Almost Perfect Book Review

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Logan, an average high school guy just found out that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him with someone else, he went into a total depression, and just can’t stop staring at his ex, Brenda. Logan’s small school rarely gets a new student, but during his senior year – only weeks after breaking up with Brenda – a new student comes to Boyer High. Her name is Sage, and Logan starts feeling like he can move on from Brenda. He gets to know Sage very well, but whenever he tries to hang out with her, she always turns him down, but back in school, she cannot keep her hands off Log Logan. Logan gets to know Sage a little bit more and finds about her past, she has been homeschooled since the eighth grade, and rarely gets out of the house, and is not allowed to date.

But one day, when Sage’s parents are out, and Logan is inside her house he cant help himself and kisses her, but seconds after he has his fist in the air and ready to punch her-well him-Sage is actually a guy. Logan has no idea how this happened, does this make him gay now, what happens if somebody finds out. Everything starts to make since about Sage now. He ignores Sage at school, she runs away every time Logan see’s her, and is afraid that Logan might tell someone. After some thinking Logan thinks that what he did was wrong, what Sage really needs right now is a friend, someone she can talk to about everything. This is very hard for Logan, the things he will have to do to save Sage, but even get him in trouble.
This is a very compelling story, I challenge you to just read this story, and think about the moral of everything that someone is really thinking. The love between Sage and Logan is a true love that nothing can break. You never know how someone really feels, this story shows hat some people really feel, and how they want to live.

This story is a YA novel, but if you are a teen, or preteen check with your parents before getting this book, there is sex, bad language, and talk about homosexuality. But beyond that, this book is truly a wonderful read!

-Alex Malerba

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