie Meyer her self writes EVERY BIT OF IT. If she dosent then i so wont watch it… it wont be twilight,

  11. Sarah Black says:

    the only spin off that i would support is after the breaking dawn movie ….if they did a cute renesmee & jacob one…cos lets face it, hollywood is pro at romance!! Plus, they could totally cast me as Nessie lol….i wish 🙂

  12. Laurie M. (TimeStand Still) says:

    I just really really want Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun. As to the spin offs I think that would be too much and taking liberites that shouldn’t be taken.

  13. wendy says:

    I think it is a terrible idea, unless Stephenie wrote it and maybe not even then. It would destroy the integrity of the other movies, assuming they do the next 3 well. I agree with Laurie Midnight Sun is what we are all waiting for. It would be interesting to see that made in to a movie, but by that time the actors are going to be moving on and potentially look older. In addition to the fact that they would almost need to make it with a similar feel and look as the Twilight movie it may not, to be plain and simple, hold up.
    This fan says please DON’T do it.

    BTW (another subject) is anyone else worried about the continuity of the movie 2 and movie 3?? Seems strange that they are starting production and filming of Eclipse before the final product of New Moon is even seen by the next director?

  14. Erin says:

    No it’s not a good idea; spinoffs never work

  15. Izzy says:

    that is the stupidest idea i have ever heard. do they actually think they can write stories or plots like stephanie? good luck with that one boys.

  16. Carolina G.B. says:

    Stephenie Meyer should definitely choose, this is her story, her characters…

  17. Jensy says:

    The best spin off would be a TV series on the saga. A tv series would give so much more time to bring justice to the books that were so lacking in the Twilight movie. Im hoping the next movie is closer to the book.

  18. Sophie says:

    I agree with Sarah Black. The only spin-off that they could possibly pull off, would be about Jacob and Renesmee’s story after Breaking Dawn.

  19. Alissa says:

    Not unless stephenie meyer had some input in it.

  20. caitlin says:

    steph meyer should write the spin offs if they are going to do it……. which i hope they dont!


  21. Twilightlover says:

    Worst idea ever!!!!!!! I’m so glad that everyone feels the same…..

  22. Mrs. Ariana Edward Cullen says:

    No. NO SPINOFF. I would only suggest a spin-off fif Steph wrote another book, or if she wrote the spin-off, but that’s kind of weird. So only if she wrote another book. But if she doesn’t, that’s a no-go. I mean, no one can write Twilight like Stephenie, and the writing and the way how the story is is what makes twilight special. So there won’t be anything special about it if Steph didn’t write it.

  23. Bailey says:

    they should so do it more twilight fun for us all then!!

  24. michaela says:

    no way! twilight is great the way it is! leave it alone!

  25. Melissa (melissaturkey) says:

    No no no no no no no no! if there were spin offs it would be because theyre cashing in on the franchise and I would hate that! it would not be about the characters anymore it would just be to make money!

  26. Alice Black says:

    I think that that would be a terrible idea. Yeah sure every reader that fell in love with the book would want a spin off, but it would take the whole part of leaving what comes next to the imagination. right now, alot of people have their own idea about what happens after Breking Dawn, so having a spin off would be a BAD idea.

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