Volturi: Book vs Movie

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This week we want to know what you think about the Vulturi…

From the book to the movie, how will they be portrayed and what scenes are you looking forward to?

Answer below, in the comments, and we might read your answer on the podcast!

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87 Comments to “Volturi: Book vs Movie”

  1. Abbey says:

    Hey gals,
    I am sooo looking forward to seeing the volturi in new moon, after all, they make up the great ending of the book. I really cant wait to see if the actors are able to pull off the innocent bad guy act they all put up. I want to see if Chris Weitz had them act with each other like they were a family, formal coven, or just buissness partners. I also am looking forward to seeing how they portray their power. I really hope they keep true to the book, I want to see Marcus bored, not exited, and I want to see Cius negative, not positive, I want to see Jane innocent not vile. I cant wait to see the scenes where Jane and Alec are together, because seeing the bond the bond they have as twins is really great. I also want to see how much the makeup artists can make Dakota and Cameron look alike. And since both actors are the youngest (actually around my age) in the cast, I cant wait to see how well they do. Keep podcasting!!!

  2. Abbey says:

    OMG!!!!! i was first AND second comment πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. hope lumbley says:

    Hey guys,

    I want to say love the podcast soooo much and that i loved last weeks=) I think they will be able to pull of the volturi’s look but it will be alot harder then the wolf pack beacuse of the scenes they are going to have to recreate. The actors they have chose i think are great excpet i was seeing the actor eho plays hedi to look different i have hope in chris weitz i think he will make everthing as close to what we invisioned, although he has alot of people he is going to have to make for to protray the scary moods of the characters!!!!!!! love you guys thanks for reading!!!!!!!

  4. hanalee says:

    I really hope they are protrayed as “real” vampires and not something corney at all. The Cullens are a breed all their own in the vampire realm but the Volturi take us back to more of the classical myth of who and what vampires are. I really hope that they don’t make them corney “I vant to suck your bloooood” vampires. The Volturi should be equally creepy and elegant, ya know? No Halloween Count costumes from PartyCity PLEASE! Steph’s vamps are all very classy and I hope they keep them that way and don’t go all Lost Boys on us! GAH! It’s not like they’re a bunch of half naked and hungry teenage boys… (cough cough) But based off the one pic of Dakota Fanning, it looks good.
    As for what SCENE I want to see most it’s probably the scene when Edward and Bella walk into that HUGE room with the little windows on the side where they meet Aro (I think it will give the amped up budget and spacial FX team time to shine, no pun intended). I think if they build that set and get the look of those characters right, the sight of it could be EPIC!
    I totally adore you guys and was just in Dallas a week ago and thought of y’all!
    -Hanalee Fallon

  5. Judith Akufo says:

    I think the volturi is an element that will stay very close to the book. I’m exited to see how Chris will approach their entrance scene. I think the volturi should have a really cool slomo entrance with a song like Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir playing in the background and their hair blowing in the wind, or for Jane’s entrance they should have her shielded by the dark and everyone looks down at this huge shadow, and then this little girl comes out. That would be hilarious, but seriously I think I’m exited to see their fake innocent act, where it’s like we don’t want to harm anyone, *under their breath* thats what our guards are for. Love the Podcast!!!!!!

  6. Shteff says:

    I know we’re going to be disapointed =) dakota as jane was a big no no for me anyway, so seeing her will make me go oh. Sure, the demetri character and so forth seem great – but we’ve got to see them live! No one can estimate yet…not until we’ve seen footage of such characters and scenes being portrayed.
    Besids the whole scene in which Bella tackles edward (poor rob on that photo), tis nothing.

    Lets see shall we =) plus, volturi…yeah, vulturi? =’) *hugs*

    Shteff xox

  7. we think that the vulturi will be protrayed exactly as they are in the book, cold, mysterious, heartless, and underground. and we are looking forward to the scenes where the volturi are guiding all the oblivious tourists in, when they think they’re getting a tour but they are just going to be killed. and then when bella sees that they are going to kill people, she is horrified and is comforted by edward (aaawww). and it shows how different these other vampires could be.

  8. twikye says:

    THIS IS WHAT I AM WAITING FOR! THE VOLTURI ARE THE BEST. first let me just say on the podcast when Kallie says CUPON I CRAK up it sounds great with the accent. ok well I really want the VOLTURI to be donr right because they are soo important to the story as a whole. I dont like how they are seen as bad guys because they are not they are simple tipical VAMPIRES. BUt i want to see JANE JANE JANE JANE. SO angelic so petote so VICIOUS. SHE HAS TO BE DONE right because jane is one of the more IMPORTANT characters . i really wanna see DAKOTA FANNING try to ZAP KRisten and the facial expression. lol thx alot you guys are the best

  9. lydz says:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to all the scenes with the Volturi, but one part in particular: I just want to see the look on Jane’s face when she can’t zap Bella. I can guarantee that I will be rolling around on the movie theater’s floor. I dislike Jane STRONGLY, and I dislike Dakota Fanning even more( I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand her). I am excited to see the secret passage way in the sewers and the whole city, really. Also, I want to see the scene when Edward, Bella, and Alice are in the waiting room. I know that scene doesn’t have action or much drama, but to me it felt like the emotional bond healing between Edward and Bella happened in that scene.
    Love the podcast!!!!!

  10. Jacob (From Spain!) says:

    Honestly, I don’t remember the Volturi “HQ” being described at all…! So, naturally, I’m picturing a room filled with beautiful paintings, stalagtights, and that sort of thing. I do remember that the reception room was like a regular waiting room, ya know? Also, Gianna is going to be my favorite Volturi “member”, if she really counts.
    Uh, I’m still iffy about Dakota Fanning as Jane, but if she’s anything like she was in “Hide and Seek” (starring Robert DeNiro, and Jean Grey from X-Men), she’ll be AMAZING.
    Alec doesn’t seem right to me. He just seems to… freakish. And, aren’t Jane and Alec supposed to be twins? I’m not sure if I remember reading that.

    Um, the scene I want to see is where Edward gets tortured.
    Really, really, REALLY don’t like Edward.
    I think when I read it, I smiled.
    Is that bad?

    I know this was a few podcasts ago, but the Break Up Scene.
    It was my favorite one, because it marks the beginning of the best part of Bella’s life: JACOB!

    Much love,

  11. Chloe says:

    well all the acters who are portraying tham are very good at acting.

  12. Phoebe says:


    First, love the Podcast. Second, pft means like I don’t care or something along that line. Ok, now to the Volturi. From the book to the movie, how will they be portrayed and what scenes are you looking forward to? I LOVE the Volturi, so I really want it to look good. I can’t wait to see how the HQ looks like especially the throne room thing were Bell & Edward meet Aro, Marcus & Caius. I think that the HQ will be quite different from the books because the huge size of it all and it would cost too much money to make. Also when I was reading the books I imagined Aro, Marcus & Caius to be older than the actors are ( like 40-50 years old). I think I knew that they were quite young but imagined them to look older because they were changed like 5000 years ago ( NOT really 5000 years ago) so I thought that they would look older, also because they have so much power over all the other Vampires. The scene I am most looking forward to the part were Edward is touched, but my favorite scene over all in this book is when Alice & Bella are driving to get to Edward before he steps into the sunlight. Hope this answers you question.

    Phoebe = ; D

    Love Love
    Kiss Kiss

  13. Sia says:

    Hi girls,
    I think the Volturi scenes will be like the books. I don’t think Summit and Chris want to play with these scenes. It’s way to risky with this fandom and why would they need to ? IT’S SO AWESOME IN THE BOOK ALREADY ! We already know that they intensified Edwards scene with Jane which is great and should be really interesting watching Rob squirm lol .. I’m looking forward to these scenes even though it wasn’t a huge part in the books but it was still mysterious and breathtaking at the same time.
    I just love this book and Kassie needs to read New Moon again because I just reread it and it’s so good the second time !

    LOVE YOU GUYS and I can’t wait for the new podcast !

  14. Carlie Reed says:

    Well, I honestly can’t wait to see how the Volturi turn out. I want them to be portrayed as “real” vampires, and not like innocent buisness partners. And I hope that the makeup artist can make Dakota and Caemron acctually look like twins, but the inhumanly beautiful vampire twins that we all know and love. Im ancious to see how they portray the “dungon”. But we all know it will be great. I mean, come on, it is part of the Twilight Saga. lol. Keep podcasting!

    Carlie Reed

  15. Tashia Vachon says:

    Hey girls. love love Love the podcast! I think that they will stay true to the books with the Volturi scenes, But I think that they will probably add a few things here and there to make them more Evil and scary.

    The scene im looking forward to is when Edward, Alice, and Bella meet Jane, Because im not really a huge fan of Dakota Fanning . And the way I paticularly pictured Jane was completley different, and I’d love to see how Dakota handels Jane.

    Love you gals and the podcast, Keep up the Great work!
    P.S Go Team Edward!

  16. Tesa says:

    Hey! love the podcast. First off, I just wanted to throw out there that Vienna is in Austria.Anyway, I think/hope the Volturi will be portrayed the way they are in the book: as ancient, mysterious creatures who are very different than any vampires Bella’s ever encountered before. I hope Weitz can show how they’re nothing like Carlisle’s family, but also nothing like James’s clan in twilight. They’re a whole different unit, because they’re kinda civilized WHILE being cold blooded killers. I think that’s part of why they’re so creepy. I’m interested to see the scene after Bedward’s(bella&edward)reunion when felix and jane and everyone comes to take them to Aro becuase I know nothing about the volturi actors and i want to see their performance. The only worries I have about the movie volturi are that they might look like dementors or something in their cloaks;i’m also a little upset they didn’t shoot in Volterra because the place where they shot looks NOTHING like Volterra. it’s not a big deal, but it’s kinda upsetting for me and a lot of people I know who’ve been there.

  17. April says:

    I hope they will be portrayed how they were in the book. I especially like how in the book Bella notices such a difference between the way the Cullens look and the way everyone in the volturi look espcially marcus, cauis and Aro. Bella is attracted to the Cullens and wants to be around them whereas all the vampires in the Volturi really scare her so I hope they can show the difference. Also I think the reason that not many websites have information or pictures of them is because Summit wants the fans to be surprised when they actually see the movie. Anways love the podcasts!!!! Team Edward!

  18. Andy says:

    Hmm. this and the wolf pack questions are hard to answer (that’s probably because I’m, at the present moment, am reading the “Mortal Instruments” series like a lunatic! So addicitive! Team Alec & Magnus all the way, baby!) because the book and the movie are two different things and we should remember that when we watch the film that it won’t EXACTLY be how it was when we read the book!

    So, with the press coverage of the Volturi should be how it is now – no coverage or very little. I think we should be surprised! I don’t want us to be given everything and I really want Aro, Jane and the other members come as a surprise to [eople who have watching the film without reading the books

    Now, how will they be portrayed… have to agree with nearly everyone else and say that it will be pretty close to how the book versions are, but saying that though, we only really got to know the 3 figure heads (Aro, Marcus and… and… oh, shoot, what is his name?! Some fan I am! Cassandra Clare, I blame you for this!) and Jane so the rest of the characters will be interesting to see what they do with it.

    Anyway, (incase you guys haven’t heard it enough) love the podcast, keep up the good work and DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome)!

  19. Brinean says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie,

    I think that the Volturi will be portrayed excellently the only person I am worried about is Noot Seear because she doesn’t have much experience and she doesn’t really look like the Hedi I had imagined but other then that I belive that the Voulturi will be excellent!

    As for the scene i am most excited to see is when Jane attacks Edward because in the book it is so intense and I want to see if they can create the same intensity and excitement!

  20. joelle-marie says:

    aro seems kind in the books but in the movie his decieving side will be more prominent. the volturi as a whole though will appear to be more threatening & straightforward (hey, its a 2hours movie). but at the same time, they will still make everything feel suspenseful & eeerie. jane & alec i hope, will not look so close either. in the book they held hands & appeared to be more of a couple than siblings. seeing that in the movie for someone who havent read the books will think new moon is a messed up movie -___________-;;

    im looking forward to seeing the part where alice shows aro her visions. he’s being fooled but doesnt realize it & they might play it up a bit & make aro realize how subjective her visions are.

  21. Laura says:

    I think that the way the Volutri is potrayed in new moon is that they are classy, evil, and creepy. In the movie they will be hot and very creepy. The Volutri part is the best part of the book best DUH Edward comes back! Everything will be about DAKOTA, DAKOTA, DAKOTA! I am not looking forward to all the attention that will be on her, also the fact that she will be the best actor there will make us twilighters realize how bad the other actors are (mainly Kristen and Rob, but Ashley is not bad).I love the Volutri in the books and I hope the Volutri in the movie will not be THAT screwed up. Eventhough, I can’t wait for the movie! Love the podcast girls! Die hard Team Edward! Boo Jacob! -that was for you Kassie. Love it!

    P.S. I was listening to the last podcast when you said that Vienna was in Italy! UGH! In early June I went to Vienna and it is in Austria! (And it is an awesome city, I might add) They spake German there. Guten Tag! -by the way that is German for Good Day. The comment you made was painful and yet very funny at the same time.
    Love the podcast,
    Sincerely, Laura E.J.
    Love the podcast!

  22. Jamie says:

    Helloooo! So, I recently re-read New Moon to be ready for the movie (Ha, Kassie, you’re probably mad at me) and I found that I was just as frightened as I was the first time I read the series. I hope that in the movie, the Volturi characters are portrayed to be what they are–dark, scary, blood driven vampires living in a secret vampire-haven under a vampire celebration, which was so ironic. I also hope they portray how much Bella was scared by them. She was shaking the whole time in Edward’s arms. Besides seeing James and the rest of his small, but vicious coven, this will be the first time she is around many blood crazed vampires and I think the directors should make it evident that this moment is life or death. Anywho, on a lighter note, I’m very curious to see how they portray Aro! He is defined in the book to be “ashy” and much more translucent than any of the vampires. Isn’t that odd? It was weird to me. Oh, and how Jane uses her “power” on Edward. So random, but definitely a key point in New Moon for me. Well, thanks for reading this and I absolutely love love love the podcast.

  23. Gillian Mendez says:

    Hey Pretty Southern Ladies!
    I’m just really excited to see the underground lair where the Voltouri reside. I’m all about the enviroment, if the succeed with that, all that is left is the actiing (which I have no worries about).

    I’m also very excited to see the wolves, being an Animation Major myself, I have high standards that they seem to be reaching.

    November can’t come soon enough!

    By the way, I plan to marry your podcast.

  24. Annika from AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Hey girls!!!!!!
    I can’t wait until new moon comes out, and i really want to see how the actors are going to try to act like Aro and Cacius and Marcus. The way Aro talks in a way that could seem nice, but acts more or less in a mean/evil way. Also i want to know if they will put the assistant at the front desk in, and the part when Heidi returns with all the visitors. And when Edward is about to step into the sunlight, will definatly be memorable.

    New Moon will definatly be GREAT. I can’t WAIT to see the wolves, and, even though its sad, the break-up scene with Bella and Edward. I just wanted to also say I LOVE your show! And Kassie and Kallie, You are both beautiful and insperational women! Keep doing what your doing, don’t change for anyone, AND NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!!

    lots of love
    Annika Willoughby

  25. Alice Cullen says:

    I can’t wait for the Bella to meet the Volturi

    Aro has to be calm and handsome but covering up the fact that he is horrid

  26. Alice Cullen says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie,

    love the podcasts
    I think the volturi will be shown as vampires acting like they each with a secret to hide

  27. princess katie says:

    Appearance: Caius Aro and Marcus are described by Bella to have filmy eyes and extremely delicate skin. I hope the makeup artists can portray this description without making them look weird because they still have to be vampirically beautiful [yeah, i just made up a word]. I can’t wait to see Dakota and the other actors in full vampire makeup!

    Location: In the book, Bella makes the walk through the dark tunnel seem really long, but the time is filled with her thinking a lot about Edward. I’m curious how this will be in the movie because it would be really boring to watch them walk down a dark hallway for five minutes in silence, but it would take away some of the creepiness of Volterra if they just walked 50 yards. So basically I think they should put in some dialogue there.

    Aro’s gift: Dear Summit, PLEASE do not make his gift awkward and/or cheesy!!! Please find a creative way to show his talent just as Stephenie described it, and don’t change it!

    Thanks for listening xoxo

  28. Kari says:

    Im not sure how to compare them but i would like to see how roberts going to writhe in oain because of Jane and i want to see them real especially dakota fanning.
    luv ur show
    keep it up
    ps sorry i have to say this sorry again RIP Michael Jackson King of Pop but it should be the King sorry elvis hes just better then u sorry again and again

  29. tamarra says:


    all i hope is that they dont make there powers seem cheesy like Kassie said in the Twilight Commentary podcast lol i almost peed my pants
    anyway luv podcast

    p.s do u think the book of the month wake/fade is an adult boofk or like a thirteen year old can read it (i no that question was random)

  30. Stephanie says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie,

    I think the volturi in the book will be better of course because the book is usually better, but as for summit, chris weitz, cast, and crew protraying them I think they all try very hard to please us the fans to our liking. The casting of the volturi was done very well I think in my opinon. I`m very excited to see how they show the tension beetween edward and bella and alice facing the volturi because if they fail that we have less hope of them doing that when we see the volturi again in future movies and how bella will react and how she will coninue to deal with them and learn to get used to them as time goes on because to bella throughout the whole series she thinks the volturi are enemies, but all they want is to keep the vampires secret, but still keep them as that evil feel.

  31. Kjyrsten (a.k.a KJ) says:

    Hey Kallie & Kassie
    I have been listing to some of your podcasts that I had found about a month or so on iTunes, and I just want to say that you guys are awesome, and I have to say about the Volturi, I am looking forward to Alice and her yellow Porche, the Bella and
    Edward reunion scene, and when they meet the Volturi for the first time. Other scenes would have to be the motercycles, the break-up, cliff diving, and when Alice shows up in Bella’s house and Bella’s Birthday Party.

    Love the Podcast
    P.S. The “J” in my full name sounds like an “E”

  32. Kjyrsten (a.k.a KJ) says:

    I think that the book will be better because no movie or director can fully or completey recreate what Stephinie Meyer wrote.
    Plus every fans version is different in their own mind so that is my reason for saying that the book would be better.
    Sorry I accedentally pushed submit before I was done, my other comment is at #31

  33. Christine May says:

    Hey kallie and kassie! love the podcast it’s so much fun to listen to . Anyhow i’m very excited to see how the Volturi will look in new moon. I’m most excited to see what Dakota Fanning will look like as Jane. I always pictured her to look as if she were only around 10 years old in the book, so in the movie she will obviously be taller and older than i had imagined. But, regardless I think Dakota Fanning is going to do an amazing job, we all know how creepy she can be from her work in the movie Hide and Seek, and i’m sure she’ll bring the angelic evilness to the Jane. I’m also excited to see Jane use her power on Edward because i’m curious as to how Rob will portray the pain she causes him. I imagined it to be like Harry Potter’s crucio curse, but i guess we’ll have to wait till November and see. I”M SO EXCITED!! lol

    p.s. since i only started listening a few months ago i’ve been catching up on the old episodes and i just about died laughing at work while talked about whether or not it was obvious that jacob had imprinted on renesme at the end of jacobs book in breaking dawn! when i read it for the first time I knew jacob had imprinted but my friend i was reading next to didnt and when i said something she freaked out and we had the same argument =)

  34. Stephanie says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    I am very anxious to see the Volturi in the movie! They are the oldest rulers of the vampire world. And in my opinion, they are just as important as the wolves. For example New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn all have the Volturi in the end. (Especially Breaking Dawn) I think Summit put alot of thought into casting the Volturi members. All the actors and actresses fit the descriptions. Even though they may not be someone’s personal preference, they match the book well. The volturi are supposed to be terrifying yet elegant at the same time. I hope that they can portray this in the scenes. It is not enough to look the part, but to be able to play it as well. I think that they can.
    The scene I am most looking forward to is when Aro shakes Bella’s hand and he cannot read her mind. I really hope they did not take that part out. It is important to finding out more about Bella’s power. I loved reading about Aro’s face going from smug to confused, and I am excited to see it. I think it helps show Aro’s interest in Bella. Can’t wait for New Moon!
    love Love LOVE the Podcast!

  35. Carmen Rivera says:

    I am hoping that they are portrayed just as they are described in the book. As scary, powerful and old vampires. Of course scary to Bella. I am looking forward to seeing the scene where Bella meets them for the first time. Where we find out that even the Volturi can not get to Bella. There are so many other scenes I am looking forward to but since you asked about the Volturi, I kept to that.

  36. Lily says:

    Hey! I love your podcast!!! I think that they will do a great job with the volturi! I can’t wait to see volterra (sorry if I spelled that and/or anything else wrong!) and the castle.

  37. twilighter 219 says:

    hi kassie and kallie!!!

    just so you both know, ‘pfft’ is the sound you make when you dont believe what someone is saying ect.

    you say the ‘p’ bit like in the word park, post or pen.

    you say the ‘ff’ bit like when you say fire, friend, or phone ( even though phone doesnt start with f lol!)

    And then you say the ‘t’ part like at the end of the word start, comment, or port.

    I hope this helps !! bye!!! xox

  38. Teresa says:

    The Vultori function in society in a vastly different manner than the Cullens, and I hope that this comes across well in the movie. It seems that they are able to lure people to their lair because they come across as a type of “historical society” in Vulterra, perhaps offering a tour of their ancient building. I think the authorities in Vulterra turn a blind eye because they prey on tourists and those who are not easily missed so they don’t have to worry about losing any of the “locals”. It reminds me of the classic story about the village where people keep disappearing, but nobody will talk abou it and they change the subject whenever anyone mentions it or asks “Where…….”. That’s how I picture Vulterra. (Don’t ask, don’t tell.)

    My 2 cents on “pffft”, Twilighter’s explanation (#37) is very good. It also might help to explain that you see this a lot in comic strips when a character wants to show disdain, disbelief or exasperation at another character. It’s used just like the “pblllt” to show someone giving a “raspberry”.

    Keep up the great work on the podcast! It’s the only Twilight podcast that I listen to because you guys are fun and “real”, but don’t sound like giggly teenagers (although you do sound a little giddy sometimes).

  39. Cassie says:

    I think the actors look really young. In my mind when I read New Moon I also pictured them with gray and no wrinkles. Like a messed up grandpa.

    love the podcast y’all.

  40. Jessica A. says:

    Hey Gals! Love your podcast, you are so cute and make me bust up laughing all day at work! Makes my day soo much more interesting.
    I would just like to say Chris Weitz is an awesome director and I am really looking forward to seeing his vision of New Moon.
    I want the Volturi to be portrayed to be as they are in the book. Eerie, classy, and dangerous. Seeing the Volturi in New Moon will only make Breaking Dawn that much more of a thriller because we will be given a taste of true fear early on.

    The actors choosen for the Volturi, in my opinion, are absolutely perfect! I am a huge fan of Micheal Sheen and I am sure he will live up to Aro through and through. He has such a commanding, yet subtle presence in his movies. And Dakota Fanning, love , love, love! What a wonderfully talented girl!

    I am looking forward to seeing how Edward interacts with Aro and Jane. Edward and Aro being two very powerful mindreaders in two very different ways. Aro is the most threatening of the Volturi, in my opinion, and you can see that by the was Edward is so hesitant and “rude” with him in the book. And Edward, THE Edward!, being tortured by little, angelic Jane! I’m not saying I want him to be tortured, because that is sad, but Dakota is so tiny and Rob is sooo not.

    This movie will push these actors to the next level. After reading the series multiple times, New Moon has become my favorite. It has all the emotion! I love being connected to Bella, being completely engulfed and sucked in, even in sorrow. That is what makes the book for me. Stephenie is a GENIUS! I love her work.

    See YA! Keep up the great work:)

  41. Brittney says:

    Hey Girls!

    I love the podcast so much! I just read the Twilight series for the first 2 months ago …….now I am obsessed! I read all 4 books in one weekend – no sleep – all Twilight. When the books first came out I thought they were more for a younger age group (I just turned **gasp** 30 this year), but then I finally read the first one and fell in love! I’ve read the books like 4 times since then – you really can pay better attention the more you read them and catch new things everytime. I thought I wouldn’t completely bawl the second or third or fouth time through New Moon, but I cried worse – like when you know what’s coming and you get sad even before you should. Maybe that’s just me!

    Moving right along…… the part of the Volteri I want to see is the inside of the castle turrent where they meet Bella & Edward. I think when the books mention the drain in the floor – it totally grosses me out. That’s where they lead the fake tour group in and then kill them. I want to see Bella’s reaction to that – like she’s so relieved to be leaving, but still sorry for those new people going in. Also I hope the movie can capture the creepy way the Volteri move – in my mind I picture floating, gracefully along like angels of death – like beautiful evil – you know. I also want the score and sound track to be really good, the music really helps to set the creepy mood and I hope they use that to the fullest. Also I want to see Aro – he is almost sickingly sweet, talking to you like he’s your long lost friend, all the while plotting your death, so fake and condescending, but like a car crash you can’t look away!

    I really do enjoy hearing you girls every week, I’m from the South so you two sound like me! It’s great – just like home! I am listening to all the back episode too so I can catch up. It’s really fun …….TST all the way. Keep up the good work!

    Have a good week!

  42. Tracey Wiederstein says:

    Hi Girls,

    I’m from Australia and are new to your podcast, found it on itunes about 3 weeks ago and have been madly trying to catch up on them all. So I’m listening to them in the car, doing the house work on the treadmill (you get the picture).Must say I love the show it makes me laugh. My husband eyes me strangely when I start giggling at some of your comments.

    As to what I want to see, other than Edward desperately trying to save Bella from Jane (which everyone wants to see that one) is how the makeup artists give the “onion skin” texture effect to Aro Caius & Marcus faces, young looking but old too. Also the scene where Edward Bella & Alice are waiting out the afternoon before they can leave because that is where Edward and Bella get to REALLY look at one another again since the breakup in the forest.

    Keep laughing girls, you have no idea how many people around the world you make smile.

  43. Ali says:

    Holy shizzle!!! I was at the harry potter movie and during it my throat hurt the whole time and it had a little to do with new moon…. Well firat of all when the trailer came on i almost peed myself and then after yelling at everyone to shut up when it started my throat was starting to get sore. It wasnt until taylor came ob without a shirt that my throat really started to hurt and the the
    scream crying afterward was just ah mazing for
    my voice but anyway…. I am soooooo excited to
    see New Moon, even though it’s my least favorite book….. I HATE everyone in the wolf pack but Seth, oh I love Seth, I love taylor but hate, well strongly dislike, Jacob, that’s why I like this question. Nothing about jake. I am really excited to see how the volturi look and act. I am excited to see jane because she is a big part in the books, I will die when she hurts Edward but be happy when she can’t do anything to bella!! I also want to see what it looks like in the movie because obviously everyone has their own idea πŸ™‚ I luv the show and hearing what u think about the books instead of me just talking to myself
    Luv ya <3 Ali

  44. Britney says:

    I think that Dakota Fanning playing Jane in New Moon reminds of that weird old guy who lives under the bridge who says “My precious” in The Lord of the Rings. She is still so young and her voice will sound crazy. But, in the book I laughed for five minutes into the Volturi chapters. I laughed because Edward was acting like they were about to kill himself, Alice, and Bella, but they weren’t going to kill her in the first place. I know this doesn’t happen until Breaking Dawn, but I cried when they killed Irina. So, they better do a good job or I’ll sue Summit for not checking over the script correctly. They will pay for my schooling and college and my NYC apartment (like that gonna happen) To finish, they should tone down the humor in the movie so it can seem more like the Voturi that we know and hate.

  45. Ashleigh Murtha says:

    Well, since we haven’t seen much from the Volturi so far. I believe, actually I should say that I hope, that the filmakers decide to portray the Volturi as more sinister creatures. I hope that they truly capture the scared feelings Bella has once she is in the Castle. I also hope that the actors themselves can show their truly dark sides.

    Love the Podcast!
    Ashleigh. :} <—— Vampire with one tooth!

  46. la_petite_femme says:

    I just recently read this article from Cris Weitz saying that the Volturi are pretty much like they were in the books.

    Scene to look forward are when Alice, Bella, and Edward are in the Volturi chambers. Were we finally see Aro, Caius , and Marcus and of course Alec and Jane.

  47. Caroline says:

    Hey Kali and Kassie. Love Love Love the podcast. Anyway for the question of the week I think that the book (New Moon at least) never really focuses so much on the beauty of the Volturi because through Bella’s eyes the Volturi was not beautiful because they were a danger to her Edward. The movie being visual we willl portray some kind of physical beauty in the Volturi. I think dark beauty, bad girl beauty. I belive there will be a huge diffrence in the make-up tequniques used for the Cullens and the Volturi to show good vamps versus bad vamps. maybe the cullens will have lighter make- up while the Volturi might use darker makeup.
    Also if the human sercretary (gianna??) is in the movie they should show the diffrence between her and Bella because Bella wants to be a good Vampire for pure reasons of love. Gianna wants to be a bad vamp for maybe sharing the power and wealth of the Volturi clan.
    any way that’s just my theory. <3

  48. Bailey (Rosalie) says:

    First of all, I would like to say I love your podcast sooo much. I think it will be interesting to see how differently the Volturi will be portrayed from book to screen. As far as casting goes, I dont think Dakota Fanning should have been cast as Jane. The image of Jane I had in my mind was more dark skinned, if not more Mexican looking, than Dakota’s pale skin. They will be able to portray how dark and evil the Volturi are to Bella, because she feels as if they are trying to take Edward and Alice from her. I think the scene that I am most lookinng forward to is when Jane can’t hurt Bella, so she decides to torture Edward, which probably hurts Bella more than if Jane would have directly inflicted pain on her. Anyways, I think the movie will be great, and soo much better than Twilight, because we are away from the introductory story, wich always slows a movie down.

  49. Kera says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie, first I just want to say that I love your podcast. You two do such a great job. Okay, so, I think that Dakota Fanning would do a great job playing Jane in New Moon. I think she can definitely pull it off. I’m excited to see how Summit will portray the Volturi in New Moon and judging them on how good the trailer was I’m sure they’ll do a great job. The scene I am most excited to see in the movie is when Jane uses her power on Edward. I cant wait to see how Rob Pattinson acts out the pain that Jane is inflicting on him. It seems to me that this scene may be a little difficult for him but we’ll see what happens. As long as he doesn’t look sick and in need of bathroom then I will be happy.

  50. Rose Forester says:

    A quick thought on Aros power. I think it will either be different (although if they kept to the storyline i don’t see how that would be possable) or be done in flashbacks. In my opinion Twilight had too many flashbacks, but in New Moon if they kept the flashbacks to just Aros gift i think it would be okay. Why i think this is because it would look incomplete if Aro grabed Edwards arm, looked blank for a second and then shouted ” Now I Know Everything!!” It would be better if the movie just showed you what he was seeing really quickly. Then when he touched Bella and no flashback happened everyone would know it hadent worked.

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