ASH by Malinda Lo Review!

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Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, right.  Well ASH is a different kind of Cinderella story.  Much different. Aisling, better known as Ash, losses her mother  at a very young age, and when her father get remarried Ash learns to live with it.  But when her father becomes deeply ill, and dies she is forced to live with her step mother and her two daughters.  Ash is forced to work as a maid around the house to repay her step mother for her fathers debts.  On her free time Ash slips into the forest where she feels closest to her mother, but she soon discovers someone – a man – but soon she discovers that he is not really a man, but a fairy.  His name Sidhean, and he promises to grant Ash anything she desires but at a cost, that he will not tell.  Later in the same Wood Ash meets someone that changes her life, the Kings Huntress, Kaisa, who Ash becomes very close with.  Through the story you watch their blooming friendship turn into a wonderful relationship.

This is a powerful, and different retelling of Cinderella.  I have read many “retellings” of Cinderella, and other fairy tales, but this one is unique and has a special quality to it.  Malinda Lo is a very talented debut writer, a new voice in Young Adult fiction.

Now I have to say this Ash is a ” lesbian retelling of Cinderella”  but I think its more than that, I dont look at it like that, just two people who fall in love.  A beautifully debut novel by Malinda Lo!

Click here to see the full jacket for ASH, published by Little Brown Young readers, September 2009!

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16 Comments to “ASH by Malinda Lo Review!”

  1. mikayla says:

    um… a lesbian retelling of cinderella?? wow, just wow.

  2. I’m really excited to read this book. Love the concept and have heard so many great things about this book!

  3. Brandi says:

    I am sure it is written well, and the story will be intising, but I will have to pass for personal moral reasons.

  4. Jamie says:

    It sounded really cool, until they turn into lesbians. I mean, I don’t really have a problem with it, but its not something I’m gonna read in the near future. Interesting though…

  5. Viviana says:

    Ya’ll are really going to pass up an intresting book just because it has lesbians, that would be like me passing up the vintner’s luck just because two men fall in love, it was one the best books i’ve read, maybe you should give the book a try it could grow on you.

  6. Alex says:

    Viviana Thank you. This book was really good! Its sad that people are being so rude! Alex

  7. John says:

    Well “Alex” you sparked my interest. I was going to pass on this book, but what the heck I give it a try. I trust your judgement.

  8. Alex says:

    Wow, “John” you seems “special”

  9. mikayla says:

    you should know some of the people on here probably aren’t trying to be rude. people have different values, morals, and beliefs. so personally i think rude is the wrong word to use.

  10. alex says:

    That was not me who posted that. I checked the email. It was not mine. I have not commented except replying to john. That was me . 🙂

  11. Jasmine says:

    Yes indeed I agree with Mikayla because personally the book looks really interesting until it mentioned “lesbian retelling of Cinderella” I do not want to be rude but in my opinion I’m not going to bother reading it cuz I’m not going to be interested in reading about a lesbian relationship. Not to offend someone.

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  12. Amanda says:

    i think it sounds interesting, even with a lesbian twist to it. im deff gonn read it. although you people shouldnt pass on a book just cause its about a lesbian romance, thats kinda like skipping a book because its interracial romance. its different than you live your life, and i respect that. just don’t look down your nose at it just cause its about lesbians.
    (btw im not trying to attack anyone, just saying. its great that everybody with a different opinion hasnt been immature about it)

  13. Jennie Smith says:

    Yeah for the review… I agree that it may be off my normal list (if there is such a thing) I will definitely be reading it! Sounds great Alex!!!


  14. Jay says:

    Yeah, I think if people are interested in it, they should read it. Just because it’s two girls falling in love instead of a boy and a girl doesn’t make it any better or worse. It’s silly to judge a book on something as truly unimportant as the genders of the romantic interests.

  15. Alex says:

    THANKS Jay!

  16. andrea says:

    I have read Ash and it is an amazing book. However for people who don’t like lesbian romance just skip the last couple of pages and you would never really know it was lesbian romance. Up till then they seem more like sisters, though that’s just my opinion

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