Twilight Music Spotlight

Aug 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Reelz Channel has several new videos forcusing on the music surrounding the Twilight franchise!  Click here to see more videos!

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2 Comments to “Twilight Music Spotlight”

  1. Sarah Black says:

    ooohh…..first comment!! awsome…these guys look like really cool musicians

  2. Ashley says:

    saw the show on Reelz channel Monday, it was cool. but i wish they would have given everyone more time. they didn’t talk to Mracus Foster at all and i wanted them to play more of Bobby and Sam’s music than just the songs from the movie. Mitch Hansen is amazing! he’s a really great guy and his music rocks 🙂
    i hear 100 Monkeys might be on SNL in November, i hope so because they are really talented and i want to see the Monkey Switcharoo!!!!!!!!!

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